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    Jeff Rense/Susan Lindauer Regarding the Bombing of Libya


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    Jeff Rense/Susan Lindauer Regarding the Bombing of Libya Empty Jeff Rense/Susan Lindauer Regarding the Bombing of Libya

    Post  Seashore Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:27 am

    I had to scroll down so that I could not view the video while I listened to the Jeff Rense YouTube video “Rense & Susan Lindauer – NATOs Libyan War Crimes,” which was uploaded August 1, 2011. (There are graphic war photos in the video.)

    (As an aside, I noticed something I haven’t seen before on YouTube:

    Jeff Rense/Susan Lindauer Regarding the Bombing of Libya Rense_10

    Note the “As Seen On: Project Avalon Commun...” That is a link to several threads on the present Project Avalon Forum.)

    Anyway, here is a summary of what I heard on the video. Susan Lindauer said she was at the U.N. as an intelligence asset covering Libya from 1995 to 2003. She and Rense pointed out the following things:

    • NATO takes its orders from the international bankers.

    • There have been 17,000 bombing sorties in Libya to date.

    • Water will soon be as valuable as oil, and Libya has the Great Manmade River (GMMR), which Gadhafi calls the 8th Wonder of the World. It dates back to the mid 50s. It is perfect water underground that was discovered while looking for oil and it is estimated to be enough to last at least 100 years. In the last week the pipes for the GMMR were bombed and the factory that made the pipes was destroyed.

    • Gadhafi had also set up a financial system which bypasses the bankers – a new way to trade in North Africa – an African dinar backed by gold (which Libya also is rich in), to rival the euro.

    • Libya has ties to China re. oil sales using this gold-backed dinar.

    • NATO has destroyed 22,000 acres of agricultural land in Libya.

    Here is the link to the video. Again, warning - there are hideous graphic images in this video:

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