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    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:23 am
    Balanced View in the person of Toby Lewis, provides a free global support network for anyone interested in gaining complete
    mental and emotional stability and open intelligence in all circumstances which results in a powerful
    ability to be of profound benefit to oneself and others.

    I'm fortunate to connect with people in Devon and their work. Toby Lewis presents his work in Totnes Devon UK.
    In my view, every attempt to achieve a certain state of ease and satisfaction, ordained by the ego, is leading to
    instinctual saturation in an instant ready meal style of consumption. Never really satisfying, for that neediness is
    an everlasting one and possibly intended to be that way for you, by certain people on the planet. A big NO NO to
    finding your soul purpose and sovereignty.

    And also there's a tricky aspect to our human way of longing, once we achieve a certain state. For being alive in a
    physical body and being part of a society in intense transformation, with our collective consciousness as the place
    of origin, fueling that change, throws us out of a state of tranquility. As I see it, this is our human nature, obeying
    to the antics of our mind and the mind of the collective. Acceptance of that condition is key to opening the closed
    door of our ego-minded exploration for peace. As I see it, entering that room is what Toby Lewis describes here,
    in his way and what I begin to experience now and than, as a clumsy owl.

    I begin to feel more at ease with my life as being (in) a state of flux, an always moving life force energy offering endless
    opportunities to try things out and find ways to be happy and content. And live through emotional pain.
    By all shades of drama and much questioning and exploring. When that exploring begins to be the goal and not the means,
    I may find myself lost in it and therefore lost to a connection with other living human beings, in frost or flux.

    I find this challenge in being a member here and in PAF and PCF in past years. For conspiracy theories are great to
    lure me in that field of Sherlock Holmes like attempts to figure things out and to understand, more or less digesting my
    emotional response to them. To me this is often a one dimenstional level of using my mind, while time goes by, being online
    in a mainly passive state. By consuming only and not connecting my creation of a point of view and choice of action to it.
    My mind can be satisfied, but my soul is lonely, for no integration is happening between the two by applying actions in the
    reality of my life out there, in the world of matter and sensory awareness in full swing. For that's what it means to me,
    to be able to embody my soul.

    To me, it's important to balance my time online, with actions and dealing with real life out there, that matters to me.
    Not for its matter in a material sense, but for its value to connect with real people and create a pleasant day, finding
    ways to support each other in making it so.  During working hours and leisure time. I am aware of and cautious towards
    that aspect of my ego playing tricks on me, luring me sometimes into being present for great lengths of time online.
    Of course I see the difference in being active and aware online and being passive in a consumptive way only.
    The open mindedness or greater intelligence, referred to here in this video, is in my view the door to freedom,
    paying attention to a non attachment towards being alive and therefore utterly engaged in it, in flames of passion for it too.
    To the mind it's a contradiction and a non-sense. As I see it, it's one of the keys to a life in freedom, Don Juan tries to
    explain and make understood by Carlos Castaneda during the time they shared each others company.

    This is my view on the pump and circumstance of human awareness, sharing some of my antics with you, some of my
    attempts to find peace and enjoy a life in freedom. Thanks for sharing this with you, this clumsy owl is trying her wings
    and I'm curious to what your views are and purpose in life, in your attempts of trying your wings.

    It's an ongoing unfolding to me and that's a relief to my soul, but a struggle for my ego sometimes too. Frozen states,
    like being in fear, survival, even "out of body" in a virtual world online, are creations of the mind and they nip any budding
    and possible flowering in my soul. This sounds a bit dramatic, but I don't mean that in a deadly outcome kind of way.
    That's a truth I have found on my level of discernment, in my experiences through the recent years of my life.

    Finding the value of balancing and soothing my rather sharp mind and my tendency for perfection, I love to identify
    myself with being a waterfall in a subtropic jungle. My move to Devon UK will support me greatly in finding that balance.

    Balanced View Toby Lewis: Wide Open Intelligence  Waterf10

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