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    The Heart is not a pump


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    The Heart is not a pump Empty The Heart is not a pump

    Post  mudra Thu May 26, 2022 5:26 pm

    The Heart is not a pump Bc009b10

    Many of us live under the medical myth that the heart is a pump, an idea borne of an industrialised culture that views the body as a machine.
    The heart however is so much more beautiful and fascinating than we ever could have imagined!

    “Modern analysis of the heart has shown that in spite of the fact that the most powerful ventricle of the heart can shoot water six feet into the air, the amount of pressure actually needed to force the blood through the entire length of the body’s blood vessels would have to be able to lift a one hundred pound weight one mile high” - Stephen Buhner

    So how does the blood move around the labyrinth-like vessels of our body?
    It moves of its own accord.
    You see, blood flow is not a simple stream like we once thought.
    It is in fact composed of two streams, spiralling around each other much like the image of a DNA double helix, at the centre of which is a vacuum.
    “Blood flow through living vessels is much more like a tornado than anything else:  Such a vacuum is necessary for producing a vortex” - Stephen Buhner

    How cool is that?
    This spiral dance is not only found in the bloodstream, but also in the blood cell itself!
    Blood cell’s in fact spin on their own individual axes of rotation.  They are smaller spinning cells in a larger spinning vortex.
    If your mind is not blown yet, let’s go back to the heart.  

    The heart itself has recently been discovered not to be a mass of muscle, but rather a ‘helicoidal myocardial band’ that has spiralled in upon itself, creating its unique shape and its separate chambers.
    This is called the Helical Heart, and you can see doctors unravel it by searching ‘Helical Heart’ on Youtube.

    Pair this with discoveries that the heart functions as an endocrine gland, has its own nervous system that makes and releases its own neurotransmitters, and emits an electromagnetic field that is far stronger than the brain’s, and we begin to move from the idea that the heart is simply a mechanical pump.
    It is a spiralling organ of perception.

    If that’s not beautiful, we don’t know what is!

    ~Nimbin Apothecary

    art: Gabriel Keleman

    Evidence-Based Research:

    Watch them un-ravel the Heart here:

    Unwinding the Heart center

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    Vidya Moksha
    Vidya Moksha

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    The Heart is not a pump Empty Re: The Heart is not a pump

    Post  Vidya Moksha Fri May 27, 2022 2:29 am

    This is Victor Schauberger´s theory, he wrote about it in the 1930´s, the same spiral vortex that he used for his log plume, it is documented in his book "The Water Wizard".

    The shape of the heart gives water a double spiral flow, which produces the blood circulation (in conjunction with one way valves in the arteries). The heart does not produce enough energy to ´pump´blood, the maths doesnt work.  Just as bumble bees are too heavy to fly.

    So much science in the mainstream is fake, I am now of the opinion it is on purpose, I rediscovered a lecture about gyroscopes I watched years ago, debunking most of modern physics.. maybe I will post the link later...  (physics is the worst!, culminating in the ridiculous "quantum physics", such a bad joke...)

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    The Heart is not a pump Empty Re: The Heart is not a pump

    Post  mudra Fri May 27, 2022 2:59 am

    Good to see you Vidya
    The subject is so interesting isn't it.
    I dedicated a thread to Victor Shauberger way back then when I first discovered thus remarkable man in 2010. I know he is one of your heroes.

    I just discovered Gil Hedley's work and subscribed to his free anatomy courses.
    His teaching approach is unique. I studied medicine for a very short time. If the courses given at university would only be given by people conscious of life's Source and how creation works I would have loved to attend more.
    I always found there was something phony about the courses I took at university wether Sciences or Philosophy. They were lacking the essential ingredient of Consciousness.

    I, Gil Hedley, Ph.D., earned my doctorate in theological ethics from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, and also became a Certified Rolfer at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, back in the early '90s. My combined interests and training has supported my personal exploration of the human body and led me to develop an integral approach to the study of human anatomy. Through hands-on human dissections courses in the laboratory and lecture presentations, I have encouraged thousands of fellow "somanauts" to appreciate, explore and embody the wonders of human form. I have published a number of books, created online access through livestream courses to the wonders of the dissection process, and produced The Integral Anatomy Series, a set of four feature-length videos documenting my whole body, layer-by-layer approach through on-camera dissection.

    My current project, Anatomy from A to Z, is a comprehensive and inspiring year-long exploration of two forms through the Integral Anatomy lens. This deep-dive journey has provided insight into the details of the human form while illuminating its remarkable unity.

    The material available at represents my current intention to bring Integral Anatomy to the world via online courses, presentations and content designed to cultivate a deeper experience and appreciation of the human form on the part of all who share an interest in the gift of the human body.


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