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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon


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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  Seashore Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:14 pm

    Seashore Mar 27 2010, 09:06 PM

    This is the title of a new book that Dr A True Ott is talking about on "The Story Behind the Story" on RBN. I have the book on order and I'm so hoping that someone else will read the book so I can compare notes. It sounds pretty amazing.

    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Transunrise

    From the publisher's website :

    From the author
    "This book heralds the most remarkable archaeological find in the annals of Mankind. Unbeknownst to most, there is an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and near the border of the famous land known as Transylvania. In 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology, an anomaly within the Bucegi Mountains. Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service which is known as Department Zero.

    "Together, the Romanians and the Americans utilized the Pentagon's secret technology to penetrate a chamber inside of the mountain which was otherwise inaccessible to humans. What was discovered eventually was a holographic Hall of Records left by an advanced civilization near three mysterious tunnels leading into the Inner Earth..."

    There is a blogger who offers free audio archives of Dr Ott's radio program where this is discussed - on March 24, 2010 with Peter Moon, and on March 26, 2010 with Dr. Mike Castle:


    Eleni Mar 27 2010, 10:14 PM

    Both Luminari and I have read that book and enjoyed it- awaiting the
    next one. Very interesting book, needed more details IMO.


    Luminari Mar 28 2010, 05:44 AM

    Yes Mary the book is amazing!! the best is saved for the end though.

    wait for the sequels to be translated. Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Smile


    Carol Mar 29 2010, 12:55 PM

    Indeed, this book looks very interesting.


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    Post  Seashore Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:20 pm

    I've finished reading this book, and the part describing the interactive holographic images blew my mind! Way cool! Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Icon_biggrin

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  eleni Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:41 pm

    Yes, I can't wait until the next book is released- I want more info on that!

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    Post  Seashore Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:40 pm

    eleni wrote:Yes, I can't wait until the next book is released- I want more info on that!

    Me, too!

    I would like to see these books be widely discussed. I'm sure the next one will come up on "The Story Behind the Story." I'll be listening for it.

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  Luminari Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:13 am

    I'm still in intense anticipation for Peter Moon to get the sequels translated into english and published!

    Wow Translyvanian Sunrise will change your whole paradigm.. the end of the book..


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    Post  Dacus Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:25 am

    Seashore wrote:
    eleni wrote:Yes, I can't wait until the next book is released- I want more info on that!

    Me, too!

    I would like to see these books be widely discussed. I'm sure the next one will come up on "The Story Behind the Story." I'll be listening for it.

    I live in Romania , near Bucegi mountain....and i know this subject from on-site Its da Wave

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  Mercuriel Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:46 am

    Ah yes - The Bosnian Pyramids...

    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon 75147766808752783410

    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon BosnianPyramidOfTheMoon_Site20

    The Great Revealing (Apocalypse) continues...



    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...

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    Post  malletzky Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:16 am

    Dacus wrote:
    Seashore wrote:
    eleni wrote:Yes, I can't wait until the next book is released- I want more info on that!

    Me, too!

    I would like to see these books be widely discussed. I'm sure the next one will come up on "The Story Behind the Story." I'll be listening for it.

    I live in Romania , near Bucegi mountain....and i know this subject from on-site Its da Wave

    Dacus, let me welcome you in the mists first.

    And altough I don't know anything about the mistry of the Bucegi mountains, maybe you would want to share some of your knowledge? What's the actual mistery anyway?

    Thanks in advance and much respect to you Dacus

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  Luminari Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:17 am

    Hi guys,

    I have heard from Peter Moon recently- he told me he is half-way through having the 3rd book translated from Romanian of this series by Radu Cinamar.

    So the next follow up to TRANSYLVANIAN SUNRISE (book 2) which is already completed will be out this year!

    Lumi I love you

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    Post  Dacus Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:18 pm

    I will try to make a summary as you make ideas on this subject.
    In the series ....

    Episode 1

    In the last days of July 2003 took place inside the mountain boring, but everything was on the tips of government-secret farewell! The car was first drilled by a strange deviation of the magnetic field, but then corrected trajectory. Gallery resembled a subway tunnel, was perfectly polished and went up the tunnel discovered enigmatic satellite. At the end of the tunnel is located near an immense stone gateway that is moved by sliding to the left. Before the famous dam gates are huge energy. Three people in the first special intervention team were very close to the invisible barrier and touched it imprudent, died of cardiac arrest on the spot. Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) pretending he immediately threw in fine dust. Two generals from the Pentagon and U.S. presidential advisor was there.

    Great Gallery
    Massini knew most about the origin of this discovery and have knowledge about at least one item that was in the Great Hall hemispherical. Beyond the formidable energy barrier, which caused the deaths of three men was wearing a huge rock solid. In the tunnel wall in front of the gate is a square area of 20 cm was outlined perfectly polished precision that an equilateral triangle pointing up. The square is located between the huge grinding stone gate and invisible energy barrier. Caesar felt that there is some compatibility between dam and that of energy, something like an easy sympathy hand reciproce.Atingand invisible surface energy barrier, Caesar finally felt tingling on the skin. A before and passed completely through the dam no more than an inch thick. U.S. officials were absolutely amazed.
    Reaching the square, triangle, polished rock, Caesar opened the gate so that the huge stone wall sliding silently. This command only cancel the energy barrier and also opened the gate of stone. Great Gallery which now looks in all its splendor was lit, however, do not contain any source lumina.In a strange way, immediately after the first off the energy barrier at the entrance of the Grand Gallery, huge hemispherical shield her from the other end enabled suddenly going to a higher level of vibration and radiation emitting high light.

    ( Massini are very high degree Masonic )

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  Carol Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:02 pm

    Good to see you Lumi and thanks for the info

    Aloha and welcome Dacus. I appreciated your synopsis. Now my curiosity is peaked and would like to know more. study

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  Dacus Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:49 pm

    Episode 2
    On closer analysis, the wall was covered Grand Gallery that seemed synthetically but also create the feeling that the organic part in it. But oil was the color of the reflections were green and even dark blue. Color shades were a deeply relaxing effect on the psyche and changed the meaning of true estimation of distantei.Materialul wall was somewhat coarse to the touch but he could not be scratched and no bending. Resist any attempt to break, scratch or cutting penetration. Strangely, the fire flames were acquired inside or practically, the fire could not survive on that material. Americans have recognized that the material is a strange combination between the organic and inorganic matter. At 280 meters to the right gallery Cotea suddenly a sharp angle. At a much greater distance, in the distance, see a light blue fairy, which sparkled like a star. Satellite records show a huge space at the end of the Grand Gallery, but that he was protected by an energy screen. Blue light at the end of the gallery is just the reflection of a portion of the protective shield of energy in the form of huge auditorium halls.

    In the basement of Iraq
    In terms of basement structures in Iraq, she was discovered using the same information provided by military spy satellite data revealed the structure and Bucegi mountains. U.S. adviser on national security matters secret received a fax that was notified that the hemispherical energy shield will activate the bottom Baghdad suddenly pulsing with great frequency. Information astounding was that his face had appeared in a hologram of the planet that this sequential and progressive continent of Europe, then south-east, then Romania Bucegi Mountains and then finally showing their location within the structure corridor shield great galleries and hemispherical energy pulsing with power. It was obvious that the two hemispherical energy shields were a direct but so mysterious about activation led to activation of one and other. Maybe there is even a network of such structures subpamantene worldwide.

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    Post  Carol Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:56 pm

    more please... study

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  mudra Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:13 pm

    Carol wrote:more please... study

    indeed .
    Thank you Dacus and welcome in the Mists Cheerful

    Love from me

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    Post  mudra Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:19 pm

    Transylvanian Sunrise Emerges By PETER MOON

    Since returning from Romania I have reported on my adventures with David Anderson, his Time Travel Research Center and my adventures in Romania which were centered around the Atlantykron Conference. When I arrived at Atlantykron, David told me that as the conference progressed throughout the week, it would become more deeply involved with the subject of astropaleology. This refers to the study of ancient stones or megaliths and how they relate to the position of the stars. There are various astronomical stone calendars around the world, but one of the most significant is in Romania and is known as Sarmizejetusa. It is well south of Transylvania and the larger mountain ranges of Romania. Sarmizejetusa was the capital of the ancient Dacian Empire. The Dacians were a very advanced civilization. If you look at the Romanian Sphinx, the oblong top of the head resembles an ancient Dacian helmet. Dacia is pronounced dysha by Romanians and sounds very much like the Germans pronounce Deutsche, the name for their native homeland. Although no one seemed to grasp it when I pointed it out, the two words sound so much alike that I could not help but wonder if the Germans descended from the ancient Romanians. The connection is obvious. More importantly, the ruins of Sarmizejetusa possess insight into the future. According to Romanian scholars I talked to, the knowledge of ancient Atlantis was coded into these ruins and their relative position to the stars in order to signal the return of ancient wisdom. Pursuit of this knowledge is part of the reason why I went to Romania in August of 2008 and this concerns the amazing discovery in the Bucegi Mountains not far from the Romanian Sphinxx. The details ofthis discovery will be published in the next couple of months in the book Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon.

    The new book, Transylvanian Sunrise, is not only about an incredible discovery that will change the way humanity looks at itself; it is also a book about the remarkable circum-stances surrounding the discovery. This not only includes the political intrigue surrounding it, but the primary person who is the curator or local “jinn” of the area. We know him in the book as Cezar Brad, a psychically gifted individual since birth who was monitored closely by the then Communist government. It was Cezar’s unusually long and almost impossible to cut umbilical chord that caused his doctor to report him to the authorities. As we learn from this book, Romania had all sorts of secret facilities that harbored people with remarkable or strange abilities. Ceausescu, the Com-psychology, sociology, and other aspects of the human condition. By the time he reached full adult status, Cezar himself was assigned to head up Department Zero. It is ap-parent that this assignment had been ordained by destiny and guided by key players such as General Obadea and Dr. Xien. A considerable part of Transylvania Sunrise concerns Cezar’s divulgence of his personal story and anecdotes to Radu Cinamar, the author. Radu, who seems like something akin to an innocent bystander at first, also has an important role to play in the story. Seemingly picked in the beginning as a trusted individual to tell Cezar’s story, fate would also afford Radu a remarkably rare opportunity to visit the remarkable discovery site in the Bucegi Mountains and later communist Dictator, had them isolated and monitored for his own benefit. They were organizationally placed under De-partment Zero, headed by a mysterious General Obadea.

