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    The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds


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    The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds Empty The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds

    Post  B.B.Baghor Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:12 pm

    Published October 17 2013

    Land of Granite is an inspirational film about Dartmoor National Park in Devon.
    The film features sweeping landscapes and the work of Dartmoor National Park
    Authority in conserving this special place. Sarah Oxton wrote the music to the film,
    which is performed by students from South Dartmoor Community College. @dartmoornpa

    Published July 15 2014

    This documentary investigates Jay's Grave and Graham Wyley goes to Taw Cottage on Dartmoor. This is one of very few Documentaries ever made on the subject of Dartmoor Ghosts. This is the full documentary, with dramatic recollection and accounts of ghost sightings. I have the full documentary series, so subscribe for more full documentaries on the subject of ghosts, ghouls, phantoms, apparitions, exorcisms, haunted houses and haunted places.

    You may think of this tubby being truthful or not, as you like, but on Dartmoor are areas where the veil between our world and the other world is thin.
    I've been told by a woman, who had a chance to share this to her great relief, with me, when she gave me a ride to Bellever YHA in 2008. It's a story
    in itself, for the conditions in meeting this woman were special. That day, I went for walk through the field and discovered huge patches of driftsand, overgrown with very lightgreen plants that covered the place like a carpet. I went with one foot down in it, up to my ankle and decided to go by the road.
    I always walk without maps and choose my direction by the sun and characteristic shapes in the landscape.

    In Dartmoor that's a bit tricky, as I found out. Anyway, once on a road, I had no idea how to go and find my way. A car approached and stopped next to me, with a couple asking me if I needed help. I told them of my walk in the field and showed them my muddy shoe and asked them if they could tell me the direction of Postbridge Bellever. The woman, who was behind the steering wheel, said "Let me bring you, I'm happy to do that" and she told her husband to go home, which was just a yard away. He was in protest for being told and she really was fierce at him, sending him away as if he was her dog. I was used to eccentric behavior on Dartmoor a bit and thought not much of it and stepped in the car next to the woman.

    As soon as we drove off, she began to tell me about an experience she had had one day that summer. She was walking on her own, on a small path on the moor and noticed a young woman coming her way, in a blue summer dress. As soon as she wondered who would step aside to allow passage, the woman walked right through her and she felt a chill when that happened. Later that night she told her husband about this. Weeks later, he told her one
    evening of an event that was similar to hers a bit. He had seen a group of monks in long brown tunics walking by him, when he walked on the moor on his own one evening. These men walked by without showing any sign of noticing him and he had a strong feeling that they were from another time, other worldly. He had more difficulty with understanding and be at rest with this experience, being very rational and unknown to these phenomena.
    His wife knew of these events happening on Dartmoor, but was quite surprised to experience such a thing herself, that summer.

    Later that year, she heard the doorbell ringing and a lady was standing in the doorway, saying "I've got to tell you something about an experience
    with a woman, that you met one day on the moor" and the woman was perplexed and curious about how this visitor knew of it. Then, she was told
    what the story of this woman in the blue dress was and why she wandered around in that area. This couple lived in a home in an area with views far
    into the distance. The place was pretty much unspoiled by modern civilisation. The visitor told this woman of a strong drive she felt one day, after
    being in close encounters with a spirit guide she uses to consult as a spiritual counseler. This spirit knew obviously what the connection was between
    those 2 women who merged for a moment, when one of them "walked through" the other. The story reached its end exactly on the street at the
    Bellever YHA and the driver looked at me and said "You know, I felt I had to tell you this, for I somehow knew that you are familiar with this sort of things. I've never shared this with anyone and I am so relieved!" And that's how I learnt about otherworldly appearances on Dartmoor.

    There's a "once upon a time" long ago history connected to certain parts of Dartmoor as I feel it, for the Tors, with their weathered rocks and boulders, are just the tops of ancient and eroded mountains, covered by eons of plantgrowth and the lower planes show remains of settlements, where humans must have lived from sources that were present, being it plant life or animal life. The river Dart provides water for many living beings. There are a lot of ponies roaming Dartmoor and also cows and sheep are present without being fenced in. Dartmoor is a huge and high part of Devon, compared to the surrounding landscape of other counties. Once I am settled, there's much more happy exploration for me to do in Dartmoor as well as in Exmoor.

    The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds Bellev10
    Bellever Tor Dartmoor 2008

    The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds Dartmo10
    Little pony in high spirits on Dartmoor 2013


    Posts : 1851
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    The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds Empty Re: The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds

    Post  B.B.Baghor Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:53 am

    The Dartmoor history and haunting grounds Naamlo11

    "The intention of this web site is to provide an overview of the many aspects of Dartmoor in the hope that they will inspire people
    to visit the moor and discover the numerous, "Gems in a Granite Setting" for themselves. Some of the tales and stories within this
    site date way back in time whilst others literally happened yesterday but all go together to make an ever evolving heritage of Dartmoor.
    Albeit natural or supernatural, human or spiritual, everything will in some small way leave its mark, many of which now lie firmly in
    the written tomes and oral history of Dartmoor. So, I hope you enjoy your visit to Legendary Dartmoor and find something of interest
    but check back regularly as there are new pages being added all the time.

    The word Dartmoor conjures up many things to many people. Some think of ponies and cream teas, others picture vast tracts of
    wilderness and bottomless bogs. To those who take the time to get to know the 'moor' it is 368 square miles of pure intrigue and
    fascination but be warned, it's an addictive place and once you have fallen under the spell of 'Old Dartymoor' you will never want
    to be parted from it. Over the past 12,000 years man has hunted, farmed, mined, quarried and lived on and around Dartmoor.

    From the early Mesolithic hunter gatherers to the modern day 'moorman', humans have left their marks on its landscape. Dartmoor
    has been described as the 'last wilderness' and sometimes when walking deep in that 'wilderness' it is not hard to believe that you
    are the first to set foot on its virgin soil. Don't even go there, just stop and have a good look and it's guaranteed that within eyesight
    will be the mark of someone being there before you. It may be a solitary standing stone on the horizon, built by the 'Men of Bronze'
    or it may be a small heap of stones left there by the old tinners, but somewhere there will be something.

    Every tor, mire, stream, gully, wood or valley will have a name, granted many of them won't appear on the modern map and lots have
    been forgotten in the mists of time but they will all have a name showing evidence of the presence of man. Therefore if man has been
    associated with the area for so long it is inevitable that there has been a wealth of tradition, archaeology, history, folklore and legend
    left for us to explore today".


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