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    Who Made Who & What Is a God?


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    Who Made Who & What Is a God?  Empty Who Made Who & What Is a God?

    Post  Seashore Mon Oct 23, 2023 1:44 pm

    A screenshot, description, and link to a video on Rumble:

    Who Made Who & What Is a God?  Untitl92

    Who Made Who & What is a God ? Jeffrey Daugherty

    Leak Project

    6 years ago

    1.What is a God?
    2.Do you believe Gods have lifespans such as humans?
    3.Out of all the Gods that have been worshiped throughout time, which one do you feel is the most powerful and why?
    4.What is the Christ
    5.What is the AntiChrist
    6.Non biological vs biological
    7.Background of the Jesuits
    8.The All Knowing Laplace Demon -vs Chaos Theory Construct

    Jeffrey Daughterty has a Bitchute channel TheChristianWhistleblower, the "About" page of which states this:

    Ex-20 year minister and Bible College graduate with over 150,000 hours of biblical study, exposing christinsanity and showing People a better way.

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