    Besides dealing with individuals with mysterious powers, Department Zero dealt with all sorts of anomalous and psychic phenomena that would appear in the country.Although Ceausescu had arranged for the funding of the department, he pretty much left them alone. Department Zero was so secret that most people in Romania’s government, including their intelligence services, knew virtually nothing about it or that it existed. When Ceausescu was deposed, this opened the door to political problems with regard to the possible misuse of these individuals and Department Zero itself. Fortunately, Gen-eral Obadea was a spiritual man who was chosen by fate to deftly guide Romania’s most guarded secret department into a new era of government with relative freedom for the popu-lation. Secretly, Obadea never supported Ceausescu and fore-saw his downfall. He was also clever enough to secure his own position during the regime change. Despite the repressive times of Communism, there was still a ray of hope and Obadea was in the thick of it. He was the mentor of Cezar Brad and saw to his safety, but he was helped in this regard by an occult master from Red China, a mysterious Dr. Xien, who monitored Cezar and kept him on a positive path. Besides his tutelage of Cezar and other “spe-cial people,” Dr. Xien had considerable influence in Depart-ment Zero. As a member of a communist regime himself, he was free from suspicion and immune from the Dictator. As Cezar grew up, his natural psychic abilities were enhanced and supplemented by more formal studies of become involved in investigations nothing short of miraculous. So that you have a better understanding of how these events are intertwined with David Anderson, myself and the Romanians mentioned, I will share some of Cezar’s wisdom from the book.

    “...some human beings are far above our conceptual, mental or organizational standards. If they so choose, these human beings can transform other people’s destinies through the power of their superior abilities.”

    In this book, Cezar is demonstrated to have such superior abilities. To a degree, he explains how such abilities can be acquired through training. He not only trained hard and long, he had a special knack for it. What is more important is that this entire Romanian adventure in-volves transformation, not only for myself, David Ander-son, and the others involved but for the entire human race. Cezar, however, does not suggest that he is the be-all end or any such thing. He himself was being worked or influenced by General Obadea and Dr. Xien. The General, in turn, was influenced by a gifted priest from the Orthodox Church who seemed to thrive during a time of religious repression. Even Ceausescu sought his advice but did so in secret.

    While Cezar’s superior mind has transformed Radu Cinamar’s destiny in a very powerful way, it has also had an influence upon myself albeit one that is not quite as dramatic, at least not yet. This now brings us to the mysterious prospect of David Anderson who “knows” Radu Cinamar but does not seem to have access to how he knows him. Their connection would seem to run through a parallel universe or perhaps David is blocked from his real world memories with Radu. Radu, likewise, does not remember knowing David Anderson. It is now time to con-sider David’s role.
    Keep in mind that this book would never even have happened if it were not for David making his original trip to Ro-mania and then making contact with me. As David is literally a doctor of time who has literally accomplished the noble task of manipulating the fabric of space-time, he is a witness — willingly or unwillingly, consciously or uncon-sciously — to all of the accompanying phenomena that goes with that. In other words, when you build a better mouse trap or produce a hit record, the world comes to your door. In David’s case, this represents the jinn and all the accoutre-ments that come with them. The mili-tary is an obvious gateway to all sorts of hidden phenomena. To some degree, David himself re-minds me very much of Cezar because he is surrounded by high security circum-stances and has a tendency to work at the highest levels of government. Just as Cezar seems to be placed by invisible spiritual means into a closely guarded high security area that represents deep import with regard to world events, so does David. As opposed to Cezar, who seems to have experienced a relatively peaceful youth with intense instruction, David seems to have stumbled into the awareness of his quantum self by reason of the technology he has developed as well as serving a destiny that is still wait-ing to be revealed.

    All of this represents an area of study which is known as Exopolitics. Exopolitics became a hot topic in the 1970’s when Jimmy Carter, a known UFO sympathizer, took office. At that time, Peter Schwartz and Alfred Webre from the Stanford Research Institute, a quasi-government research lab, did ex-tensive research and proposed a govern-ment program to study the UFO phenom-enon. Considerable effort went into this, and it was championed by the Carter administration, but the Pentagon killed the program, telling S.R.I. “there are no UFOs.” One of the researchers, I forget which one, ended up in Canada as an ex-ile from this country.

    The Stanford Research Institute in-cluded Scientologist Ingo Swann, but was essentially a bunch of government spooks who were operating their own “Montauk extension.” The important point here, however, is that there is an extensive data base that has academically approached the entire gamut of extrater-restrial influence on the Earth. You can read more about exopolitics on the web if you like. There are also books on it. It should be noted, however, that cover-ups of strange phenomena are as old as the Presidency itself. Theodore Roosevelt was known to have kept secret the de-bacle of the Great Airship Mysteries of the 19th Century.

    Since the beginning of time, rulership over men has had its privileges, hazards, and strange peculiarities. If you study the subject of control, let alone the specific aspects of exopolitics, it stands to reason that the more powerful leaders of tribes and civilizations became, the more and more phenomena they encoun-tered or heard about. World leaders have always gotten all sorts of strange reports. It would also stand to reason that, in cer-tain cases, controlling forces (whether they be ETs, jinn, or some other type of spiritual entity) placed an imprint on the affairs of man. How deep this imprint was is speculative and debatable, but the reaction of leaders to esoteric truth has been reactionary for the most part and often downright violent. Enough said.

    The adventures of Cezar, Radu, and David Anderson offer a ray of hope that we can decode these mysteries. There is no question that all three characters work in a realm where access is restricted. In his work, Radu quotes Cezar who says, in effect, that access to such information is by way of initiation. Specifically, Cezar states that obstacles and barriers at the astral level are meant to serve as a selection process for those who want to learn certain secrets and mysteries. Further, that “this sort of restriction can be met where protection must be se-cured as in the case with treasures or special and secret storehouses, certain gates, galleries or quick access path-ways to other spots on the planet or even other worlds. At other times, as-tral ‘obstacles’ restrict access to certain occult initiations or mysteries that are protected by specially summoned guardian entities. These should not be construed as immutable restrictions but they concern mostly those who are not sufficiently evolved and therefore not yet ready to confront certain mysteries without being intent on using them for personal and selfish purposes. There is a lot more to be said about the practi-cal ways of acquiring conscious astral division powers as well as about other details concerning the very experience of astral division, but the time will come when we can talk about all this in detail.” Cezar’s insight is most relevant. We have all learned something about time by reason of our own initiation into the mysteries of life. Cezar’s wisdom, how-ever, is suggesting the mysteries behind the mysteries. The door has been opened a crack and we are in pursuit.

    With regard to David Anderson, Cezar also has insight into time travel with his explanation that “traveling in time is nothing else than the expansion of consciousness which then has access to the reality of the energy of time. This is difficult to achieve and few people get to master and control it to perfec-tion. But there are intermediary stages as well.” It is obvious that all of this phenomena with David is an intermediate stage. While Cezar paints a picture of unlimited potential, and he is certainly not wrong about that, there is also an adversary which makes the task ahead a formidable one. We are talking about the presence of evil and the resistance to penetrating this knowledge and the more exciting adventures it brings.

    A good deal of Transylvanian Sun-rise deals with the repression of the discovery that has been made and the effort to use its benefits only for the purposes of a corrupt Masonic elite. Before the discovery is even made, Cezar is approached through diplomatic channels by a high ranking Mason who is also a director of the Bildebergers. This Mason, Signore Massini, somehow mysteriously knows not only of Department Zero but of Cezar himself as the gatekeeper to mysteries in Romania. Long before the discovery was re-alized, the Pentagon had discovered an anomalous area in the Bucegi Moun-tains through advances in satellite tech-nology, part of which was made pos-sible courtesy of David Anderson’s warp-field technology. Specifically, it was a closed-off and inaccessible area in the Bucegi Mountains that looked just like a similar area in Iraq. Quite apparently, the war with Iraq had much more at stake than the obvious rheto- ric led us to believe. Other independent sources have also suggested this.

    Signore Massini has obvious ties to the Vatican as well as tremendous influence if not outright control of cer-tain important positions at the Penta-gon. Although very powerful, he has reached beyond the limits of his power with regard to the discovery in the Bucegi Mountains, an area which he very much wants to control. He is forced by circumstances to appeal to Cezar for his consent to open up this mystery. Cezar is in a tough position because he understands the evil that this man represents but also the fact that he might lose his position if he rejects his request. Massini also brings with him the technology of the Ameri-cans who can penetrate the physical barriers surrounding the mysterious hidden chamber.

    Transylvania Sunrise gives a blow by blow description of the battle of wits between these two formidable metaphysical opponents. While it is not proper to reveal the entire outcome, the Americans do join forces with the Romanians and penetrate the mystery in a joint effort. In real world politics, one can view the truth of these matters with Romania’s sudden emergence on the world scene as a member of NATO. America is also now putting military bases in Roma-nia and the two countries have enjoyed a new diplomatic relationship which is unprecedented. If you are a side-line researcher and look deeply into the matters covered here and in the book, you will find out they are indeed re-flective of the truth.

    In the end, neither Cezar nor Signore Massini get all of what they want. A compromise is worked out, but the chess match continues to this very day. A room or cave full of high tech artifacts is discovered that make the concept of a stargate seem dull by comparison. One of these features in-cludes a projection hall where one can see the past history of Mankind. It is uniquely specific to each individual who views it and is tied to the DNA and biofeedback of the observer. There are also three tunnels which lead to mysterious places, including Iraq, Egypt and Tibet. Since the writing of the original book, these tunnels have been explored to varying extents. According to what Radu has relayed, one of these tunnels was the province of the Americans. The others, however, have been explored by both Cezar and Radu. After penetrating these tunnels, with technological help from the Americans, a very successful expedition was made last October where contact was made with beings from the Inner Earth. I cannot say more about it because that is all Radu has said about it. In his last letter to me, Radu has also stated to me that he is very sad because Cezar will be leaving him in the next few months as he now has a new job as an “ambassador” to their civilization. This all sounds very bizarre, but it is what was reported. Radu holds back a lot of information because he does not like to say things that he cannot substantiate. As a result of Cezar’s imminent departure, I fired off copies of The Montauk Book of the Living for both him and Radu.

    Although it is not in my power to prove any of these claims, it is important to realize that the Masons have paid attention to Romania because they have known for a long time that it is a potential powder keg for them. There are prophecies in scrolls from the Vatican as well as the
    Vienna Museum with regard to Romania and the role it will play in the near future. The priest who influenced Cezar and Gen-eral Obadea also made a similar prophecy which has begun to be realized. How far this will all go is anyone’s guess, but it is my karmic destiny and assignment to report on this and ferret out what truth I can.

    Most recently, I have had some interesting dreams about David Anderson wherein he has gave me huge rings with all sorts of different keys. That is a good sign. I expect to hear from him soon with regard to my return to Romania.

