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    SaLuSa 8-24-12…”Everything Is Ready To Go Ahead”
    by kauilapele


    ...our activities are putting the pressure on those who need to step aside, to allow the New Age to commence.
    ...everything is ready to go ahead, and we will be every bit as delighted as you will be when it does so.
    As pioneers of the Light you laid down the Light and encouraged other souls to join you.
    ...many Light bearers that oversee the affairs of Man from the higher realms... work with us and will ensure that the transition period is quite short, so that you are soon blessed with all of the advantages of being in the higher vibrations.
    No longer shall you be held back, and once we are with you we shall make up for lost time.
    Right now the Illuminati are becoming bereft of ideas as to how they can continue with their plans for world domination.
    In recent times the Light has become stabilized upon Earth, and is now well established. It will stay like that and even get more powerful as you approach the time of Ascension.
    ... by the time you reach the higher levels, you will have become a Being with a highly developed level of consciousness. you ascend and become more of the Light, your desires are to be of service to others.


    SaLuSa 24-August-2012

    The period you are in now is a bit like the calm before the storm, as in reality you know only a little about what is really happening. Yet our activities are putting the pressure on those who need to step aside, to allow the New Age to commence. Either they move or we will do it for our Allies, and that will result in a great deal of happenings that will finally hit the media. It will be what you have been expecting and will gather pace very quickly. Even so it will take some weeks before the remnants of the old paradigm can be removed, and thus allow the introduction of that which is to replace it.

    As we have often informed you, everything is ready to go ahead, and we will be every bit as delighted as you will be when it does so. In the first instance much of the work will be carried out by our allies, who are well prepared for their role in the proceedings. We have been guiding them for a long time and are extremely grateful for their cooperation, as we are with Lightworkers in general. Many of you incarnated especially at this time knowing what challenges lay ahead for you, and were chosen because of your loyalty and service to the Light.

    Many of you first started to awaken in the darkest period of your civilization, having responded to your inner promptings. They were to work for something better that took into account of the level to which Humanity had dropped. As pioneers of the Light you laid down the Light and encouraged other souls to join you. They were precarious times fraught with dangers, but you started something that those who followed you could build upon. As a result so many souls are now partially awakened, and they do not need much more Light to become fully awakened.

    Bear in mind that the God of this Universe had long decreed that this cycle this time round, would end in victory for the Light. That promise has been en-acted by many, many Light bearers that oversee the affairs of Man from the higher realms. Such Beings would to you seem as Gods and have immense power, so much so that they could move the Earth if it was so desired. When you learn of the changes that lay ahead, you will understand how easy it is to implement them. They work with us and will ensure that the transition period is quite short, so that you are soon blessed with all of the advantages of being in the higher vibrations.

    You [your] own creative powers will be enhanced but until you evolve further there are limitations as to how far you can go. One thing you will soon become aware of is how quickly your desires are manifested. Indeed, we have already told you of your coming ability create through the power of thought. However, until that time you will have the benefit of our technology, that will cover your immediate needs such as food, shelter, clothing and free energy. Some of this could already have been given you, but for its deliberate retention by the dark Ones.

    No longer shall you be held back, and once we are with you we shall make up for lost time. We will by then have also ensured that it is not possible for your progress to be interfered with by those with a different agenda. That is one of our major responsibilities, as the task of doing that yourselves would have been far too difficult for you. We have the resources and technologies such as being able to track down any member of the Illuminati, and be present where they are without their knowledge. That is how we can prevent their plans from coming to fruition, although for karmic reasons we cannot always stop everything.

    Right now the Illuminati are becoming bereft of ideas as to how they can continue with their plans for world domination. As you would say, the writing is on the wall, and they stare defeat in the face. They find it hard to accept having come so near to success, that they have failed. Duality gave them the opportunity to plan their take-over millennia of time ago, and they were influenced by energies that exist off planet. Both the dark and the Light were allowed to entice souls to come to their side, although because you dropped down to the lower levels you were neither entirely one or the other.

    You have come through a period when you indulged in the lower vibrations, that carried you from one life to the next. In recent times the Light has become stabilized upon Earth, and is now well established. It will stay like that and even get more powerful as you approach the time of Ascension. It will be one great step forward, that will see you ready to commence another cycle, but this time one where the Light is the dominant force. Your challenges such as they are will be more ones of reasoning and right action, as the Laws that protect evolving souls are still in place.

    Have no fear as by the time you reach the higher levels, you will have become a Being with a highly developed level of consciousness. With that is your passport to the Galaxy, where you will have the freedom to decide your next journey. There are so many different Civilizations, Councils and Federations that you will have plenty of choice. Spiritual evolution is still your objective, and the next stage will see you preparing to be a Being of Pure Light. Upon reaching that level you can move around in any form that you choose. You will also be able to decrease your vibrations at will, allowing you to visit the lower dimensions if that is your wish.

    As we often mention, as you ascend and become more of the Light, your desires are to be of service to others. So your time is not wasted, although you can organize your life to include pleasurable pursuits. God desires that you enjoy your life and has placed everything before, so that you can find satisfaction in your travels. Just now you will not necessarily know in what direction you would go, but once with an increased level of consciousness you will fully know yourself, and able to make your choice.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius and trust you are gradually gaining understanding of what a wonderful and exciting future lies ahead of you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.
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    Magatha from Agartha ~~ The Intense changes are having place, you are almost there ~~ 24/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.
    by melinelafont

    Greetings, beloved brethren of Earth, this is Magatha of Agartha speaking to you. We apologize as it has been a while now since our last channeling was shared. This is due to the fact that much is transpiring and our beloved channeler had to personally undergo enormous shifts. It’s all good news though for the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth.

    It is becoming quite obvious that many humans are now also experiencing these intense energies and shifts which take their toll on them. The physical body is under a lot of stress nowadays as it progresses one big step upward towards Ascension, undergoing umpteen changes in the process. The lightcodes, which we mentioned briefly in an earlier channeling, are doing their work now with regards to the execution and the manifestation of the lightbody and the physical body has to adjust constantly to this and must evolve to a state that’s much higher than this 3rd dimensional density. The physical body is blossoming into a beautiful shining sphere of light consisting of pure light energy and love ; in short, more into the original state of being.

    Do not misinterpret what has just been said as you will not, all of a sudden, at the moment of Ascension turn into a light sphere or an orb which is the form of most of the higher light energies such as for instance planets and stars. Afore-mentioned transformation into a star or a light sphere implies lots of evolutionary processes which, as you already know, is an infinite evolution in the eternity of the Higher Realms. You haven’t reached that stage yet, it will await you in a much further phase of your evolution. What you can duly expect now is that you, as well as your physical body, will undergo a huge change on your evolutionary way to that original light source that you are in essence. You may expect to see your physical body becoming more and more ethereal, lighter in substance, less heavy in weight and density. Moreover, your physical body will radiate more light but will nevertheless consist of a visible light contour which in essence is the inner light expanding outside of your physical body. Behold the first signs of these emerging lights as they begin to reveal themselves to you. It is paramount that you meditate each day to the extent that it’s possible. This will improve your perceptions and grant you a crystal clear vision on yourself as well as on the changes your physical body is undergoing.

    There are various ways to behold those visible signs depending on your present state of consciousness. What you might try out is intently staring at your reflection in a mirror and noticing how your aura and lightbodies are expanding and becoming more visible to you. They converge in one point, in one Self. You can see your aura and lightbodies through your third eye chakra, your inner eye. With practice it will become all so much clearer. A further method is to stare intently at yourself or close your eyes and try to behold those visible signs in a meditative state, Or go to your inner self and make contact with your Higher Self and contemplate your inner light, your beautiful expansion of your divine spark of love. This makes you unique, one of a kind, exceptional, your own characteristic feature of who you really are. That’s how we can distinguish every soul: we look at their inner light and colour. Remark how your etheric self and your energetic waves follow you with every movement you make. My channeler has experienced this many times already : when she walks she sees the colours/energies splash off of her, following her in all her movements. Try to observe it, beginning with 1 body part, let’s take your arm as an example. Move this arm sideways, slowly and than faster meanwhile beholding how something impalpable follows that movement. This is you! Can’t seem to get it right yet? Keep on trying, you will succeed in time as the speed of evolution differs from one soul to the next.

    What we also want to discuss with you are the immense changes taking place worldwide. Beloved Gaia has started to free Herself gradually from the illusion, that’s why She has to shake off all illusory aspects from Her beloved Self. This implies many efforts and requires lots of energy on Her part so we assist Her in this process from our underground civilizations. You are already in the know that the pole caps on your South – and North poles are melting resulting in the fact that the entrance to our underground civilizations becomes more and more visible. This does not mean that everyone will see us, as this is naturally dependent on the state of consciousness of every soul. We are here, that’s for sure, you will begin to see and feel us. Our arrival and presence on the Earth’s surface draws closer and very soon we will be able to introduce ourselves to you and intermingle with you. We are just awaiting the final removals of the very last negative energies in order to emerge once again and show ourselves to you.

    Our numbers are much higher than you can conceive : not just our civilizations were kept secret by us but also those of many other civilizations dwelling in the Inner Earth and on the surface of the Earth albeit that they are residing in another frequency field than yours. For many amongst you, we and the others, are invisible to you. However, the time has now come in which the planet as a whole will reach a higher frequency level that is equal to the one on which we reside, resulting in the fact that we will become visible to you. We will be most pleased to welcome you all and we will assist you whenever we can. We, the Agarthans and I, Magatha, send you our heartfelt greetings.

    NOTE from Méline: I can recommend you to watch the movie "The Celestine Prophecy" on It is a movie about the energies emanating from your physical body, it can give you a clearder view. You are all free. Love Méline.

    Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

    melinelafont | August 24, 2012 at 13:19 | Tags: Agarhta, Magatha, Meline Lafont | Categories: Channels | URL:
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    The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, August 24, 2012
    Posted on August 24, 2012

    First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

    Everything that I wrote yesterday is still in effect, so you may want to go to the Archives and re-read the report. There is a major addition today, however. Our two guardian angels are protecting, guiding, and directing us. Those two guardian angels are the Earth and the Sun and this photograph of the auroras last night by A. Spencer in Iceland (reposted from is a graphic demonstration of this. Solar windstreams and the atmosphere of Earth combine to paint the auroras. Today, Sophia and the Sun (who are a team) intervene in the experiment (us) and will soften the energy. Nothing should be rushed today. “Ways” are going to be shown to us. Be on the lookout for things in two’s, particularly animals, birds, and insects. This is how the planet will make herself known and remind us that we are under her care and protection. One thing I can’t say often enough this month: everything is changing form. This makes it almost impossible to grasp and understand what is happening (because things are still in the process of metamorphosis/transformation). The only thing we can do is follow along and hold the vision that what is really happening is we are changing. (Actually, we already changed last month with the “upgrade” to our energetic fields. Now our bodies and our material world have to catch up. We’ve already become what we were changed into – we just haven’t figured it out yet/adjusted to it/accepted it.) There’s no going back. Some of us are handling this better than others of us. But what’s here now/ahead is better, merely by the fact that the upgrade made it easier for us to communicate and consciously participate with the planet in her vision and correction - but also by proxy in our everyday lives. Walk around today with the comfort of knowing that we are protected by our two guardians. And it is always good to give thanks.

    The Oracle Report

    Related articles

    The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, August 23, 2012 (
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    China Begins Its Own Process of Disclosure
    2012 August 24
    tags: China, Galactic Family, UFO
    Posted by Stephen Cook

    Photographer Wu Chunyan snapped this unidentified flying object in Fenghuang Mountain near Harbin, Heilongjiang province in early July. Provided to China Daily
    China Begins Its Own Process of Disclosure

    Thanks to Allen.

    Stephen: Bit by bit. Piece by piece. News story by news story…that’s how Disclosure is currently unfolding. And it seems China may be taking the lead.

    We heard Archangel Michael speak this week of China as follows: ” The aura of China is magenta, and it speaks to compassion. It speaks to bridges and awareness. It speaks to the future.

    “This is not about China ever gaining or becoming the pre-eminent power. This is — yes, as Quan Yin would say — awakening the dragon, for there is nothing more glorious than the goddess riding the dragon. But the awakening of the dragon is the awakening of the people, and it is the awakening deep within them that they know their truth, they know their capacity to create.”

    Judging by stories like this below China is indeed creating a ‘bridge’ and awakening the truth for billions of people worldwide – for it is not just the Chinese who are now able to read their stories. And the Chinese media may not now be as ‘controlled’ as the media in other countries, it seems…
    Watch This Space as Close Encounters May Occur

    Rumors of UFO sightings and aliens visiting this planet seem to be increasing…

    By Cui Jia and Wu Wencong in Beijing, China Daily – August 23, 2012

    After 17 years of hard work, Xiang Kuansong has finally completed the “alien research station” he has been building in his village in Mayang county, Hunan province.

    The 79-year-old said he was told to build it by two beings from another planet.

    “Don’t be afraid. We are not ghosts or god. We are people from another planet who want to help you,” the aliens allegedly told Xiang in Chinese.

    Xiang’s research station has none of the radio dishes and high-tech equipment that are usually associated with the search for extraterrestrial life. In fact, it looks more like a traditional Chinese temple, with a sign at the entrance that reads: “The harmonious way to a foreign planet”.

    The retired soldier said he first met the two aliens from the planet of “Dongsheng” in the late 1980s. They are about 1.95 meters tall and visit him quite often, wearing clothes that make them invisible but he can see them and communicate with them. The two “Dongshengians” asked him to build the station so they could have a place to rest during their trips to other planets, and so far he has spent 200,000 yuan ($31,470) on their way station.

    Inside there is a concrete model of a saucerlike spaceship, and stone tablets marking the spots where Xiang says the aliens talked to him are scattered around the compound.

    Although the other villagers believe Xiang is crazy, he just smiles and ignores their taunts.

    UFO detectives

    But even some of those who believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe pour scorn on those who claim to have been visited by aliens.

    “I always turn my back on people who claim that they have seen aliens. Most of them have mental health problems,” said Zhou Xiaoqiang, secretary-general of the Beijing UFO Research Organization, which was founded in 1983 and now has more than 100 members.

    A model of an alien attracts visitors at a recent exhibition featuring space science in Beijing. An increasing number of UFO sightings have been reported in China since 2011. Kuang Linhua / for China Daily

    “If aliens visited earth, it doesn’t make sense they would not make themselves known to all of us. These stories of meeting aliens are just unbelievable,’ he said.

    An increasing number of UFO sighting have been reported in China since 2011, but according to Zhou, such sightings are fueled by the media.

    “People read about mysterious things or see television reports about such things and it fires their imagination,” he said.

    “The media have been reporting supposed UFO sightings for the past three or four years and they always mystify the incidents to grab people’s attention. Meanwhile, people have become more interested in unsolved phonomena – I think it has something to do with the 2012 end of the world theory,” said Zhou, who has been studying UFO sightings for more than 20 years.

