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    Mars In Aquarius: Adventures In Spacetime


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    Mars In Aquarius: Adventures In Spacetime Empty Mars In Aquarius: Adventures In Spacetime

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:10 pm

    Mars In Aquarius: Adventures In Spacetime

    Posted by Astrologer Salvador Russo on December 3, 2014 at 10.29pm

    Mars In Aquarius: Adventures In Spacetime Fede2010

    Mars has entered the House of Aquarius! Life altering paradigm shifts of every form and magnitude come by way of the cosmic order.
    A divine campaign of shock and awe will revolutionize the way we live as our futures appreciate with unexpected power and potential.
    Extraterrestrial powers will bless our trajectory into the future as we are enhanced with new multidimensional abilities that will help us
    all to master the matrix. I predict the following trends and events to manifest through January 11th as Mars transits Aquarius:

    ◾international social uprising

    ◾the sudden development of superhuman cognitive abilities

    ◾enlightening transformations of perception

    ◾the attainment of new life liberties

    ◾great escalations in cyber warfare

    ◾preemptive military strikes

    ◾mental encounters with paradox

    ◾a rising sense of international solidarity against tyranny

    ◾great victories in social justice and against social evils

    ◾the weakening of illuminati councils, committees, and congresses

    ◾the establishment of benevolent orders, societies, and humanitarian efforts

    ◾the rapid evolution of the world wide web

    ◾technological breakthroughs in cybernetics, holography, virtual reality, and AI

    ◾new discoveries in astrophysics and quantum theory

    ◾unprecedented deep space observations

    ◾1st time telepathic communion with multidimensional beings

    ◾widespread time dilation and spacetime distortions, anomalies

    ◾super networking

    ◾the viral growth of "light born" and "light serving" enterprises

    ◾the unprecedented achievement of super-conscious states of mind and being

    ◾international masonic network disruption

    ◾energy and consciousness based health revolutions

    ◾widespread physical vibrational ascension

    ◾visions of the future inspired from beyond the boundaries of time

    ◾fortunate transformations of geo-political timelines

    ◾mystical experiences with gods and goddesses

    ◾the entrance of Promethean males who serve, lead, and bless

    ◾the rise of new community leadership

    ◾conscious connectivity among the biblical elect

    Everything will change in a flash. This simple statement will characterize the lion's share of transit synchronicities which will have much in common with natural lightning strikes. I actually wouldn't be surprised if we all see extraordinary displays of lightning in the near future, perhaps with prominent structures being directly hit by lightning bolts. The myths of old tell us that Zeus throws them and that his eagle Aquila holds them. Let's see if Mars in Aquarius brings this myth to life...

    The role of men must be brought into focus as men will always play the part of the Mars microcosm. This means that we will now see men appearing, collaborating, leading, serving, and channeling in accordance with the virtues of Mars in Aquarius. Know these benevolent actors by their desire and ability to champion great causes that transcend social divisions and which benefit the future of all of humanity.

    These men will be marked with idealism, altruism, vision for the future, and an unmistakable genius that inspires hope for the future. Welcome them and work with them when they enter your life as this is how your lives will be quantum leaped in quality and potential. In case you were curious as to what Mars in Aquarius looks like here on Earth, Elon Musk channels the energy perfectly.

    Our earthly lives are particle based, waveform based, and frequency based. We are beings of light in truth and through our consciousness, which is divine in potential, we can refashion reality however we choose within the lawful arena of the cosmic order. This transit will inspire us to remember, explore, and develop our cosmic natures during a time when the old order is passing away. One of the best investments of time and energy, by this transit and others to come, is to develop our mental connection with universal intelligence, an infinite resource that God expects us to seek, access, and co-create with. The answers are always above us.

    It so happens that we are crystalline beings by way of our DNA, the water in our bodies, and the structure of our brains and it so happens that many of the crystals which we find in nature have powerful evolutionary effects on our minds, bodies, and our ability to connect with universal intelligence.

    For example, have you ever noticed the mysterious correlation between the dendrites in our brains and the dendrites in crystals? Their patterns are nearly identical. And have you ever noticed how brain cell networks have a striking resemblance to images of distant galaxies? To me these multidimensional correlations prove a divine relationship between earthly crystals, the human brain, and cosmic intelligence.