    Peter Moon is best known for his work centered around The Montauk Project with Preston Nichols and Peter has authored a number of books The Montauk Book of the Dead, Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal, The Black Sun, The Spandau Mystery and his most recent book The Montauk Book of the Living, To find out more about his work or to contact Peter Moon please visitwww.s kybooks us

    Love Always

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    Post  mudra Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:53 pm

    14 Jan, 2011
    Secrets of the Bucegi Mountains in Romania

    Events of 2003 : The Secrets of the Bucegi Mountains

    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Harta_bucegi-300x206

    In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, Zero Team Department (a top secret section of the Romanian Intelligence Service -- SRI), has made an epochal discovery that could completely change the destiny of mankind.

    Colossal diplomatic pressures coming from the United States of America on the Romanian Government for not disclosing to the whole world this discovery led to a temporary agreement between the two countries and an unusual collaboration in scientific and military special team went to Sea shipment. The implications are far more complex due to the brutal interference of the Order of the Illuminati, which sought to take control of both the location of discovery, and the Romanian-American expedition. Expert in studying and researching strange phenomena and also the leader of the exceptionally strategic importance of operations for the Romanian State, Cezar Brad is the “hero” of the shocking events that occurred in the Bucegi Mountains, but also two memorable meetings with a leading representative of the Illuminati and Bilderberg member.

    The Bucegi Mountains

    Bilderberg in Romania

    In May 2003, Caesar was visited by an important character for one issue in particular, the meeting request came through SRI, as a result of government intervention. The person was a foreigner, but spoke very well Romanian. He also knew Romania very well. SRI knew only that he was part of a Masonic lodge very important in Italy that has a high-ranking nobility, and has a very strong financial influence in Romania. His political influence was also very high since he managed to penetrate the wall of SRI agents and reach the DZ.

    Caesar felt a high pressure and a heavy weight around this person. He was surrounded by a cloud of heavy, unpleasant radiation which concealed his true intentions. For this meeting, Caesar prepared thoroughly, isolating himself in a room and falling into a state of deep meditation, to learn more about the person. A SRI helicopter brought this arrogant, tall gentleman, wearing a black suit. He had a cane with ivory handle and gold inlay. His face expressed harshness and his green eyes had a strange effect, radiating unusual coldness. It was presented as Senior Massini. He was very sure of himself and created the impression of a person who was used to give orders. He was leading one of the most venerable major Masonic Lodge in Europe and was one of the most influential Masonic organization in the world: the Bilderberg Group.

    Massini entered directly into the subject by saying that people are of two kinds: those that can be manipulated and led (most), and others -- who have certain virtues and a strong personality. He said that his group is part of the highest Masonic order and is very interested in the outcome of the discussion. Caesar said he knows some aspects of Freemasonry. Mister Massini said that the Bilderberg Group is not itself a lodge, but it means much more than that. He said that the lodges are just facades and the real power is much higher than the thirty-third hierarchical level. Massini invited Caesar to join the group, letting him understand that he will have many advantages. Massini manifested a great power and an unusual psychical force, in contrast with his age. Unfortunately for him, his power was centered on a huge ego, arrogance and sense of superiority over others. Massini said that he requested a meeting with Caesar through the power and the relations he had, because they appreciated Caesar’s powers.

    The Pentagon Spies with Satellites

    A Pentagon satellite used for geodetic espionage, based on bionic technology and shape waves, discovered in 2002 a separate unit in a specific area of the Bucegi Mountains. The empty space inside the mountain was not identified in correspondence with the outside; the empty space begun directly from inside the mountain, at a certain distance from its slope. The empty space had the shape of a well made tunnel and the route of it was perfectly plan.

    The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. The dams were made of artificial energy: the first was the plan, as a wall, a wall that was blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Massini acknowledged that there is something extremely important and was very well protected. The whole tunnel-hemisphere was in a plane parallel to the ground, and the dam is vertical hemispherical corresponding rocks on the ridge called “Babele”. In fact, the vertical slope ended at about 40 meters (131.2+ feet) between Babele and the Sphinx of Bucegi (Sfinxul din Bucegi).

    A similar structure in Iraq

    The Pentagon team noted that hemispherical energy barrier has the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as one another very secret underground structure that they had discovered before, near Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly after this discovery, the Iraqi war broke out and after a few months Americans had access to the biggest secret in the area, which the Iraqis knew nothing about.

    (Editors Note: One reason I believe that the American Military Industrial Complex is in Iraq. Access to Ancient Ruins, Secrets and their Destruction so others will never find the truth!)

    Massini also said that what was there was about the planet’s mysterious past and the history of their organization. When the Pentagon investigation noted the similarity of the data between the underground structure near Baghdad and the one from Bucegi, Massini and his masonic lodge was suddenly very agitated. Initially, they’ve almost panicked. The panic was due to the fact that this structure -- much larger and more complex than the one from Iraq -- is on Romania’s territory (From Alexander: It seems that Romania has a very important mission in the years to come and the Reptilians also have this information. Above The Bucegi Mountains we also have an energetic pyramid – its shadow can be seen twice a year -- which has a protective purpose and also keeps safe the true knowledge that is about to be revealed to everyone when the time comes).

    Massini provided the correct plan to reach the tunnel, as it has been calculated by experts in the Pentagon. The breakthrough was possible close to 60-70 meters from the first energy barrier on the side of the mountain. Massini promised ultra sophisticated U.S. military technology to achieve breakthrough into the first energy barrier. It was a very powerful device for high speed drilling of rock that used a strong plasma jet and a rotating magnetic field. Massini urged strict secrecy on this matter.

    The Discoveries of 2003 in the Bucegi Mountains

    The machine first drilled by a strange deviation of the magnetic field, but later corrected its trajectory. The gallery looked like a subway tunnel, was perfectly polished and led to the enigmatic tunnel discovered by the satellite. At the end of the tunnel was a huge stone gate which was moved by sliding it to the left. But before this gate, there was a huge energy barrier. Three people from the first special intervention team were very close to the invisible barrier. They touched it imprudently and died of cardiac arrest on the spot. Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) threw at the barrier, immediately turned into fine dust. Two generals from the Pentagon and the U.S. presidential advisor came there.

    Secrets of the Bucegi Mountains

    The Great Gallery

    Massini knew most about the origin of this discovery and had knowledge of at least one item that was in the Great hemispherical hall. Beyond the formidable energy barrier, which caused the deaths of three people, was the solid rock gate. Into the tunnel’s wall, just in front of the gate was an area of 20 square cm. On this square, was precisely drawn an equilateral triangle pointing up. The square was located between the huge grinding stone gate and the invisible energy barrier. Caesar felt that there is some compatibility between the energetic barrier and himself, something like a mutual “sympathy”. His hand lightly touched the surface of the energetic barrier and he felt tingling on the skin. He submitted and passed completely through the dam no more than an inch thick. U.S. officials were absolutely stunned.

    Tapping the triangle from the the center of the squared polished rock, Caesar initiated a huge stone gate which silently slid into the wall. This single command canceled the energetic barrier and also opened the stone gate. The Great Gallery was now show in its entire splendor. Even dough there was no light source, the Great Gallery was lighted. But after turning off the first energetic barrier, the huge hemispherical shield at the other end of the room, suddenly turned to a higher vibration level and begun emitting higher radiations.

    On a closer analysis, the wall inside the Grand Gallery seemed synthetic but also felt like something organic was part of it. It had the color of oil, but the reflections were green and even blue. The wall material was somewhat rough to the touch but it could not be scratched or bent. Resisted any attempt at breaking, piercing scratches or cuts. In a strange way, the fire flames were absorbed within itself. Practically, the fire could not “stay” on that material. Americans have recognized that the material is a strange combination of organic and inorganic matter. At 280 feet, the gallery suddenly turned to the right in a sharp angle. At a greater distance a blue light was noticed, that sparkle like a star. The blue light at the end of the gallery was just the reflection of the protective shield of energy.

    In the Iraqi Underground

    The U.S. adviser on national security issues was notified that the energetic shield from Iraq (in Baghdad) was suddenly activated, pulsating at a high frequency. In front of the shield also appeared a hologram of the planet, which sequentially and progressively depicted the European Continent, then south-east, then The Bucegi Mountains from Romania and then finally showing their location within the structure’s corridor. It was obvious that the two hemispherical energy shields were in a direct connection.

    The bad news was that the U.S. presidency was notified and contacted the Romanian diplomacy through intelligence. In just a few tens of minutes, the whole operation had been disclosed. Lord’s Massini plan went down the drain. Initially they wanted to take political control, but the Romanian politicians who were entitled to be aware of these issues have panicked and could not cope with events. The diplomatic tension grew increasingly more pressure as Washington demanded an urgent communication with the Pentagon generals at the scene of operations.

    CSAT (Supreme Defense Council) Emergency Meeting

    An emergency session of the Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) has created a huge wave of sympathy for the Zero Department. Most were shaken by the news they’ve received. The CSAT decision was to continue the research, but under the Zero Department’s control and inventory everything found in the Great Room. From Bucharest the orders came in waves, canceling each other, some very vehement, others elusive, everything betraying a very high tension. CSAT members were in continuous session, keeping in touch with the Bucegi Mountains. They’ve decided to make public the discovery after having first discussed the problem on all sides. Romanian State was to make a formal statement to the entire World. But some CSAT members vehemently opposed.

    Romania’s Official Statement

    When the US diplomacy has been informed that Romania will release to the press the discoveries everything tuned into chaos. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House. Within hours, the US blocked all financial transactions with Romania and its access to all other financial institutions. Romania was about to declare “State of emergency” in the Bucegi Mountains and the capital.

    The talks between the U.S. officials arrived in Bucharest and the Romanian Emergency Department took place without a translator. They were very violent everyone was shouting and the USA has uttered many threats of retaliation on Romania. Other countries in the world knew nothing of the problem, and Americans knew well that there were some very powerful countries that would united with Romania to support the immediate public statement. The official declaration would have provided evidence to the world about everything discovered in the Bucegi Mountains, including photos and anything else essential for a complete clarification. Leading scientists and researchers were to be invited. But most importantly it would have revealed the truth about the very distant past of humanity and the real history which is almost entirely counterfeit.