    Also, some people still try to manipulate others by claiming they are in contact with aliens, he said. “In the old days, such people would say that they could see and talk to ghosts. Nowadays, its aliens.”

    Zhou said the mission of his team is to simply identify what it is people have seen when there has been a UFO sighting.

    “We investigate the circumstances and analyze the evidence. We are more like detectives,” he said.

    The Beijing UFO Research Organization has received 14 detailed reports of UFO sightings in Beijing so far this year. All of them have been identified as kites with lights, aircraft or insects.

    According to Zhou, the majority of UFO sightings are reported during public holidays in big cities or scenic spots.

    China’s Roswell

    Zhu Jin, curator of the Beijing Planetarium, also believes intelligent life probably does exist elsewhere in the universe, but says that most “sightings” of UFOs have nothing to do with aliens from another planet.

    “Chinese people love to associate UFOs with alien spaceships. But all UFO sightings can be explained by natural phenomena, man-made objects, illusions or hoaxes. Aliens might not even need a spaceship to travel to earth.”

    In the most recent UFO sighting to grab the public’s attention, Li Hui told the media of the UFO she saw at Fenghuang Mountain, a scenic spot in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

    On the afternoon of July 8, Li, a local tourist, claimed she had seen a flying object faintly glowing on the opposite mountain when she finished posing for photos at one of the viewing platforms. She said the object had already disappeared when she took off her sunglasses for a clearer view, but its image had been caught on camera.

    Most media showed a cropped version of the photo, which showed a glowing oval with two bright “wings”. But the original photo, which was obtained by a reporter from Harbin Daily, shows that Li is the subject of the photo and the “glowing” object is on the left side of the photo.

    On July 13, five days after the incident, Xi Wang, a doctoral candidate in bioscience at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, posted a photo of a hoverfly, which was clearly similar to Li’s UFO.

    Xi told China Daily that considering her major and personal interests, she is very familiar with the flying posture of the insect.

    “It looks more like sensationalizing the scenic spot to me,” said Xi. “I understand UFO fans’ enthusiasm, and personally I also believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life in such a big universe, but we need to investigate and analyze every incident carefully before coming to a conclusion.”

    Other netizens also pointed out that judging from the size of the object in the photo, if it really was an alien spaceship more people would have noticed it as it would have been about 1 kilometer long.

    But despite all the doubts, UFO researchers and enthusiasts rushed to Fenghuang Mountain, because this is not the first time the mountain has been linked with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. It is known as China’s Roswell because of the many UFO sightings that have been reported there.

    Loving the alien

    A youngster faces up to the possibility of extraterrestrial life at the Beijing exhibition. Kuang Linhua / for China Daily

    In June 1994, a local farmer claimed he had seen a shining white “metal monster” when he was out picking wild plants on the mountain. Meng Zhaoguo became famous throughout the country after he claimed he’d had sex with a female alien three times. Once at the landing site and twice at his house the same night. The alien then told him that she would have his child once she returned to her planet.

    Meng, now 45, later told local governmental officials that about a month after his amorous adventures with the alien, he was invited to her spacecraft, where a male extraterrestrial spoke to him in his dialect.

    “Sixty years from now, the son of a farmer from the Earth will be born on our planet,” the alien told him.

    Since then the mountain has been a popular destination for UFO enthusiasts.

    “There is nothing wrong with using UFO sightings to attract tourists. It might even be a good thing because it might make people more interested in exploring the unknown,” said Zhou Xiaoqiang of the Beijing UFO Research Organization.

    But Wang Sichao, a scientist at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, which is run by Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that people should not be so quick to dismiss all sightings of UFOs as illusions or publicity ploys. He believes that there have been more than a dozen genuine sightings of alien spacecraft in China.

    He files unexplained UFO sightings into two categories: those that lack details, so that it is difficult to say what they really are, and those that are detailed, but they still can’t be explained. These, he says, could be genuine sightings of alien spaceships.

    “People should not underestimate the power of aliens. Although there is no evidence that they are harmful to people,” he said.The Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration
    2012 August 24
    tags: Ascended Masters, wes annac
    Posted by Alice C

    sunsetThe Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration

    Channelled through Wes Annac – August 23, 2012

    Energies of a Crystal resonation and vibration are being funneled down through your bodies and chakras, and many of you are beginning to recognize these energies as they are given through you.

    You are recognizing that these energies are indeed a sign of things to come, and this realization is making way for your unlimited powers of natural Creation to become known in wonderful ways.

    You are beginning to understand the importance of vibrations and harmonic expressions of all of that which you wish to manifest in your Lives, and this is a process that has been guided by your higher selves who are existing in the states of consciousness that they have funneled themselves down to the realms of the third and fourth dimensions from, so as to exist in the dense vibrational planes of the Earth and learn lessons while helping others along their growth to ascend.

    But you may say to us – dear friends we [the general Lightworker collective] are not helping others to ascend in our everyday Lives. We are simply ascending ourselves while absorbing and reading the energies and communications that you dear souls give. And we tell you that this energy you are feeling, expressing and radiating out to others, even when you do not realize you are doing so, is having an enormous collective ripple-effect on the energies given out by every soul on your world.

    Every action and expression of the Light Creates an effect so very mighty and powerful, and it is understood that you dear souls would not yet be able to understand or fathom the very real and grand effects that you are having on your world and on the collective energies being expressed on your world, but we should say that the energy work being performed by every Lightworker who, in many cases do not realize they are performing such work, has seen the able manifestation of all that is to occur in your immediate future.

    You have heard so very much and so very little about this future, and this is why your manifestation and visualization abilities are always very important. We wish for you to exist on the plane of consciousness that is housing your new, fifth dimensional world, and we wish for you to begin to Create in these realms.

    We want you to treat these realms as if they are your own Home because dear souls, you are fast to grow into and resonate with such realms and you will find very pure planes of experience and consciousness upon ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, as you will find your natural Creation and manifestation abilities are vastly and sharply heightened within these realms.

    You are all Loved so very dearly and in the realms of the fifth dimension, you will see and understand why we feel such a strong and pure Love for all of humanity and why we wish to assist you, if such is your wish, to evolve and ascend to the pure realms of experience and consciousness and to those extents, we have been working more with your physical reality than you might imagine.

    Many dear souls on your world assume that since we are existing within higher dimensions, we are performing only energy work and we are not working directly with many governments, military institutions and souls who could and do have the power to make a bold, big and positive change.

    Of course, you have heard of the dreamtime interactions taking place between us and many figureheads and souls on your world in important positions of power who could use such positions to begin enacting the change that has been needed as well as exposing truths that they have been directly exposed to, as a part of the overall disclosure program that will be taking place.

    As so very many of such leaders and souls within important positions have begun to jump ship and willingly and actively work with us in their sleep realms to help them absorb a strong purity of Light, the energies of compassion are arising within such souls as they either step down to allow change to take place, or begin actively working in your Earth realms to enact such change.

    There are many who are absorbing the Light that we are willingly giving them and, along with consulting with us in the sleep realms about what to do on your world to help change get enacted and to help truth come forth, such souls are [and will be] themselves taking to active roles to assist your beautiful world.

    Strides and turning-points are being reached by individual awakening souls as many of you are proclaiming your distaste of the [lower] Earth experience as you have been experiencing it, within notably limited confines and structures.

    Many of such limited structures have come about as a result of subconscious and in many cases, unknowing feeding of such constructs as they are mental constructs as much as physical. Many have been feeding predefined perceptions of reality for so very long and now, you are beginning to realize that there are a plethora of other realities so very pure that one can dip into upon doing the inner-work and opening the chakras that need to be opened in order for one to gain a full and pure perception of the higher realms through such chakras.

    You are sent Universal energy through your chakras every moment of your experience, and this energy is funneled down from sources as pure as the Creator of your Universe, all the way down to the Sun of your Solar System and down through the higher astral realms of your world, where such energy is distorted to a degree, farther than is usually attained with the funneling-down of such energy, in order for it to match the dense and covered-up chakras that it is to be coming through upon being funneled-down to your lower realms , through you all to Create your realities.

    It has been marvelous to behold the opening and expanding of the chakras of humanity, as while this expansion has been ongoing and has occurred individually for many souls throughout your Earthly history, the mass collective ascension and the collective realization and opening of your Universal chakras which are quite great in number, is acting in accordance with the continually-pure energies you are now being given that are seeing a further opening of such chakras, which will allow down the line, a very pure absorbing of such energies.

    Many of you are undergoing processes of absorbing these energies that are quite noticeable, as you notice and can clearly feel your perceptions expanding and as your realities and heart sets seem different or seemed to have shifted.

    Many have labeled this process as ‘absorption’, and we say that this is quite an accurate label for this is essentially what is happening, dear souls; you are absorbing energies of a very pure potency that we have decreed to be sent down to your world for you all to absorb, and as these are energies of a purity that your world has not seen in so very long, many of you who are more sensitive to openings and absorbing of energy in yourselves will notice the expansion and the shifts in perception that accompany your absorbing of these quite pure energies.

    You are finding your perceptions, mindsets and heart sets shifted and your realities are shifting in similar manners, in that all which used to be important to you in your Lives is beginning to be replaced with the always-prevalent feelings of Love, calm and most of all, peace. Many of you are finding a peace and stillness within that has not been reached in a plethora of Earthly Lives that you have taken, and you are re-familiarizing yourselves with the higher dimensional experience; the fifth dimensional experience in particular.

    As has been stated before, the fifth dimension is the combination-realm of all of the lessons you have learned in the realms of the third and fourth dimensions, and you will find the rewards for all of your tribulations through the lower realms upon ascending to the fifth dimension.

    What we mean is that you will find the natural energies of Love, peace, calm and stillness that you have always existed from and recognized as normal before lowering yourselves down to the realms of the third dimension and existing in extremely limited bodies and mindsets. Those on your world who do not yet seem to be finding the pure energies being given are still in their own way, absorbing the energies being given in less pure increments than those who are finding these energies and being able to assimilate them without becoming too overwhelmed by their mere presence and potency.

    You are to find in the near future, many Masters arriving on your world on our always-favored waves of Light.

    We travel upon such waves as, upon reaching a certain state in one’s higher dimensional growth, even the wish to travel by star or Mothership becomes less of a wish and many of us instead choose to express ourselves as and travel upon the pure Light of Creation, which every soul is and exists as behind the shells and temporary bodies. We are all the energy of pure Love, of the heavenly realms and energetic structures of our Mother and Father Creator, and this Light is infinite in its capacity and in what it can do for all who can become open to it and understand its omnipotence.

    Even the technology that will be given by your star brethren in the immediate period ahead runs from and is constructed of this pure energy in which many souls of realms past those of the fifth dimension choose to make their travels on, and the advanced technology is tech that will vastly benefit your world but that in realms past the fifth dimension, become less and less of a [perceived] necessity.

    The pure energy [that fuels Galactic technology] has been sent to your world to Create your realities and filtered to match the specific resonance of your realms and the other lower dimensional realms throughout Gaia’s structure. Even the realms of the dimensions above the lower realms are constructed of this energy as it exists at different octaves and different vibratory, harmonic frequencies.

    As the frequency and purity of energy one is able to experience and absorb rises, so does one experience the accompanying state of consciousness that such pure energy constructs. You are existing upon increasingly pure states of consciousness and sub-planes of consciousness each and every moment of your experience, and the pure Light that is being given in extreme potency which has been discussed so very much, is Light that is vastly less distorted than that which has been sent down to your lower dimensional realities for so very long.

    We have been able to give the decrees to release this Light to your realms in accordance with meetings with the Higher Councils assisting your world in Her evolution, and we have reached the conclusion that this Light vastly needs to be sent to and absorbed within your lower realms, because very many incarnate Lightworkers and Starseeds have been making it their intents to not only expand themselves and the energy they are able to bring through which is to ultimately benefit the collective energies in very big ways; many of such souls have also agreed to incarnate or find themselves on your world within incredibly difficult circumstances, in an effort to experience and clear the ‘worst’ and most dense of the collective energy that has been expressed on your world for so very long.

    We have previously discussed the tremendous sacrifice that souls such as dear Jesus have made on your world, in that such souls have went through some of the worst of experiences to be had upon your Earth, cleared [the energies behind such experiences] and have been able to assist the collective in clearing such energies on a very big level by doing so. This is a very advanced and pure method of energy work that very many incarnate Lightworkers have willingly agreed to take on so that the collective energy could match the pure energy being sent to your world that is being released in increasingly pure increments.

    Because of this and because of the openings being found by very many awakening souls on your world, many of whom are in fact Earth natives; because of all of this we have seen the opportunity to go ahead and bring forth the most important and needed of manifestations.

    Dearest souls, you must still allow some more of your physical fading time for the vast effects of these energies to be made known on your world stage, and we ask you to trust when we say that physically, much has been ongoing for a very long time to bring down the dark souls in power who would continue on in their rampages and aspirations if this intervention were not taking place.

    Energies of a very pure potency have been released and many of you are indeed noting the personal and individual effects of feeling such energies, and such energies are building upon the foundation of energy that has been laid in very marvelous and pure ways to bring forth the giving of truth, technology and a better reality in preparation for your decreed collective ascension.

    We understand that many do not yet perceive of how so much change can be enacted in such a seemingly small timeframe, and we tell you that so very much needed work is being performed outside of your realms and concept of time, and the inner-codes that have programmed your reality for so very long are now [fully] being given back in the hands of the Light and in the Light’s intent, so that humanity can begin to access such codes and the gifts of abundance and freedom and multi-dimensionality available with such codes, again in accordance with the long-decreed collective ascension of your world.

    Even many souls who are still in line with the agendas of the elites may find themselves wishing to interact with the Light as the Light makes itself clearly known, and as so very many are now courageously stepping up to expose truth on your world and to give technologies that have been so very needed for all of your world, for you all to benefit from; you are seeing the beginning signs of your future manifesting before you at this time.

    At this time, you are seeing groups proposing the giving of free energy-based technologies to every country [Keshe Foundation] ( Ed note from Stephen: I’m personally not quite sure of the purity of Keshe Foundation’s motives, at this point in time), in an effort to expose the agendas of the countries who will not accept such technologies and to give abundance and peace to the countries who will willingly accept such technologies, and we say that that number [of countries who will accept] is vastly in the majority.

    Eventually, this technology is to be given to every single aspect of your world and you are to find a resulting collective upliftment, unity and harmony that will have you wondering how the separation was ever enforced and fed as it has been for so very long. You are the dear Lightworkers making this all possible and you are finding the awakenings and openings in yourselves that are supremely aiding in the manifestation of energies which are again, setting the stage for the physical exposures.

    As one grand, physical event leads your entire world to understanding what has been kept from you, you are all to find the resulting exposures on a mass level, of the inner-workings, actions and intents of the dark souls who have kept you all within pre-programmed states of lower consciousness and reality in an effort to control you as they were existing upon higher sub-planes of mental intelligence.

    They used such mental intelligence and the coldness that came along with the realms they were experiencing, to control and outsmart humanity as they built up an entire society with many cities hosting monuments to them and their beliefs.

