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    Re: CLEAN WATER - excellant NON-Electrical water distiller


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    Post  Carol Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:13 am

    Re: CLEAN WATER - excellant NON-Electrical water distiller Wwchart2
    High Output!..Fast Production!
    This unique new water distiller is designed to consistently and effectively provide pure, steam distilled water for you and your family at home, while traveling, camping, boating or in emergency situations. In the event electricity becomes unavailable, it uses alternative heat sources, such as an open fire, wood stove or gas grill. $329

    Make your own

    keosan -- free energy machine and, the rocks have silver in them from

    Those are Myths:

    Myth #1: Distilled water has had all of the beneficial minerals removed.

    Suggesting that people absorb minerals from water is like saying they can absorb iron by licking a rusty nail. The minerals in water are like boulders and our cell membranes are like fine mesh screens. Not to mention the vast majority of substances in water do not belong there. Sodium fluoride, chlorine and pharmaceutical chemicals are just some of the nasty substances in your tap water. Meanwhile most bottled water contains bacteria and plastic residues. If you are really concerned about getting your required minerals, you should just take an extra bite of a banana or something. Finally, the amount of minerals in water is so small that you would need to drink over 500 glasses to get your daily recommended allowance of most minerals.

    Myth #2: Distilled water leeches important minerals from the body.

    Some claim that distilled water is too pure, so pure that it is harmful. However, studies have shown this to be false. Water cannot strip away minerals that are already part of our cells. Rather, it can only pick up minerals that are already loose, those which have already been rejected by cells.

    Myth #3: Distilled water is acidic.

    Pure distilled water has a normal pH of 7.0 and is not soft (alkalizing) or hard (acidic) water. Some water however can change to lower pH (more acidic) in the environment but that happens to rain water also (pH 5.8 to 6.2). Adding a squirt of fresh lemon juice helps balance the pH.

    And more info:

    There was also an article written by a fellow who drank only distilled water for
    10+ years and he is fine. It's at somewhere but I can't find it atm.

    There are also articles which state the opposite however.
    I chose to believe that distilled water is fine based on what I've read.

    Those that want to create a rainwater filter also need to look at this thread else where...

    For one of the water butts. Scroll down… very interesting

    if you can get yer hands on one of these no more water worries

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