    The Americans have reacted very badly because that statement would have shattered in a second their global influence and power, and would have probably thrown into chaos their society. This was the main reason cited by them, to not create panic. But they forgot to acknowledge that this state of anguish and possible social disruption would have occurred as a direct result of deliberate deceit and manipulation made over the centuries by the Freemasonry. Also, a Papal intervention occurred, who called for moderation before this great fundamental step for mankind. The Pope promised to make certain documents available to the Romanian state from the ancient papal secret archives, which are of great importance for Romania and the evidence supports the discovery of the mountains. After 24 hours of talks, a final agreement occurred between the Romania and USA and they’ve choose to cooperate in some precise terms. The Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, and gradually present everything to the people.

    The Projection Room

    The Grand Gallery ended abruptly with a giant aula, 30 meters in height and a length of 100 meters. The Projection room was smaller than the lecture hall of the mountain and was protected by the energy shield. Advancing towards the energy shield, a portion of it disappears like a door, allowing access to the projection room. The shield protects the room by any outside influences. Once inside the room, the shield becomes compact and looks like white-golden wall.

    In the back, the shield doesn’t descend to ground level like in the frontal area because at the back it’s a stone wall. The wall has 10-12 meters high, and there were three enormous tunnel holes: one straight ahead and the other two -- symmetrical on both sides. They are lighted by a diffuse light in a greenish tint. Access to these tunnels was strictly prohibited by the secret protocol was signed between Romania and the USA.

    Tables for Giants

    From the front of the entrance hall contains a series of huge stone tables arranged along the right wall, following its curvature. Similarly, there is another series along the left wall. None of the tables have a height less than two meters. On the table tops were cut in relief, with precision, different signs of an unknown writing, characters that resemble ancient cuneiform.

    The writing also contains more general symbols such as triangles and circles. Although the signs are not painted, they come out with a fluorescent light radiation in different colors from table to table. There are five tables on each side of the room. On some of them are different objects that appear to be technical tools. From many of them descending to the ground, are a lot of white, translucent wires which gather into rectangular boxes of shiny, silver material. The boxes are placed directly onto the ground. The cables are extremely flexible and lightweight and light pulses can be seen circulating along their length.

    When approaching any of the tables, a holographic projection activates showing aspects of a particular scientific field. The three dimensional images are perfect and very large, with a height of almost two and a half meters. The projections run by themselves but at the same time they are interactive and depend on one who interacts with the tables by touching their surfaces.

    The Discovery from The Bucegi Mountains:

    Genetic combinations

    Climbing on a specially brought tripod the table surfaces can be seen. They are covered with a film of a dark glassy material. The film is divided into several large square bounded by straight lines, forming a kind of grid. At one table the subject is biology and the projected image are of plants and animals, some completely unknown. Tapping one of the squares, the hologram shows the structure of the human body. It develops holographic images of various areas of the body that always rotate. Other squares show projections of other beings, on other celestial bodies. By tapping simultaneously two different squares, a complex scientific analysis shows the DNA of both beings and possibilities of compatibility between them. On the side vertical lines appear, containing explanations (but in the strange writing seen everywhere) and at the end, the most probable mutant form appears as a result after combining the two genetic information.

    Love Always

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    This subject is so interesting . The above articles came to me one after the other as I was hoping to find the book for free download but I did'nt :(

    Dacus keep summarizing for us Thubs Up

    Love from me

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    Episode 3

    Disclosure operations
    The bad news was that the U.S. president was notified and contacted the Romanian diplomacy, through intelligence. In just a few tens of minutes, the whole operation been compromised. Massini lord's plan goes down the drain. Initially they wanted to take political control, but our politicians who were entitled to be advised of these issues have panicked and could not cope with events. Caesar decided to reveal all aspects of the plans and intrigues involving links with Massini. Diplomatic tension grew increasingly demanding more compelling as communicating with Washington's pressure on the Pentagon generals at the scene of operations.
    CSAT Emergency Meeting
    The discussions were successful in Bucharest, in the sense that the facts were brought to the attention of people with great moral integrity and who are deeply patriotic. An emergency session of the Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT) has created a huge wave of sympathy for the Zero Department. Most have been shaken by what they have learned since then. After the CSAT decision to continue research under the Zero Department, to inventory what was in the huge room screenings. From Bucharest, orders They spent some more than others, canceled each other out, they were vehement, when elusive, and betrayed a high voltage. CSAT members were in a meeting continue, maintaining about the Bucegi Mountains. They have decided to make public the discovery of the formidable mountains of Romania, after having first discussed the problem on all sides. Romanian State was to make an official statement to the world. Several members of CSAT opposed vehemently.

    Romania's official statement
    When American diplomat was informed that Romania will send a press release World of crucial importance for humanity, everything was chaos. Nobody knew, but everyone suspected that something is very serious and important. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House. Within hours they had been blocked all transactions and agreements with international financial organizations of the Romanian state. It is expected momentarily order declaring a state of emergency in the mountains and the capital.
    Talks between U.S. officials rushed to Bucharest and had arrived on the Romanian side were made without a translator. They were so violent that few have not been moments of crisis that diplomats were shouting at each other as much, proferand multiple threats of retaliation. Other countries in the world did not know anything of this problem, and the Americans know well that there are always some very powerful countries would be united with Romania to support immediate public statement.
    The statement had contained the main data discovery Bucegi Mountains, providing evidence to the world, photos and other elements essential for clarification. It would have been invited leading scientists to study and research. But most importantly it would have been revelations about the very distant past of humanity and real history that was almost entirely counterfeit.

    "In no-way!"
    Americans have reacted so vehemently that statement would be shattered in an instant their planetary influence, and perhaps it would be thrown into chaos in their country's economy and society. This was the main reason cited by them, to not create panic. But they forgot to acknowledge that this state of anxiety and possible social disruption would have occurred as a direct result of deliberate deceit and manipulation made over the centuries by Freemasonry. He received a special intervention of the Pope who called for moderation before this great fundamental step for mankind. Pope sent even as the state will provide certain documents ancient Roman papal secret archive which are of great importance for Romania and the evidence supports the discovery of the mountains. After 24 hours of talks reached a final agreement by the Romanian-American cooperation in some precise terms. Position of the Roman state was to delay the disclosures, the presentation of their humanity gradually.
    Projections Hall (or archive Atlanta)
    Grand Gallery ends abruptly in the auditorium inside the mountain giant who had a height of 30 meters and a length of 100 meters. Hall of projections is limited by the energy shield and is smaller than the lecture hall of the mountain. Advancing to the energy shield, the shield portion is defined as a front door and then disappears and becomes stravezie to enter Hall projections. The shield is designed to protect various adverse external influences. Once inside the hall, the shield is restored compact. From inside the shield has a white and gold.
    In the rear, shield not descend to ground level as in the front hall of the projections had covered half the back wall of rock. That massive stone wall, about 10-12 feet tall, are placed three enormous mouths of the tunnel: one straight ahead and the other two - symmetrical on both sides of it are bright and diffuse, a greenish hue. Access to these tunnels is strictly prohibited by secret protocol was signed between Romania and the U.S..
    Projections Hall (or archive Atlanta)
    Grand Gallery ends abruptly in the auditorium inside the mountain giant who had a height of 30 meters and a length of 100 meters. Hall of projections is limited by the energy shield and is smaller than the lecture hall of the mountain. Advancing to the energy shield, the shield portion is defined as a front door and then disappears and becomes stravezie to enter Hall projections. The shield is designed to protect various adverse external influences. Once inside the hall, the shield is restored compact. From inside the shield has a white and gold.
    In the rear, shield not descend to ground level as in the front hall of the projections had covered half the back wall of rock. That massive stone wall, about 10-12 feet tall, are placed three enormous mouths of the tunnel: one straight ahead and the other two - symmetrical on both sides of it are bright and diffuse, a greenish hue. Access to these tunnels is strictly prohibited by secret protocol was signed between Romania and the U.S..

    I hope that I managed to create a idea of what happened in Bucegi

    Sorry for my englih language I apologise

    The actual country Romania have the same place ( less ) the old pace which leave in the past Dacii peuples ( Dacii is ancients peuples )
    The romanians peuples is offspring to dacii peuples. my name is Dacus Its da Wave

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    All this is from
    "Future with death's head " from Radu Cinamar

    A few months after the last meeting where Caesar told me stunning revelations
    the venerable Massini, I was again contacted to meet with him. Was
    in early June, 2003 and that was to be an extremely important moment
    to deepen the elements on which the world had learned about masonry.
    Caesar's explanations I had built when I look at issues were still unclear
    from the story that first interview he had with senior Massini. This clarification was
    necessary for me to have a fair view of the current situation as wide
    mankind, certain subtle mechanisms and laws are beyond understanding and the profane
    some direct relationship between traditional handling of Freemasonry and the illusion
    most living human beings. Another fundamental aspect of that meeting
    knowing the information was highly confidential Massini revealed that a senior Caesar. The
    otherwise, that was really amazing foundation for development which would
    be made in the Bucegi mountains, shortly after the disclosure. Events were
    carried out quickly and I played the movie viewer who seeks ecstatic
    extraordinary of ancient mysteries.
    After a period of several months from their first issue, and the senior Massini
    kept his promise and visited again a Caesar, but by that time In a meeting held
    luxurious villa in Bucharest, which was high entertainment center, at the diplomatic level, the
    one of the most powerful country in the world. The invitation and the necessary preparations have been made
    Massini senior through diplomatic channels at the top of the state, almost like
    and if the first meeting. The difference was the fact that it was the General Obadiah
    He warned that a direct Caesar that invitation, but even a secretary of state
    government to order one of the ministers.
    The meeting between the two was much shorter than the first meeting and
    consisted of a rather strange proposal, made on the venerable Caesar, he
    offered when an extremely confidential information in exchange for a promise to provide
    Masonry representatives access to the discovery of what was to be made on the basis that
    intelligence, little by little, uncover the hidden intentions of the venerable began
    to be pushed aside. Caesar guessed then that mobile is the first meeting with senior Massini
    was in fact, preparing the ground for his consent is sought from the
    second meeting, in those circumstances, it was likely that proposals tentantele
    Venerable had not, in fact, than throwing dust in the eyes to gain confidence
    Caesar and to a cause it to facilitate control of what Masonry
    what could be a big state secret in Romania. Subsequent events were to
    Caesar's confirm these suspicions.
    The second meeting with senior Massini took place in May of 2003,
    when Caesar came into possession of secret data which has provided great Mason. Due
    position they have in DM and that this department was the only body
    action was empowered to intervene in that kind of special situations, Caesar quickly understood
    The main reason for which he was urged by senior Massini. So after
    how he or she specified, leading representatives of global Masonry

