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    Post  mudra on Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:46 pm

    Lionhawk wrote:Hi Mudra!

    Still breathing over here. Things have sure gotten crazy in just one week. Folks are buying up all the guns and ammo. Many gun shops have been emptied out. Panic in food stores...

    Funny how the media isn't focused on the homelessness anymore. Where did they go? Also the elderly? What about them? Does this also stop human trafficking? And if it doesn't, how does that affect the spread? A mutating virus? A Global Event. Just in a couple of months. They're treating it like a flu, but its no flu. Get paid to stay at home?

    They don't know how this will play itself out. Nobody knows...

    Then throw in all the family and friend stuff. It's a pickle for sure.

    Focus on water. Get all you can.

    Glad you are well!


    Very happy to know you are still with us LH.
    Although the ride in this world is getting quite shaky.
    I agree they don't know themselves how it will play out.
    Today I learned the US decided to step down on the Defense 2020 exercise
    they had planned to deploy in the Eu. The greatest one ever planned !
    That tells me things may have gotten out of hand  somewhere.
    Stay safe my friend.
    You are clever, witty, wise and aware and you have got a great Heart.
    You have got a roof, a garden, a van... These are good cards in your hands.
    Make the most with what you have and remember you are in my Heart always.
    What a ride !
    Pop in here every now and then even if just to say hello.
    That would be nice while we still can.  

    Love from me

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