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    Bill Wood/Brockbrader arrested


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    Bill Wood/Brockbrader arrested Empty Bill Wood/Brockbrader arrested

    Post  Sanicle Thu May 31, 2012 9:22 am

    Make of it what you will. Here is a message from (apparently) Bill himself while in prison that's under this video on YouTube.

    "Just want to say all is going well here in the slammer. My bunkmate, Bubba, is treating me really well! Food taste like XXXX but I'm used to it from my other times in prison.

    If anyone can get a hold of my other seal team 9 buddies to bust me out of here that would be real swell. But they're probably all in hiding after what happened to me.

    Tryin to get get Obama on the horn to see if he can help me out. Hes out playing bball though damn it."

    BlackOpsBillST9lol 20 hours ago


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    Bill Wood/Brockbrader arrested Empty Re: Bill Wood/Brockbrader arrested

    Post  mudra Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:25 am

    I just came across that video too not knowing you had posted it.
    That's a long time Bill was given to talk from jail. This is impossible
    here in belgium where only a few minutes phone calls are allowed.
    Maybe laws are different over there in the States.
    Not knowing I am unable to say wether Bill's conversation is as it's been
    Maybe some guys from the US here would know ?
    If it's genuine and he is sincere I hope it turns out allright for him
    and salute his stand for human constitutional rights.

    Love from me

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