    had a terrible power in almost every government on the planet, yet their influence
    can exceed a framework for action. They could, for example, to "make" and
    trigger wars between countries and populations, but could not force in certain directions
    held mainly by the internal structure and mode of bodies
    security and defense of the country. In other words, they could provide a relatively easy
    general framework for conflict on a continental area, but still could not compel a
    engagement within a country, if there was a major reason usually
    struggles involving ethnic or conquests of new territories.
    Case information of exceptional importance that gave him a senior Massini
    Julius Caesar fit into an entirely different category. That information concerned a
    certain location in the Bucegi mountains, but it was incomplete. Just as Caesar had learned from
    revered, there is something there that could not be identified even by means
    technological edge and that was, in fact, the big question mark
    problem. Caesar realized that venerable still have some more information
    that he did not disclose them. Although unaware of the reason, he understood that the information
    Those were probably very important for world freemasonry leaders since
    they have used all their influence to secure access. It was obvious that
    could not question of armed raids in force foreign troops in Romania
    regardless of reasons. Even if, for example, would have escalated territorial conflict
    Transylvania, this would probably require a long time, more campaigning, war
    destruction, especially a European diplomatic scandal, clearly, this time
    Masons did not want it. The conclusion was that what was needed was of interest to her at
    greatest strength and excluded an intervention, especially knowing that aspect excluded
    by certain people. Among other things, this explains the secret to peak which was requested
    Massini senior in the two meetings, as well as leading representatives of the decision
    Bilderberg to Caesar only one contact in this matter. The reason was simple:
    had found the right person to have a huge office and operational decision
    particular case, then she had tainted with many promises, and thereby winning the confidence, the
    Finally, she had determined to accept collaboration with the great Masons and enable them
    to exercise control and influence at that level. Caesar was considered the ideal person
    for this plan, but co-option action had to happen quickly, not to leave
    too much time to think and also to avoid unpredictable side of him.
    Perhaps the mission was regarded as vital for Masonry
    world and she really needed to succeed. That is why he was sent a representative
    Bilderberg's leading expert in the psychology of recruitment, which, moreover, was fitted with
    certain distance psychic influence.
    From the data we had available then, Caesar realized that freemasonry
    World sought to acquire in a short time control of a site
    Bucegi secret, without any form of publicity and wanting even concealing
    Staged power there to that place in Bucharest after representatives had the elite
    had access there.
    Such situations were on edge. As always when the big secret
    state, the leaks could jeopardize the entire action because there
    Rival political parties were not fully controlled by Masons. Therefore, the operation is
    seemed to be a particularly delicate. They had skilfully combined influence, discretion,
    action to exercise control and power. Even for master masons, the case was one
    very difficult, especially due to limited access that they had to coordinate it
    the research activities of the area of the Bucegi Mountains.
    This was the general situation that I described it at the beginning of Caesar
    our meeting in previous months reflected the multitude of issues and implications
    deriving from the story first interview between Caesar and senior Massini. Oripilarea that
    had been included in some way explain the inability to understand all the nuances
    elements that we have learned since then. With no one to collect information on additional parent
    content to just make some discreet inquiries and to sort out in my mind a few items
    general high even existential problems and waited patiently for the signal
    a new meeting with Caesar, to find answers to them. He would be a meeting full of
    valuable meanings and explanations, which culminated in finding the secret that senior
    Massini revealed a Caesar.
    Contrary to custom, technical director of the DM asked me to interview only two
    weeks after the second meeting he had had with the venerable Massini. He
    testified that he had done so because things are shown to be of utmost importance and that
    if no proper sanitation focus on future actions, they could escape from
    control, and the effects could become negative. Caesar did not know if in the near future would be
    had time and opportunity to meet me to reveal everything to me, therefore he
    preferred to expedite the meeting with me, to be sure that I will find all the information
    necessary to publish them in a credible manner. The following months would be extremely tense
    and the novelty amazing discovery was made in the Bucegi Mountains. as
    for my meeting with Caesar, which preceded the main event in August, 2003
    it was very well integrated in the oasis before the "storm" that had already appeared in sight.
    Explanations initiation
    Glad I had the opportunity to clarify uncertainties about some aspects
    the first interview between Caesar and senior Massini, I asked what was the cause for
    Masons and those who are recruited into their ranks choose - often deliberately - the evil and
    actions are specific. I knew that in the current era, the general trend of humanity
    is to slip on the slope of moral decay, ethical and spiritual, yet I
    convinced that good can overcome this state of depression in people.
    With a very serious mine, Caesar explained to me then that the fundamental element
    Human destiny is free will.
    - As structured, the human being includes both good and evil. The
    We can therefore say that if human nature coexist both its upper and nature
    lower. What is important is which of these two aspects is awakened and then amplified
    ourselves. I ask you now, perhaps, what is good and what is evil. No
    I want to digress into philosophical observations and comments, but I will say however that the
    Most simply, good can be understood as the absence of evil. Of course, with the same
    sense, evil is the absence of good.
    I think it's not a secret for you that combines these two Christian traditions
    aspects heaven and that, hell.
    Beyond the spheres or planes but subtle
    their respective expressions, heaven and hell - or in general, good and evil - are found
    Variety complex daily life of every man. Therefore, some people do not accidentally
    get to say, in their misfortune, that "my life became a living hell" or
    On the contrary, very happy when they say they live a life as paradise.
    It is clear that the option or choice you make, man can
    headed, metaphorically speaking, to hell or hell or to heaven or paradise. If the choice
    It is there to do evil, no doubt he will go to hell and then, in a sense,
    hell it will manifest itself, radiation and influence of such a person will then be
    This will remove the evil and the realm of good and happiness.
    Those who choose evil is not meant to understand the existence of complete and they have
    fighting so furiously against the good, harmony, love and beauty. However,
    need to know that human beings are completely free to choose between the two extremes
    ie between good and evil. Nobody forces, no one undertakes, it is pure choice. Here,
    certainly has a great influence personal destiny, and some very deep trends in mind
    sub-conscious, but even when the strength and determination of these impulses seem to be
    insurmountable, is still a certain percentage and freedom of choice. Free agency
    do not ever go away completely. If so, then man would no longer be a mere
    puppet, fully subject to external forces obscure. Therefore, even in the
    dramatic situations, human beings are free to choose, so she can choose
    a good inspiration, they can move towards an unexpected chance and here, almost
    close, she can rebuild their lives in a completely amazing on other bases.
    It is equally true, however, that any choice involves sacrifice for the better. You heard
    someone that you ever make a sacrifice for the worse? Evil is always easy,
    slippery and are based on the force of inertia, and ignorance has also proved, because it involves effort.
    Therefore they say that it is very easy to do evil, but it is very difficult to FAP tuieşti a
    well. The main idea I want to understand here is that when their man
    "Sacrifices" inertia and act in a harmonious way, he is already moving to another state
    and condition of life. It evolves because it sacrificed what that surrenders is less than
    to accede to what is superior. But many people do not have the inner strength that is
    necessary to stop their bad habits or negative trends that
    manifest and therefore exist at the global level of humanity, a pronounced tendency to regress and
    amplification of evil and perversity.
    - Means that just using Masonic elite of this inertia, laziness and
    mental darkness of most people to control world population! I spoke
    - It is perfectly true. Masons are very easily handle this power
    lack of reaction, slowness, inertia, obscurantism which most of
    people is structured very low vibration levels. In such situations Masonry
    generates practical, a true state of "drowsiness" collective, which serves very well
    interests. This is very important to correctly understand how
    Freemasonry action.
    Often, these actions - which in some circles involving high Masonic
    realization of complex rituals of black magic - are made even from a distance, and
    those who are receptive to these energies înlănţuitoare, pressing them to fall
    easy victims, Gliding in a bizarre sort of sleep as lead.
    I do not mean, however,
    sleep only physically, but also a kind of state that are included aboulic people, make them
    to be very obedient and behave like puppets. That is the
    ideal in which they can be controlled and led without resistance. Here, then, one
    The main purpose of Freemasonry, which they try to generalize the one
    whole planet. From another perspective, you should know that this "sleep" of the strange
    people is just a way of protective forces to defend the demon
    revelation of certain spiritual truths. If you are careful and you'll see the reaction people
    at times when issues are communicated very lofty, spiritual and valuable about
    existence and evolution, you'll find with great astonishment that, especially when, most of
    they face a strange drowsiness, obviously, such a state inertial
    excludes any higher understanding, any feedback and any constructive attitude.
    - As I've exposed you things, understand that organizations have almost Masonry
    all the levers of action in society, that people use to division
    and their effective control. I'd say they vehemently attacked everything is spiritual
    genuine, sublime, aiming to transform humanity into a kind of living facility, you
    can act and will result in exactly as they want.
    I was dejected. An impotent rage stirred my being and I could not find them
    antidote. Sensing my inner state, Caesar came to me with great kindness.
    - You are right in what you said. Unfortunately, people have become well
    some "robot", listening to the orders they are given and just executing them. However,
    good to know that the force is tremendous and that any action in this regard may be
    proved extremely effective. There is always hope, just to know them
    feeding with great faith and purity. It will sharpen your alertness and will inspire you to
    act in a timely manner. Masons know that they have their weaknesses.
    - Just wanted to ask you, in previous months I have sought documents
    the subject and learned with amazement that there are many different views,
    contradictions and misunderstandings between the various Masonic lodges in the world. If so, then
    means that they themselves are divided and powerless.
    Caesar smiled with understanding and explain my dilemma.
    - One of the big tricks that made the Masonic elite is to
    create the impression that two or more Masonic lodges are fighting among themselves. In reality, the tip
    Their Masonic pyramid structure forming the greatest masters of the ruling elite
    freemasonry means well, but at the enemies as they appear.
    The idea is to create confusion and confusion, because they know that they sleep vigilance
    man. In fact, it is a devilish trick, one that falls into its place without
    be advised not to choose one of the lodges - believing that bad - but it will choose
    the other, who will think is good. Such things are only in appearance,
    because in reality, Freemasonry is and remains the same regardless of the "fireworks" that
    used for cheating man. You have to trust and be persistent in
    beneficial actions they commit, ultimately, even the forces of evil are
    subordinate forces of good. And because it comes about, you know that a great mystery of
    occult universe is the role it plays in the context of the evil forces of evolution, ie how
    in which the evil creation in the economy.
    I was dumbfounded. Like most people, know that white is
    black and white is black. Now we learn that in fact there is even a sense and a correlation between these extremes.
    - What do you mean? That even evil has a purpose in our lives?
    - And still very important. However, to properly understand this issue
    must have an open and unprejudiced mind. Fanaticism, especially at religious or
    ideological, not good house with spiritual growth.
    I nodded in silence. I was all eyes and ears ready to listen to explanations
    I gave them valuable Caesar.
    - The fact that the universe, as one can find, there is both good and evil
    is striking evidence proving the existence of human freedom of choice, ie
    his individual wishes to exercise free choice in life. Often, this
    delicate is the man to choose evil, which by nature is autodistruc-hem. In other words,
    in ignorance man chooses to self-destruct, thus preferring to deny himself.
    Therefore, a deeper analysis, the choice of evil means first choice
    to fight against his own being, which ultimately will destroy itself. This
    Mystery deepens the relationship between good and evil, because it implies the existence of a goal
    presence of hidden forces of evil in the universe and therefore each of the beings in the life
    human. I do not know to what extent you are familiar with the ideas about the meaning of existence and with the
    spiritual progress, but I will say that human evolution is, above all,
    the primary source's return, purely spiritual, from which came. Imagine
    yet the very fact that this origin is that sublime eternal happiness and a
    every man wants. This return to its spiritual origins of human beings must be
    but fully conscious and free of any temptation bottom, all that could
    mean illusion, coercion, prejudice. If you understand this correctly, you can say that
    You understand the need for the forces of evil in creation.
    I was a little confused, because not yet caught the essence of the problem. Caesar
    continued to explain a lot of patience.
    - If evil did not exist, you were not able to realize the need
    return to the source and you linger indefinitely by who knows which parts of the universe. So,
    But evil] is the creative role of humans test. In this way
    the practical test of knowledge, spiritual realization and the capacity to love
    each individual on the path of spiritual evolution, depending on the reactions and the choices he
    them, can tell whether the test passed or not that life.
    - As the exams in college, I did a parallel.
    - Exactly. As the exams as those in college or professional
    except that while they are illusory and ephemeral nature - being surrounded by a
    limited temporal and spatial domain - life tests or exams that make sense
    spiritual is very important steps in personal development. Passing
    success of such a test is an important victory in the fight for domination of nature
    inferior man and this victory can develop into an increased capacity to understand
    Some subtle aspects of life, gradually acquiring maturity and discernment
    spiritual or a multitude of other beneficial and positive aspects.
    Caesar was a brief pause, as if to leave me time to think and reflect
    - I want to be sure I understand. What is being tested and how to
    recognize these tests? I asked very carefully at the new course of discussion.
    - Most exams test your faith and discernment of life. Often
    However, due to ignorance, people interpret these tests as some great evil,
    as a curse or a bad hitting him, causing him to falter in such cases,
    Evil manifests itself primarily for human testing and purification. Nobody
    beyond, over its evolution, tests, lessons and exams for all sorts of life.
    Practically speaking, these tests are our confrontation with the forces of evil itself, which
    Plans are subtle and satanic demon creation. This is applicable both
    individual case and if a couple or even a people or a community
    - Well, we are often helped by others when we are faced with
    trouble or when we ask for advice in a very difficult life. Who goes
    then the test: new or individuals helping?
    - You must be aware that help is not to force. A person
    can be advised and driven on the right path, but remember that she has her own free
    arbitrator. To have free will, however, in other words to have a choice, involves
    that man is responsible for the freedom they have and they manifest. It can be
    helped, supported, but beyond that it boosted his freedom to choose between
    various possibilities at its disposal. If he were forced others to follow
    called path, even if this path is highly beneficial, it would mean that freedom
    s is practically annulled. It is therefore very important for human beings to be let
    freedom of choice, but choice is good given the awareness and understanding
    that it is that being.

