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    Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section


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    Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section Empty Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section

    Post  Carol Wed May 05, 2010 6:07 pm

    Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section

    John Cadman
    Bellingham Washington



    Back in 2000, I built a scale working model of the subterranean section of the Great Pyramid. It is only the subterranean section and I don't know the total purpose of the entire Great Pyramid.

    The subterranean section is a water pump (by-product) and a hydraulic pulse generator (primary function) It agressively resonates the King's chamber.

    This layout is completely different than Edward Kunkel's work (The Pharaoh's Pump) and it does work. I am not affiliated with "The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation" in any way.

    It has been in Dr. John DeSalvo's book, "The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook" and Edward Malkowski's book, "Ancient Egypt, 39,000 BCE"

    Supported and endorsed by Dr. John DeSalvo, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Kirti Betai, Joe Parr, Chris Dunn, etc.

    The latest vids for Project Camelot (please note that this is for general public and shows the water pump aspect)

    Part 1 (10 min.) Background info (topographical / layout)

    Part 2 (10 min.) Actual subterranean chamber pictures and water flows (from ink injection)

    Part 3 (3 min.) Specific reason for subterranean chamber's pit 45 degree offset (not "changed their minds")

    Running model with explanations - Part 1 (10 min)

    Part 2 (6 min.):

    I've posted on many forums over the years. I'm a big fan of Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy. Nice to see that level of intelligence.

    I was talking to Kerry briefly on whistleblowers radio (waiting for Bill Deagle) and she wanted me to explain my Great Pyramid research in 30 seconds. I put together the 23 minute vid that night as being the most condensed and simplistic version that I could do.

    Anyways, the full function is so much more advanced when one considers that the King's chamber is a free standing quartz resonance chamber.

    One of my youtube vids is Chris Dunn and Jack Kolle. Jack Kolle is the absolute godfather of all modern day hydraulic pulse generator applications. (offshore drilling, "look ahead" drilling, mining apps, . . .) At one point he said to me, "Do you have any idea how loud it would be in the King's chamber?" And then he started talking about the reflections of the compression waves off the exterior surfaces of the GP.

    The K's chamber is freestanding from the limestone masonry surrounding it. It is rose quartz granite which is 55% quartz crystal. (piezo?)

    Many, many people have done acoustical testing of the room and conclude that it is a "tuned" room.

    The subterranean chamber shoots a massive compression wave directly towards the K's chamber.

    Since this is projectcamelot forum, maybe people reading are part of the 3% - 15% of the population that has the recessive genes and are awakening. Maybe we can go much further and deeper.

    On normal forums, I hit a massive wall of (?? ignorance ??) where only the pump aspect can possibly be accepted.

    The room incorporates fluid dynamics and acoustical dynamics simultaneously. Whoever built this thing is beyond genius (not me).

    Pictures at link:

    (I have dogs, but added the original research article to the dog site)


    Water supply for Great Pyramid:

    Absolute fact - Lake Moeris existed. It was the size of Lake Erie. It had a artificial canal from the Nile. It was higher than the base of the Great Pyramid.

    There are miles and miles of water tunnels all over Giza plateau & southward.

    Can you spot the remnants of Lake Moeris?

    (from google maps)


    Originally Posted by Majorion
    John, are you of the belief that there were vital components removed from the chamber, that would technically prove what you say 100%?


    BTW, for some odd reason, your link is a blocked URL on my ISP, I don't know why, but my only guess is your information is probably rock solid stuff.


    Things were removed. My vids show 2 examples of things that are documented from reliable sources that were removed. I'm not sure what the pyramid did. I'm showing my part of the puzzle that I know is 100% correct. I'm just leading with possible directions that I have encountered.

    I would love for somebody to solve the whole unit. I can share what I know, but it is beyond me.

    LOL - - my link is to my Black Russian Terrier website (a specific page)! The research article was done ages ago and is a massive compilation of data. (It's a hot mess) Since I had the dog site, I just uploaded the research page so I could share it with various colleagues. Absolutely nothing "tricky" or subversive about my web site.

