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    Post  Reunite on Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:25 pm

    The Greatest Secret in the World
    by Og Mandino

    I greeted this day with love in my heart.
    I praised my enemies.
    I thought "I love you" silently to all I met today and I loved myself enough to protect my body from overindulgence and my mind from evil and despair.
    I kept myself away from those whose weeping and complaining are contagious.
    I avoided negative thoughts or words.
    I tried to complete one more task when it was time to journey home and I did not allow the day to end in failure.
    I refrained from all self-praise.
    I learned at least one new thing about my profession today.
    I concentrated on making each project better than the last.
    I kept the market place and home separate from each other in my thoughts.
    I greeted this morning with gratitude for the gift of another day.
    I mourned not yesterday's mistakes and defeats.
    I wasted none of my precious time on foolishness.
    I treated everyone with tenderness as if I would see them no more, and I truly lived this day as if it were my last.
    I avoided all negative thoughts of failure and despair by making my actions control my thoughts.
    I smile often.
    I moved swiftly.
    I raised my voice to strengthen my confindence.
    I made allowances for the moods of others and I refused to allow any setback or problem to discolor my day.
    I laughed at the world and at myself today.
    I refuse to take too seriously my petty understandings.
    I laughed at my problems, my heartaches, my failures, even my successes.
    I maintained my perspective by telling myself throughout the day, "this too shall pass."
    I put off no distasteful chore for another time.
    I moved swiftly from task to task to avoid diversion and temptation.
    I overcame my fears through action.
    I prayed today. I repeated a familiar prayer but I also spoke a few words of my own asking for guidance and thanking my Creator for giving me the privilege of making something of this day, and my life.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:20 am

    The Og Mandino gem which has stuck in my mind, is that when competing, one should try to be just a little bit better, rather than trying to be a lot better. It might take a little reflection to completely grasp the wisdom of this. In retrospect, I wish that I had basically adapted the work of Dr. Robert Schuller to my particular situation, and then attempted to write books based on this adaptation, but without the lights, camera, and action cathedral stage. Things would have been a lot different for me. I'm just about ready to bail on alternative subjects. There is so much craziness, and so little pay-off. In trying to deal with aliens, angels, demons, God, Satan, Lucifer, Jesus, Lilith, Hathor, Isis, Mary, the Whore of Babylon, et al - I think that I may have taken a wrong turn. How can one prove anything? How can one convince someone to change their deeply entrenched convictions about these factual or mythical characters? How can one interest those who are not interested? What's the point? What's the pay-off? Every day, I feel like I might be a threat to national security or something. One never knows if the monitors are laughing their patooties off...or calling the President.

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    Post  Reunite on Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:06 pm

    Ortho you raise a lot of interesting questions.

    Og was another self motivating inspiration as I grew up.

    The pursuit for truth I believe comes down to one's own personal experience. As I like to say - for every truth there is an equal and opposite truth viewed from a different perspective and ultimate truth lies within and above all opposites and all contradictions.

    Ortho I think your higher self has guided you where you're supposed to go.

    I find it really easy to be caught up with the 3D drama. I try my best to remain in observation mode.

    What's the pay-off? For me personally to experience consciousness.

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