    You will see the Statue of Liberty in New York City as one symbol of their Luciferian beliefs, as they have hidden quite out in the open the signs of what they have done and have wished to do for so very long. They have thought themselves cunning and occult with the blatant giving of such signs but as humanity is waking up, their missteps in purposely exposing themselves to have a laugh at an unawakened humanity who did not at first sees such signs; such missteps are now seeing them exposed on a grand level by all who are beginning to become open to the very idea and reality of what has happened on your world for so very long.

    Alas, the actions of the dark could not have been so without the actions fed by humanity for so very long and you are seeing now, many souls of influence who are stepping up and preaching the much-needed truths and energies of Love, Light, peace and respect for all dear souls.

    It is time for humanity come together. The energies and needed manifestations cannot be stalled any longer as the Earth Herself no longer exists within the densities that are fed daily on your surface. Her spirit is far away from the actions of the third dimension while Her body structure which is ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, is still being vastly affected by such happenings that are bred out of hate, separation and a misunderstanding of the very real effect you are having on a very real and conscious world who has hosted your Life.

    There are many who would stay behind within the old ways forever on your world if they were allowed to but there are now very many on your world who are ready to do all that they can to help lead dear Gaia into her ripe Golden Age.

    The [Lightworkers] who are not directly stepping up to offer truth and Love to your world are finding themselves performing much-needed energy work and we ask you to continue on in your efforts to maintain the balance in your Lives that is seeing you able to absorb these energies in the purity that they are now being given. You are all Heavenly messengers and Givers of Light and peace to this world who has hosted the lower dimensions and the resulting feelings, heart sets and actions for very much of Her history.

    Do not lose faith now, dear souls, because your new Lives are just beginning.

    Thank you to the Ascended Masters.
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    Whirlwind Hiya!

    Greetings, Everybody!

    Well, I’ve landed in Atlanta again, for just a few days while I finish up my packing, visit with my son, and get ready to make the final move out to Colorado… So, this will be a short list of bullet points, just to try and share some tidbits with you all! I apologize in advance for not taking the time to add links, but I imagine/hope that if you search for the things I’ll mention below, you’ll find what you’re looking for…

    • The Transformation 2012 Conference with the Institute Of Light was AMAZING! Three days of 6-7 sessions (per day) of wonderful presenters, on a wide range of Ascension-related topics. I hope to make the time to blog about most of the presentations (I missed a couple), and that window of time for me will perhaps open in September.

    • I wish for everyone on the face of this planet to experience the feeling of light and high-vibrational energy that was shared at that gathering… It gave a powerful insight into what’s possible when we focus our energy positively.

    • One thing I learned that is of great significant to me and (I expect) also to several of you, is that I’m learning just how deeply the Galactic and First Nations roots intertwine. It’s staggering. Western Culture reinforces a 3D view and a lower vibration. It’s that simple. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    • If you have a few moments, please go to this page and check out the websites of the various presenters… All were remarkable, and some may have posted about the Conference…

    • There will be a powerful 9-day meditation beginning on August 30, during which many will meditate on taking on, and transmuting the suffering of the world. Kuthumi speaks of this through Norma Milanovich, and I’ll be posting more about this soon as well. Please try to keep these dates in mind – it is a every powerful opportunity!

    • It was delightful to be among folks who consider our Galactic families and Inner Earth to be a matter of fact!

    • The area of Pagosa Springs and Chimney Rock is incredibly powerful, spiritually and energetically. It was every healing and energizing for me to be in a part of Gaia that is so magnificent. In that area, it’s astounding to believe that “mankind”, “civilization”, or “progress” would pretend to be entitled to domination of nature and the planet… Or of the mind and spirit…

    • I managed to go crystal-hunting in Arkansas a couple times, near Mount Ida, and that is an incredibly powerful location too! The region may not seem as dramatic as Mount Shasta, but there are similar energies and ways of life, lying dormant and beneath those mountains. If you have the opportunity to visit there, please do so with respect and gratitude. There are beings in that region that are anchoring significant energies for us all.

    • I felt humbled to be among people who have been “doing this” for decades, very quietly, confidently, and persistently. There is much to share, between the information that we are all able to gather over the internet, and the earlier generation of Explorers who have much to teach us.

    • I’ve become a little addicted (smile) to people’s reactions to Abi-Qor! It’s hard to describe how wonderful it feels to watch people look at the early images, and begin to glow and say, “I’ve been there!”, or, “I had a dream about this!”, or “I sat right there in a vision!”! I’m not on the computer that has the Abi-Qor images that we presented at the Conference, but I’ll share them soon…

    • I’m excited and honored to be working with Mark Kimmel, Adrial, and the dozen or so other amazing beings (human and otherwise) who are involved in the Institute Of Light. It’s very clear that there will be a lot of activity from this group regarding Ascension, and education, and preparation for moving – permanently – into 5D!

    • I’ve been getting some personal lessons about telepathy, and had my first real hands-on experience of sensing and following remote communication with another being. There is vast magic in this world, just waiting for us to tap into it!

    • In talking and working with some folks who have been interacting with ETs for some time, I’m learning that we may travel (both within and without our physical bodies) much more often than we realize… And that portals and dimensional gates are very real. In fact, for some “people”, traveling in this way is a matter of daily occurrence.

    • Probably most importantly, I’m learning even more deeply that we are ALL constantly guided, and if we focus our intention we are protected, and may move forward with a lightning-fast pace, into amazing worlds and understandings… For the past two days in particular, as I’ve been moving within my “old familiar” environment, I’ve been getting so many lessons that when we simply surrender to a way of thinking and perceiving that is beyond 3D (beginning with love and trust), magical synchronicities begin – and continue – to occur. More importantly, I’m being shown some ways to identify when we are shifting from 4D or 5D back don into 3D, and I hope to be writing more about this soon.

    Well, I hope that shares enough of an update to convey how happy and excited I am about many things that are going on in our world right now!

    I hope to find a little time to write in the coming week, but thank you for sending along your thoughts with me until I get settled into Pagosa next week!

    By the way, I have only had time to read personal emails (not comments on posts), so if there is something you really need to communicate with me about, please email me… I’m at least looking at those!

    Sending much love and light to you all, and hoping to see you on many dreamflights soon!
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    BAST. “You Are Powerful, Immortal Beings Of Light.” By Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 24, 2012.
    Posted on August 24, 2012 by theangeldiaries


    ▲ No longer shall you need to swim against the currents, oh Mighty Warriors, but in the days to come you shall flow smoothly with it. Through it. This gentleness, this symmetry is what is soon to become your reality upon the eradication of the pervading darkness. Where now you see only limitation and lack of viable options, you shall soon behold incredible opportunities to spread wide your wings and soar as the birds do. You currently find your manifestational skills grossly inhibited, and this is due simply to the way your minds have been trained to perceive only obstacles. Even though your heart is wise and knows otherwise, the voice of the ego tells you all the reasons why what you so desire is impossible. But now that pessimistic voice finds itself silenced by default, as the pure energy pouring forth in great waves can no longer support it. Try telling this pessimism, should it creep up unawares, most emphatically, “No. Stop. Go away. I hear you no longer.” Your glass is neither half empty nor half full. Instead, it is filled up to the brim and overflowing with endless possibility.

    ▲ So, say that now you have mastered this new way of being and gradually you begin to accept and live by the dictates of your heart. Soon your creations take form before your very eyes, and you are astonished! How simple this is, is it not? How much easier and more enjoyable is this way, rather than the stifling and exhausting process of old. Be it good health, freedom, or a bit of luxury now and again-what you choose to manifest matters far less than does the manner in which you bring it forth. Be at peace in the certainty that the Universe is a most generous and dependable provider. Then at long last experience a welcome cessation of the struggle. Your incoming New World is one which is absent of greed and malice, with all of mankind starting over on a level playing field.

    ▲ You are powerful, immortal Beings of Light, sovereign in your own right. Confuse not the suit of flesh you wear with whom you truly are inside. It is a common mistake to think the attributes of the character you contracted to play in this lifetime is in any way what solely defines you. Now you are tasked with the peeling, or might I say the ripping away of the layers of the facade. Within, you are loyal, cultured, valiant, all-knowing… Need I go on? Your careful selection for this most serious mission was based on your exemplifying the very essence of all that is fine and good-whether you are aware of these qualities within yourself or not. Respect yourselves for who you are, and respect others. Respect Gaia, your Mother, your life-giving force, and bestow upon her the honor of which she is due. Be ever confident in your innate ability to see her through this oftentimes painful transition.

    ▲ Also, you are curious beings, by nature, and I see this as a good thing. It is your curiosity which shall lead you to uncover the truth of who you are, and to cast asunder the obsolete culture in which you now live-a culture constructed from lies. This curiosity can always be counted upon to spur you on to seek more, to know more, to be more than the helpless and clinging creatures the Old Guard would have you brainwashed into thinking you are. Do not ever meekly accept that which fails to resonate deep within your core. Understand this as a warning that this is someone else’s truth, and not your own. Seek and persist until such time as you find an answer which satisfies. Your grand adventure does not stop with the Earth’s ascension. Know that you shall never stop growing and expanding. Your light continues to shine ever brighter, Warriors, and all the Universe is yours.


    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.
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    There is no separation from the One Source. – Michael channeled by Ron Head
    Posted on August 24, 2012 by Oracles and Healers

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    In accordance with your desire to receive new and pertinent information for those following these messages, we would like to offer the following. Within a week it will be possible for all with sincere daily practices of meditation or contemplation to contact their higher selves and receive unmistakable confirmation of connection with their own energy bodies. Directing thought to their Source, whatever they might name it, will likewise result in unmistakable connection.

    Your energetic upgrades have now reached that level. Please make no mistake. This has been done with the help of Source and ourselves, but it has been done in response to your own efforts and intentions. You must learn to give yourselves credit when it is due.

    Some have found, through our urging, that placing their attention upon the area of the spine between the base of the skull and behind their hearts while breathing in Creator’s light results in just such a feeling of connection and bliss. You may wish to try that now. There is major work being done for and with you in that part of your energetic make-up.

    Some others are beginning to feel and realize a much larger self than what can possibly be contained in your tiny physical bodies, and there are still other sensations, learnings, which are being discovered.

    Whatever it is for you at this moment, play with it, explore it, and be ready to move on to other new things, as well. There is a lot of ground to cover in a short time and all must begin where they stand.

    It is not necessary to understand with your intellect what is changing in and for you. Just tell that part of yourselves to relax and enjoy it. Give your heart’s mind the job of understanding that your intellect has tried to take over for so long. Soon enough you will move from understanding to knowing.

    These words carry with them the energy of Creator’s unconditional love, which is made available to anyone who reads or hears them at any time should they choose to accept it. All that is needed from you is your intent to feel it. This feeling is the energy ‘signature’ which accompanies message and is given freely to all. Perhaps, once you feel it, you will wish to seek it on your own during your daily practices. Accept the promise that it will always be forthcoming. There is no separation from the One Source. Now is the time for you to discover this once again. May you abide in love and peace until we next speak. Good day.

    Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:
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    FREE SEMINAR in the Chicago, Illinois area

    presented by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

    September 16, 2012

    Chicago, Illinois
    Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    Westin Chicago Northwest
    400 Park Boulevard
    Itasca, Illinois 60143

    (There will be a lunch break between 12:30 and 1:30. Lunch is on your own.)

    Please let people on your mailing list who live in or around Chicago know about this opportunity. Thank you!

    2012 is a year of wonder and awe, and together we can change the course of history. We have all been going through a purging process that has pushed to the surface everything in our lives that is not serving our highest good. This necessary cleansing process is often confusing and sometimes even overwhelming, but we have no other option than to walk through it. We are not being given the luxury of ignoring our dysfunctional relationships and our negative situations any longer. If we try to, more painful things surface to get our attention and to motivate us into action. This awakening process is being orchestrated by our God Self, which is the Divinity within us that is always striving to move us forward in the Light. If we want the insanity to stop, we must remember who we are and why we are here.

    The good news is that we are not being given anything that we cannot handle, and we have everything we need within us to accomplish this facet of our awakening process quickly and relatively easily. We have just forgotten how to do this. It is time for us to realize that we are not our fragmented, fear-based human egos. We are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God, and we are powerful beyond our knowing.

    In this Free Seminar you will be reminded of the techniques that will allow you to clear the surfacing negativity quickly. You will also remember how easy it is to create the life you want.

    This seminar is a gift from my heart to yours. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

    Limited space. To guarantee seating, please call to register now:

    Phone # 888-310-4488

    If our seminar is not in your area, please help us add to the Light of the World by joining with us through our Global Online Radio Program. The information for the Radio Program is listed below.


    Awaken Your Divine Potential
    Host: Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

    This program airs Live on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time or 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time at

    You may access the radio program archives for FREE from our website

    This radio program is a commercial-free hour during which we join hearts with Lightworkers all over the world. Together we share the sacred knowledge that is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth, and we invoke the Company of Heaven to help us add to the Light of the world.

    The intent of these Celestial Sharings and this Divine Intervention is to help all of us remember who we are, which will empower us to fulfill our purpose and reason for being.

    Brief Bio:
    Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

    Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for twenty years. During that time she cofounded the nonprofit, educational organization the New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose. Patricia is an internationally known teacher and author. She has written the 11 books listed below and produced CDs, Webinars, and DVD's that supplement her work. For over 30 years, Patricia has been helping awakening souls all over the world take charge of their lives.

    Books by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

    Take Charge of Your Life
    The Next Step
    Your Time Is At Hand
    The Awakening...Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, Radiant Beauty
    Stargate of the Heart
    What On Earth Is Going On?
    It Is Time For You To Be Financially Free
    HOME...Heaven On Mother Earth
    The Violet Flame...God's Gift to Humanity
    I AM Cocreating the New Earth...A Book of Invocations
    Who Am I? Why Am I Here? (NEW)

    You are currently subscribed to patticr as:
    To unsubscribe click here:

    (It may be necessary to cut and paste the above URL if the line is broken)
    or send a blank email to
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    Connections by Suzi

    Now that “Contact Us” has been up and running for about three months I no longer have the luxury of time to write that I had in the beginning. Interestingly enough, however, I have more to write about now.

    I’m truly touched and honored to receive so many heart-felt sharings around the lives that people live, their feelings and experiences. Answering your emails has been an expanding experience for me – in ways beyond what one might think. I have a deeper feeling of connection with humanity than I’ve ever had before and it’s very juicy.

    I imagine that many folks who read this site have felt isolated and alone for possibly most of their lives, like I have. I wonder if it’s a factor of having done a lot of personal work that’s prepared me for coming together with my Soul Group or it’s just a matter of the energies coming to Earth. It may be both in combination with other powers in play that I’m not consciously aware of. In any case, I’ve landed in the right spot and I’m truly grateful to be working with such a wonderful group of heart-centered folks. My heart tells me that this is a preview of life in the higher dimensions.

