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    Evolution of Health Summit, December 11-12th free telesummit


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    Evolution of Health Summit, December 11-12th free telesummit Empty Evolution of Health Summit, December 11-12th free telesummit

    Post  mudra on Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:22 pm

    The Shift Network presents :

    Evolve to Your Next Level of Optimal Health & Well-being

    In the last decades, we've seen wave after wave of innovation taking us beyond traditional health care. We've begun integrating Eastern and Western models, alternative healing practices, optimal nutrition and more into our daily lives. And we're increasingly practicing such things as meditation, visualization, subtle energy work, and even distant healing, along with understanding how powerful our beliefs and intentions are.

    As a result, we're moving beyond a mechanistic disease-driven model of health to one in which we recognize how important prevention, nutrition, psychology, beliefs, personal practices, and optimal living are to having vibrant health. With these shifts, we're now addressing a person's health holistically and understanding how it's interconnected with the overall health of society.

    This free weekend telesummit event brings together the world's top pioneers in integral health, wellness and mind-body-spirit medicine to showcase the latest insights, research, and practices that are proving to create more vibrant, healthy lives as well as transform our health care institutions.

    There is no question that the conventional model of health care is broken. But how do we fix it? Our answer is to integrate and apply the deepest insights and research of those leading the way forward. We can each take personal responsibility for creating optimal health in our own lives by learning from the pioneering work now underway.

    This conference connects people around the world with the top medical and health pioneers, so that we can evolve to our next best level of vibrant health and well-being.
    Some of the speakers will be :Dean Ornish, Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko, Marilyn Schlitz, Bruce Lipton and Judith Orloff.

    Free registration to the telesummit here :

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