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    I watched two movies... then a dream showing Hades... Mother said after this dream "God Forbid"

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    I watched two movies... then a dream showing Hades... Mother said after this dream "God Forbid" Empty I watched two movies... then a dream showing Hades... Mother said after this dream "God Forbid"

    Post  Dream Weaver Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:05 am

    The two movies starring Sam Worthington as the son of Zeus, Perseus. Hades looks like a version of darkness to Christoper Lee in Lord of the Rings. Clash of the Titans, and Wrath of the Titans. The density of the matrix is very much like the movie with Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing. These later energies matching with Cowboys and Alien movie I also watched. It was a one half for me message for me to watch afrr another dream showing dark energies of Jehovah coming and fit with the latest dream with a black smith.

    I see so much clarity showing the Matrix is like a blinding virus. No one can see these Demon Jews in Hollywood who are pushing every button right in your blind faces! This dream, this energy was shown as a automatic-transmission place and joined with a black smith showing steps are about to be undertaken. Looking deep into this energy had to connect to a Totalizator Agency Board Horse Betting Agency. These places look like banks with teller windows. I don't gamble! Who was this person, it was Baal, you know him as Jehovah and Sananda. A post by Lionhawk says it all. A paragraph he posted is high-lighted! Lionhawk knows my work, knows my twin-flame, Over the last 5 years I have gather so much intel with a Chief Sitting Bull energy matching your Lord Sananda who plagiarized Creation and Horus. As my Father told me, Jehovah copied me and copies you. He is a wannabe god Dick Head

    This false god is every known master, he is just a 'shifty personality' of many disguises of Ascending Masters that do not even exist.

    I post this message at 4pm and Mother is flicking the light in my room, that is as good as any confirmation gets to what I share as the truth!

    Post from Lionhawk: The Galactic Federation of Lies - Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:30 am

    There has been much in terms of controversy over the GFL. It all depends on which GFL folks are discussing. Most of the discussion revolves around the duplicate GFL that the dark side has created. Why? Because that is where all the disinformation is coming from. It is also a program to prey on everyone's hopes and fears. This program is headed by Hatonn. He is supposedly in charge of communications.

    The sad thing to me is that a lot of folks are willing to satisfy their "fix" by the believing game instead of doing the work to prove otherwise. And many of them are just now getting on board with all of this in the last few years. Grabbing onto coattails without doing the much needed work to prove it to themselves into the first hand. When you prove it in the first hand, a true place of knowing, your spirit expands dramatically.

    Is it so hard to figure out? I mean the dark side have been using these tactics for eons. The discrediting game and the believing game, to keep you distracted from discovering your inner truth. How many settle for information outside themselves as so? They did it creating religions to steer everyone away from what Christ or any other ascended master had to say as far as the real truth. How many times has Jesus been ignored with the wisdom of how things truly are? Where he stated to go within and not to go without (outside of self) when seeking the truth. Where the Angels will teach you the wisdom of 1st hand vs. the 2nd hand. How the 1st hand is vertical in nature and 2nd hand is horizontal in nature. HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE because humanity as a whole can't get out of their own way to understand some spiritual common sense? The folks that seek out second hand info never get to the whole truth. How can one find the whole truth when they subscribe to gossip and rumors? Based on what I have seen, it is impossible to do so.

    How many wars have been fought because of gossip and rumor? One example in our latter days was that WMDs were in Iraq. We believed that this was the case as presented to us by our so called leaders. How true was it? How many followed those beliefs to their graves? How many innocents were killed? How many refuges were created from those beliefs? This is one example and as history has been recorded, there are many more examples of this kind of thing. All based upon second hand information. How many more trails of disinformation is humanity going to follow right into their own graves?

    The conditioning or programming humanity by disinformation is a crime against humanity. A crime against the Planet. It's aim is to control the consciousness of humanity. To deny our own unique potential.

    For myself, I have proven that there is a real GFL. If I can do it, so can you. In Dec 2005, a few of us on another forum got together and did the do to assist Gaia with some healing work. It was one hell of a day and since that day, things have not been the same. Not one light warrior life was lost. Many were rescued from their off world prisons on that day. We had the dark side on the run. We disconnected their supply lines and freed up their hold on the other Planets in our solar system. And what I found whacky with all of that was that the GFL watched us do the do. The only thing they did was dispatch those who could rescue the ones that had been taken to other worlds for human enslavement.

    I was also so amazed at how many souls showed up to join our little healing session. From other worlds and other places. Hundreds showed up. Considering that only a small handful were willing to get involved, initially.

    It was in 1993 when I first became aware that the GFL were coming. I had found out through an Angelic channel. (Not a channeler) So I have been tracking them ever since, you can say. The real GFL security is one of the answers to what is going on and how you can separate truth from fiction. It is a very covert operation. Even if you have the right stuff, you are not allowed in. Just like we all have a passkey to this Universe, a passkey is required to get into the GFL and if your mission is not part of the GFL, you will be locked out. They do not transmit any channeled material. They know how second hand information corrupts so they don't employ it. If there is a chance of contact, it will be direct in nature. Not a transmission.

