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    chi is only energy

    wingmanof light
    wingmanof light

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    chi is only energy Empty chi is only energy

    Post  wingmanof light Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:56 pm

    Chi is not some one its every thing . think of life as fake. yes fake not real matrix game. chi is the energy of everything their is. Like the persons sol is a energy orb. .. chi is energy..

    hear is a thought god runs chi is he evil to then?? Jesus ran chi to make wine with energy out of nothing manifestation.
    The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions

    want to see a ufo?? I don't a being of light yes and only them rest i shield out.
    Jesus did what i am talking about . I listen to him now when he speaks in tongues a about this stuff. the book I read he all the teachings to do what he did.

    Its the who problem every one want to bee a sheep every one is scared.scared sheep evil love this stuff it power them makes them strong. why you think their are star seeds now to raise this sucker up a vibration because most the old school sole think its evil and Lucifer is laughing because we believe in evil crap and manifesting our own problems lol.

    It so ok some day i will prove this stuff as creator i think might be the big guy behind me feeling I get. like finding my grand mother faller shortly after falling 3 times all time s saved he life as it was winter. listing to my hart missing the truck. only chi is energy. Google the human body some place they say how much space the body actually has air holes the scientific end of it.

    where 5d happens some will be able to go their and back hear . I for one wan to to come back and help them that need it. then i can pop in say Hi like all the past gods did it.

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