    The pyramid "thing" was analagous to the "mashed potatoes scene" in "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind". It was a vision quest. The solution came to me, get this, 12/31/1999 at around 7pm. (The last moments of the millenium) Even Chris Dunn said that "mashed potatoes scene "was his vision of the creation of the pump model.

    Originally Posted by Tango
    John, Still need the horn's... to create the vibration [Frequenices] to drive
    the K. chamber... Welcome, John... Chris Dunn... Now your talking...
    Have you found the switches; valves; Wire....

    I think Chris is right about the helmholtz resonators in the Grand Gallery. His documentation in this area is excellent.

    I primarily focused on the subterranean section and topography.

    About twice a year, I post to various forums to see if there's any interest. I get the most bizzare comments then I usually get blocked or editted. Even Mythbusters forum editted my posts on the topic that I started. I submit it to them about once a year to encourage them to build something of this significance. bullet proof corsets - yes . . . Oldest (and most advanced) machine on the planet - no. Weird

    I figured if Mythbusters built it and it ran (and I know it will) then it would be on TV and everything on TV is real. Therefore the general masses would believe it. (at least the pump and water locks part)

    I guess Kerry watched part of the first vid, and then sent links to Dr. Pete Peterson & Jordan Maxwell (per my request). I know she and Bill are ridiculously busy. I just hope they get a chance to watch and grasp the implications of this.


    Originally Posted by sunflower
    I am in awe of the work that you have accomplished. Thanks again for sharing.

    First off, thank you for the compliment. The work (graphics & ink injection) was done to convince Chris Dunn. (It took awhile - 6 years)

    I'm all for sharing and I'm not holding anything back or trying to charge for the info. It's actually really hard to get the info out! I'm always trying new avenues but somehow it just doesn't go anywhere. Weird.

    I feel like Bob Dean at times. This is part of the biggest story in human history and it seems like hardly anybody cares. It is overwhelmingly proved and the model is running as I type this (pumps water 400' for my dogs . . . the irony)

    The sub chamber design is very, very advanced. It's almost like finding the "Terminator's" chip and reverse engineering it. I had to build it to understand it.

    The Great Pyramid came from a great civilization.

    Originally Posted by Tango
    Explain, please... You, get blocked or edited...? Don't, think it gonna happen here.

    So, your research is the recovery process... Not, the Frequency Generator... OK... Alrighty Than.

    I'll stand down; let you explain the above question..


    Being projectcamelot forum, I figured I wouldn't get blocked here.

    Example of editting - from Mythbusters forum . . . my topic . . . see bottom of post


    Apologies, also. I like intelligent work and the internal ramp theory is vastly superior to the external ramp. I've read everybodies work about ancient Egypt. I embrace all the data that can be verified. As can be seen on the quick vid, I used the Oriental Institutes graphics (Mark Lehner/Zahi) to show what existed. Nothing "oogie-boogie". Ultra conservative data.

    My background was being the chief engineer on a couple king crab boats (Retreiver from "Deadliest Catch" season 2 & Bulldog). If something's not practical or fragile piece of crap then it was "float test" time.

    The pump was built 10 years ago and is still running. It is exactly what was at Giza.

    This message has been edited. Last edited by: mod_ivy, 01-27-10 03:00 PM

    It is a frequency generator . . . a pulse generator for the K's chamber.

    No need to stand down. I'm seriously not hostile and am very willing to converse about all sorts of alternate possibilities.

    I think the GP's sub chamber energized all of the (300+) true pyramids that were on the limestone slab of the western bank of the Nile. (Since it is a continuous slab of limestone)


    So Tango was yelling at me across his house tonight to check out this thread so I considered it must be important. And eureka, I call this synchronicity. Not even an hour ago did a make a major breakthrough in my free energy research while sitting in from two models I made recently: A cuboctahedron and a merkaba model. What I realized tonight directly reflects what is being discussed right here, and this experiment performed on the thread solidifies my theory. The so called “free energy”, or “zero-point” energy was sitting right before my eyes for quite sometime now.

