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    Here are some interesting things surround the JH15 Operation:


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    Here are some interesting things surround the JH15 Operation: Empty Here are some interesting things surround the JH15 Operation:

    Post  Carol Fri May 15, 2015 11:02 pm

    This is the official logo for the JH Operation. Nothing out of the ordinary, the sword and arrows are obviously military related. However, the ghostly shoe in the center is very strange and what it has to do with anything is anybody's guess. But it's the slogan under the logo that has people concerned.

    "I was just wondering if anyone else is aware of the upcoming military exercise known as Operation Jade Helm 15 that is going to be taking place this summer. It will be taking place in the following states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. The exercise begins on July 15th and ends September 15. Conspiracy theorists have been going nuts over this and going so far as to claim that it's the beginning of implementing Martial Law. A lot of people are even linking the recent closure of 5 Wal-Mart stores to the operation concerned they are either being converted into military outposts, are are all connected via an extensive underground tunnel system used for covert military operations and even more outlandish that they are turning them into actual FEMA detention centers. Whether you believe the connections or not, Jade Helm is very real and has a lot of people very concerned. The Washington Post has another article concerning peoples fears regarding JH15 and why they shouldn't be worried. Rand Paul has even allegedly taken an interest in the Jade Helm operation and claims to be looking into it. I'm just curious as to what people think about this and if the fears surrounding it are warranted or if it's just a bunch of paranoid fear mongering patriots blowing things out of proportion. Here are some interesting things surround the JH15 Operation:

    Here are some interesting things surround the JH15 Operation: Jade_helm_2015_massive_8week_nighttime_military_drill_across_7_states__200147
    The next is a map showing the original 7 states announced to be participating in the operation. The fact the Texas is labeled as "hostile" is what really raised some eyebrows. The military claims that the label is for training purposes only but people still don't buy it.
    This is possibly the most unnerving. These missiles were spotted recently in Lubbock, TX. There was even a news report that looked into it and of course were told that the missiles were for training purposes only. Even if they are for training it's still an unsettling sight.

    Of course these claims should all be taken with a grain of salt, but conspiracy theories or not, Jade Helm is very real and everyone should be aware of it and do their own research before coming to any conclusions. I just feel it's necessary for all U.S. citizens to be aware of this operation and to question everything about it. And I'm interested in hearing input from others and why you may or may not feel this is something to be concerned about.

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