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    Earth’s Magnetic Flux Changes


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    Earth’s Magnetic Flux Changes Empty Earth’s Magnetic Flux Changes

    Post  Carol on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:47 am

    Earth’s Magnetic Flux Changes Rediscover-balance-home
    Earth’s Magnetic Flux Changes
    15th February 2012 - By Chris Bourne
    How are they affecting you?
    Okay so you’ve seen the film about pole reversal in 2012. That may just be Hollywood, but personally I can say one thing for sure: the magnetic flux of the planet is changing towards a new alignment. I can feel it happening in my own field and the physical evidence is occurring with greater frequency now too. Mass animal deaths are occurring across the planet and waves of birds are simply falling from the sky. To me it relates directly to the magnetic frequency changes. So how are these shifts affecting you? What unseen impacts might they be having? And most importantly, how can we harmonise the shifts so as to align with Gaia and feel an increasing sense of well-being?…

    The benefit of aligning with Gaia
    Needless to say, we have our own magnetic field too. It’s no surprise then, that ideally ours should be aligned with the planet we walk, breathe and live on. How would it be if the two were out of alignment? Well try putting a large magnet next to a bottom corner of your TV screen (assuming you still have one) and watch the distorting effect on the picture. Need I say more?!

    It’s clear the Earth’s magnetic flux is now changing. Science concurs and we can read the general affects happening all across the planet. There’s much speculation as to where that’s going and the wider affects it’s likely to have. I don’t want to get into speculation hearsay, but what I certainly feel, is that the affects (whatever they are) will be large and wide ranging. They’re highly likely to affect EVERYONE on the planet. It also seems to me that the changes have accelerated in these last couple of weeks. Personally I’m feeling daily shifts in my field. I find the only way to truly ride these changes is to open up and increase sensitivity to them.

    Alignment through increasing sensitivity
    Yes I know that may at first seem a touch strange. You may be feeling all kinds of related affects: drowsyness, giddyness, headaches, sense of disorientation, loss of motivation and focus. The very last thing you might want to do with these feelings is actually INCREASE your sensitivity to them. But I’d say that’s exactly the right thing to do – at least in my direct experience.

    The temptation will likely be to desensitise: denser foods, more TV time, soft drugs like coffee for example, alcohol or even high impact physical sport. But in my view, all of these things are likely to retard our ability to realign to the new frequencies (although high impact sport may be fine when the flux changes are mild). If we can find a way of continually synchronising with the changes, then we’ll shift with Gaia and be much less negatively affected.

    We’re likely to feel continually uplifted as her heart beat quickens into the new dawning.

    more at link

    About the Author

    At the age of 40 Chris was involved in a life threatening car crash in which he thought he would certainly die. This precipitated total inner surrender and a rapid reconnection with the conscious life force through all things.

    He found himself suddenly able to experience and contemplate through multiple dimensions of reality to see the deeper purpose of life itself. He began to remember his true reason for being here.

    He explains…

    “During the crash, time seemed to slow right down and I was guided back through key moments of my life. I was realising that every moment in our lives has but one underlying purpose – to reveal an aspect of truth about ourselves to ourselves. I was beginning to dissolve every belief and value our society had conditioned within me.”

    “This was my initial awakening to the magical unifying consciousness of the soul. Over the eight years that followed, I was guided through four other inner ‘Gateways’ of consciousness. I have since come to know the process as the five key expansions on our journey of Enlightenment and ultimate Ascension into multi dimensional living – our divine birthright”.

    Prior to the crash, Chris had a rich an varied professional career in industry, in teaching, as an Officer in the Army and finally as a web development entrepreneur before being initiated on his spiritual path. With a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from Oxford University, participants in the work are finding his integration of grounded scientific understanding and profound spiritual realisation deeply engaging and transformative.

    Openhand Foundation

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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