    So there are three important concepts at play here:

    Magnetic Flow of Materials: Water is the most common liquid diamagnetic material (Subterranean Chamber). Limestone is an extremely paramagnetic substance (Pyramid). Pink granite is reported to be very paramagnetic (King's Chamber). The capstone as spoken through Edgar Cayce was made out of an alloy of several metals, which I believe was a ferromagnetic alloy. The strongest permanent magnet (ie ferromagnetism) on this planet is an alloy of neodymium (60), iron (26), and boron (5), which are interesting numerically; as the number of protons reflects the material's geometry and thus its properties in terms of how the vortices produced from the atom (singularities) interact with the vaccuum.

    Vortex Geometry: The pyramid is based on quadratic geometry, which when viewed in terms of close sphere packing, consists of one sphere atop four other spheres. In terms of vortex structure, the top sphere is rotating the opposite direction of the four spheres below. When viewed from the bottom of the pyramid, the four spheres are black holes, while the single sphere is a white hole. The energy the single sphere puts out is four times greater than just one of the other spheres.

    Yin-Yang Effect (First public use of the term): Some people call this gravitic coupling. This basically implies how opposites attract. Basic notion here is that diamagnetic substances and ferromagnetic substances (usually people just say magnetic) work together and there is greater energy output within the system. Two human hands, made out of water and hydro-carbons, all diamagnetic substances, held apart to form a vortex. Some of us may be familiar with this little activity, especially reiki healers and energy workers, ie creating an energy ball. In between your hands, you are creating a magnetic field, while your hand chakras are creating a magnetic field in the opposing direction. I recommend reading about diamagnetism, paramagnetism, and ferromagnetism to truly understand this effect.

    Conclusion: Putting this all together with an understanding of its fractal nature, this implies that the limestone dramatically increases the magnetic field of the magnet, which in turn is able to magnetize the King's Chamber. This magnetized central vortex then causes the water to flow in the subterranean chamber due to the Yin-Yang effect.

    I just realized that probably the next post will be "What about the frequencies!" Good point to the future who ever was going to bring that up. The acoustic sound would tune the water to the same frequency of the magnetic field to better resonate with the system. If the water can fluctuate at the same wavelength as the field produced by the pyramid, then the water would react accordingly (Yin-Yang effect).

    John Cadman
    Originally Posted by GregorArturo
    The acoustic sound would tune the water to the same frequency of the magnetic field to better resonate with the system. If the water can fluctuate at the same wavelength as the field produced by the pyramid, then the water would react accordingly (Yin-Yang effect).

    Water and vortex are both key elements in the pyramid system. Hakim said that the pyramid was a machine that ran on water and that the "waterman" represented "the person that had the knowledge of the water". The waterman is directly linked to the pyramids. Hakim also said that my model was the correct representation of the subterranean system.

    I have encountered numerous anomalies from this system.

    Dr. Patrick Flanagan ("Pyramid Power" with loads of experimental data) has since went on to producing water that the angle of the molecular bond is altered.

    One anomaly that I encountered this winter is bizarre algae growth at the tail end of the vortex pipe (waste gate which would have exited at the Nile)

    I just uploaded a vid of this growth. Background: New pipe, new plastic bucket, no water running through it until November this last year. I'm up by Vancouver, B.C. and November - present are the dark months. Algae generally doesn't grow much this time of year.

    The pond has virtually no algae growth. Any ideas anybody??

    BTW, the vortex used to spin the wastegate valve. I also had the most mysterious anomaly with this in the past. The only thing I can gather is that it has something to do with Schauberger theories.

    Originally Posted by Tango
    Why, Do you think it is
    important to Kerry....?

    Kerry had done an interview on whistleblower's radio with Michael Tellinger who is doing research in South Africa. Tellinger's work is documenting a huge civilization that existed down in South Africa during "pre-history" (Adam's Calendar) This corelates to the Egyptian civilization during time of the pyramids (pre-flood - pre-9750BC)

    Kerry and Tellinger were talking about Egypt and she was talking about how interested she is in Egypt.

    I actually think it is a better subject for Bill Ryan because of his mechanical background.

