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    Happy end of 2010, Solstice, Christmas, Holidays etc


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    Happy end of 2010, Solstice, Christmas, Holidays etc Empty Happy end of 2010, Solstice, Christmas, Holidays etc

    Post  Anchor Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:16 pm

    Here is my Christmas message mainly taken from the old PA1 forum but updated.

    [ Original here... I just re-read some of that thread ]

    I love you all. All of the time. Please remember this as you read the words I am inspired this moment to write. Personally I don’t do Christmas, even though I accept it is a useful focus for many. Forgive me for not wishing anyone a happy Christmas or responding to Christmas related gifts or greetings. To the extent that I have to maintain the charade of the acute dysfunctionality that Christmas represents to me, I will do it as my earth mission dictates, but such is not needed here in Avalon. Basically I refuse to have anything to do with that brainwash unless absolutely necessary.

    I remember in 2008, there was a sign going round the CBD here in Sydney "Jesus is the reason for the season" personally I concur - no more no less - and not in the sense that the author of that slogan probably meant it. I see that slogan as a summary of the huge confidence trick that contemporary organised Western Christianity and other religions have attempted to foist on humanity, and it breaks my heart to see it still succeeding. This year the commercialism runs on unabated - except perhaps people have less money to spend.

    I remember in 2008 I walked into the office past shops advertising a further 70% discounts. I watched some youngsters drooling over some new model of training shoes proudly displayed over some advertising for them: signage which read “feed your obsession”! This year I take a different route in as I walk in now from Central instead of Wynyard and miss those shops.

    I know that I have to be patient and that I will see this out to the end, but that attached part of my self still gets heartbroken when I see such stupidity and ignorance, yet those two lads have been robbed by the system, and robbed by those who manipulate and condition. What chance have they? When will they see through the illusion?

    2011 is coming. On this solstice day I am reminded that "what will come will come folks" and there is nothing you or I can do about that except to empower yourselves to meet the challenges with grace, love and light.

    All of the clearer minded people reading this, know that it isn’t necessarily going to be pretty as there is still a lot of low vibration that needs to be transmuted and the longer we leave it the more acute the problem. If you have not started the physical, mental and conscious clearing and purification processes, the withdrawing your psychological roots from the baser levels of this dimension, the clearing of your minds and the detaching from the illusion - all those things that that will lighten you, protect you and see you meeting the challenges more easily, with grace, light and love, then you are LATE and I think you are going to need to start as soon as possible. Not just to be safe and protected either, but to be more effective at your mission of aid to the human race and the Earth. This will not be done for you. Learn to swim or drown! You are not victims, and if you blow it, you are responsible.

    All of you reading this have that mission. Don't blow it! 2009 was the year that the pace really picked up - 2010 is faster! 2011 will be even more of a whirl. I am not a prophet, but you would have to be blind not to see the pace of change increasing. The later you leave it the harder it will be. If you leave it too long – you will greatly diminish the value of your current opportunities.

    Therefore it is my wish is that if Christmas is to have any meaning at all, it is that it provides for a huge coordinated opportunity for everyone to have some time of quiet reflection of the past, the recent changes you have experienced and to prepare for the hard climb we all have ahead of us.

    Let each of us take full concious responsibility for our actions thoughts and deeds. Let each of us live in harmony with ourselves and our other selves, and also with the Earth, all of her creatures and her kingdoms. Let us see the destruction of the present disordered corruption, let us see and manifest a future free from tyranny and disharmony where we can sing with creation, creating in perfect harmony for the highest good of all.

    In the light and in the love of the one infinite creator, bless you all in this moment, now, which, in truth, is all moments.

    I bow to that within you that is within me. We are one. All is one.




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    Happy end of 2010, Solstice, Christmas, Holidays etc Empty Re: Happy end of 2010, Solstice, Christmas, Holidays etc

    Post  orthodoxymoron Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:02 pm

    Thank-you for the inspiring words, Anchor. I am torn at Christmas. I have thoroughly enjoyed singing in dozens of Christmas programs. Handel's Messiah sing-alongs are wonderful experiences. A Christmas Eve Midnight Mass should probably be attended at least once. And, of course, the door to door Christmas carolling during my youth provided me with special memories. I continue to regularly read the Four Gospels. But my eyes are open to the 'paganism', 'astrology', and outright lies and misrepresentations connected with Christianity in general, and Christmas in particular. I don't go to church, but I often would like to go. I've lately been trying to reinvent Roman Catholicism - and I'm sure they appreciate that! So - how do we throw out the bathwater, without throwing out the baby? If one goes along with the BS to get along - that makes things worse. If one becomes an angry critic or protester - that often makes things worse, as well. So - where is the proper middle-ground in all of this? I keep coming back to Positive Reinforcement - where one supports the supportable - and lets everything else twist slowly in the wind. Art Bell was right about 'The Quickening' wasn't he? Anyway - Merry Whatever!

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