    A very eager and excited reader writes that he has been trying to find some specific things he can do each day to help raise his own vibrations so that he’ll be ready for ascension and asks for suggestions.

    I think the bottom-line criterion for ascension is to have the intention and desire to ascend along with a willingness to release all that’s not of love. That means we have to look at ourselves and the behaviors we have that result from childhood wounding.

    For example, I am a Starseed Lightworker who was born into a family of people who didn’t see me. I grew up feeling as if I didn’t matter and that no one cared what I had to say. I knew from before I was born that they didn’t want me and with four older siblings in an unconscious family, I had a lot to overcome. The thing is though that I knew what I was getting into by coming into this family. They offered me exactly the environment that my soul needed to get these last lessons after thousands of incarnations on this planet.

    Why I bring this up is that the things that I went through as a kid brought me to be unable to trust anyone who was supposed to love me. That’s kind of a toughie when we’re moving into unity consciousness as a collective, so I had some work to do to put all that experience into perspective.

    There are always layers to this kind of thing that have to be uncovered and healed over time, which most people find frustrating. We wonder if we haven’t already dealt with these feelings. The answer is that we have, and now we have to deal with them some more until the discordant energy is entirely dissolved and no charge remains. When the emotional charge is off a thing, it no longer drives our behavior. The juicy news here is that when we take even a small step towards our own healing, a huge wave of support comes in from our invisible helpers. Then our work is in allowing ourselves to receive, which for many of us is also a challenge.

    We all have our individual human experiences that ultimately serve us. Even though it may be uncomfortable, our situation can always be regarded as an opportunity to grow and expand our understanding of the world around us and our place in it. That’s the most obvious way to raise our vibration in my opinion.

    Love is the most powerful force in creation and when we ARE love, when we remember that we are made of love, that is what we see all around us and that is the frequency we vibrate at. There is no higher.

    I saw a video once of a very cute young lady giving tips on raising our frequency. She tells us that being outside in nature is a great way to do it, along with laughing and moving the body. I had some house guests for a while two summers back and we were tasked with a rather dreadful undertaking that left us all feeling drained and cranky. When we got back to my house, we would go out on the deck and do jumping jacks while forcing ourselves to laugh!

    I wanted a concentrated dose of vibe-bumping and you can imagine it didn’t take more than one of those to get the genuine belly laughter going and that little chick was right! We felt positively giddy after that, and bonded in a deeper way.

    Love and Light…
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    Transcript: Sierra Neblina on The Light Agenda – Part 2/2

    Transcript: Sierra Neblina on The Light Agenda – Part 2/2

    This is Part 2 of the transcript of my interview with my friend and colleague Sierra Neblina on The Light Agenda. You can find Part 1 here:

    It’s a revealing interview with Sierra, who is both an editor here at The 2012 Scenario and a presenter on Inlight radio, where she co-hosts Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond with fellow editor Dave Schmidt. She talks candidly about her difficult life and how she became a Pleaidian walk-in.

    You can listen to the full The Light Agenda interview here:

    Stephen Cook: It’s funny you say that now, because you’ve got lots of friends these days! [laugh] So, okay, so, so, you left, you went to college?

    Sierra Neblina: I did. I went to college on a basketball scholarship to Adam State College, in Alamosa, Colorado. And the reason why I went there, because I could have gone to an NCAA Division One school because of the talent that I had in basketball, but I followed a really good friend of mine, again, a very competitive basketball team. And I ended up becoming close friends with a rival school teammate, and we were picked to go to Sweden and Finland to play their Olympic basketball teams, when … the summer between my junior and senior year.

    So I became very good friends with Lisa. She was my very best friend. She went to Adam State College because she wanted to go be coached by Doc Cotton, who was an original Laker.

    SC: Was Lisa a girlfriend?

    SN: No, actually Lisa wasn’t a girlfriend, but I was deeply and madly in love with her. And I didn’t realize. I didn’t understand what those feelings were because I had never had a crush on a boy, I had never had those feelings towards anybody whatsoever. But not only was she my best friend but I was in love with her, and I didn’t realize that. So I followed her to Alamosa! [laugh]

    So, I went off to college and roomed with Lisa and started hanging out with a girl named Shannon on the basketball team. And we were just inseparable. And I didn’t have any idea I was gay until she kissed me. And it was sort of like the sparks flew, and oh, my god, this was it, and I had no idea. And so that’s how it happened.

    SC: Wow. So then, later on in 1994, when you were 24, you had like three massively major events all happen within the space of a few months.

    SN: Yes.

    SC: Now, you found your biological mother. So, how did that happen? And was that also when you were reunited with your other two brothers and your sister as well?

    SN: I had found my brother and sister the year before.

    SC: Um-hmm?

    SN: And we all were like, well, how are we going to find mom? What are we going to do? I said, I don’t know, I don’t know.

    Well, when the social workers came in to take us away, they had given her, I think it was like a week. I just remember there were several nights in a row that she stayed up and she made us scrapbooks. All of us, made us scrapbooks. Okay? Pictures of us and different things. Put it together. Each one of us had a little letter from her, and we weren’t supposed to open it until we were 18 or something like that. I don’t remember what it was. But we weren’t supposed to…

    SC: Okay. So she’d done that when you were kids for you for when you were older?

    SN: That’s correct.

    SC: Right.

    SN: And then it said, Grandma, and her last name, just Grandma, and her last name. And that was her mother. And then it gave an address, okay?

    Well, I just looked up and down, I didn’t know where to go, what to do. And I came across a woman in New Hope, Pennsylvania — because that’s where … I was living, in Perkasie, Pennsylvania at the time. I just happened to strike up a conversation with her. She said she helped people find their biological families. And I said, “Oh, great! Could you help me?”

    And she started asking me questions, and then, finally, no, no, no, no, no! I don’t know, I don’t know. Finally she said, “Do you have anything from when you were a kid?” And I said, “Yeah, I have a scrapbook.” And she was like, “You’re kidding me!” Because most people don’t even have that.

    And she was like, “Bring me the scrapbook.” So I brought her the scrapbook, and she she said, and it’s in the very back, it’s like Grandma, and then the address. And I said, but, would, you know, “Just short of driving down there to find out if that person’s there, how do we do this? I don’t want to just show up.” You know, I have all these fears and concerns and …

    SC: And it was before the internet and Googling and all of that stuff that you can do now.

    SN: She said, “Call information.” I said, “I’ve called information before. I’ve tried … I’m telling you, I’ve already asked for this last name person, and I don’t have a first name, and they turn me down every single time.” And she said, “Listen,” she sat me down and she goes, “tell them your story. Tell whoever answers the phone for the nation thing, tell them your story.”

    So I did. I went and I got the woman on the phone and I told her my story. And I begged and I pleaded with her, and she said, “I just can’t do it. I can’t do it. I can’t give you this information. You don’t have the first name,” blah blah blah blah blah, and then I heard this click. And I almost hung up, but something told me to stay on the line.

    And then you know how it used to be where … in the States anyway, they would … they … it would click?

    SC: They’d connect you. Yeah, connect you to the call.

    SN: And they would say, “Hold please, the call is connecting.”

    SC: Um-hmm.

    SN: So I heard this click, and then I heard this voice, and so I held it back up to my ear, and it rang through to my grandmother.

    SC: Wow.

    SN: And so, we just had this wonderful conversation. And I, you know, ’cause you never know, “Does she want me? Does she want to talk to me?” And she was like, “Absolutely. She’s been looking for you all since the day she signed those papers.”

    SC: Wow. So, then your grandmother facilitated a meeting with your mother and you all got together?

    SN: Well, actually, she said, “Here’s her phone number. Call her.”

    SC: Oh. [laugh] So you did!

    SN: I did. I paced back and forth for like an hour. You know. To figure out what I would say. I mean, there was so much, just because, you know, I’m gay.…

    SC: Yeah, but you didn’t dislike her or un-love her or any of that stuff?

    SN: Right. You know, I had this, like, what am I going to say? Oh, my God, you know. You know. What is she going to do when she finds out I’m gay? Is she going to love me? Is she going to hate me? Does she have another family?

    And I find out from my grandmother, she doesn’t have another family, so it’s not like she’s remarried and other kids. So, I was like, “Oh, she doesn’t have any …?” She’s like, “No, she’s not married.” And I said, “Okay, great.”

    What she wasn’t telling me was that mom was living with a woman! [laugh]

    SC: Oh! [laugh] Okay.

    SN: My mother, my biological mother, says that she’s lesbian by choice. [laugh]

    SC: Because she’s given up on men. [laugh]

    SN: Hilarious!

    SC: So, when you found her, it was actually an easy gathering. So you didn’t have any of that, “Oh, my God, I’m gay,” you didn’t have any issues, and it was a pleasant process?

    SN: Absolutely. She is just like a good friend. She’s not my mother. She never really has been. She’s a good friend now. We’ve had to work through a lot of stuff. Like when I really started to have to deal with the fact that, “Oh, my God, this is what you did.” You know? She took it. She’s taken all of it. She … when I sat her down and I said, “There was abuse,” she was like, “You’re kidding me!” And she said …

    SC: Well, you said that she said she didn’t know about that.

    SN: Yeah. She said, “I really didn’t know. I didn’t see it.” And …

    SC: Do you think she’s just saying that, though? Because how could you not know?

    SN: Well, I don’t … I really believe she didn’t know. She was so preoccupied with her own thing. She was gone so much. You know. She knew that he had a, quote, “temper,” because one time I had to, you know, pull him off of her because he was trying to drown her. But, you know, to her she was just, you know, in a fight with him, that kind of a thing. It was just the kind of environment that she knew back then, and that was it.

    SC: Ummm. Ummm.

    SN: Of course she’s a different person now, but she just swears up and down she didn’t know about the bad abuse. So…. But she sat there, like a champ, and she listened to every detail. And she took it.

    SC: All right. Well, that’s number one of the events of 1994. Number two was you suddenly found yourself pregnant.

    SN: Yes! [laugh]

    SC: And yet you’d never slept with a man.

    SN: I won’t say never. I had a friend my senior year in high school, and I did sleep with him.

    SC: Okay. Well, in the previous nine months to being pregnant you hadn’t slept with a man.

    SN: Right. In the previous several years I hadn’t slept.…

    SC: All right. So one day you looked down and you realized you were pregnant.

    SN: No, actually how it happened is one day I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a Zeta in my room. [laugh]

    SC: And was that the first time you’d ever been visited by a star brother or sister?

    SN: No. But it was the first time it appeared like that. I was visited by light beings. And in fact there was a horrible time in my childhood where I was being kept in a closet, and I was brought out to be abused and then put back in. That was that one jaunt of physical abuse I was enduring

    And I was kept in this dark closet. And I was just huddled up and crying, and just didn’t know what I would do. And I just called out, I said, “Help! Help me!” And a blue ball of light appeared in front of me. And it would come and be in there with me. And I never felt alone, and I didn’t feel scared anymore.

    SC: But this time you were scared.

    SN: This time I was very startled, because I couldn’t move. I didn’t like that. And I’d had other interactions with light beings and shapes of people being there, and it was almost like I could hear them and we would talk back and forth. But I could move around, and I would just … these light things, beings, would just be there.

    In this particular case, I was in my bedroom with my partner Gina, and we had a friend visiting. And they were… she was staying on the couch literally on the other side of the wall of the headboard. And this is in an apartment in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And it was 12:36 a.m., and we were all awoken by this woman … let out this blood-curdling scream in the courtyard…

    SC: Yeah. This is the lady staying with you. Yeah.

    SN: Not the lady staying with me. Somebody out in the courtyard of the apartment complex just let out this blood-curdling scream.

    SC: Oh, okay.

    SN: And in the morning, we … our friend that was staying with us said, “Did you hear that woman scream last night?” And then she told us what she experienced. But, you know, I woke up to Gina getting up and walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. And I could hear the toilet seat cover raise and her sit down, and I thought that was really weird, because we always had this ongoing debate about her getting up every night, walking in, turning on the light, you know, shutting the door, opening the door, and the light’s just beaming me in the eyes, and she … I mean it was just the most ridiculous thing. She just wouldn’t, you know, close the door and then turn on the light.

    But this time she gets up in the middle of — after, right after that. She doesn’t say anything, she walks in, she shuts the door, never turns the light on and sits down on the toilet. And I turned to face the bathroom, on my left side. I’m laying on my left side, and I’m looking towards the bathroom. And I thought, huh, that’s really weird, and I fell asleep.

    And then all of a sudden, you know that feeling on the back of your neck, your hair kind of stands up and you know you’re not alone? [laugh] kind of feeling? And standing towards the bathroom door was this Zeta. And when I went to move, I couldn’t move, and I didn’t like that.

    SC: And then what happened?

    SN: Well, I — against — I had an enormous amount of adrenalin that was rushing through my body. And I was, you know, kind of a bad-ass in the military. I taught men how to fight hand-to-hand combat, I specialized in knife fighting, I was a sniper. So being … having something in the room physically and being unable to move did not make me happy.

    So I had all this adrenalin running, and in the middle of having all this adrenalin running, which would normally keep, you know, take me about, you know, about an hour to calm down from, when I would do all those other activities, I would be jazzed up. Then my eyes started to close and I started to drift back into unconsciousness again.

    And that happened several times. And at one point when I came to — because I kept panicking…. To be quite honest with you, it’s a very unsettling feeling not being able to move. And it was like this claustrophobic feeling, and it was just panicky feeling, and I just wanted to be able to defend myself. And it was so unnerving that I couldn’t move my physical body, the instrument that I relied on so much to at least be able to sit up and confront whoever it was in my room.

    And at one point I awoke, and I opened my eyes, and I heard something in my head, “Please be calm. We’re only here to check on you.” And then … because the first time that happened I panicked and I passed out again.

    SC: Umm. And what did they look like? Did they look like the typical Zeta, the sort of five foot, four foot nothing, large eyes, gray color?

    SN: Large dark eyes and grayish color. And the time that I — the next time — because it happened several times, to be quite honest with you. I’d wake up and I’d pass back out again. This time …

    SC: But this is all in the one night?

    SN: It’s all in the one night. Because I ended up … this ended up happening for a total of four hours. And so, this one time that I woke up I could keep my mind, my wits about me, and I thought, “Okay. Who are you, and what are you doing here? What is happening?” And that’s when I heard again, very clearly, “Please do not struggle. Please do not panic. We’re only here to check on you.”

    Well, check on me for what? And then I realized there was this sensation of this, almost like the feeling of when a cool breeze blows over your body? You know, it’s just this definite feeling, like in a hot … hot …. And I started to focus on it, and I had to focus, really give it my attention. And then all of a sudden I opened my eyes and I realized I wasn’t in my room anymore, and I was on ship.

    Well, I say I’m on ship. But I’m in a white room, and I’m laying on a table and there’s zetas around me, and they’re … all got their attention all around my mid-section area. And so that was very unnerving for me, too, I nearly passed out, you know, was struggling. And during that time I can move. And they were restraining me, and that wasn’t very fun either.

