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    Oil pulling cleansing routine for dental health


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    Oil pulling cleansing routine for dental health Empty Oil pulling cleansing routine for dental health

    Post  mudra on Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:07 am

    Oil pulling cleansing routine for dental health

    Oil pulling for (dental) health
    Detoxification, fixing loose teeth, cavities & bleeding gums, tooth whitening and more

    Oil pulling for healthOil pulling is a simple but apparently powerful DIY practice (also known from Ayurveda) reputedly drawing toxins from your oral mucosa & destroying mouth germs while stimulating bodily eliminations and increasing metabolism, thus reportedly leading to various (sometimes dramatic) healing benefits and enhanced health incl. (apparently) whitening of teeth, fixing/fastening loose teeth, eliminating bleeding gums and preventing cavities.
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    General introduction, background and instructions how and when to do oil pulling

    See Oil Pulling Therapy: Effective Natural Detoxification, Stimulation of Elimination, Self-Help Cure and Prevention of Many Diseases Incl. Cancer?.
    Oil pulling for oral detox, fixing loose teeth and cavities, strengthening teeth, stopping sensitivity, tooth decay & abscesses, eliminating bleeding gums

    Oil pulling has been credited with a number of astounding oral health benefits since the times of Ayurveda, the oldest holistic healing system we know of. In Ayurveda, oil pulling is called "KAVALA GRAHAM", and the Charaka Samhita sutra sthana chapter states that “by oil pulling with til-taila (sesame oil), teeth are not affected with cavities and they become firm-rooted. Toothache and sensitivity to sour items will be healed and one will be able to chew the hardest items.”

    According to, Dr. Karach MD, the "author" of oil pulling, said: "The oil therapy heals tooth pain totally. Obvious results are re-fixing of loose teeth1 [which no dentist is able to do] the stopping of bleeding gums and the whitening of teeth." Apparently, oil pulling also removes dental infections, stops further tooth decay, and reduces/eliminates sensitivity of teeth. Quote: "[Oil pulling] is analgesic in relieving pain, antibiotic in eliminating infection, anabolic in fixing loose teeth, reduces sensitivity of teeth like sensodant and also ensures oral hygiene. OP makes this possible by its influence on the nervous system, endocrine and immune systems towards a state of balance-is health-from an unbalanced state-ill health."
    Sample oil pulling testimonials

    "I have been oil pulling with sunflower oil for over three years on a regular basis and I am sold. It was upon the advice of my dentist that I tried it. My gums have much improved, since starting the routine redness, swellling and infections are gone, some of my teeth have become firmly reimplanted in their sockets! Additionally I've practically gotten rid of all tartar. Also no more sore throats and apart from a bit of sniffles at one point, hardly any colds worth mentioning! But that's no wonder considering that all toxins and bacteria are bound to the oil and spat out." (translated from the German by ©️ Healing Teeth Naturally)

    "....super-clean feeling in my mouth after oil pulling."..."best and quickest remedy I have found for sensitive teeth is oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil"... "swishing with coconut oil2 several times a yellow canine teeth have whitened considerably (I have tried without success bleaching, baking soda and peroxide, etc.) [and] my sensitivity in my teeth has decreased dramatically."

    "I have always had sensitive and really weak teeth [but after one month of oil pulling] no tingling feeling and just an overall healthy feel in my mouth", "oil pulling has ... reinforced ... loose molar", "At first, my breath stank but I stuck with it and [after six weeks of oil pulling] my breath is now fresh and my teeth are strong", "I had a brown discolored tooth and after 2 pulls the brown is gone. [Previously] I have had my teeth cleaned many times by a dentist and still had that brown tooth...".

    Last but not least, personally I find oil pulling helpful to dislodge stuck food particles from between my teeth (particularly those I wasn't even aware of and which vigorous water rinsing hadn't managed to budge!).

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