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    Prepare for "Catastrophic" Global Food and Energy Crises


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    Prepare for "Catastrophic" Global Food and Energy Crises Empty Prepare for "Catastrophic" Global Food and Energy Crises

    Post  Carol Fri Mar 11, 2022 6:43 am

    Prepare for "Catastrophic" Global Food and Energy Crises

    The world is heading for a “catastrophic” global food crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine, which will cause “hell on earth” for food prices, according to experts.

    Russia was one of the few countries that outlawed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds. They are designed in a lab so that the people that use them cannot keep seeds back for the next crop. Instead you have to buy the seeds every year from the company to have a food crop. This places the farmer in the control of the designer seed corporations every year - and vulnerable to price increases.

    In addition to that, the GMO crops are actually spliced genes in the DNA of the seed that is designed to produce a large crop, but with no control over side effects to the consumer, and creates less healthy foods. The crops may seem better, but no tests have been done on the changes of vitamin and mineral alterations in the crop.

    In many cases the seeds have been spliced with animal DNA to fight off insects or have other characteristics to increase the crop yield. But the possible side effects have never been tested. In one seed the "mad scientists" inserted the DNA of a mollusk to increase its production and resistance to insects or diseases. This is why some researchers called the outcome "Franken" foods.

    Researchers and health advocates were extremely concerned that a DNA altered corn, wheat or soybean crops could cause health issues in people or even cause birth defects, since the Franken food seeds were never tested for long term side effects on people. The legitimate concern was if all those grain crops were DNA modified and were no longer able to generate their own seed crops, how would this effect nations in times of poor economic conditions? How would this effect a nation when the ill effects of GMO crops were so prevalent and built up inside of humans in a negative way, that it could no longer be stopped and remedied?

    The Russians and many others felt that the only way to prevent those negative outcomes was to not allow GMO crops inside their country. The global seed companies and mega chemical corporations that control the production of seeds, insecticides and fertilizers, saw that as an attack on their profits and their future control over nations. It was also well established that the control of food was also a population control factor. This is an in-depth subject that requires thorough research to come to the right understanding of the issue. But Congress has been paid off by chemical companies to allow GMO foods to be produced without limits.

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