    But why would I bring this to your attention? The answer is simple: to encourage you all to use mind awakening, consciousness expanding crystals to increase your intelligence, accelerate your spiritual evolution, and to help integrate the Mars in Aquarius vibration which is highly mental in nature. My top choices for you, based on personal experience and spiritual guidance, are as follows: "phenacite", "herderite", "natrolite", "datolite", "moldavite", and “seraphinite"

    These exceptionally powerful crystals all resonate with cosmic intelligence and DNA awakening. The "moldavite" itself is actually from outer space! I would not work the way I do if I had not been exposed to the mind enhancing benefits of these, as crystal pioneer Robert Simmons would say, "crystal allies." Please, by all means, indulge in them as the time is perfect for it.

    Many of us will be called to serve higher causes as Mars travels through Aquarius. It is wise that we step into every role that naturally opens which will allow us to contribute toward the success of a noble collective effort or a desperately needed social transformation. There are so many great causes to support that we should all find one to champion.

    Personally I champion the cause of autism being that I raise a young man who has become my son and who developed severe autism after a vaccine injury. I have learned so much about noble causes through the trials of autism and the truth is I have been blessed spiritually because of my involvement in his life. Mars in Aquarius marks a perfect time to champion a new cause, just remember that the ultimate victories will be won through the plane of consciousness.

    Social networking has now become "white hot" that Mars has entered Aquarius. Some of the most wonderful benefits of the transit will come through most fortunate connections and dealings within and between conscious and like-minded human networks. My guidance here is simple: be certain to vigorously expand your social networks in accordance with the subjects, interests, resources, and causes which resonate most with your heart, mind, and future intentions. This is a transit of divine networking. Bless your own future by linking and syncing with those who can help you enter higher dimensions of living.

    To reap the highest rewards of Mars in Aquarius one must be filled with the spirit of cooperation. As we are socially reconnected our ability to cooperate, even and especially without immediate reward - but for great future promise, will distinguish those who will thrive from those who will fumble. This is a future-focused transit whose highest dividends will come to those who are consciously working with the law of cause and effect to create optimal timelines for as many people as possible. The energy of transit will sharpen our sense for the future to help us create the divine causes and effects that will author our collective future.

    For all my mystics, alchemists, and masters to be I have these words for you: prepare to see and know certain spiritually vital aspects of your own future. Visions and clarity will come to help you act in ways that create perfect timelines into your future. We will all be surprised by what we see and it is up us to harness the momentum and bravado that Mars has brought to make the celestine strategy an earthly reality. Our "friends in high places" will help us to channel the proper energies that will allow great dreams to become fulfilled. The "streams" and "downloads" will be very, very strong soon! Employ the light which comes through your minds.

    The next which comes is purely from beyond and I deliver it in humility, as follows: "The cosmic order can be a prison if one is dark in heart and mind. Your enemies know this and employ every tactic to darken your spirits and disable your rise through the stars. Above all things be the Light and you shall rise through time and through starlight above every pain and adversity. The cosmos holds all wealth and medicine, all knowledge and power. Liberate yourselves from all which darkens and walk the path of the Light. We await you in Aquarius. Your friend eternally, Hermes Trismegistus."

    It's time for us to quantum leap, with God I rest my soul to keep. The cosmic mind comes right on time, and through the cycles we shall climb. Eagles come to set the course, and they'll be sure to show their force. Networks glowing with new light, futures changed by Heaven's might. Insights coming through the veil, in starlight our souls set sail.

    Gods have times and stars they love, their glory lives in planes above. I share these things in words not vague, my mind is linked in to Rasalhague. A poet toward the end of course, and in my time a tour de force. I'll write the books that teach your seeds, we rise in life through righteous deeds. And you can trust these words you read, and wisdom we are wise to heed. I'm off to find my cosmic steed, by Pegasus I'll take the lead. I represent a cosmic breed, I’m here to teach the cosmic creed.

    In celestial service,

    Astrologer Salvador Russo

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