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    40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition


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    40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition  Empty 40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition

    Post  mudra on Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:48 pm

    The Sacred Awakening Series

    Here is the link where you can listen or download freely speeches made by 40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition ( transcripts available too )

    You may need to first register freely here:

    Love from me

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    40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition  Empty Re: 40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition

    Post  hippihillbobbi on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:37 pm

    what a COOL idea, Mudra! thanks for making this so ACCESSIBLE to us all here ..... you're a PEACH!
    40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition  193366

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    40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition  Empty Re: 40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition

    Post  ClearWater on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:56 am

    Thank You for sharing this! 40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition  Icon_biggrin

    I was browsing through the list of interviewees, and I'm quite surprised to see an interview with Chunyi Lin.
    I participated in a meditation with him in which the distinct smell of lotus flowers surrounded us...a very powerful experience which I will always remember.
    He is a genuine, loving man.

    From the transcript...
    Stephen Dinan:
    Having done this work with helping to empower people in their healing what are your reflections about our current time? What are some of the messages that we need to bring our society back into balance and to help encourage transformation on a wider scale?
    Chunyi Lin: I think it is love. That is the amazing part. Love from your heart. Love energy is the most powerful energy in the entire universe. Like what Gandhi said, “ It is the simplest but the most powerful.” If we focus on how we can help ourselves to open our hearts and allow the unconditional love energy to come out and serve us and serve the world, I think this world will be a much better place for everybody to enjoy. In qigong teaching I emphasize to each class that as a healer if you don’t have the true love in your heart you can never become a true healer. If you want to heal others but don’t allow your true love to come out and serve you and serve others then you cannot help others to heal completely either. If you don’t know how to love yourself, love your heart, love your organs, love your spirit, then you will never help yourself to balance completely. So that is the power of love. From Buddha to Lao Tzu to Jesus to Confucius, all of these powerful masters of the past already told us that the most powerful healing energy in the Universe is love, unconditional love. So now we need to pay attention, pay great attention to our hearts, to that unconditional love in our hearts. And we have a way to activate that energy.
    Stephen Dinan: What practices from qigong are particularly good at opening the lung energy and the heart?
    Chunyi Lin: So the first thing is the breathing. So that’s why I say that breathing is key. So first of all, put a smile on your face. Like what I said, a smile is the key to help us unlock the beautiful energy from our heart. Smile stands for Start My Internal Love Engine. And the second thing is, slow down your breathing. When you slow down your breathing, you have more oxygen intake then the clearing of the mind will come and every cell in the body will have enough energy to function. The most important thing, when you slow down your breathing you feel peace in your heart. Love energy can only be found when your heart is at peace. So when you slow down your breathing, that’s the moment that you’ve tapped into your heart. And once you slow down your breathing you can connect yourself to the Infinite Source, to the Universe, or to your God. Your might say, “I am in the Universe. The Universe is in my body. The Universe and I combine together.” Or, “I am in God. God is in me. God and I are one.” No matter what language you want to use – that doesn’t matter – use the language with which you can help yourself to connect to the Infinite Source.
    Then you visualize your God or your Master or the Unconditional Love of the Universe as a brilliant sun shining in the Universe and this sun is sending you beams of light into your heart making the light in your heart even brighter. So once you’ve made the connection you continue to receive this energy. And the last one is to allow yourself to become a “love radiator”. A “love radiator”, remember that. And every place you go your body is bubbling, is vibrating with this love energy. And this love energy is so powerful that even if you don’t feel love or loving, this love energy exists within you. Even if you don’t see this love in others, this love exists within them, too. So this is the reason why we are living here – we all need joy, we all want a beautiful life. We all want good health and good luck with everything. So, just open your heart and send your energy out to help others, blessing the world and blessing your family and seeing your whole family and the whole world in this light, in this light of love.
    And then you can send a message, whatever message you want to while you are blessing the world, blessing your family, blessing yourself in this light. You can say, “All the channels are open, all the aches and pains in my body will be gone. I will be completely healed.” Or if you are blessing the world you can say, “This world is in the light of love and in this love all species of life will live in harmony.” And make a prayer like that in this light and that alone will give such great love to the world and contribute peace and beauty to the world.

    I look forward to checking out the other interviews. 40 Spiritual Leaders from every major tradition  934918

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