    And then I was out again. Conscious… I just went out, like as if you were to pass out. You know, consciously.

    SC: Yeah. Yeah.

    SN: And then I awoke. This time I was able to sit straight up. I sat straight up in bed. The door flies open. The light comes on. Gina comes crawling out of the bathroom because it’s been four hours on the toilet, her legs are …

    SC: [laugh] Sorry, the thought of that! Yes, go on.

    SN: Oh, my goodness! She is cursing and carrying on. But she jumps up and stumbles over to the bed when she sees that just sheer shock, look of shock on my face. And I’m just staring at the wall where I saw the Zeta. So.

    SC: So then you found out … well, you realized you were pregnant because you actually started to show, and you could feel that something was growing in your womb.

    SN: I had actually called … I was a part of the psychic community there, in Manatee Springs, and I called a friend of mine over. I said, “Something happened last night. You need to come over. I need to talk to you.” And I stayed until almost the next day. I was so out of it. I, I was — I said, I was acting as if I was a person that was — was acting as if they were in shock. So I didn’t go to work that that day, but I called Morgan over to come talk to me.

    And she walks in the door, and she looks at me, and she scans me up and down and she goes, “You’re pregnant.” And I said, “Morgan, I’m not in a joking mood.” I said, “Something very traumatic happened to me last night and I need to talk to you about it.”

    And she goes, “Okay, well, I’ll just shelve what I just said, and you tell me what you have to say.” And I told her. And she said, “Well, that makes sense.” And I said, “How does it make sense?” And she proceeded to tell me the entire history of the Zeta hybrid program with the government.

    And I said, that is a bunch of nonsense. And I said, I can’t believe you’re talking to me about this when I’m trying to share with you something that happened last night. And she said, “I swear, it’s what happened.” And she said, “Listen, it starts from at least a generation before. They always prep …”

    And she goes on to tell me that they tried it in the early thirties and forties and it wasn’t being successful, because they have to prep the mother to carry … the person, the female that would actually then carry the hybrid child. And they had a more successful rate at that.

    And I was like, “Morgan, I’m really seriously doubting our friendship and your sanity at this point.” And she said, “I’m not joking. Here, listen. You just were reunited with your mother. Call her on the phone, ask her if she was ever thought, or she dreamt that she was, she maybe thought she saw a UFO.” I said, “Fine.”

    And so, it took her quite some time to coerce me into doing it, but I got on the phone with her. And I said, “I’ve got a question for you. Something happened last night. But I need to talk to you. I need to ask you an important question before I tell you what happened.”

    She said, “Okay. Shoot.” And she said, “You know, you can tell me an — ask me anything.” I said, “Okay. Go ahead. I’ll do that.” I said, “Were you ever, when you were pregnant with me, ever abducted, felt like that you maybe even just had in a dream?” I didn’t get the whole sentence out of my mouth before she said, “The entire time I was,” and her voice was shaking and it was cracking.

    SC: Oh, my gosh.

    SN: “The entire time I was pregnant with….” And she said, “And there were some good ones and there were some bad ones. I didn’t like the bad ones, but I didn’t mind the good ones.” And so she went on to share a bunch of her experiences with …

    And so I hung up the phone, and I was gray in the face, and then I said, “Tell me again about what it is that you were just saying?” And I had Morgan tell me the whole thing all over again.

    Well, I started to show, so I said, “What do I do?” I said, “Well, they can’t just do that.” Of course, my immediate … you know, they don’t have my permission to do this. Okay? I was quite angry. I said, “What do I do?”

    And she said, “It’s a contract. You made a contract to do this.” And I said, “I don’t think I did.” But later on in life I did. Back then I was angry and …

    She said, “Well, it was a contract. We need to break the contract. We need to surround you in a psychic circle. We need to get you….”

    She set up this entire thing. “So,” she, she said, “Well, there’s several things we need to do. You can’t tell your military” — because I was still in the military; I was in the Reserves at the time — “Don’t tell anybody.” You know, “Don’t tell anybody about this.” And, “Because if we can….”

    So we got together this circle of women, of psychics, okay? They helped me put all this plan together. “This is what we’re going to do. We’re….”

    So, long story short, I’m into my fourth month. I am showing. I am definitely pregnant. There is something definitely growing inside of me. But they were saying, “You can’t go to an obstetrician. You can’t get an ultrasound.” Because the first, you know, the very first thing that Morgan and I did was run to the store. It swears I was pregnant, and — you know, the home kit, to see if I was pregnant. And I was. And I bought several different types, and I was pregnant on every single one of ’em.

    SC: [laugh] It’s the girl with the.… She wants to test her pregnancy again. She’s not quite sure.

    SN: Oh, my goodness. Ridiculous! You know, just every single time, and every single stick that I came out with, and it turned into the stupid whatever positive thing, I was just like, “Ohhhhhhh! What am I gonna do?” Anyway.

    So. And then finally, my girlfriend at the time, she said, “Listen, this is ridiculous. Okay. This is a real baby. This is a real thing that’s happening to you, and you need to go see a real doctor. I know that you quit your job swinging a hammer doing construction, and now you’re driving the roach coach and you’re taking prenatal vitamins and you’re reading about all this stuff, but you need to go see a doctor.”

    And so I called in the women, and I said, “What do we do?” And they said, “Well, you can’t know when the appointment’s set. We’ll just come get you.” [laugh]

    So that, you know, there’s no … they were just trying to take every precaution they could. And it was probably about a week, maybe two weeks later. I remember it like it was yesterday. I just sat straight up in bed and I grabbed my stomach and it was completely flat. And I just screamed, no. I knew it. I just knew it. And the baby was gone. Gone!

    SC: Wow. And you weren’t, but you weren’t injured or anything during that period?

    SN: No.

    SC: No?

    SN: No bleeding, there was no nothing. There was nothing. It’s not like I miscarried, it’s not like any of it, just flat stomach and no bleeding. Gone.

    SC: And how did you feel?

    SN: I was devastated. I have never felt so depressed and upset and violated and … even in the midst of my childhood. Nothing made me feel so helpless. It was just a feeling of helplessness, just … just total despair. You know?

    SC: So that’s episode two, in 1994. Then episode three. You had some men in black who came and got you, physically picked you up, which terrified you; they took you to an underground military base, kind of abducted you, put you in a car, and then took you to show you this massive underground facility where you went like 25 stories underground. And they showed you, of all things, a spacecraft down there.

    SN: They sure did. [laugh]

    SC: And is that all they showed you?

    SN: No. They showed me beaming technology. When they came to get me that day, I was coming home from driving the roach coach, because I just couldn’t get myself out of the funk I was in. And I had started calling guys in my unit asking if they knew about this hybridization program. I was just digging. I was looking everywhere I possibly could. Okay?

    And it was probably a couple of months later, and I’d started to think maybe I’d had a psychotic episode. Maybe I thought this up. Maybe I created this and my body was just reacting to it. But I drove home and I pulled into the apartment complex, and there was a black, four-door sedan, and two men — kid you not — standing there in black. And this is before the whole Men in Black movie came out, before the whole phenomenon was really a big deal.

    And I got out and I slammed the door, and I said, “It’s about time.” I just knew instinctively that they were for me, about this thing. They walk up, they open the door, I get in, they get in the front seats, and off we go, to NORAD.

    And they took me through this one area. They showed me a craft first — basically more like looking out a window, black glass, really thick glass, looking down about four or five stories and out about four football fields, in the mountain with all different kinds of aircraft.

    I spent a little bit of time trying to figure out, first of all, how they get all that aircraft down there …wh … I …

    SC: And where was this place, though?

    SN: It’s in the … in … in a mountain!

    SC: But it was near where you were living at the time?

    SN: Yes. Yes. It’s in Colorado Springs. Everybody knows NORAD, Colorado Springs here in the States. And I lived in Colorado Springs. So it was only about 15 minutes, 30 minutes. We did travel about 35 minutes to go around to this one northern entrance. But, but we were in this mountain, and I was trying to figure out, first of all, how do all these airplanes get in here?

    And I’m just looking and looking and looking. They’re not saying anything to me. They’re just guiding … escorting me around all over the base … this underground facility. And all of a sudden I realized, oh, my God, there’s this saucer! … it looks like it’s levitating just out in this one area. I didn’t see any legs or anything like that. But it was off just a little bit, but very distinctly a saucer shape.

    And then when I turned to be like, “Did you…?” — you know, sort of like, to the one guy to my left, “Did you see that?” You know, “Do you see that?” Off we go.

    And they take me to this area where there’s this little geeky guy who was really sweet. And he takes me into a room, a room inside of a room. And he beams a Pepsi can. He puts it in this one machine and he beams it from one side of the room to the other.

    Well, I was looking at him like he was crazy. I had no idea why I was there, and he was talking all this scientific talk. And he was so excited about something he wanted to show me that I missed the first that I missed the first go round. And so he goes, he gets frustrated with me, and he goes, and he’s, “You missed it!”

    He goes in there — and I’m sure he doesn’t get to show his toy to very many people; he’s a very excitable man — goes in there, and he takes the Pepsi can out, and he shows it to me, and he puts it back in this thing. We come back out into this outer room again, and he says, “Now, don’t take your eye off that,” and he’s pointing as he’s fidgeting with his little control panel. Just like Star Trek, I kid you not, it dematerializes.

    And then I went, I just looked at him like, come on, like it was some kind of trick. You know.

    SC: So what do you think that was all about?

    SN: I believe that it was their sick way of showing me that this is what they get for letting me be used as some sort of guinea pig.

    SC: What do you mean, what they get?

    SN: I believe it was an exchange of technologies. I believe that in their agreement with the Zetas they were able to receive technology.

    SC: Okay. So in return for your physical abuse by the Zetas, they just were basically saying, “This is what we get.” You got that message very clear?

    SN: Yes. And I got — we were — I was taken off into this section of the mountain and was shown a six-foot dead.

    SC: Sorry, a six-foot dead…?

    SN: Zeta.

    SC: And where was that?

    SN: That was, that was in a different section of the mountain. But it was in more like of a hospitally-type white environment. But it was on a gurney, covered in glass, behind glass. But with my ability to go into things, like go into things energetically, I went into that body. I just, my consciousness, I kind of felt in there. I was like … ’cause I was wondering if it was just an inorganic thing made to look like the Zetas. But it was definitely organic and it was definitely dead. And I have to be careful when I do stuff like that because I can actually pick up on the last moments of that being’s life. And that was not fun.

    SC: Umm. And so then basically you kind of just got taken home, and you got on with your life?

    SN: No, actually, I was brought into a room, sat down and made to wait for about 45 minutes, which seemed like an eternity. And a very high-ranking official came in. He was wearing a flight suit, green flight suit, jumpsuit like the pilots wear, in the military, with no rank insignia, no nothing. He comes and he sits down, looks at me for a long time. I’m just sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what he’s going to say.

    Because after I … after I saw the dead Zeta I thought that my life was in danger. I don’t know why I didn’t think my life was in danger up to that point? Seeing the dead Zeta and feeling those last moments, I felt as if my life was in danger at that point. So I was in my own mind saying goodbye to all my family — I’d just been reunited with my biological family; my adopted family — what was I going to do? And he comes in, sits down, looks at me, and after a long while he says, “Now that you know, stop digging.”

    And I’m thinking to myself, well, what do … what do I know? And I, and I just looked at him, and I go, “Now that I know what?” He said, “Now that we’ve shown you, you need to stop digging. You need to stop looking. You need to leave it alone.”

    And he proceeds to do that, you know, thing? Where you say one thing but you mean something different? He starts naming off the names and addresses of my adoptive family and my biological family. And basically was, I was told that I wasn’t to share anything that I saw with any …. And then I lost consciousness.

    And I woke up in my apartment. Eight hours had gone by.

    SC: Oh!

    SN: I was gone for a total of eight hours.

    SC: And then, after that? They then never came back, nothing ever happened?

    SN: No. After that, they never came back and nothing ever happened. And… I kind of snapped in a way. It was this, it was this.… I believed that I was.… I think they did some subconscious programming. They did something. I lost time. I have bits and flashes here and there. I don’t think it’s important to try to go back and really … into that, you know. Because I do have the ability now to be able to go back into time and to really look at it with a much more higher consciousness.

    But there was definitely drugs, because there just — it’s not easy to pull up. It’s not easy to bring to awareness. But I packed up my bags, I broke up with my girlfriend, and then I basically went underground for about 10 years.

    SC: Wow. And then, you held all that together in that time and held all those secrets and just held them? You didn’t tell anybody at all?

    SN: That’s correct. It, and, and here’s the most interesting thing. It’s almost like I forgot. It was driven so deep into my subconscious that … it’s not like I felt like I was on the run, I just had this insatiable need to run, to just be gone, to …I didn’t know if it was just a reaction to the entire thing or some other program I was running, but I had to….

    So I just packed up my truck and I left. And I would show up where I wanted to. And I would show up in a coffee shop and start talking to people, and start doing remodeling. And I really delved into my spiritual awareness at that time. I was reading books and I was having conversations and I was seeking out Native American teachers. I did a lot of shamanic training during that 10-year period.

    SC: Then in 2007 you suffered a series of massive, massive strokes. Do you think that they may have happened because you’d been holding all this stuff in? Or was there something else that you think triggered those strokes?

    SN: Well, it was an accumulation of a couple of different things. I do believe that the military might have had a little something to do with it. But I did have a pre-existing condition of where I had a hole between my atrium and ventricle in my heart. And it tried to close itself. It was a congenital hole in my …

    SC: Yeah. A congenital hole in the heart.

    SN: Yeah. It created a valley and blood would get in there and it would coagulate, and it would be.… And I had been having migraines. I struggled with migraines my whole life, but they just seemed to get worse and worse and worse. But it didn’t account for the massive multiple stroke that I had on October 15th in 2007.

    I believe that … I believe that there was a chip put in place, that there were some different things that were happening.…

    SC: And so you had multiple, multiple strokes, and in fact you died.

    SN: I did, actually. I did die.

    SC: And how did they get you back? Or what happened at that point?

    SN: Well, obviously they must have shocked my heart to bring me back. But on the other side time moves in a much different way than it does here on Earth. You know, just a moment here on Earth, a second can be a very long time on the other side.

    And I was brought into a room with an extraterrestrial, a galactic and an angel. And I was sat down and I was told that I had just died and that I had a couple of choices I needed to choose from. That my body had suffered such extreme damage that I wouldn’t be able to recover without the help of the Galactics.

    And so they proposed that I could either just be done with my mission, because I came down there as a Starseed to help the planet, or they could let a walk-in come into my body, let a galactic come into my body and finish my mission. But with everything I had gone through up to that point, I thought, I, I don’t … is there another option?

    They said, “Well, there is another option. It hasn’t been tried very often. It takes an evolved being, which you fit, a skilled being, but it really takes something for a braided walk-in between the two souls…” And I said, “That one. That’s the one I choose. That’s what I want to do.”

    SC: [laugh] What, with no thought whatsoever, just, “That’s the one I want”?