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

    Post  Dacus Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:53 am

    Now know enough information about the implications of Freemasonry at
    world and are aware that on this planet is already giving a fierce battle between the forces
    forces of good and evil. However, every moment you are free to choose whose side
    want to be. If your inner structure, as is obvious, you have chosen well, then you
    act accordingly and will diligently pursue plans to fight for the annihilation
    Masonic. The same is true for other people, only that many
    they do not even know the facts regarding the mode of action and influence
    Masonry in the world. Furthermore, the game is so perverse evil forces that they are infiltrating
    insidiously find anywhere a "fertile ground", that wherever there is a weak consciousness or
    perverted enough to cause it to say that word with great violence
    we are surrounded only by the paranoid who sees all around them only attack
    conspiracies, covert manipulation or games, that in fact, none of this does not exist
    that all is well and naturally and natural place, in reality, such a
    behavior is typical for a demon being tormented by multiple influences, which
    she plays the game. If the person is part of the intellectual elite, whether it is man
    scientist, journalist or writer, then the better for Masonic plans. Feedback
    such a bad person, which can be assumed to have a certain authority
    intellectual, unfortunately contributes significantly to influence design
    other people. In fact, probably know that one of the greatest tricks of Satan
    is to a man to be convinced that the devil - that Satan himself - no.
    This is how it works and Masonic organizations, giving the impression that they do and want
    good. It is but an appearance, because in reality they battle more or less
    openly against the good, religion, faith and spirituality.
    - I do not understand how it is possible for people to live in this huge conspiracy and
    however, not aware of its existence! I cried myself full of riot.
    - Why are you surprised? You yourself, until recently, I used to go there and not have any
    clue about Masonry and appalling about her plans. Probably see
    just like everyone else, that many things go wrong, but still not addressed the problem In a
    more mature. Now you know your inner truth and substance, which is very good of you
    made immediately take attitude and want to share this knowledge to others. You
    already able to do extraordinary, publishing what I told you so far.
    The first step is to draw public attention to the reality that
    surrounds. It is analog speaking, that when you pull the bells on Sunday, in a city
    asleep, people start to wake up slowly and will then require more
    details. But even more importantly is that they will become much more careful
    everything that is happening around the world and even, because then they already have a basic
    solid information. Their vigilance is a first shot, very heavy, which is given
    Freemasonry, as a vigilant man is more difficult to be deceived, manipulated or
    controlled. Then will arise a general current of opinion that will ever catch
    much force and so many plans and initiatives will be blocked even in masonic
    Caesar stood and looked at me keen to see if I understand.
    - However, the reactions seem to me very weak and I really wonder how we manage
    to achieve what we wanted, I said.
    - Most prophecies predict that, eventually, defeat the forces of good will. On
    Moreover, it is very difficult fight. Freemasonry world as a horrible hydra is
    one that performs all this satanic guidance that supports the people of
    entire planet. in Romania, for instance, especially lately, Freemasonry acts
    almost at will. Poor people who are kept in ignorance and handling, no
    not even suspected that the cause of the tragedy that has always under the eye and lives
    oppressed. If the hydra would be defeated, then we could talk about regeneration
    Quick in all aspects, the whole world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of
    Western people not to notice how careful handling - some
    them very obvious - of Masonry. Apathetic and selfish, most prefer to
    isolated in a strange form of "hibernation" town, having mistaken impression that it guides
    own life. Even if they learn about the evil actions committed by Masons, prefer to
    deny the convenience or to rely on the fact that others will take action in their place. More
    than that, they adhere to a crass ignorance to certain guidelines that are infused and satanic
    Masonry encouraged rampaging through rock music, drugs, alcohol,
    tobacco and the materialist conception, these conditions gradually stupidity, but steady, the
    human being who becomes devoid of will and determination of its own is pretty easy
    the freemasonry to fulfill the plan.
    Caesar suddenly silent. It was a rather long pause in which we both remained
    deep in thought, in the end he continued to speak, but his voice could
    see a slight hint of sadness
    - Unfortunately in our country the situation is identical. People like "sleep" are not
    awake, not lucid. Although some data have been published about the fundamental
    Freemasonry and its global plans, inertia and dramatic state of "drowsiness"
    people-which is correlated with the sleep of reason - has grown so much that they are
    catadixesc very few who even believe that what is being said about Masonry
    as possible and that is a cruel reality. They find it so monstrous and incredible
    that in a subconscious impulse of fear and self preservation, they prefer to believe that
    Perhaps not quite as bad as it is described that such information may
    defamation actions are actually the destabilizing forces for who knows what
    obscure reasons, so prefer to close their shell again and stay longer
    on the inertia of which were covered before. The situation is even worse than
    one in which they knew nothing about plans satanic Freemasonry, because he knew and
    however, not to act in accordance with what you know is a big coward and a serious violation
    The basic moral code, in such a bad situation is not one who does not know, but it
    poorly at that, knowing, acting as if they knew. Therefore, the first step and
    important is the awakening consciousness of the people of this terrible "sleepy". If they do not
    become lucid, they will not understand why conditions are so difficult and why it is happening
    so many absurd things. This also happens because many times, the essence
    action is hidden Masonic symbols that are highly obscured.
    It was one of the "sticking point" that we wanted to clarify one because
    I had done some correlations but still I needed more explanation. We took
    So I asked one occasion, and Caesar:
    - They use certain symbols in ritual actions to influence outcomes
    their satanic plans?
    - There are indeed some Masonic symbols that are already well known
    such as compasses and trowel. Others, however, are more obscured, for instance, the pyramid
    "All-seeing eye" on top of them, represented not by accident on U.S. bill
    a dollar. In addition to symbols, Freemasonic estimates are also very
    Masonic Lodges important for devotees, but they are little known
    other people. For example, all on a dollar bill is the Latin motto
    "EPluribus Unum," which in translation means synthetic "The chaos to order," which
    Now you can suggest so many correlations. If you analyze the current situation soberly
    the world and also in Romania in terms of social, economic and political will
    easily able to determine how this chaos is structured so as to ensure gradual
    establishment of the New World Order, which is not saying New Order freemasonry -
    so ignorant not to know who are actually creators - but the New Order.
    Another principle that it applies strictly Freemasons, especially Lodges
    and the Masonic Brotherhood "them, is the imperative that says:" All for One and One for
    all. It may seem strange, but know that compliance with this mandatory state confers
    unit and a display of strength and toughness which are considerable. For this
    terms must confess to you that if people from Romania or from any other
    part of the world manifests the same state of tenacity, the same driving force and the same
    systematic engagement and if Masons - but, of course, facing a deep sense
    beneficial and positive - when the current state of humanity, or at least a portion of it would be different.

