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    Nature's Bee Wasp Sting Remedy Plantain Edible & has many healthy uses


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    Nature's Bee Wasp Sting Remedy Plantain Edible & has many healthy uses  Empty Nature's Bee Wasp Sting Remedy Plantain Edible & has many healthy uses

    Post  mudra on Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:19 pm

    Nature's Bee Wasp Sting Remedy Plantain Edible & has many healthy uses

    Natural Bee & Wasp Sting Remedy Treat With Plantain (Edible) Should you get stung by a Bee or Wasp, at home or when outside, there's probably a quick remedy on your lawn or rough patch of your garden, or simply growing between the cracks & joints of paving near by. Here I show Two Common varieties that grow locally, The Narrow Long Leafed "Plantago Lanceolata " & Broad Leafed "Plantago Major " both of which grow in the UK & abroad ... which I used only yesterday. As we keep Bees, and have them around us all the while, it's good to know we have a regular supply of Plantain, which I needed to use only yesterday .. Ouch.

    You can search for & find more varieties but check before you use them .. These two are fine.
    Warning!! Only pick from areas that you can see are Insecticide & herbicide Spray Free !!!

    As a Bee or Wasp Sting remedy .. Choose a few clean leafs of Plantain from a clean environment, if no water is available, give them a quick clean off with a little of your saliva, then chew them "Well" with your front teeth & mixing with saliva between lower lip & teeth until a fine Pulp.
    Having removed the "Stinger", place the Pulp over affected area.
    First you'll feel the sting grow a little stronger for a moment or two .. but I promise after only a couple of minutes, you'll hardly know it's there, so great for reliving children, will save a lot of screaming .. Bless .. there'll still be a little discomfort, something like an itch the following day but i find this quite bearable.

    Check the web ! .. Plantain Is a wonderful Plant that helps cure many ills & is edible, with common names .. ribwort plantain, English plantain, and narrow leaf plantain & more.

    Plantain (Plantago spp.) .. the young leaves are edible if the fibrous midribs and veins are removed. The seeds are also edible
    Psyllium (Plantago spp.) are used as herbal remedies. The herb is anti-toxic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, as well as an expectorant, styptic and diuretic. Externally, a poultice of the leaves is useful for applying to insect bites, poison-ivy rashes, minor cuts, sores & boils. Internally, it is used for coughs and bronchitis, as a tea, tincture, or syrup. The broad-leaved varieties are sometimes used as a leaf vegetable for salads, green sauce & more

    Psyillium (Plantago spp) -- helps lower cholesterol and prevents constipation, helps lessen calorie intake and while feeling really full.

    Find the Long leafed variety on your lawn, in paving joints & out in the countryside .. Beside pathways & on rough or disturbed ground.

    Read about Plantain's History & uses, medical research & health giving qualities.

    Love Always

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