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    An "Awareness through Movement" Feldenkreis lesson


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    An "Awareness through Movement" Feldenkreis lesson Empty An "Awareness through Movement" Feldenkreis lesson

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:52 pm

    An "Awareness through Movement" Feldenkreis lesson Slide210

    The Feldenkrais Method® is a remarkable approach to human movement, learning and change originally developed by Moshe Feldenkrais.
    The method is based on sound principles of physics, neurology and physiology, and the conditions under which the nervous system learns best.

    Feldenkrais (sometimes called Feldenkrais therapy) is recognized for the strategies it employs to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, athletic
    and artistic ability and to help those with restricted movement, chronic pain and tension (including back pain and other common ailments), as well
    as neurological, developmental and psychological problems.

    The Feldenkrais Method explores the biological and cultural aspects of movement,  posture and learning, and how our habits can constrain us to
    a small portion of our potential. Through our personal history, upbringing, culture, injuries, illness, etc., we each adopt patterns of physical and psychological behavior. These patterns are deeply embedded in our nervous system, and often become outmoded or dysfunctional, creating
    unnecessary physical, and psychological limitations. The Feldenkrais Method uses a process of organic learning, movement, and sensing to free
    you from habitual patterns and allow for new patterns of thinking, moving and feeling to emerge.

    Feldenkrais is taught in two complimentary formats:

       Awareness Through Movement®
       Functional Integration®


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