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    PC-Eagles Disobey-Racisim


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    Post  Chamber Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:00 pm

    I wrote this several days ago but because of the 300 word limit I couldn't post it until now.

    As most of us know back in February...Black History Month...Eagles Disobey made the passive aggressive suggestion that PC was racist...using the question "Why hasn't PC interviewed any black people?"

    While it seemed childish and stupid at the time...I think I may have found what some of this stems from.

    These accusations set Bill off. Shortly after that Bill put up his Anglo-Saxon Mission material. The theme being that white anglo elites were bent on genocide.

    Then pops in Dr. John Waterman...through Kerry's side of PC. He had been on her radio show a couple times previous to this on the topic of American militias.

    After Bill put up the ASM material....Waterman piped up again on Kerry's show. His whole rap was that it was a ploy to make white anglo-saxons look like the bad guys. That it was in itself a divide&conquer tactic on a part of Them. I'm trying to find the particular show but the site doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment.

    So if what Waterman is claiming is true...who exactly are They?

    Why that's so simple....THE JEWS! PC-Eagles Disobey-Racisim Icon_rolleyes

    I started reading up on Waterman and checking out his podcasts. A regular guest of his in particular. One Eli James .

    I listened to 3 different podcast of this guy. Boy oh boy he's something else.

    Now Waterman is essentially a Christian Apologist...which I found no personal problem with. But when he had this Eli James guy put a whole new spin on it.

    Their basic outlook is that the white race are the legitimate Israelites and Gods chosen people....and that the Jews are just pretenders....because they are actually the evil lineage of the fallen angels. The shows get very hateful and low brow at times....and if you read Eli's website he throws in a dose of homophobia for good measure.

    That being said...Kerry is now on the same radio network as he seems to be trying to buddy up to her.

    Now, I'm assuming Burisch has some Jewish heritage judging by the yalmaka he's pictured wearing quite a bit. So maybe the ASM material plus the Waterman rebuttal of it set his whole camp off on a tangent

    Just another divide and conquer op going on it seems to me.

    Important? Not really. But I think subversive stuff like this needs to be put out there and shown for what it really is.

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    Post  mp3 Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:10 pm

    Egos disobey..... I wonder what happened to that Spamelot spoof site. That was some funny stuff.

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    Post  devakas Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:13 pm

    In interview Burish mentioned he is jewish half. Oh boy, he is so convincing in interviews and about work with Jrod.
    maybe we will never know the truth

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    Post  Carol Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:22 am

    Good gad! What a nightmare we lived in over there with those two. Instead of disclosure it was more like a mega disinformation campaign. Which one does one believe.. are they really in alignment or not. Just a big distraction from getting prepared.

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    Post  Chamber Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:16 am

    The simplest explanation I think mp3 nailed....Ego.

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    Post  UncleJohn Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:27 am

    eagles disobey wrote: As we are getting ready for Angel Eagles LV, and the
    Isis-P for the Pacific Ocean, and because Dan says that it only
    emboldens the ego of people who dip too frequently there PC-Eagles Disobey-Racisim Grin he has asked us not to make too much of the origin of the Jedi Knight themes. He told me that I could tell everyone what the team reported, though.

    a nutshell (that's appropriate), the origin of their cult website theme
    is attributed to the book (2004), then turned Movie (2009), "The Men
    Who Stare at Goats."

    COMEDY movie is steeped in Jedi Knight and "First Earth Batallion"
    stuff. A careful review of the material shows the linkages to the
    Heaven's Gate Cult, MKUltra and mind control themes, and the star of
    the movie - Clooney, uses the name


    which is
    why KC sometimes excludes or adds an "n" to her middle name, to keep
    within the movie genre' delusion. While the last name is slightly
    spelled differently than hers, many people who undergo (in
    understandable terms) PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT
    songs, etc. are really delivering a personal communication to a
    particular person who is otherwise uninvolved with the source"), think
    such things. Manson thought the Beatles were delivering a personal message to him with their song, Helter Skelter. Look how that worked out.

    "Charles Manson told his followers that White Album songs including "Helter Skelter" were the Beatles'
    coded prophecy of an apocalyptic war in which racist and non-racist
    whites would be maneuvered into virtually exterminating each other over
    the treatment of blacks.[6][16][17] Upon the war's conclusion, after
    black militants would kill off the few whites they would know to have
    survived, Manson and his companions would emerge from an underground
    city in which they would have escaped the conflict. As the only
    remaining whites, they would rule blacks, who, as the vision went,
    would be incapable of running America. Manson employed Helter Skelter
    as the term for this epic sequence of events.

    Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi, who led the prosecution of Manson and the killers
    who acted on Manson's instruction, named his best-selling book about
    the murders Helter Skelter. [6] The book was the basis for two
    television movies of the same title."

    The links to the Heaven's Gate Cult are strengthened by the original and completely unnecessary statement by PC about suicide, like the Heaven's Gate Cult acted (prerviously shown/documented by Eagles Disobey).

    being drawn to the science FICTION show "V," just like Icke, shows a
    sharing of a same type of disorder. "Birds of a feather flock
    together," and that is also why they react with such anger when
    confronted about their unusual behavior - cult members, and in
    particular suicide and other violent cult members, act that way.

    So there it is in the micro, for one of them, KC. Delusions that TV shows and Movies are speaking directly to them. PC-Eagles Disobey-Racisim Undecided Just be careful of such people when you encounter them because associations can lead to dangerous and unexpected things.

    the PC level, we have delusional receptives, both bearing reasons why
    they only want to interview a certain type of person (that's other
    information for maybe another time), who get together for awhile (birds
    of a..), follow the typical under the radar cult building path, are
    manipulated by Illume and Aviary influences (birds of a.. regarding why
    they want to inteview only 1 type of person), and are discovered to be
    what they are.

    On a better note, we are packing the Eagles Disobey van for the next Angel Eagles run.

    (Caspa and Stan)

    This is how the ET mind thinks.


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    Post  Chamber Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:52 am

    UncleJohn wrote:

    This is how the ET mind thinks.

    If that's how the ET mind thinks then I am severely unimpressed. PC-Eagles Disobey-Racisim Icon_razz

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