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    Astrologer Mark Flaherty Empty Astrologer Mark Flaherty

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:33 pm

    Mark Flaherty is the first astrologer in my life, which I asked to make a reading for me. He pointed out to me, end of 2012,
    what it is that makes Devon the best place for me on the planet. To live in peace and flourish. He and I have never met, he didn't
    know me, only my birthday and location of birth, with my remark of a general preference for being in the UK. His astrology reading
    and explanation of it, was a relief for me, for never have I felt such a strong hunch, knowing that I will live in that county one day.

    Not everybody can "get" that determination of mine, felt on a soul level. Some of my friends and specially my 8 brothers and sisters,
    learning about this decision of mine, which I made in early 2011, were looking at me with eyes that said "Are you really being realistic?"
    or "I would like so much to do what you are doing, but I am so afraid to step on that path!"

    Many people I've met in my life, are perplexed in seeing me actually do things and achieve things, they can't imagine me being succesful
    in due to their perception of aspects of me, seemingly floating on clouds above earthly realms. They're probably right in this, but there's
    obviously more than what meets the eye Wink


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    Astrologer Mark Flaherty Empty September update by Mark Flaherty astrologer

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:22 am

    This is part of the September 2015 update, by Mark Flaherty astrologer, a piece of work well cared for:

    (Quote)"Dear friends,

    Well, it’s been a long time since I last sent a newsletter, so I though a little update is well overdue. It’s been a busy time for my
    astrology practice this year, both in terms of teaching and my own learning.

    In April I had the great privilege of spending a week on a private retreat with Chris Odle, the person who first introduced me to astrology.
    After 30 years of practice, this was the first time Chris had ever actually taught astrology. We spent 6 hours a day, just the two of us,
    studying charts. It was hard work, great fun and most transformative. By the end of the week I had begun to see astrology in a very
    different light.

    That week has been the catalyst for a tremendous deepening of my practice as charts have really started to come alive for me in a whole
    new way in the last 6 months. People who have been doing sessions with me for a while have commented on the noticeable difference in
    my readings".(end of quote)

    "Each of the signs of the zodiac are related to a particular image.
    Below you can find brief descriptions of the connection between these symbols and their relative signs".

    Astrologer Mark Flaherty Symbol10


    Astrologer Mark Flaherty John-l10

    (Quote)"Locational Astrology is about viewing a chart from the perspective of space.

    The most common use of astrology is looking from the perspective of time (i.e. the exact moment a person was born, and transits
    and progressions to the natal chart). What is less well known is that space also has an effect on our charts and hence our lives.
    Moving to a different location can bring to the fore planets (and hence the archetypical energies that they symbolize) that were
    in the background at our birth place.

    Locational Astrology shows how our natal chart changes through space, and suggests the kind of experiences that we may have
    in different places. Certain locations can be good for work or relationships or where opportunities come easily, while others will
    always be a hard struggle as long as we remain in that place.

    A Locational Astrology reading can be helpful in the following instances:

       If one is considering a move to a new place (as long as it is far enough away – e.g. a move to a town 50 miles away won’t
    change the astrology significantly). It can help a person to decide whether the move would be beneficial to them, or, if there is
    more than one option, which would be the better move.
       If one has moved away from the place of birth – while the natal chart is still perfectly valid, the new location may provide
    new insights into a person’s life, by highlighting features of the natal chart that are not so prominent at the place of birth.
       To discover where in the world would be a favourable (or unfavourable) travel destination.

    It can also be interesting to do a Locational Astrology reading even if none of the above apply, in order to learn where your
    hotspots are in the world. Sometimes we feel drawn to a particular country without really knowing why, and Locational Astrology
    can help us to understand what we may find in a particular place. It can be enlightening to explore areas of the world that hold
    an interest for us (whether or not we have been there) and see what relationship that place has to our natal astrology charts.

    My Locational Astrology readings combine 2 different techniques:

    1. Astro-Cartography – a map of criss-crossing lines which indicates where the different planetary energies are at their maximum
    (part of such a map is shown above).

    2. The creation and analysis of a new natal chart or charts, as viewed from any locations under consideration (for the same moment
    of birth)". (end of quote)


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