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    5G – Wrong Turn by China & USA


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    5G – Wrong Turn by China & USA  Empty 5G – Wrong Turn by China & USA

    Post  Seashore Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:49 am

    I am struck by the opening paragraph of a lengthy post on the blog that Robert David Steele is associated with:

    Robert Steele: 5G – Wrong Turn by China & USA — The Alternative is Human Intelligence with Integrity

    Both China and the USA are making a huge mistake in embracing 5G, which is genocidal and ecocidal.  Developed in Israel, and forbidden in Israel, it is the fastest way to dumb down and ultimately kill off billions of people.

    Israel is a rogue state.

    Extricating ourselves from their grip should be the number one priority of the United States, in my opinion.

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