    SN: Because that meant I got to complete my mission. The human aspect of myself got to stay and do the job it is that I’d promised I would do when I made the ultimate sacrifice to fall from the 7th dimension to the 3rd.

    SC: Umm. So, in terms of a braided, though — okay, you’ve got the three types: A complete is obviously where one soul completely replaces another. Then there’s attachment, where one soul attaches to another soul for a period of time to guide it along and then lets it, kind of de-attaches and lets the original soul keep going because it’s actually been fixed or amended at that point.

    But a braided soul’s where the two unite and come together. So in actual fact you’ve got two lives happening at the same time.

    SN: That’s correct.

    SC: And how does that feel?

    SN: Complicated sometimes! [laugh]

    SC: [laugh]

    SN: Especially since my walk-in is highly active with the Galactic Federation of Light. And so it’s very … I’m doing … I’m … I’m living a lot of different … on a lot of different levels at the same time.

    SC: And, I mean, that explains what you’ve been doing lately as well — going backwards and forwards, and you’re asleep, and your Pleiadian other half is up there doing its job. But that stroke itself, that physically took you almost two years to recover.

    And you didn’t realize straight away what your soul contract was with regards to the braided, or the decision you’d made about the braided walk-in. It took almost two years before memories, or recall started flooding back.

    SN: That’s correct. Because my brain was so damaged, it was about a quarter of my brain that was damaged, both the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. And I was completely paralyzed on my left side and I couldn’t speak.

    SC: And did you have to go through like that whole stroke rehabilitation stuff with speech training and therapy?

    SN: Yes, I did, and I also had to have a heart surgery.

    SC: Oh, so they did fix the congenital hole in your heart?

    SN: They did.

    SC: And that was all in this one period of two years?

    SN: That’s correct.

    SC: God. So when you came out of the two years, you started having memories flooding back of two different lives. And yet you seemed to remember your Earthly life quite well, and you then had this knowledge of your galactic role being a starship commander and now being a galactic ambassador.

    So, do you like kind of [laugh] … at the moment like, do you wake up and you’re here on Earth in the morning, and then you go to bed and then you kind of come to and you’re on the ship at night, and then you come back to Earth by the morning?

    SN: Very much so, like that. But there’s a lot of other … and it’s even more complicated than that, because I also can bi-locate. So basically another part of the mission that I’m doing right here is actually helping to build a bridge between the third dimension and the fifth. And so there’s a lot of things that I’m doing. And when … I literally could take a whole program to actually explain each one of the jobs it is that I’m doing down here.

    So, I also time … I time traveled. I’ve actually physically disappeared and reappeared in front of people. So, there’s a lot of things happening now with what I’m doing.

    And there’s been a couple of times that I’m not really quite sure where I’m at, whether I’m asleep or whether I’m awake. So, there’s very specific things I have to have around me to kind of clue me in to what I’m doing and where I’m at. And my space is extremely valuable to me. And the animals, and my cat, are so important to me.

    SC: Well, I’m going to get to animals in a minute just briefly. But how do you know it’s all real?

    SN: You know, that’s a really good question, because this could just all be happening in my mind, right? [laugh]

    SC: It could. [laugh] And some people would say it is.

    SN: Absolutely. You know, after … after constant validation by … like for the years that I was having those prophetic dreams, like I would dream I was at this place helping these people, I’d wake up the next morning and it’d be in the news or in a newspaper. Or I would dream that an event would happen, and then it would happen.

    And the years that I did mediumship. I’m a registered psychic with the government in Colorado. I helped them …

    SC: Um-hmm, because you worked with search and rescue for a while, too.

    SN: Yes, search and rescue. So I’ve sort of developed myself as someone who could really navigate in the astral plane. And then when I start to have these other interactions, and I’m shifting in dimensions, where it’s actually shifting away from this, the constant validation that I keep getting is sort of the same kind of thing where I’ll get information and then it’s validated by a third dimensional source. Or I’ll see something and again it’s validated by a third dimensional source. Or I’m doing a reading for somebody or a consultation with somebody, and I hear or see something, and then it’s validated. So there’s …

    SC: Okay. So, so the reality comes from validation that comes through each time.

    SN: Correct. That’s correct.

    SC: Now, you just mentioned animals, and I know you love your gorgeous cat Femi. But horses played a very big role, and, you know, you first came to horses when you were a child and they actually tamed and helped you with anger management. But now it’s a real focus for your life.

    SN: It sure is. I care so much about a lot of things — not only human beings, you know, the great human family, but animals and plants and the environment. I really have a deep passion and need and want, drive, to aid and assist and save Gaia, Mother Earth.

    SC: And what is it about horses, though?

    SN: Oh, my goodness. When I was … when I was first taken to that first foster home, and we were all together, and I started doing those mandatory psychological testings, they were testing me for things I positively reacted to, and I reacted very positively to horses.

    They must have had a conversation with my foster family and said, “Get her a horse.” They got me a horse! Well, this wonderful, dear horse, she was … I think they said she was 12 or 15 years old. And her name was Chiquita — I called her Chiquita Banana — and she was a three quarter horse, and she was a bay, which is a brown, you know, a reddish brown body. And from the moment that I saw her, our eyes locked, and I just.… She saved me. I mean, I threw everything that I had, my whole heart and soul, into the care of that horse.

    And we would ride together, and I would talk to her, and I swear she would talk back to me. It wasn’t until later on that I understood that I could … I’m an animal communicator, also. So, I just, you know, when I was a kid I just thought I heard her voice in my head, so I would just have these conversations with her. And … but really truly, it was her heart. It was the connection. It was … she was, she saved me when I was younger. She just saved my heart, she saved my soul.

    And … I have a horse now. His name is Forest Sounds, and he is also a bay. He’s very beautiful. And so I’m kind to me and him, and I’m so happy to be reunited with him, with her, in him. And we have a very wonderful bond.

    SC: And what other things do you do to relax, apart from play with your gorgeous horse?

    SN: I love to get out in nature. I love to go crystal hunting. I just in fact got done doing that today. I was very, very happy. I’m up and pacing and wandering in the woods and looking on the ground for crystals. And I love to talk to people, I love having conversations with people. I love people, love animals.

    But where I find my real — have my real solace is I find them in my crystals, and out in nature — going for a walk, hiking in a canyon, sitting by a river, talking to Mother Nature, just communing with Mother Nature. That Native American side of me runs heavily through my veins.

    SC: So when you look to the future, what lies ahead for you? Let’s say the next week? [laugh]

    SN: I will continue to oversee the meetings, I will continue to oversee containment, I will continue to oversee several of the other projects that I’m working with.

    I am going to be bringing forth some more information, written information I’m going to post on the 2012 blog site with some of the other night time work that I’m doing. But in the near, very near, future, when this, when … um, oh, ….

    I had a brain fart! Oh, my goodness! When disclosure happens, okay, will actually be working with the galactic emissaries in the physical form, in the 3D form, with agencies and different things like that. So, there’s just a lot of wonderful people that I’ll be speaking with and interacting with. Like yourself ….

    SC: [laugh] Now, I asked you if you would choose a favorite music track today. And you actually have surprised me in some ways, ’cause I was not expecting that, firstly, you would choose a Disney movie, or song, or secondly that it would have the title Secretariat, ’cause you’re nothing like a secretary. So, tell me a bit about this song, which is “Who You Are,” by AJ Michalka, which is from the movie Secretariat. Tell me about it.

    SN: I just … this song takes my breath away because I consider it to be my mission song. It truly is why I’m here. And, and the title is “It’s Who You Are,” and, and it says it’s not how much you have, it’s not the score, it’s not making one person be more than another, but it’s who you are.

    And it just speaks so, so clearly about, if you were to say, “What is Sierra’s heart about? What … what drives her? What, what is her, what is her, like, motto?” It’s not who … what you have, it’s who you are.

    And so it’s just a wonderful, wonderful song. I love the references, obviously, to the racehorses, and to the horse … to the horses in general. But it’s meant for everybody. It doesn’t matter what you have, it’s who you are. It’s what your mission is here on the Earth. It’s what you have to contribute to the world and to humanity and to the environment and to animals and to people — just the whole thing. It’s not what you have, it’s who you are.

    We’re moving away from a society based in monetary gain to a society based on love and compassion and service.

    SC: Well, Sierra, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out who you are today, and I thank you so much for sharing your very personal light agenda with me and all the listeners right now.

    And of course you can listen to Sierra on Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond, which she co-hosts with the equally lovely Dave Schmidt every Tuesday on InLight Radio. And you can also read her on the 2012

    Now, next week I’m hoping my guest will be a fellow who’s been also bringing us galactic updates and news for quite some time. And that is Sheldan Nidle — yes, the man who wrote the book You Are Becoming a Galactic Human.

    Meanwhile, this is Stephen Cook. And as always, in everything you do this week may you only serve the light agenda. And please thank my guest today, Sierra Neblina.

    Sierra, it has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much.

    SN: Oh, it’s been wonderful. Thank you so much, Stephen.

    SC: And here is Sierra’s music choice, “Who You Are,” by AJ Michalka, from the Disney movie Secretariat. Thanks, Sierra!

    SN: Thank you so much!

    [music] “It’s Who You Are” – by AJ Michalka

    Interview ends

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    The manuscript of survival – part 185

    Todays missive will mayhaps be a bit confusing, as we would like to delve further into the topic of time. We have touched upon this subject many times before, as this is mayhaps the most important issue we would like to share with you at the moment. For many of you, the concept of time has already started to manifest in different ways than before, as you have already entered the twilight zone to call it that, where things start to warp and shift in so many ways. This can be disconcerting, as time has been the one constant you have been able to literally trust, but now, it all seems to blend and merge and shift in so many ways, and it will inevitably lead to confusion and mayhaps more than that.

    Let us explain. As we have told you earlier, you have been straddling the divide between the third density and the fifth, and as such, you have literally one foot in the old and cemented ways of conceiving time, and one foot on ”our” side, where time is a malleable force, which can be utilized in so many interesting ways. The chasm between these two different worlds is a wide one indeed, and it is not easy trying to manage them both at the same – yes – time. But on the other hand, shifting abruptly from the static form you have been used to and over to this more shape-shifting one would have been too much for you all. Hence this period of trial and error to call it that. In other words, you have been exposed to this new concept of time in small increments, lest you should lose your footing altogether. But now, these increments, or trial runs if you will, will become even more pronounced, and you will all have the sense of how time starts to behave in many, for you, odd ways. As we said, this may lead to confusion, as things will seem to happen out of context, and you will have a hard time trying to keep track of it all.

    For many, this is not a new concept, as you have already been through phases where time seems to stand still, and where the sequencing of events seems to be very confusing indeed. Things seems to be lost in a long fog of passed time, when you realize that they actually happened only a short while ago, and vice versa. Indeed, time has a way of jumping back and forth, slowing down and speeding up when you least expect it, and as such, all events linked to a specific time frame will become less distinct. In oher words, the old way of counting time by measuring what happened at a certain point will be difficult to hold on to, as from now on, much will seem to be happening simultaneously.

    So hold on to your hats dear ones, and be prepared to be confused and maybe a bit dizzy as the edges start to blur even more between your world and ours. Time is speeding up, and so much along with it, so do not be surprised if you find yourselves scratching your heads a lot in this upcoming period. Just know that this confusion is not a bad sign, far from it, as it will only signify that your brain is actually starting to take in just what is going on around it in a way it has not been able to do before. So take it for what it really is, a taste of a very different and very exhilarating tomorrow, and have fun playing around with all of this confusion too. It will help you overcome any fear that may come sneaking up on you, as you have been primed to think that order must prevail, otherwise everything will become complete chaos. Well, chaos it what you may expect on so many fronts, but that is only a phase you all have to pass through in order to literally make it to the other side. So stay focused, even if everything around you becomes ever so much more out of focus, and know that you will easily find your way through this seeming maze of unchartered territory very soon.
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    Drake – An Interesting Update – ICE Agents File Suit Against Napolitano’s DREAM Amnesty – 24 August 2012
    Posted on August 24, 2012 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment
    ICE Agents File Lawsuit Against DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano; NumbersUSA Providing Financial Support

    Updated Thursday, August 23, 2012, 12:00 PM EDT

    On August 23, 2012, a group of 10 ICE agents and officers, led by ICE Council president Chris Crane, filed suit against DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton seeking an injunction against the Napolitano Directive of June 15, 2012. FOX News broke the story shortly after 12 p.m. on Thursday. The lawsuit has been filed in the District Court for the Northern District of Texas, which is in the 5th Circuit. Kris Kobach is representing the agents and officers, and NumbersUSA is financing the effort.

    The complaint asserts, and NumbersUSA agrees, that the DREAM Directive:

    Orders federal law enforcement officers, including the ICE plaintiffs, to violate duly-enacted immigration law, along with the oath of office they swore to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States, under the guise of “prosecutorial discretion;”
    Is an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power by the Executive branch;
    Is an unconstitutional breach of the Executive branch’s duty to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed;
    Violates the Administrative Procedure Act, which requires DHS to implement new policies through the standard rule-making procedure.

    In the complaint, the ICE agents and officers ask the court to vacate the unlawful and unconstitutional DREAM Directive and the unlawful parts of the Morton Prosecutorial Discretion Memo and enjoin Napolitano and Morton (and their subordinates) from implementing the DREAM Directive and from taking any adverse action against agents and officers who refuse to enforce it.

    Press release

    Full complaint as filed with the District Court for the Northern District of Texas

    Sign the ICE Union Petition

    List of Members of Congress who have expressed support for the ICE agents

    Donate to NumbersUSA to help finance the ICE Agents’ lawsuit

    Visit your Action Board

    FOX News: Immigration agents file suit against Napolitano over ‘amnesty’ program (video)

    Washington Times: Immigration agents sue to stop Obama’s non-deportation policy Read more: Immigration agents sue to stop Obama’s non-deportation policy

    Congressman Gohmert comments on ICE Agents’ Lawsuit

    source: link to original article
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    Aurora Update for 25 Aug 2012
    August 24, 2012 · by Laura · in Aurora Update. ·

    Greetings from Adrial and Aurora! We are here, on Aurora, with many of souls who know and love you dearly. We would like to talk about the 25th August dreamflight.

    We are glad to report that our ground crew is almost entirely reunited at this stage, and we can feel the power of your strength when you work together across the space and time as you do now.


    The dimension you live in is beginning to become lighter in a way. Many of you and of the Earthlings have cleared so much negative emotions from your past by now. You may find yourself being weaker than usual, and almost vulnerable. Please don’t feel embarrassed when you need to shed some tears, as this is a normal process of the cleansing journey needed for the remainder of your journey on Mother Gaia.


    Do not feel fear at the thought of what lies ahead of you, because what is only beginning to unfold is just the start of your metamorphosis into the light being that you are meant to be. Do not feel nervous when you are discovering new unsuspected abilities, such as astral travel and telepathic connect with all at once.