    Also, for some reason, few know about the "Carolina Bays" and the Clovis event. Both circa 9750 BC and the turning point of the ice age.

    (Carolina Bays = 500,000 oblong craters in eastern US that have been carbon dated to 9750 BC)

    Also, see the "Clovis layer" or the "Clovis event" or the "Clovis meteor" or "Clovis asteroid". 1" layer of ash & dust across the US with iron particles & "nano-diamonds". Fossils below and none above . . .

    BTW Your friend, Arturo, is a genius.

    Another anomaly from the subterranean vortex . . .

    This picture was taken on 5/5/2000. I had used a very short pipe for the waste gate line (3' instead of 40') I started it running and came back in about 45 minutes.

    When I came back, a small stick was stuck in the valve and water was spraying at the brass pipe (quick variable weight) that was above the valve.

    The picture doesn't do it justice, but the brass was deep purple, just like I had used a torch to heat it up. 45 minutes or less . . . !!!

    The pipe was permanently purple.

    The only explanations I can come up with are related to Viktor Schauberger and vortex thermal transfer. Haven't heard anything different yet.

    To be 20 something, male, genius generally means massive distractions! Spring time in Washington state is severely distracting . . . the sun is shining and it's shorts time.

    BTW We've had a great winter and it's 50 degrees and sunny today. The poor Olympic committee! (I'm just south of Vancouver B.C.)


    It never made sense to me, all of those giant slabs above the Kings Chamber, and the "accepted scientific explanation" that they were there to relieve stresses on the roof of the room. Seeing the Kings Chamber as a massive resonating chamber sheds a whole new light on this mystery.

    There's a new thread over in the Avalon side about the "Pyramid Code" (, and a video about how some scientist feel the pyramid was some sort of generator of "subtle energy", or telluric currents, the phenomenon that Tesla was working with when he was lighting bulbs on a stick poked into the ground. Note, how they came to these conclusions because of the nature of the type of limestone used to build the "core" of the pyramid, i.e. dolomite, with a high magnesium content. (conductive)

    (see all five parts of the video:

    Sorry I'm giving you so much to look at, but this is all foundational to my question.

    If the hypothesis of the "Pyramid Code" is accurate, i.e. that it is a massive subtle energy generator. And, if your hypothesis is also correct, that the pyramid was a hydraulic water pump. And further, it is felt the Kings Chamber is a resonance chamber. Than, my question is, to what frequency can the clapper in the ram-pump be tuned?

    Is it possible to tune the cycles per second of the impacts to, say, the Schumann resonance? Can these mechanical impacts be "tuned" to resonate at a certain frequency? Is it possible the pyramid was designed to be some sort of giant "transmitter"?

    I once saw a documentary where they sent robot cameras up the "air shafts" in the Kings Chamber and found "doors" near the top of these shafts. Could these doors be part of some sort of on-off switch for a signal?

    Nassim Haramein has suggested the Arc of the Covenant would fit perfectly into the Sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid.

    (See both parts of the series:

    Are all of these "coincidences" significant to the bigger mystery?
    Sorry about the link to Nassim Haramein not actually mentioning the direct connection of the Arc of the Covenant to the Pyramid structure. I know I heard him make that specific reference in one of his videos in the past in an explanation of the hyper-dimensional physics of the pyramid structure.

    Try this link to the second half of a much longer lecture: (if you actually want to hear the reference. If the reference is not in this half, then it's in the first half. This entire eight hour lecture is an excellent watch, however not on topic)

    Page two... continued at:

    Note: There are approximate 74 pages so feel free to look at what has been posted. If others wish to transfer posts over to this thread please feel free to do so. Mahalo, Carol

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    Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section Empty The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook

    Post  Mercuriel Wed May 05, 2010 6:33 pm

    GJ Carol - I was just commenting about this Thread and Its need to be resurrected. We should talk to Mr. Cadman as well and see if He would be averse to having His Work displayed here and if not - Would He contribute to It and perhaps be It's Steward much the same as Watcher is for His Sub-Forum.

    At any rate as I digress...

    The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook

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