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    Eating Aborted Baby Parts? Senomyx the Flavor Enhancers


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    Eating Aborted Baby Parts? Senomyx the Flavor Enhancers Empty Eating Aborted Baby Parts? Senomyx the Flavor Enhancers

    Post  Carol Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:33 pm

    Eating Aborted Baby Parts? Senomyx the Flavor Enhancers

    "Senomyx is an American biotechnology company working toward developing additives to amplify certain flavors and smells in foods. The company claims to have essentially "reverse engineered" the receptors in humans that react for taste and aroma, and that they are capitalizing on these discoveries to produce chemicals that will make food taste better. Senomyx develops patented flavor enhancers by using "proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems." These receptors have been previously expressed in HEK293 cells.[1]"

    They use the cell to identify receptors and then fire them with different chemicals to see how they respond.

    - then develop flavors with those chemicals.

    link to

    "HEK stands for human embryonic kidney cells.[2] These cells are derived from cells that originally came from a healthy, electively aborted human fetus in the early 1970s.[3] The receptors in the assay are used to identify flavours; they are not used as flavours themselves. No human taste receptors are used as ingredients in any flavourings. Using information from the human genome sequence, Senomyx has identified hundreds of taste receptors and currently owns 113 patents on their discoveries. Senomyx collaborates with seven of the world's largest food companies to further their research and to fund development of their technology."

    So the claim is that no human material ends up in the food.
    Just the taste does.

    These cells were used to identify how they would react to artificial flavors they made as a means to see how someones taste buds would react to it..

    The cells themselves are not in the flavorings at all.

    Also, the article states they claim they have reversed engineered those cells, so they would no longer have to use ones extracted from fetuses..

    Companies and products that use aborted baby cells to enhance flavoring:



    • Sierra Mist soft drinks
    • Mountain Dew soft drinks
    • Mug root beer and other soft drinks
    • No Fear beverages
    • Ocean Spray beverages
    • Seattle’s Best Coffee
    • Tazo beverages
    • AMP Energy beverages
    • Aquafina water
    • Aquafina flavored beverages
    • DoubleShot energy beverages
    • Frappuccino beverages
    • Lipton tea and other beverages
    • Propel beverages
    • SoBe beverages
    • Gatorade beverages
    • Fiesta Miranda beverages
    • Tropicana juices and beverages

    Nestles Products:

    • All coffee creamers
    • Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

    Kraft – Cadbury Adams LLC Products:


    • Black Jack chewing gum
    • Bubbaloo bubble gum
    • Bubblicious bubble gum
    • Chiclets
    • Clorets
    • Dentyne
    • Freshen Up Gum
    • Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)
    • Sour Apple Gum (Limited)
    • Stride
    • Trident

    Cadbury Adams LLC Candies:
    • Sour Cherry Blasters
    • Fruit Mania
    • Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts
    • MaynardsWine Gum
    • Swedish Fish
    • Swedish Berries
    • Juicy Squirts
    • Original Gummies
    • Fuzzy Peach
    • Sour Chillers
    • Sour Patch Kids
    • Mini Fruit Gums

    Other Cadbury Adams LLC Products:
    • Certs breath mints
    • Halls Cough Drops"

    What is life?
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    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Eating Aborted Baby Parts? Senomyx the Flavor Enhancers Empty Re: Eating Aborted Baby Parts? Senomyx the Flavor Enhancers

    Post  mudra Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:16 am

    Go raw and organic.
    These mad scientists are slowly killing the original human prototype that is perfectly fitting to turn to nature alone for food.

    Love always

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