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    My name is Michael Toldnes the JesterTerrestrial himself!


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    My name is Michael Toldnes the JesterTerrestrial himself!  Empty My name is Michael Toldnes the JesterTerrestrial himself!

    Post  JesterTerrestrial Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:16 pm

    And you dont know who I am or you would of had your et contact by now. Some claim they know me but they do not. Who the hell is this user Aquaries1111? Showed up on my skype chat and i have no connection to you! I do not know who you are so get the hell away from me!

    I have told you who I a several times! I was one of the first to put my real photo on project avalon before the censorship there and huge mess created there. OMG you had the original round talking on your forum for free and you censored us. We spoke about the golden age when you all thought that nibiru was going to cause your planet to flip upside down! We spoke about free energy and the dimensional sciences that just happen to match the information encoded in the bible that my team just happened to be the original writers of as was talked about a while ago !


    I post as my self and only me! Michael Toldnes MERLIN JT! MAAT

    maybe you missed my blog when I was disclosing the extraterrestrial contact along with a few other members of my team who hardly talk anymore because were tired of all the god damn games and if you had of listend to us last time your world would not be screwed! Braind dead people think they are smart because they talk alot and burry the lies amongst truth! Go listen to your false god!

    Who is posting as raven? Who is firefly? I mean really who are you!

    Sure like to target me and I have been keeping quiet trying to make a dollar in this retarded world because the humans love money more then they love god! No time to waste sharing anything more as we have already thown many pearls to the swine and what did they!!! grind it to bits! You may claim not to judge santos and wish him to live long while you stab those of us who are members here!

    Santos was on one of my skype chats and dared not speak a word when I was talking! Kate of gaia is guilty of censorship as I caught him/her deleting and then changing my words on several skype chats and youtube videos! Live in your ignorance i you want but dont come back here attacking members who actually communicate!

    How many posts has santos made here 0!

    I was arrested and jailed for speaking the truth 3 times regarding the birth certificate and 4 years goes by and i have not seen my children! They are leagly kidnapped by the police state and who cares! Who helps my team out! No one!They sent undercover agents who forced their way into my house and locked me in a steal cage no seatbelt transferred to a private usa owned maxium security jail for speaking the truth regarding the fraud the courts banks governments has committed against the people. Many years we tried to get some funding to build free energy devices but all anyone ever dose is try and steal our hard work and pass it off as their own! Nothing wrong with sharing but to censor and troll and lie and cheat and on and on it goes! Thousands of hours we have given to this earth mission only to have marketing agents try and steal my magic yet they dont have what it takes to wield my sword! I stand for truth and my team is the ET contact that the so called world leaders must address as we have the answers to save them from the death penalty for their war crimes! Tell that to those frauds and shills in Washington and Ottawa! Stop wasting my time!

    anyway this all means nothing i was just reading and saw what appeared to be a reference to me and thought I would just say hey to the real truth seekers and freedom lovers! I am the Merlin of avalon and Maat of egypt! I am the jesterterrestrial! Just in case you actually dont know who i am.

    see ya



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