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    New technologies for space travel

    Maria K
    Maria K

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    New technologies for space travel Empty New technologies for space travel

    Post  Maria K on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:21 am

    I am intrested in the new technologies and space travel and I have an ideas how I can incorporate this into material world. An idea have no materilal value untill it is materialised.

    Extracts from my research:

    1. Freud "The Interpratation of the Dream"
    ..."My dream, disquised at this point and actually misrepresents things by producing the opposities"...

    ..."The strickter the domination of the cencorship, the more trough becomes the disquise"...

    My comments: Freud subconc. compares disquise with the resistance force. As greater the domination (or pressure) as more it creates the resistance to acceptance. This mechanism creates a distortion of all sorts in perception. In material world it creates the distortion of matter and couse de-formation.
    Therefore, it is usefull to look at this mechanism from the point of working the opposite - from the point of acceptance, absorption, adaptation.
    Logically, it is the process of "shaping up" under the pressure where resistance force taking different root trough the process of "shape things" up with the accaptance, absorption, adaptation.

    2. Blavatsky: when I come across the word cencorship I began my reseach and I found computer programme with such name. I developed it futher in my dream and come up with an idea that this programme could be build whithin the control panel of spaceships, with the purpose to analise the data on subtle changes in radiation, temperatue and so on, during the time of the flight, with the futher purpose to find objects in space that having possible conditions for the life.

    I welcome comments on this topic.

    Maria K


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    New technologies for space travel Empty Re: New technologies for space travel

    Post  Carol on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:08 am

    Welcome Maria.

    Actually Maria, you've hit upon one of my most favorite topics, the most favorite being DNA creating wormholes into other dimensions to gather data similar to how when sine waves cross they exchange information.

    I know space travel is possible given testimony from numerous contacts, some of which have actual alien spacecraft artifacts, and first hand testimony from people I personally know who have been inside ET spacecrafts.

    By any chance have you read any of Andrew Basiago testimony on teleportation and the Project he was involved in back in the 60's/70's?

    In one of his interviews he also describe a tear shape space craft from Mars that he saw at the airfare base (i believe in California). I also know of a number of other contactees who have been aboard varies types of space crafts belonging to different ET groups.

    You may find some of what your looking for at the links on this thread.

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