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    Health Care Collapse


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    Health Care Collapse Empty Health Care Collapse

    Post  eMonkey Thu Aug 19, 2021 9:45 am

    He can be a little dramatic, but in the end, his predictions do bear out.
    So get your meds books and cabinet stocked.


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    Health Care Collapse Empty Re: Health Care Collapse

    Post  THEeXchanger Thu Aug 19, 2021 11:58 am

    the health system is a big problem

    because it only 'fuels' the 'insurance' for one type of health care

    and, rarely if ever, does anyone have coverage for alternative care

    - except maybe 'registered massage therapy' but; it is sure NOT unlimited visits

    RiGHT NOW, it is my opinion; that many people are scared to go to the doctor/or the clinic, or the hospital

    - will they become the 'new jails'

    there is NO doubt - our homes have become 'prisons' we pay for :(

    the lack of trust is going to be huge

    the uncovering of many things
    - might expose, some truths that people are going to have a very hard time
    accepting that people they put into places
    of huge trust , and, big power over them,
    have 'NOT' been giving them; the 'real' truth; and; 'all the truth'
    - and, that there is cures to many diseases
    that have been found, but, NEVER been allowed to get to THE PEOPLE

    - and, the irony of it, is that the people, are the ones whose TAX DOLLARS create the money
    to be able to allow these programs of research etc., to be run

    THE BIGGEST PROBLEM in this world is that THE PEOPLE 'n their TAX DOLLARS just keeps getting used against them

    from the funding of 'huge armies' that go out at peaceful demonstrations, and, hurt people

    or; looking back to 06 jan 2021,
    there are still peaceful demonstrators that are locked up in jail...
    and, this is NOT right !!!

    MAYBE, A LOT of these 'old systems' need to be completely broken
    - no more cia, fbi, no more hospitals
    companies that are private like CDC - a vax company that makes billions per year
    should NOT be able to masquerade as a government agency.

    personally, i do NOT see the benefit
    OF WHEN a person ends up very old, and, feeble,
    why anyone would choose to want to be alive !!!

    i'd sure NOT want to live out life in an old age home,
    i'd rather be physically dead, and, spiritually free

    i also think, and, NOTE; i am a smoker
    - or; was a smoker for 50+ years
    that if i abused my lungs, i do NOT deserve to get a new pair

    ~i think a lot of money is wasted on 'false hope' of 'recovery' FOR PEOPLE
    who HAVE not taken good care of their physical bodies !!!

    and, do NOT deserve to have a million dollar heart operation,
    but, then, this is MY OWN PERSONAL opinion
    ~ i watched my dad go thru these surgeries
    and, WOW; i know, i could NEVER face one, esp; alone

    same with my mum; and; her brain surgeries,
    i often questioned, why would they even bother to go thru all that,
    dying is so much easier / i'm NOT sure how they managed to create so much fear around dying
    and, how they managed to sell folks on they need to experience a ton of pain
    ~is it all a game ???

    so, i'm NOT even sure who gets to determine
    what level of health care you can have

    i haven;t had a personal doctor since my 30s,
    like back in 1980s
    ~all i see is docs retiring, and, no one taking patients

    system is very broken, but, maybe the med beds will bring answers to people

    10,000 for a bed - vs; 1,000 for a regular bed
    makes that product within reach of average people
    who likely pay 30,000 for a vehicle


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    Health Care Collapse Empty Re: Health Care Collapse

    Post  eMonkey Thu Aug 19, 2021 1:14 pm

    Yes, I agree with most of what you've written except the willingness to pop off early.

    I would not want to visit a hospital either in the UK and be criminally put on the Liverpool Pathway and criminally fed overdoses of Midazolam to speed you on your way.

    I'm researching a lot about longevity and healthspan to get you through those final years in good shape or better shape than we currently have.
    There is some good research out there right now that can mitigate many health problems and ward off a visit to a corrupt local allopath charlatan for some drugging cutting burning therapies and who dare to call themselves Doctors/Physicians/Consultants who long ago abandoned their Hippocratic Oath for an all-expenses paid holiday with the family in the Bahamas.

    Bitter? me? perish the thought.

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