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    Water purification


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    Water purification Empty Water purification

    Post  Floyd on Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:45 am

    From samvado at PA2: IF the grid goes off-line
    due to a CME (google Michio Kaku on that, some excellent videos on
    Youtube) the grid MAY go down worldwide and everything containing a
    metall coil of any kind will just burn out. That would be EVERYTHING,
    from water pumps to Electric generators, starter motors in cars, all
    phone and radio, all computers and as a result we are back in ca. 1820
    minus the self sufficiency of that time.

    Of course photovoltiac wont work either. Nothing will work that is based on electricity. So forget about flashlights :-)

    is a quite probable scenario, IMO much more probable than an extended
    war. It happend in 1857 last, but has been with us always (as recorded
    in history as northern lights in southern countries)

    the primary thing you will need is CLEAN water, dirty water is almost everywhere.

    this little toy makes drinkable water out of a sewage tank. one cartrige is good for 50.000 liters. consider it as insurance.

    Water Purification Techniques

    Improvised Water Filter Part 1

    Improvised Water Filter Part 2

    Water bottle

    in Aluminum (3 sizes) or Stainless Steel (1 size), our original camping
    kettles make boiling water fast and easy for Car Camping, fishermen,
    trekkers, Scouts, survival kits, family picnics and people working in
    the outdoors. Using only naturally occuring fuels such as sticks, Pine
    cones, Birch bark, dry grass, etc. our portable outdoor camping kettles
    boil water in just 3 - 5 minutes for tea, coffee, rehydrating food,
    bathing, cooking, etc.....irrespective of weather conditions.

    Food for Free

    Water purification Pocket_Lg,english/

    Other useful tips

    Survival Supplies, Preparations and Skills

    Supply of Bottled Water
    Water Storage Tank(s)
    Proximity to water source
    Methods of collection, filtration and sanitation

    Supplies of canned, dried and packaged food
    Seeds and Hand Tools for growing food
    Equipment and methods for cooking storing and preserving food
    Book w/local edible plants
    Instruction booklet for canning and preserving food
    Books on homesteading, hunting and fishing

    3- Shelter
    house safe room or other refuge area for shelter from EMP’s, solar
    radiation from solar Flares, Hurricane Force Winds, Flooding, extremes
    in temperatures
    Fire starting equipment and techniques
    Light weight camping equipment and protection from the elements if on the road
    Tool Box with all the necessary hand tools and supplies for building and repairing

    4- First Aid and Medicines
    Well stocked first-aid kit and book
    MMS and Colloidal Silver
    Book on herbal medicines and remedies

    5- Communication and Transportation
    Means of transportation – mechanical or otherwise
    Means of communication – mechanical or otherwise
    Crank up, solar or battery operated radio and short-wave radio

    6- Community Connection

    How to make soap and other useful things.

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