    We are aware that many people on your planet feel constant anxiety, are unhappy in an unfulfilling job, feel useless, and would like to participate a lot more than they can in the unravelling of the light into your dimension. Please be aware that at this time what matters most is your desire to fulfil your destiny. By fulfilling this, you are walking the path which you are meant to be travelling on. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you feel in a difficult position. Help always comes in various forms, and new opportunities will come your way constantly.


    What you must bear in mind is that whatever vibrations you send out into what you call your real world, will come back directly in your direction. We know that many of you know this with your head already, however, what is needed now is that you to be able to come closer to your heart, and feel it. Know it with your heart, feel it in every fibre of your body.


    As part of our Aurora crew, you have always had extra capabilities in comparison to other children, while you were growing up. Now you will soon reconnect with the part of yourself that can See, Do, Feel, and manifest freely all the love needed to help this planet and her inhabitants through this amazing journey upwards towards brighter light. Soon you will surprise yourself by seeing how much more power you hold within your hands. Don’t forget that your hands are directed connected to your heart.


    This coming Saturday will be an important step towards developing your skills of manifesting, and we will begin 5D classes in manifesting joy, love and the pleasure of feeling part of Creators’ plan for this quadrant of the galaxy. We are very proud of you, and admire your work of becoming the light for those around you once again.


    Do not have high expectations; do not make demands on yourself or on others please. Remember that all comes from the heart and goes into the others’ heart. Give and receive in humility, peace and compassion. Learn to forgive if you feel disappointed and thank Creator for giving you such a challenge (smiles and giggles).

    We look forward to being with you onboard the ships, where you will also spend time together, and also with your friends from Aurora. Some of you will have visitors from their home world, and others will need more time with their twin discussing various aspects of what remains to clear from karma.


    Much love and peace in your heart from Aurora and Adrial.

    Message channeled by Laura


    Note from Laura: Copy rights reserved, if you wish to republish this message, please email me at
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    Jared – My TAUK sessions: Valme’ata: your waiting has become expecting
    Posted on August 24, 2012 by Laura

    2 Votes

    22 aug 2012

    Bringers of the Light, seekers of Truth.

    It’s good to reconnect, things are going well, we are proud because of your progress. We knew you would succeed, but the progress we see exceeds by far our expectations.

    Many of you have managed to find balance and regain balance, you create what you focus on. This knowledge is rediscovered amid the forgetfulness, exactly as intended.

    You are waiting, but it is different than before, it is now an expecting, a knowing. Little remains to be added.

    Realize that those who make use of this knowledge in a backwards way have no power anymore, they are powerless against those who use it as it is intended.

    You often played with the idea of ​​’what if everything is the way it is now, by the way I directed it’. That idea closely approaches reality.

    Your choice is clear and what you choose will shape reality, because this desire is powerful. What if everyone created their own reality, what if it is so?

    What keeps you from reaching for the stars?


    My TAUK sessions: Valme’ata: your waiting has become expecting.
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    DL Zeta – Celestial Vision – Echoes From The Future: Receiving Dream Messages From Our Future Self – 25 August 2012
    Posted on August 25, 2012 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

    We have said the part of you that knows how to navigate time and space works with you to create the highest and best futures that benefit yourself and others. For our purposes here we will call this your future self because this aspect of your consciousness often ventures into future times to visit the field of potentials extending from your present moment. Your future self speaks to you of these potentials when you are in a certain state of subconscious listening, most often in dream states.

    Now we will discuss in more detail these exchanges with your future self and how you may have experienced them in the past.

    ‘Premonition Dreams’ Alert us to Needed Course Corrections

    One way you may have experienced the download of this information from your future self is through what you may call a “prophetic dream.” This is a dream where you witness an event that has not yet manifested in your present reality at the time of the dream, but that does eventually occur in a future time. This future time may be the next day, the next week or months or years down the road. Most often, this event in crystallizing in the near future. Seemingly prophetic dreams often happen as the timeframe approaches when the incident occurs and there is still time to make a course correction. That is when you receive a dream state where you actually experience the event that is about to unfold.

    One example is the person who receives information in their dream state warning them of a traumatic event beginning to crystallize in their near future. In their dream they are in a car accident and suffer serious injuries. Days later the accident actually does occur and they suffer the exact same injuries they suffered in the dream.

    What is important to know about this kind of information from your future self is that this “dream premonition” does not have to become prophetic. When you receive a dream of this kind, it is by no means a “done deal”. It does mean your future self is trying to alert you to an event that is upcoming and of a powerful nature. If you have such a dream, it is time to take the day off and sit with this message to determine what you are doing in your present moment that could be activating such a timeline and what you can do to shift to another.

    The Message is the Meaning of Potential and Actualized Futures

    One need never undergo a negative or dangerous experience if they work in conjunction with their future self to choose and activate the highest potential future they can create. Whether you actually experience an event or whether you receive the message of a potential future and shift to a different future, the important thing is that you receive the message. We are here to learn and we can do that by paying attention and utilizing the finely-tuned radar of our energetic self or we can learn by crashing into walls and getting tossed about. The choice is ours.

    In this sense we are sending and receiving stations not unlike a boat on the ocean, sending radar signals to distant waters and receiving echoes back from across the waves. When our signal bounces off an obstacle in the waters ahead, we can change course or we can crash into the obstacle.

    Positive and Powerful Futures Reach Back to Empower our Creations

    Not all messages downloaded to us by our future self are warning us of dangerous or fatal potentials in our future. Sometimes our future self is making us aware of positive potentials we are seeding so that we can activate and emphasize them. One example of this might be an idea we are working with in our present moment that holds the potential to help a great many people. If we pay attention to the nudges from our future self, we may come to believe more strongly in this idea and begin to energize it and bring more focus to it. As this future potential becomes stronger and more empowered, your future self that is living along that timeline will become increasingly empowered to reach back through dream states and validate your efforts in present time. This is one way in which the future reaches back to create itself.

    Our Future Self Sends us Signs to Validate our Efforts

    Another way our future self works with us is to give us a “sign” that we are on a powerful track with our thoughts and actions. In one case a woman who has been meditating and focusing on spiritual practices receives images in dream states of butterflies flitting all around her. The next morning she walks past a store which has in the window a painting of butterflies that closely resemble the images from her dream state. The message from her future self is confirming that her conscious efforts are melting the barriers between “time” to bring her images of events about to occur in her near future. The butterfly symbolizes the transformation in consciousness that the woman is creating.

    Seeking Guidance and Insights from our higher Self

    One can ask for guidance and insights from their future self by holding questions in mind before falling asleep or writing out the questions in a journal just before bedtime. This primes the pump for answers to flow from their future self during sleep states. It is important to be open to whatever answers are downloaded, otherwise one might miss the meaning of the messages that arrive. In order to receive the messages from our future self, which often filter into our conscious awareness in the form of intuitions, premonitions or guidance, it is important to be willing to see what we consider the good, the bad and the ugly. Otherwise many messages will be subconsciously blocked.

    Embracing and Working with our Multifaceted Self

    Information about working with other aspects of our self and activating our highest and best future timelines is coming to the forefront now so each person can live their highest potentials and carry out their life purpose in this powerful transition time. There’s no need for anyone to be impoverished, diseased, injured, or limited in any way. Earth incarnations have always centered on losing one’s self in order to find one’s self. We give up our power so we can find it anew. We fall asleep so we can reawaken. We separate from our selves so we can reunite.

    The time is past to shroud such inner knowledge in mystery schools or under the cloak of religion. It is important now more than ever before to accept ourselves as multifaceted beings with aspects that are able to travel through time and space to help us heal our past and present and chart the course for an empowered future. link to original article
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    Liora – Balanced Harmony – 25 August 2012
    Posted on August 25, 2012 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

    PhotobucketBalanced Harmony

    Integrated perfection
    Shining through
    Beyond past bondage
    Balance and unification
    of exact polarities
    Beyond the veil
    Nirvana resides
    Holographic Harmony
    Zero point
    of energetic purity
    all crystal clear
    with aquamarine glow
    NOW shared
    The entwinement
    Sacred Reunion
    Alchemical Marriage
    The perfection of Creation

    By LIORA

    copyright2012 thanks Andrea!
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    Share Until You Feel it
    2012 August 25
    Posted by Steve Beckow

    This message was posted to the 2012 Scenario Discussion Group, but may be valid here as well. The address of the discussion group is

    For me, the brass ring in a discussion group is sharing and listening and perhaps I can expand a wee bit on what I mean by both.

    Sharing is me sharing myself. I could have said sharing my truth. But the value of my share for me and for others goes up the deeper the share reflects my truth or the deeper the truth I share.

    Some mentioned here that their molecules were vibrating and perhaps I could coattail on that and say that sharing until my molecules vibrate is what I seek to do. A deep share can literally shake the rust off my metal.

    So for instance I get down into my deeper truth when I say that I so want the world to work out. And the way to have the world work out, for me anyways, is to lessen everything unworkable about myself. So my sense of entitlement, of me-first, of wanting my share or my cut, of wanting be known and liked – all these are facets of unworkability that belong to me and compete with my interest in having the world work out.

    The more I reveal myself in here, the more I move myself and perhaps even move you. The more transparent I am, the more often things work out. What I’m in here for is to tell you who I am deeply, the deeper the better.

    And the converse is also true. What my mission is in here as far as you’re concerned is to hear you, get you, listen to the deepest truth you want to share and make sure that you know that I heard you.

    I’m not here to reassure you (not really) or to advise you or fix you. I think very, very few people actually need fixing. At essence, none of us is broken. What we do need is to have an opportunity to unconceal ourselves, to be known for our deepest truth, to have that truth be heard.

    When I’ve spoken my truth deeply, I emerge from my shell. I stand forth as my truth or my stand, in the strength that is native to me and simply remains for the most part concealed by my withholds and image management.

    I could try to “look good” in here but of what value is that? That’s the way of the world and at most it results in applause. But it does nothing for me in terms of the real purpose of life, which is to know myself as I really am and to be known as That to others.

    So I encourage people not to hide in here, not to present us with an image, but really to reveal yourself and risk the buffeting that can sometimes come from that. Our participation here is not trivial. It’s not mundane. It’s preparation for Ascension. It’s polishing the inner statue until it shines forth.

    That’s different from applying makeup to the statue or dressing it up. It’s letting the native sheen of the statue shine forth.

    Tell us who you are. Who you really are, deep down. Share until you feel it. Tell us what you’ve longed to say and have never had a place to say it.

    And for our part, let us hear you without advising you or fixing you but with bare listening and ample comprehension.


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    "O anis estrelado, amplamente cultivado na China, é o extrato-base (75%), da produção do comprimido Tamiflu, da Roche (empresa do antigo MMSecretário de Defesa dos EUA Donald Runsfield).

    Mas, como é um pouco difícil encontrar o anis estrelado aqui no Brasil, podemos usar o nosso anis mesmo – a erva-doce – pois esta erva possui as mesmas substâncias, ou seja, o mesmo princípio ativo do anis estrelado, e age como anti-inflamatória, sedativa da tosse, expectorante, digestiva, contra asma, gases, cólicas, náuseas...

    Seu efeito é rápido no organismo e baixa um pouco a pressão, devendo ser feito o chá c/apenas uma colher de café das sementes para cada 200ml de água, administrado uma a duas vezes ao dia, de preferência após uma refeição em que se tenha ingerido sal.

    Se vc está lendo, ajude a divulgar o uso da erva-doce como preventivo do H1N1, ou mesmo como remédio a ser tomado imediatamente após os 1ºs sintomas de gripe, pois seu princípio ativo poderá bloquear a reprodução do vírus e mesmo evitar seu maior contágio.

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    Something Good is Going to Happen: Explanations, Decipherings and Opening Portals
    2012 AUGUST 25
    tags: August 2012, Something Good is Going to Happen, Stephen Cook
    Posted by Stephen Cook
    Something Good is Going to Happen: Explanations, Decipherings and Opening Portals
    Comments Are Open

    By Stephen Cook – August 25, 2012

    During the previous two weeks, I have been continuously receiving the ‘message’ that August 20 was a significant tipping point in everything that’s going down this year. Why, I didn’t quite know – until possibly, just now.

    After I posted the story on 71.000 people being ‘awakened”, it did cross my mind that maybe August 20 was the day on which Sri Amma Bhagavan calculated that we had passed the magic figure of 70,000 enlightened beings – and which he announced, one day later, on August 21, four months out from December 21. This could be the case. I don’t know. (By the way, I have no idea how he calculated this figure so please ask him – see the link to his website below.)

    But over the past few days the energies in me have been building to such an extent that I have hardly slept. I have been averaging around 3-4 hours a night, 2 on one occasion this past week. Weird, because I have always needed my sleep! And lots of it. (Although today, after I had finally received, processed and deciphered what I am about to share below, I collapsed into a majorly deep slumber for the latter part of the afternoon. I ma now ready to crash again!)

    During this time of so little sleep, I have had all sorts of weird and wonderful things happening to my ‘system’. Moments when I feel as though waves of energy are literally pulsing through me, so strong I feel like I am on a boat rocking at sea. Moments of dizziness. Moments where I have an almost metallic, electric taste in my mouth. Moments when the top third of my index finger on my right hand turns white, cold and buzzes (hey, ET phone home!). All this has accumulated in a continuous, but not uncomfortable energy that feels to be zapping through me.

    So that sets the scene with the physical stuff… Now to what I have to share.

    And as per my one and only ‘message’ to date – on December 21 and Ascension (see link below) – this is what I have managed to cobble together from messages I have received from my guides – whoever they may be!; things people have sent me; a logical process of evaluation; several conversations and emails with other Lightworkers; and, some in-depth research and investigation – the latter two, completely guided with messages telling me when I was on the right path.

    So as per last time, here goes…


    First let me explain how all this started.

    On August 20 – yep THAT date – I was sent a message from another Lightworker who was concerned at the time as they believed they had been sent a threat. (Just as an aside, the person concerned believes they have been threatened before and, together with some other Lightworkers they are in contact with – and, possibly, due (in my belief) to to their past experiences - they felt they were being sent this message to warn them to stop what they were doing.)

    It was a series of images and a map. The map is below.

    They sent it to me and asked me if I knew what it meant. My instant ‘reading’ was that this was no threat – far from it. Instead it was wonderful message; a clue to what is about to happen. I just instantly ‘got’ that this was a message of hope, of love, of joy.

    Yet that was all I ‘knew’ – then. And, quite possibly now.

    But I will share what I have since deciphered and been ‘messaged’.

    I was also told to share what I had unearthed as it may lead someone else to put further pieces to this possible conundrum and indication of what good is about to happen.


    So here’s the map they were sent:

    You will notice that at the top it has YHWH. This is the Hebrew tetragrammaton for Lord or Creator – which, for some reason, Jews are forbidden to say or write (this tetragrammaton) in full, when reading the Torah; they must use the term Adonai.

    The book, The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak, features just the letters YHWH and the Phoenix rising on its cover. Having read this facsinating book from cover to cover, I just ‘knew’ that that this map was trying to say that something good is going to happen.

