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    Does Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes?


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    Does Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes? Empty Does Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes?

    Post  Carol Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:21 am

    Does Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes? Sun-and-Earth3-1024x632
    Does Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes?
    Many have wondered whether solar activity can be linked to earthquakes, but a recent study found no direct relationship between the two.
    Scientists assembled historical records of the Sun’s interaction with Earth, looking at sunspots, solar wind, and magnetic storms. They then compared these with historical records of earthquake occurrence. They found no significant pattern between solar activity and more or larger earthquakes. There is no demonstrated way to use space data to predict future earthquakes.

    The study was recently published in the journalGeophysical Research Letters. The research was conducted by Jeffrey Love with the USGS and Jeremy Thomas from Northwest Research Associates. The earthquake data were from the USGS, the sunspot data were from NOAA, the solar wind data were from NASA, and the geomagnetic data were from the British Geological Survey and Geoscience Australia.

    The Author’s Perspective
    “This research was conducted to advance our understanding of natural science and to test how the Sun affects Earth, ultimately helping protect the safety of our communities,” said USGS research geophysicist Jeffrey Love. “Even though we did not find a significant correlation between space measurements and earthquakes, we recognize that the Sun affects Earth in other ways. The USGS is dedicated to studying these natural phenomena, some of which are hazardous for a modern and technologically dependent society.”
    “Of course it is always conceivable that some new and unexpected discovery will be made in the future, but it is also essential that we objectively evaluate the data and information that we have available now,” continued Love. “Just because one might think that a pattern exists does not mean that one actually exists. We need clear evidence to be convinced.”
    Read more at link above.

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