    But - and this is very important to note - while the common man
    always has the choice available, guidelines are behind the Freemasons
    profoundly evil, even satanic, members of this organization that gives a
    certain state of terror, an attitude of subordination to the army almost. This makes
    those who act in these groups or to Masonic lodges in almost implacable
    their decisions. An order in Freemasonry is not discussed because at the start of the
    organization, those who are willing to accept an oath and perform a ritual horrible pervert
    which actually requires a total submission and obedience, otherwise agreeing to be
    - It means that beyond their actions in the physical, applied and some Masons
    ritualis-occult processes and political initiatives which are evil, I found myself.
    - They are an integral part of their practical and ideological system, but only from
    one level up. To understand better, evil rituals and invocations are made
    only those members who have reached a certain rank or position high in the tree
    the lodge to which they belong. Typically, information that is revealed about
    Freemasonry does not insist on such subtle or psychic impact you
    has giant sphere of influence of this evil group of people who joins
    it. Therefore, for the common man who learns some truths about her
    Freemasonry is more of a mutual aid group, something like a gang
    thieves and charlatans. However, membership or integration of human beings in freemasonry
    has strong negative effects such as the occult, which will resonate with
    Distinctive features of the organization. In fact, this merger by joining the Masonic groups
    will create negative changes in the aura of being so deep that, as compared
    the status it had before joining it will be forced to recognize the fundamental nature
    evil freemasonry has the guidance.
    - Then how do you explain their formidable power in areas of basic life
    contemporary example in economics or politics?
    - Indeed, Freemasonry is one of the most powerful groups at
    today, I would say that it is the only occult group that has political purposes. All
    other occult groups or organizations that exist are usually spiritual purposes. They are not
    engages to carry out actions jpolitice because in their view they are ephemeral,
    if Freemasonry, the situation is completely different. Freemasons make a big
    This emphasis on political involvement to make stagnant those who adhere to
    their organization only at this level, the influence and power they can have a
    the masses of people. This evil of Freemasonry result in so-called
    "Broken heart" for those who enter its ranks. In fact, it is natural Masons
    to act this way because they use occult initiation is not intended in any way
    to develop and raise the soul of joining the organization. If the soul were
    that human beings wake up, then it could not be manipulated and determined to
    take numerous actions are clearly evil and satanic. From this point
    to the feelings of affection, kindness and compassion are completely alien to a
    Mason, as if he had not been allowed to order any longer. By means
    initiation ritual occult freemasonry of adhering to the "remove", in fact, these
    feelings because of the subtle point of view when he makes a pact with the forces fe
    demon, the forces of darkness. Unfortunately, most times being concerned or
    not even realize this terrible setback that occurs in its existence.
    When promoting an elite member of a Masonic lodge in a
    high and very important position in the organization, it has some subtle criteria by which their
    if that person is aware enough to "model" in the direction of actions
    I myself have found out later, after my first conversation with senior Massini, many
    of these revelations about Freemasonry. It is almost incredible how much dirt
    human can exist above the top of their hierarchical pyramid, but everything is polished and made
    appear bright and noble, fabulous wealth through their possession of
    relationships, influence and control they have in the extraordinary world. provided they
    are experts in testing those we receive from or on advancing its position very
    high in their organization, I was naive to imagine that I cheated a venerable
    Massini, making one to believe that I accept his proposal of membership without discussion and collaboration.
    The old man was very astute, very amazing information that I provided them with
    on their methods of action have been included, in a way, the test or, rather,
    "Race" to which I was subjected. Most likely, however, that he knew long before that there was no
    problem for me to accept it. indeed, did not meet their standards
    rotting soul, and I had a great spiritual force and a strong discernment
    to realize the truth hateful in respect of, without being lured to their proposals.
    However, as you'll see, "the book" the game was too important and they had to risk,
    but they did it in a very complex.
    Masons are not stupid, by contrast, have very high intelligence, but it has a
    perverse nature, even diabolical, so you can serve in the administration of evil plans,
    In addition, at higher levels in their hierarchy, they currently use some occult energies
    Natural, but they use the bad or the very low, lower. Not accidentally,
    Freemasonry is, just as I said, the only group that has for occult
    So there are no fools, but in some extreme cases they can be turned,
    aiming for a particular purpose, they are fools. This was the case of the two meetings that we
    had with senior Massini. It is very likely to be screened mental venerable yet
    before, the whole discussion - I mean the first date - he has had with me. In fact, it was
    more of a monologue of his own, which calls for my hypothesis. He knew exactly what my
    say, how to behave, how to make my proposal for collaboration and how to tempt me
    to accept it. Above all, however, knew how to let me believe that I myself have a
    wrong, giving them know that I accepted the proposal. He knew, therefore, that lie eu, But I do not
    I thought he knew it! Only after several weeks, I was surprised to find out the truth,
    through secret channels of information and intelligence of the RIS. It seems that
    Massini told, full of pride, something about the discussion held with me, personalities
    high-ranking political hierarchy in Europe and so I learned, actually "score" the first real meeting.
    The situation remained, however, very complicated. If he knew that I lie and pretend it then
    why he played all that charade, telling me that I will even make a second visit
    when I had to communicate something very important? The role played in the first
    meeting was exceptionally well played. Telling me all these shocking truths about
    Masonry, he practically forced me to my "schedule" strategy of deceit, which was waiting. Then
    was necessary for me to be convinced that he believed the lie of my acceptance. Moreover, the
    scheduled a second meeting, which would be even more important than the first. What was
    However, the plan's complex and highly obscured? What Masons strenuously sought if
    were willing to risk even a misleading attitude on my part? mean that the objective
    was really important to them and that gave not stop at anything to a
    get. A first conclusion was that, in a sense, constituted mainly pion
    all that mysterious problem, which still did not know anything. It was obvious that if I
    still asking, could not be based only on me in relation to this objective. But
    who was that? By the nature of which make long-Zero Department,
    could suspect that their interest was related to something quite exceptional, which was related only
    intervention teams operating in the department, teams that run them myself.
    Logically speaking, this implies that they wanted to have access to a state secret that no
    1 I do not know, but they knew they could not reach except through me, thanks
    I had the special function in the department.
    They thought I was the only sensible conclusion that could be correlated with
    Massini venerable attitude. It was clear that to achieve this goal in this case, it was
    willing to risk everything. What could determine, however, the world's largest Masons to
    orient with so much interest to Romania? I already knew about the existence of prophets
    very obscured, Christians made two great saints of the past century, they
    concerns the future of Romania in the context of the future of all mankind. I also learned,
    top secret existence of a very valuable parchment, in the vast library of
    Vatican, which exhibits the same problem with the Romanian territory, a situation close
    mentality and great pride inconceivable states and world powers. There
    Also in the secret archives of the Museum of History in Vienna, a very old document
    exhibit extremely distant historical past and also fabulous civilization that existed
    those times in Romania. Therefore, these are all different sources, two
    of them very old, which largely covers the same things, in these conditions is difficult
    believe that we are dealing with a scam, in addition, there are many other aspects that correlate. The
    For instance, the prophecies say that it is a matter of just a few years until
    outbreak of "signs" that will draw attention to that area. On the other hand, must
    know that the Freemasons are very careful in this country because they know that most long
    big problem for them at the planetary level, this is the place. They themselves know very well
    prophecies about the future of Romania and I know that most problems are
    will even in this part of the globe. Therefore, they are very attentive and interested in what
    is happening in our country. This explains their backstage intrigues and machinations of the economy and
    country's policy, in order to ensure that control and generate the same kind of groups and
    The weird and often claim they finance with fabulous sums of money. in these groups
    they have attracted and still attract naïve people with a weak character, but hungry for easy gains, which are
    even willing to sell their soul to arrive only in the so-called high society and
    rich. The main purpose of these mini-organizations is to block any attempt
    spiritual or social development and economic normality of the population, while creating
    impression that their work is very hard in these areas.
    So when I learned that you concepuseră cunning plan of the elite
    Bilderberg group, we linked all these issues, because the situation seemed obvious in
    Furthermore, I know about some secret items which related to the future
    people, they had learned from the parent Arsenic Boca, with more than fifteen years ago.
    One who is endowed with a minimum common sense, a lucid and pay a certain intuition, is
    virtually impossible to not notice how - often amazing and very complex - it is
    most of the prophecies come true.
    Based on what we already know and seeing the insistence of senior action in Massini
    this case, I sensed that the issue was of utmost importance for
    Freemasonry, and for the entire country. There I remained, however, than to wait
    next meeting with the patriarch to understand what they actually Masons from me. Basically,
    It did not matter at all if I lied to them or not anyway because it would not be met
    extravagant promises which I never had them. For them it was important to them
    facilitate access to something that now no one I do not know. It seems that the problem was
    very delicate, since it no longer afford to intervene in people power
    highest decision, ie the figures in the political sphere and state leadership. If
    just wanted secrecy and concealment to those with whom most of the intrigues and
    costly plans, mean that the situation was extreme and fit the parameters maximum
    security. I confess that I myself was very excited by this, but then I had no other
    additional data. Although I rely on logical inferences only on intuition and information
    Security had received the second meeting would confirm all my suspicions. Power
    policy had been circumvented.
    - Even I wondered why the venerable decided not to intervene in this matter
    through diplomatic channels very high, I said. I understand that the elite did not want all Masonic
    advertising if you plan to have, but on the other hand, a direct order, the very top, it would be
    increasingly sophisticated meetings with senior exempt Massini. in your case might not even be sure
    The final result, while direct government intervention in the case could have very
    easy and immediate access to what they wanted.
    - Your observations are correct. However, remember that they have certain limits of influence
    policy, which differs from country to country. Probably felt that way as uncertain
    Romania, although obviously it would be easier. Even if this option were to go,
    they had only had access but no control over what was of interest. However, senior Massini
    I stated very clearly the terms of cooperation at the second meeting, told me that they
    Their people have there, which must work together closely, thus following directives
    Masonic elite. In case of involvement of political figures in this issue
    things would not be able to be just because of vanity or some unpredictable reactions
    expressions of power, I was therefore quite clear that in this respect did not want to risk
    nothing. From here we concluded that what was of interest mainly, I would say even
    highest grade, was firmly in keeping a secret problem.

