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    Free Clairvoyance Class


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    Free Clairvoyance Class Empty Free Clairvoyance Class

    Post  mp3 Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:10 am

    I've posted this elsewhere, but wanted to make sure anyone who wasn't drawn to that forum would have a chance to see this cool offereing.

    Jim Self has taught clarivoyance for 30 years, and the tools he teaches will improve the ability if used. So here are the links to my recordings of his webinars. The way he does these, is he holds 2 webinars per day, which are essentially the same taught material, but not exactly, because he doesn't read from a script, but rather talks from notes, which he doesn't necessarily follow too much. So they are the same, but different, and the second of the 2 hours of each one is a Q&A time, where registrants to the webinar can interact with VOIP (voice over the internet protocol, like Skype, etc) or can post text message which Jim's partner then reads to him and he answers. For me, the Q&A is usually the best part, because people ask for clarification to what puzzles them, and Jim explains very simply, so all can understand.

    So there are 4 files. 2 roughly the same (but different) of the first class from April 15-10 and 2 roughly the same (but also different) from the April 22-10 class.

    He presented them free, so won't mind me sharing my recordings of the classes here, but I'll provide a link to his website as well, so anyone who wants more of his information can find it easily. There is also a forum for Jims work in the 2012 forums. Not the best match because it's not really what he's all about, but until there is a consciousness shift forum available, it'll have to do.

    April 15-10, parts 1 and 2:

    April 22-10, parts 1 and 2:

    Here's Jims section on this forum: (I've copied lots of articles and mp3's to this section already - some of it dealing with the consciousness shift, and how to cope with it and deal with the changes in ourselves, our relationships and our environment.)

    And here's a link to Jim's website.



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