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    (NaturalNews) The search engine is now officially launched


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    (NaturalNews) The search engine is now officially launched Empty (NaturalNews) The search engine is now officially launched

    Post  Carol Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:42 pm

    (NaturalNews) The search engine is now officially launched, and its index size has doubled since the public test drive last week. is the internet's first search engine that filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation. It specifically excludes mainstream media propaganda websites from its default search results, but you can deliberately choose to search the mainstream media if you wish to see what they're reporting on any given topic.

    Search for anything you want right now at

    (The site may still experience stability and performance challenges from time to time, so don't fret if you see that. We're tweaking the servers and hosting environment to maximize performance and uptime.)

    The post-Google era has begun: Here's why the world needs alternative search engines like Good Gopher

    Why do we need As almost everyone who is awake now realizes, the internet is controlled by a few key gatekeepers who dominate the channeling of information to end-users. Those gatekeepers are Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and others. All of these information gatekeepers have sold out to corporate interests and now deliberately restrict access to information that would empower the people of the world with the ability to read and learn a diverse collection of knowledge. In essence these gatekeepers are actively engaged in online book burning, making sure that people don't have access to information that runs counter to the interests of the powerful corporations and governments that are now enslaving humanity at every level.

    Google, for example, deliberately skews its search results to favor Wikipedia (a disinfo website run by biotech industry trolls and Big Pharma operatives who hide behind anonymity) and health lies from the Mayo Clinic (totally influenced by drug companies and vaccine manufacturers). Over the last several years, Google has deliberately censored nearly all alternative and independent news sources from Google News, leaving the news service as little more than a homogenized "mockingbird media" propaganda source where you can read the same "official story" from hundreds of dull, dumbed-down news sites that might as well be run by robots.

    What the gatekeepers have achieved in all of this is knowledge homogenization. They've shut down free thinking (and in many cases free speech) by censoring websites or information sources that they don't want the public to know about. The result is that gatekeepers like Google and Facebook are making people increasingly stupid. Instead of allowing people to access diverse sources of information representing a wide array of different opinions, views and scientific findings, they corral people into very narrow preconceived conclusions that are parroted by the mainstream media and corporate-influenced government departments like the FDA. See The Wall Street Journal article, Study Suggests Google Harms Consumers by Skewing Search Results.

    In addition to dumbing you down, Google is also spying on your activities at every level, psychologically profiling you by tracking your search queries, website surfing behavior and purchasing behavior. As the National Journal writes, Google and Facebook are the new NSA.

    Homogenized knowledge is bad for your brain

    In the same way that homogenized processed foods are bad for your health, homogenized processed information is bad for your brain. The mainstream media has become essentially a purveyor of junk food for your brain, and internet gatekeepers like Google and Facebook favor those sources in exactly the same way your local Quickie Mart favors selling you processed genetic modified junk food that will likely give you diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In other words, these gatekeepers aren't allowing you to access the information that you really need in order to be awake, informed and healthy.

    This is where enters the picture. This is the search engine that gives you the information that's missing from the other gatekeepers who don't want you to learn things that challenge the status quo. Good Gopher is the underground railroad of internet search, helping you achieve real intellectual freedom by allowing you to access information the controllers don't want you to see. In the same way that plantation slave owners use to prevent slaves from reading books and becoming literate, Google, Facebook and other internet gatekeepers today are actively engaged in promoting real-world illiteracy among internet users, depriving people of access to information that would allow them to be informed and intelligent on a vast array of important topics (like health, preparedness, global finance and more).

    Good Gopher promotes not just practical literacy but also intellectual diversity, free thinking, and individuality. Conformist sources of disinformation are deliberately excluded from Good Gopher search results, making room for information sources that express independent, grassroots ideas that help set people free rather than enslaving them.

    Good Gopher is the search engine for PEOPLE, not sheeple

    Our world is full of sheeple, but we also have a fair number of awakened individuals who refuse to be conformists. The sheeple eat junk food. They go to the drive-through at McDonald's. They use Google as a search engine and Facebook as a social media site. But people who are awakened choose different sources of nutrition information. Awakened people purchase organic, non-genetically modified foods. They avoid factory foods and homogenized foods, and they now use alternative information sources that avoid homogenized information.

    For social media, many of them use For search engines, many are now using, or the newly launched

    The good news is that you always have a choice in what online services and search engines you wish to use. If you want to choose freedom, choose as your search engine! facts:

    • Good Gopher is not a search engine for everything under the sun. Its focus is news sites and blog sites.
    • Good Gopher's news search results are updated every 12 hours.
    • Good Gopher does not track the searches of its users. Your privacy is fully protected.
    • Millions of pages are already indexed by Good Gopher, and the crawler is discovering new pages each day.
    • Webmasters are free to submit their sites to Good Gopher for indexing.
    • Good Gopher is funded by sponsors whose ads appear above and beside the search results.
    • Users may click "Bad Gopher" on any search results they wish to flag as inappropriate or containing disinfo. Sites flagged by users get reviewed and possibly removed from the index.
    • Good Gopher was created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

    ... more features are coming soon from!

    Start using Good Gopher right now at
    Explore more on Good Gopher by searching on, the search engine for truth seekers.

    Learn more:

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