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    Post  Esta Lior on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:02 pm

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    In this post i have compiled 10 Essential Blessings

    1. Interactive Meditations & Activations
    Rites of Passage Series ~ Children of the Sun
    11:11:11 Angelic Higher-Self Link Activation ~ Solara An-Ra ~ Goddess of Light
    The Universal Underworld ~ The Melchizedek & Pleaidian Light Network
    Merging Your Multi-Dimensional Selves Attunement ~ London College of Spirituality

    2. Alpha-Omega Healing Session
    Chris Comish

    3. On Healing & Prayer with/
    J.J. Hurtak
    Judi Satori

    4. Metatrons Grid of Light
    ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai

    I hope you enjoy the harvest
    with Love

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