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    Forclose your fake states


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    Forclose your fake states Empty Forclose your fake states

    Post  Eartheart on Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:06 pm

    Public Service Announcement: Foreclosure Order – United Nations, IMF, Federal Reserve

    Final Judgement and Foreclosure Order UNITED NATIONS, IMF, Federal Reserve

    We the People / Heirs of Creation State Superior Court
    Inhabitants of the Continental United States (We the People)
    and Heirs of Creation, Plaintiffs (Lien Holders)
    (inclusive of the UNITED STATES, INC
    Defendants (Lienees)
    Judgement is based on the facts found in the document dated the fourth day of April, 2015 entitled Public Order.
    On the sixth day of April, 2015, the Plaintiffs (Lien Holders) caused to be mailed Public Order and Notice of Fault by Certified Mail numbers 7011 3500 0001 0085 6195 (UN), 7011 3500 0001 0085 6201 (Federal Reserve), and 7011 3500 0001 0085 6225 (IMF), Return Receipt Requested.
    The Defendants (Lienees) were given ten (10) days to rebut the facts as laid out in the Public Order, determined to be correct and complete, point-by-point.
    That time having passed with no response and no rebuttal made, it is now ADJUDGED that:

    1. The Plaintiffs’ motion for Summary Final Judgment, heard before the Court on the twenty- sixth day of April, 2015 is GRANTED.

    2. There is due and owing to the Plaintiffs the following, and so ORDERS THE COURT:

    A.) Release all civilian public trust accounts IMMEDIATELY.
    B.) Make available the entire balance of the National Credit (equal to the National Debt plus principle and interest) for the use and investment of individual Americans without contraint, excuse, or further obfuscation.
    C.) Unblock all civil Capital Credit accounts by The North American Water and Power Alliance for use by the American people WITHOUT DELAY.
    D.) The Treaty of Verona is hereby EXTINGUISHED.
    E.) All B.A.R. Association licenses are hereby EXTINGUISHED.
    F.) Any attempt to attack the American people as ordered by President Barack Obama, who is a mere head of a governmental services corporation and NOT a Head of State, is to be immediately countered with arrest of those responsible.
    G.) Members of “Congress” have no lawful contract with any individual American State Citizen born on the Continental United States. All claims, liens, titles, and presumptions against the living people and their assets on the land stand NULL AND VOID ab initio for fraud, back to 1862.
    H.) Governors of Federal “State” franchises IMMEDIATELY release all color of law titles and liens registered under conditions of fraud against Continental United States assets.
    I.) Joint Chiefs of Staff IMMEDIATELY 1.) return all civilian property unharmed and unencumbered to the rightful civilian owners, and 2.) remove all color of law titles and false liens against the labor and other private property assets of American State Citizens rightfully belonging to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States.
    J.) ALL GOVERNMENT SERVICES CORPORATIONS, including all Federal “State” franchises, ARE HEREBY CLOSED and assets revert to the People.
    K.)All fraudulent convertible debt resulting from the semantic deceits and misuse of deceptively similar names applied to people and legal fiction entities is recognized as embezzlement of credit, willful identity theft, inland piracy, currency manipulation, obstruction of bankruptcy, and as unlawful restraint of trade accomplished by personage and enforced by barratry by the perpetrators of these schemes whether foreign or domestic; therefore, The living people of the Continental United States, also known as the Respublica for the United States of America, retain the right to prosecute claims against any and all legal fiction entities and living people responsible, the right to void all contracts in default, all titles held under color of law, all actions undertaken under conditions of semantic deceit or constructive fraud, all self-interested claims of “foreign immunity”, all restraint of trade or Natural rights owed the citizenry of the Continental United States, and all encroachment on its jurisdiction.
    Ordered by the court this twenty-sixth day of April 2015.
    Cindy K. Currier [see signature]
    Judge, non-negotiable signature, all rights reserved.
    In my view, the ‘courage’ of one or more humans to take peaceful ‘action’ to end assault on life, for the greater good, empowers best possible solutions to find us. Otherwise, public silence is permission for government to govern as they please.
    Doreen Ann Agostino
    Non-negotiable autograph,
    all rights reserved

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