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    16 m wide asteroid 2009 JF1 on a course toward earth on 6 MAY 2022


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    16 m wide asteroid 2009 JF1 on a course toward earth on 6 MAY 2022 Empty 16 m wide asteroid 2009 JF1 on a course toward earth on 6 MAY 2022

    Post  Carol Wed Apr 13, 2022 11:10 am

    16 m wide asteroid 2009 JF1 on a course toward earth on 6 MAY 2022 The-Dont-Look-Up-Prediction-That-Could-Come-True-According

    The Don’t Look Up Prediction That Could Come True According To NASA
    16 m wide asteroid 2009 JF1 on a course. 
    To earth on 6 MAY 2022
    umm.. It has a 1 in 140,000 chance of hitting earth
    It will miss Earth by 0.00196 AU
    or 182,000 miles.
    or .76 LD

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    The space agency announced the date when an asteroid could impact Earth. These are the differences between the film and the possible destruction of our planet in 2022.

    2009 JF1 is a small near-Earth object that should pass within 0.3 AU (45 million km) of Earth in 2022.[5] On 5 February 2022 the 2009 observations were remeasured greatly reducing the odds of an impact. On 6 May 2022 it has a 1-in-140,000 chance of impacting Earth.[2] It is estimated to be 10-meters in diameter which would make it smaller than the Chelyabinsk meteor. It has a very short observation arc of 1.2 days and has not been observed since 2009. On 6 May 2022 it is nominally expected to be 0.2 AU (30 million km) from Earth but has an uncertainty region of ±23 million km (0.15 AU).[5] The nominal Earth approach is 15 May 2022 and would have the asteroid only brightening to apparent magnitude 26.[6][7] With a Palermo scale rating of -4.41,[2] the odds of impact are still 26000 times less than the background hazard level for an asteroid of this size.
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    Don’t Look Up came to Netflix the last week of 2021 with a very precise mission: to propose what we decide to see and what we ignore as a society. For this, the idea of ​​a imminent extinction of life on Earth. And although the idea sounds quite far-fetched and exaggerated outside of fiction, the truth is that the NASA announced that something very similar could happen this year. Will our planet be destroyed? This is what they communicated!
    Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence y Meryl StreepDon’t look up It begins when two astronomers discover that a comet is about to collide with Earth, thus wiping out humanity in just six months. After the government decided not to pay enough attention to it, scientists will have to carry out a media tour to warn the world what will happen very soon.
    What if the world ended in just a few weeks? The director wondered the same Adam McKay who carried out his script in collaboration with David Sirota. Although it seems like a great idea for a movie, it is not far from reality. According to NASA, the Friday, May 6, 2022 could collide with our planet on asteroid 2009 FJ1

    In this way, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration classified it as “potentially dangerous”.

    It is the sixth most unsafe object on the Near-Earth Object Hazard List of the European Space Agency. Very different from what happens in the Netflix movie, this asteroid has only 16 meters in diameter. However, what makes it difficult is its speed that can rise up to 95 thousand kilometers per hour. For ease of comparison, NASA explained that it approximates the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

    But … not to despair! Because the space agency has already started a mission to investigate everything about this asteroid and make sure that instead of colliding with Earth, it actually deviates and just pass very close. The probability that the so-called 2009 JF1 will impact our planet is only one in 3,800, that is, it is really low and could avoid the fate of the characters in Don’t look up.

    Article Source

    16 m wide asteroid 2009 JF1 on a course toward earth on 6 MAY 2022 JyHsbYpl

    A Meteorite smaller than Chelyabinsk will most probably pass earth in less 24 days.

    "It is estimated to be 10-meters in diameter which would make it smaller than the Chelyabinsk meteor."
    "On 6 May 2022 it has a 1-in-140,000 chance of impacting Earth."
    In what universe is "1 in 140,000" known as "most probably?"

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