    Now with this GFL business, there is a cast of characters. Lord Sananda, Hatonn, St. Germain, Jehovah, to name a few. What they have done is try to discredit Jesus Christ. The real one by saying he is now Lord Sananda. That is total bunk. What the dark side always seem to do is hijack a system. Then disguise it as a lighted source. Stay with me here as this is a little complicated to describe. Lord Sananda is not from around these parts per se. He was brought in by the dark side to take over Jehovah's position. Jehovah being the so called God in charge with his pedophile tendencies from the bible. He is another alien entity who sought control but his time is being retired by the dark side and Lord Sananda was groomed to take his place and now has. Lord Sananda is now in charge of what Jehovah used to be in charge of. This world. This was determined when Lucifer decided to recycle himself. They, Lucifer and Jehovah shared control over this world. Jehovah being disguised as light. Just don't tell the Pope this. LOL

    I always had a problem with why communications were so bad between Heaven and Earth. Why there was a huge disconnect. Now I know why. It is because of the dark side and how they have hijacked every system of communication. They intercept all communications so that the communications are never received to the intended targets that being God or other wise, Angelic, lost love ones, etc.

    When I realize what was going on with this, I got a visit. Another entity who also has had his identity hijacked and his name manipulated in the name of this duplicated GFL. His name is Christ Micheal. I must admit that I did not expect this visit. Anyways, he took me where Hatonn was having a meeting. The meeting was in a closed off room that had some sort of shielding technology. Christ Micheal didn't even speak a word to me. But he wanted me to understand what was going on and where the source of the disinformation was coming from. Hatonn was furious. I could see him and also hear him despite the shielding technology. He was furious about me discovering what had been their agenda concerning their disinformation programs. Hatonn is a tall Grey by the way. And he isn't the only one out there. Just a side note, I wanted to acknowledge Investigator's work in regards to Pat Bellringer. Because there is another tall Grey there in that camp, that is manipulating P. B. But Pat will never know it because of his own personal issues. Hatonn also influenced the Abundant Hope site.

    Just to show how this works is something you can only write about. This is the case with my sister-in-law Rose. She is a Catholic and came from a very old fashion Italian family. In her house she has a picture. I asked her who it was and she thought I was being a smart butt. She finally said it was Jesus. What she saw with her own eyes was Jesus, I have concluded. But who I saw was Christ Micheal. And I couldn't tell her that.

    To get back on topic here..... I think many of us want to go home. Some of us have surpassed what we came here to get done. The delays are numerous. But until Gaia gets where she needs to get, we will have to endure our stations till she does. The longing for going home is because we remember where our home is, in a matter of speaking. I do have issues with the idea that folks might be using ascension as a way to cope out. If you find yourself ready to ascend, that is a great thing to have accomplished because you have done the inner work necessary to get to that point. But at the same time you might also realize that at that point you are anchoring to the Planet the codes to allow for ascension to take place. Meaning you are providing the codes for Gaia to do so. So if you are service to others, you might realize you better stay awhile until this cycle becomes complete. If you follow the organic path, you will also realize that when Gaia goes through that ascension doorway, your ticket home will be given with no more attachments. So if you think you can take off from this 3D state, scott free, think again. I think once we reach a level where souls have reached that ascension point, the accumulation or the 100 monkey effect of that, then this world will transform. But that is what I believe. The dark side doesn't want you to get to that point and will do whatever is necessary to prevent you reaching it, with all of their second hand tactics being put in your face. If you choose the second hand over the first hand, you have only put your own soul in a high risk position that will lead to it's own compromise. Some of the true Avatars that have been here have already shown their light onto a path that works and if we don't get out of our armchairs and prove it, it only means we haven't learned those lessons yet.

    Finally, I have to ask the question as to why we are still here? With all the evil running a muck, with everyone and everything being compressed by controlling frequencies, to deny our potential, and yet we still exist. Who do you think is counter balancing the evil? Santa Clause? Without mentioning any outside influences, I think we ought to acknowledge that we are receiving many blessings. I mean if the dark had it their way, they would have total control of this Planet and yet they don't. We must not get in any kind of complacency mode either. And much of these channelings seem to create that. Statements like, "we have already won" will also cause that. So let's keep the cart behind the horse, for if we don't the dark will be given a win and I can't afford to put another dead horse on life support.

    Thanks for your posting Ceridwen. The going home part really hit me. Also thanks to that Mercuriel guy who after having a conversation with, assisted me in the clicking of some things. Merci mon frere'!


    The three Matrix movies came and went and now treated like it was all made up. Everything remains the same! We are now in a DEAD-LOCK, change DEAD-LOCK words to a GRID-LOCK!

    Update: This report is now being 'seconded by a motion' with Mother coming again at 4:15pm
    Dream Weaver
    Dream Weaver

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    I watched two movies... then a dream showing Hades... Mother said after this dream "God Forbid" Empty Re: I watched two movies... then a dream showing Hades... Mother said after this dream "God Forbid"

    Post  Dream Weaver Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:34 am

    I watched two movies... then a dream showing Hades... Mother said after this dream "God Forbid" Large10
    Have I got your attention, the Goddess Rules, so cute!

    Called Highway Flashing, there's no need for Point to Point radar-traps!
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