    There is also a giant letter W that appears to sit over the top of Krakow in Poland.

    Krakow has had many roles in the planet’s history. It was Poland’s capital from 1038 until 1569 and the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569 to 1596 and has always been a hub of academic, cultural and artistic life since the 14th century. After the invasion of Poland by Germany at the start of World War II, Kraków was turned into the capital of Germany’s General Government. The Jewish population of the city was moved into a walled zone known as the Kraków Ghetto, from which they were sent to extermination camps such as Auschwitz and the concentration camp at Płaszów.. It was also the birthplace of the previous head of the catholic Church, Pope John Paul II.

    The line seems to travel through many areas of significance and where I am led to believe there are certain portals that are about to be opened. Let’s go through them.

    So… if we start in the top left and follow the line, we find we cross over the top of or through some of the world’s other more interesting places as this line circumnavigates the planet. (And I am open to your input here if you believe I am not ‘on target’ with the locations I have selected, or you have further information to add).

    Starting in the south west of England we appear to cross through both Bristol – the city which just a week or so ago announced it had started its own currency, and which I have now learned was the site – and we take a U through into bath – the famed city of healing.

    It then heads south through what appears to be Saint Nazaire in France.

    Archaeologists believe that Saint-Nazaire is built upon the remnants of Corbilo, an Armorican Gaulish city populated by the Namnetes tribe. Archeology suggests that the area has been inhabited since at least the Neolithic period, as evidenced by the presence of monuments like the tumulus of Dissignac and the dolmen located in the centre of the present-day city, and ancient bronzes found in the vicinity.According to the late-6th-century writer Gregory of Tours, the Roman Church sheltered the remains of the martyr Nazarius in a local basilica.

    Remember also that Jesus’s wife Mary Magdalene went to France with her daughter, Sarah. As Jesus said on An Hour With an Angel on January 16, 2012: “Yes. My wife and Sarah, James, my brother Joseph, and a retinue of disciples who would attend to the family went to France. Andrew as well. The life was very simple, and very quiet. The Magdalena in many ways retreated. But Sarah did not, for she moved amongst the people, and she embraced them. And they embraced her as well. And she is the one who carried the lineage.”

    The line then heads over the Vatican and on through southern Greece to the most famous and important portal of them all, the Pyramids at Giza outside Cairo in Egypt before heading north to that other significant portal, Jerusalem.

    As it heads west, the line crosses over two more countries where I am told important portals exist – Iraq and Afghanistan (which is why there are still wars underway in both countries- apparently it’s not just oil)

    Then the line heads straight across China and onto Japan where it seems to change direction again at the city of Miyako, which was destroyed by the Tsnuami following the massive earthquake in Japan on March 11 last year. You may remember this incredible footage take as the tsunami hit the town. If the rumours that this event was either caused or ‘enhanced’ by the cabal, then maybe it was because an important energy portal sits here.

    The line then heads through Hawaii – where there are many portals to both the planet’s past and its future.

    It then heads to Peru.Where the closest place I can see that it changes direction at is the Protected Forest of San Matias and San Carlos. We probably all know who St Matthew is. But we may not know as much of Saint Charles who was born Charles Borromeo. He was one of only four people mentioned at the beginning of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, citing them as responsible for the Council of Trent, which gave way to the modern day catechism. .

    In 1576, when Milan suffered an epidemic of the bubonic plague, Borromeo led efforts to accommodate the sick and bury the dead. He avoided no danger and spared no expense. He visited all the parishes where the contagion raged, distributing money, providing accommodation for the sick, and punishing those, especially the clergy, who were remiss in discharging their duties. Owing to his influence over Pius IV, he facilitated the final deliberations of the Council of Trent. He took a large share in the creation of the Tridentine Catechism (Catechismus Romanus).

    As many of us know, Peru is home to several historic portals. Maybe this saintly forest is one, too.

    And from there the line appears to simply cross the northern part of Brazil and out into the Atlantic.

    Opening Portals:

    So what do I believe this map has been sent to convey to us?

    Just as my first ‘reading’ indicated – that this was a wonderful, positive message – I have now had ‘confirmation’ from above and below that this map shows us a series of portals which will be opened within the next three weeks.

    In fact, all this may happen within a short period immediately preceding and following the 9/9/12 portal. There is also a link to the Sept 11, or as the Americans say 9/11. There is huge significance in this. It is also the 11th year after the lie that was the destruction of the World Trade Centers was proffered to the world.

    Eire Port at Gaia Portal also revealed the following in her post of 23 August 2012 titled Collaboration of Gaia Light Groups at All Time High, when she wrote: ” Summary in process. Collaboration of Gaia Light groups is at a height never attained upon the planet until this now moment. Individual Hue-mans are receiving their collective assignments at this time, as they operate from a place of joy and inner passion for their 3D surface level missions.

    “Illusions about the intellect power are dissolved for these Light Ones as they operate not from such illusory foundations. Light collaboration now comes freely to all of these, and even so-called non-awakened ones are hearing and heeding the call of a Higher Light source.

    There is nothing remaining to prepare. There is nothing remaining to install. All paradigms align with the Higher Paradigm where all are traveling their Light path. No turning back. Be in Peace on this journey.”

    I have also since been ‘told’ that there is much portal opening work about to commence for many of us.

    Ans just as my own messages and decipherings have told me, something good is indeed going to happen…and its BIG!

    My previous message:
    Sri Amma Bhagavan’s site
    ÉirePort at Gaia Portal:
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    ← Are these our Martian overlords … or just ‘dead pixels’ of a camera? Images beamed back from Curiosity lead to talk of UFOs on Mars | Mail Online
    The Council of Nine to Me, “The Journey Home”, August 25, 2012 – by Tazjima
    Posted on August 25, 2012 by tazjima

    1 Vote

    Good morning! We are the Council of Nine. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you, again, so soon.

    Events move apace for our way showers. Even as we speak, a myriad of changes are occurring in each of your bodies. New cells are being created. The light is penetrating into dark corners of your psyche where it has not been able to penetrate for a millennium of linear time.

    We come to you today bearing gifts, in the form of light packets, designed to dissolve any further resistance to the process of transformation that lies before you. It is your decision to proceed further. Actually, those of you reading these words have already made this decision, whether you are aware of doing so or not; it was a decision made for you before incarnation.

    As this last bit of darkness is removed, the last bastion of the ego fortified by, in some cases, of decades of human conditioning, will fall. Do not feel that you have failed if you are feeling out of sorts, fatigued or even cranky. These sensations are indicative of the “battle” being fought at a cellular level. Your body, the last hold out against change, is following its natural instincts for survival and is resisting change. The cosmic light even now penetrating the atmosphere, the earth below your feet and your bodies is bringing inevitable transformation to the very cells of your physical body and it (the body) deems this a threat to its existence. At a cellular level, the cells are being sorted out and reconfigured into a state of being hitherto unknown. The physical body is undergoing the real transformation, even transfiguration, if you will, into a new crystalline pattern. As with the reconstruction of molecules of water turning to ice, so, too, are the cells of the human body turning into crystal. You may ask, does this mean that we are turning into rocks? No… the crystalline structure is designed to hold more light, which in turn will rise up your vibrations and allow you to move into a higher vibrational density, into the Fifth Dimension. There the body will not hold a heavy density, but will be made of light and be able to be changed with thought and intent. The appearance of physicality even on the level of the third dimension is an illusion. In truth, the body is made of swirling vortexes of energies. In the higher dimensions, you will be able to form and reform these vortexes at will, to suit your development and that of the collective in which you find yourselves.

    So if you are feeling fatigued and achy these days, know it is for a good purpose – transformation is in progress and will continue to intensify as the time of the Shift approaches. The way is being prepared.

    The Light packets we bring are designed to ease this process for you if you would so allow. In the end, it is your own choice, your own soul contracts and level of consciousness that determine the pace of transformation. As with snowflakes, each one of you is unique and precious to your Creator. Be kind to each other and especially be kind to self in these days of change.

    As an illustration of the thrust of transformation, yesterday we mentioned to our Scribe that we would speak of Love today. Our scribe was concerned that she would not be able to find the words through her translation to describe what Love is. You see, our scribe is also feeling out of sorts, stretched beyond her normal boundaries of comfort. She is a very private person who has found that she has been putting very private thoughts out on the Internet for all to read. She does so in response to an intense upwelling of knowing that comes from within. She is responding to the growing presence of her greater Self who is now in the process of merging with her human personality. It is a process that causes discomfort at times and great joy at times. All is good, as she is learning to be once again more than she has been allowed to be while incarnated within a confining matrix. Indeed, while incarnated within this matrix, our scribe has experienced more of what Love is not than what it is. So it has been for many of our way showers, who for the sake of the collective, have ventured into the dark places of consciousness there to drive out the darkness through the process of transfiguration.

    The term “love” has been much misused and maligned in current Western society. Love has come to mean the sexual attraction between two individuals whether they are of opposite sexes or the same. We are here to tell you that this concept does not even reach the first level of understanding of what Love is. In truth, Love is the highest vibration of Light or the feminine aspect of Light.

    A gloss of glamour has been placed around the concept of romantic love in the Western world. People seek their “better” half in a search that is never ending and can never succeed for it is built upon illusion. Romantic love is a watered down version of the real search of the soul for the Beloved. The roots of romantic love stem from mystery teachings that emanated out of the region of what is now southern France. The love that one seeks in reaching out for the Beloved, is the yearning of the soul to be reconnected to its Creator. In your search you have reached out to what is outside of your body, searching for the face of the Beloved in the face of another body. Many people of your Western culture and around the world have experienced the heartache and disappointment to discover that the Beloved does not exist in that other person and cannot be found there.

    The search for the beloved through romantic love has become a way to keep you distracted, from focusing on the true journey. Judgment and conditional love have taken the place of what should be a journey to self-discovery. Only by learning to love self can you begin to approach the true goal, to begin the journey Home. Those of you and they are Legion, who have made it their goal to seek that Home, have discovered there is a place that exists within every person, no matter where they might be on the Path. It is a place of safety where you can begin that journey home in earnest.

    In their great Wisdom, the Elohim placed a golden seed within the high heart chakra of the Adamic body when it was created so long ago. This body was to be the new hu-man, a perfected vessel to carry the soul home when the cycles were right. Through the movement of people, through the agency of change, the sacred genes of this Adamic body have found their way into every corner of the world, bringing mutation to the indigenous peoples as well as to the galactic colonists who settled upon this planet during the days of Lemuria and Atlantes. Now, every incarnated soul upon this sacred planet is wearing the Adamic body and carries within it the sacred seed of Godhood, the potential for reconnection to Spirit and Creation. Now each body contains the potential of union with God, the Beloved, whom all seek because it is an inevitable consequence of being disconnected from Source. It is within each drop of water the desire to be reunited with the Ocean. So it is with the soul; it yearns for the Beloved. It can do nothing else. Only those who have lost all their light through their self-hatred and their deeds of destruction can escape the call and even these lost ones will find reunion, eventually.

    In the typing of these words, our Scribe begins to understand the concept of what we are attempting to convey here: Love is the response of the Soul to the Light of Spirit. It does not matter if the soul is housed in a female or male body, for ultimately the soul is androgynous. With the reunion of twin flames, the soul is reunited and can take on the characteristics of either sex as needed.

    Through the Fall of Man, there grew up a wall of thorns surrounding the garden in which the sacred seed was planted. Now that the vibratory levels of the planet are increasing and certain pioneer souls are responding to the cosmic Light, the seed of Love is growing in each of their hearts, seeking out for reunion, first to their twin flame, separated at the moment of creation, and then to the Source from which they came, the Realms of Light.

    Now as the cycle has returned to allow for the advent of the Light upon this world, the Law of Grace is allowing entrance to the secret garden to those who seek. In metaphysical circles, this place within has been known by many names, including the Garden of Eden and the Secret Chamber of the Heart; in truth, it is the place of alchemy, for the personality to be reunited with its Higher Self, the lead to be transmuted into the gold of Spirit. It is here that you will be reunited with your guides, your twin flame and your Higher Self. It is here that you will begin to create your New World, to reconnect with your galactic families and to find your feet firmly on the Path of the Return.

    It is to this place you must go as the illusion of the third dimensional world is dismantled around you. This is the place of communion (coming into union) from which you can begin to touch the stars, reaching out to other lightworkers, to your galactic family, to the angels, your guides and to the Realms of Light. It is here that you will discover you are more than you could ever imagine, that you are, in truth gods and goddess of the divine, creators in training, relearning all that has been hidden from you during your sojourn upon this darkened world.

    By going within, during your meditations or even during the day for mere moments, you will find all that you seek. The secrets of the Universe will be revealed to you, at first not in a fashion that your waking mind can comprehend, but as the ties to the illusionary 3D world are loosened, the understanding will take the form of bursts of en-lighten-ment as your mind begins to comprehend beyond what words can convey. At first, this process will feel more like osmosis. Like a thirsty cell, you will suck up knowledge without having the requisite understanding. However, when the moment is right, the knowing will be there, as if a packet of light or information has been unzipped and the contents revealed. Comprehension and delight will be yours when you begin to understand and comprehend who and what you are, as well as the many possibilities of the new life unfolding before you.

    As the outer events occurring worldwide are designed to distract you, to keep you separated and in fear, you will find an inward focus will bring quite the opposite effect. There you will discover a new world of peace, joy and a feeling of being welcomed Home. This feeling of Home is the closest understanding of what Love really is as the highest vibration of Light within this Universe. It is experienced as a feeling of complete unconditional acceptance of all that you are, have been and will be. Love is the key to reconnection to the Realms of Light which will continue to beckon each one of you forward on your journey back to Source.

    In your moments of solitude and meditation, you are able to re-establish this feeling of unity, of bliss. Yet the feeling of this unity on the third-dimensional plane of existence will continue to be an ephemeral sensation until your vibratory level has increased to the extent that you are able to reunite with your Higher Self. In order to preserve the integrity of your physical vessel, it is necessary for this process to be undergone over a period of time, so exhibit patience, towards self and others, during this period of transformation. The Shift is happening. It is happening right now.

    Be at peace, blessed Ones. We are ever with you, in the eternal Now.

    Thank you, Council of Nine

    Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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    Portal 2012 – The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light in 2012
    by Laura

    Saturday, August 25, 2012

    Message to the general population

    There is a very important operation of the Light forces that is reaching its climax today. This has provoked a very strong reaction from the dark side and this has led to unusually high percentage of negative comments in my blog. Until this operation is over, all comments are blocked. In the future all comments that personally attack anyone, are extremely negative or vulgar will be removed.

    My blog is a communications hub for the Light forces and not a trash bin so I would ask everyone to post your comments accordingly.
    To clarify some confusion, I am simply a messenger for a certain group of the Light forces and do NOT belong to the Cabal. The same is true for my contacts that provide me intel.

    I would suggest everyone to focus upon the Light, especially today.

    Portal 2012.
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