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    Documentary: The Perfect Human Diet


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    Documentary:  The Perfect Human Diet Empty Documentary: The Perfect Human Diet

    Post  Seashore on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:12 am

    Have you seen the documentary The Perfect Human Diet?  It came out in 2012.

    It's based on the findings of CJ Hunt, who went on a quest for information about nutrition after a near-death experience, and finding out he had a heart defect.

    I'm watching it on Gaiam TV now.  A screenshot:

    Documentary:  The Perfect Human Diet Diet10


    I put it on pause to do some searches related to the content, and found this website for another researcher in nutrition, Beverly Meyer:

    I’m Beverly Meyer –  a gluten free Paleo Nutritionist and Natural Health practitioner. I’m a blogger, podcaster, patient, animal lover, and sometimes a pretty funny person.  My goal?  To help you (and me) feel better!

    She offers a free mp3 of an interview of CJ Hunt, which is about an hour long, that can be downloaded:

    Personally, I experimented years ago with being a vegan, and gave it up.

    I also considered the advice to eat raw meat.

    Now, I'm just fascinated by people who share their own life story in nutrition.  (I'm also looking for ideas to try out.)

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