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    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Empty Re: Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

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    Therefore preferred roundabout and difficult way out to contact me, to
    I "convince" and I "recruit" in their ranks. Were used diplomatic channels
    just to get to me very quickly and to avoid any confusion from other
    High-ranking individuals.
    - However, political influence and interference in their country are very high, so
    can manage or even block, if necessary, any rumor or story that you do not agree, I noticed.
    - In addition, this nation's interest to maintain a degree of poverty and stupidity
    which has reached unbelievable. You know very venerable Massini said
    it. However, their politics has become, especially lately, quite obvious. No
    they almost do not even bother to hide it, appearances are maintained only
    the hypocrisy and deceit, showing boundless contempt and total disrespect for
    nation. Their very strange and cunning policy aims primarily to the secătuiască
    point of view that a nation and to bring that state of total dependence aboulic,
    requiring among other kinds of foreign aid loans, which creates
    obligations. The main goal is to keep people in this strange state of
    Unfortunately, as you see, in many cases succeeded. If things continue in this
    and so there will be a revival of the elements of liability, it is possible that this critical condition
    of things that can not be denied by anyone, to continue and even increase in
    next period. That's why I told you it is very important that people
    know the causes underlying this situation that exists at national and even global.
    Then you can be sure that those who necessarily have a certain openness of mind will
    be able, in turn, to "awaken" and others. It's like an avalanche effect in
    which, after reaching a critical point - which is about 5% of the population - development
    his is almost exponential, just as the snow which bulgărele
    it started small, rolling - accumulating more and more snow - and it quickly becomes
    very high.
    In their ignorance, many people unwittingly act in consensus guidelines
    Freemasonic without even suspecting that they do so practically, the dirty game
    Masonic groups. However, using intermediaries, are very virulent and insidious.
    Method of using intermediaries - who then are like a "cannon fodder" - in action
    they engage Freemasonry is very old and frequently applied. By this, they
    Take responsibility and if things go as they watched, they blame
    always the source term, a finger-pointing it to incriminating facts
    I breathe deeply and I turned in his chair. This information seemed to me
    almost hilarious, but still could not deny the evidence. I thought that there must
    However, a path to victory, even when suffering is unbearable. Therefore 1 -
    I asked with great interest Caesar:
    - Now things are quite clear, but I wonder what would be the most appropriate
    ways to neutralize the force of evil and diabolical plans of Freemasonry?
    I felt that Caesar was pleased with the attitude that address.
    - It's a good start, "he answered me smiling. The most practical,
    current context, is primarily disclosure of such evil actions of Freemasonry
    other people, either directly through discussion or by posting them as I suggest
    do with my stories. It creates a common front of those who are not engaged in
    Masonic organizations, which will make many of the plans and actions to be Masons
    unmasked by creating a clear current of opinion against them. Sure that their actions
    were and are often very insidious, especially geared to blocking, for instance,
    any brilliant ideas, any great invention, that any qualitative leap
    able to improve the livelihood of the people. They are the ones that give instructions for both
    counteract such invention or idea and for bringing the inventor and dismay
    of a total state of depression, stress and helplessness. Therefore, many prefer to leave the country
    Saxon and provide exceptional intellectual capabilities in other areas of the world in a way that
    is absolutely paradoxical situation, you do not believe you had the opportunity to meet the
    other countries. Although Masons seek, in general], promotion of non-values and
    annihilation of human beings or even eliminate special initiative and have a great power
    beneficial action, however I would say that in our country, this plan is made predominantly
    application. Moreover, political and economic situation of the country shows that masons work
    just as (I described, they almost always seek to promote men of straw,
    corrupt people and even to establish a general atmosphere of corruption, in order to
    thereafter to ensure that infiltration to ensure their success dirty games
    that they do. Think that if the key items would be placed intransigent and good people
    faith, they could not admit of intrigue, backstage games and miseries, which, as
    Well you know, currently infest politics and economy. They would not follow, therefore, directives
    Freemasonic and soon there would be a great revival in people's lives in
    all areas. The fact that, conversely, things do not follow this course - although for years are
    "Test" changes, reshuffle or commitments and are taking all sorts of promises - it
    can show the true face of Masonic influence, which maintains a very deliberate
    tension in the country by hiding the truth, by lying and hypocrisy.
    The more people become more lucid and knowledgeable Freemason plans, especially
    soon they will oppose this dirty game. Then be made to expose
    Masonry's evil intentions public. Unmasking is a very useful element in the fight
    against Freemasonry. Already many of their actions are obvious to everyone, but not
    are correlated with the Masonic organization. Even if I refer to one example, at the drain
    Intelligence in Romania, would be enough to attract serious attention to how
    Masonry handling the population. There are many others who have noticed this, who wrote
    indicating its concern over this phenomenon, though they do not know the true source
    Because of this "run" of the Romanian intellectuals abroad. knowing nothing or almost nothing
    about Freemasonry, they put this on account of poverty in the country and the desire for enrichment
    with great intellectual ability to undertake abroad. However, when such a state
    sluggish for many years, it is necessary to analyze the problem from another angle, in fact,
    Masons often momesc beings with extraordinary intellectual endowments to a life
    attractive, carefree day tomorrow, research institutes and companies
    West, in this way, the departure of hundreds and thousands of brains endowed in Romania, they
    fail to implement eventually, their diabolical plan to annihilate the impact
    spiritual awakening must occur in this country, to which the very talented
    intellectual who went to other states, would have made a significant contribution.
    This revival is very useful because it allows people to become
    aware of their mission in these difficult conditions. She even gives them the strength needed to withstand
    certain vicissitudes inherent in the period that Romania, where they are staying
    just to help "awaken" fast track people and other people, but by
    massive exodus of those special human beings, spiritual awakening may be delayed, a
    gold alloy is even more valuable as the amount of noble metal - ie gold - is
    sea. If this quantity decreases, then it reduces the amount and even resistance
    - You mean that eventually it is possible to defeat the forces of evil Masonic? I
    I asked, slightly worried.
    - I only said that the revival of this nation may still delay a
    time, but there is no doubt that it will happen eventually, even if this struggle
    frenzied seeks to invalidate the freemasons. Spiritual transformation is inherent
    even if some human beings skeptical, negative ideas resonating with Masons, their
    doubts and even the belief that we will not win. This political subversive
    evil which is maintained by the Freemasons, is mainly intended to generate a
    negative resonance absence of hope in people, lack of confidence
    extraordinary benefits of this nation until the whole nation can even reach
    not to have no hope, but when a large mass of people is a hope
    they cultivate, nourish and maintain an enthusiastic, thinking about it creatively and
    positive, it creates a huge current of spiritual force which greatly accelerates
    realization of that collective aspirations of the people. So I say, if an idea deeply
    includes beneficial and spiritual masses, then it generates a tremendous wave of
    positive energy that can be very key to turning this nation. This is
    valid for any other population in the world. The most important benefit of the ideas
    would be for people to wake up from "deep sleep" imposed by the Freemasons and
    becoming lucid, to act firmly on all other positions, then having an understanding
    higher on the overall situation.
    At the other pole, but it is terrible when one idea includes negative masses.
    The principle of resonance is the same but the nature of energy which is then amplified in excess
    is profoundly negative, destructive, evil. It causes a state of depression in people, the
    absence of hope, of confidence in self and what is more serious, it is
    heavily contaminated, resulting in a state of indolence, laziness, lack of positive engagement,
    in such a situation, it is clear that the game's evil masons can be achieved
    easily enough. This is how and why they act extremely virulent and a maximum
    persistently by the media when some people or groups are The spiritual
    known world horrifying truth about the actions and intentions. Masons from
    Top search then by all means to destroy those persons or organizations,
    Tampa advantage of the credulity of the ordinary man, which can be easily manipulated.
    - Yes, I was amazed and I deeply cunning and manipulating their perfidy
    people, especially after you told me of the venerable complex plane Massini, I commented
    eu. It is conceivable that their intelligence drug fiend.
    Caesar approved me for that time they had available was very limited, the
    I began to relate the discussion to have with great Mason.
    Panic at the Pentagon
    - A second meeting with senior Massini the situation somewhat balanced. While meeting
    continued in the spirit of a game of cat and mouse, just like the first time, though now it
    already knew the true intentions, the venerable, but did not know it. It is true that little
    My advantage over him does not change too much the problem, but at least allowed me to
    be more vigilant. My actions had to be very clever, not to disturb
    relative equilibrium situation. If, for instance, I would not have been outraged and I threatened to reveal
    all state peak, most likely I would have been immediately passed on a dead line with a
    unpredictable results towards the goal of Masons and even in terms of life
    My. ultimately, we can say that practically I do not exist in this country: the only file
    Registration is at the office of General Obadiah. I do not have political ties, diplomatic relations
    business economics or social obligations. It is a very special situation, which has many
    advantages, but carries certain risks. The advantage is that it can access the
    important data and state secrets related to certain findings or events completely
    species across the country. By "special events" refer to situations which are
    domain inexplicably, at least in terms of modern science or design
    normal. The disadvantage is that we as a general support than Obadiah, who
    approaching retirement. I have no enemies, because the department is obscured, but
    he remains a "territory" can be claimed by SRL Only then can problems occur.
    The scandal was not therefore a solution. I am interested to help this country, not to miss opportunities
    favorable arise. Perhaps the venerable Massini was not very difficult to
    get my replacement - with all the opposition to General Obadiah - but it would have meant more
    much restlessness, uncertainty, and most unpleasant for the great Masons, led to a
    indefinite postponement of action. This seems to bother him most.
    - Why the great hurry, especially for what? I asked with an obvious interest.
    - I will tell you immediately, but please keep in mind that neither I nor even those of the elite
    Masonic world - at least from what I could tell - do not know much in this
    - From what I understand, it seems they have accepted a solution "compromise" does not like
    working with you, although I confess to you otherwise, but neither are willing to complicate things
    which may escalate into a genuine scandal, by removing you from office.
    - Yes, it is clear now that would be done already, to place their man in my place, which
    that would have solved the problem completely and immediately. But, although they may cause my removal
    function, however it seems that they lack the main lever for me who will replace them and
    then they decided for a compromise solution that has to adjust on the fly. "
    - Who changes the function currently set at DM? I asked the
    innocence. If we know the diplomatic channel, do not think it's too hard to figure which are
    In fact, the real games and who makes them backstage. Unfortunately, the function that we had in
    government has not allowed me to have access to such information.
    The room has left a heavy silence. in a later, Caesar replied in a low voice:
    - Let's leave things as they are in this respect. The fact that the influence that
    Massini is not guaranteed venerable problem solving just as he wanted us
    can give to understand that not all are corrupt. This is a good thing. Perhaps
    after the first confrontation with me, after the group reported its results
    Bilderberg has proposed to continue the venerable Massini initial plan, although it was relatively
    Masons risky, however a more rapid action and my induction
    error in the meantime, however, I found the venerable pretense, and I plan reworked
    initially. If the first meeting thinking to make the game, apparently agreeing to
    work with them at the second meeting already knowing their perfidious intentions, I had
    I just pretend the decision until I get to what really interests them, as
    was going to block access by revealing that the top state issues. It was
    in fact, the risk posed to them, but that - just as I said - a thought -
    largely annihilated.
    - How say the books were already made in each "camp", I said very
    story about Caesar.
    - Yes, he replied with a smile. When I was informed, a month ago, that
    Massini venerable going to visit me again, I knew that was time peak.
    These people never do something for free or without a personal interest, therefore, I
    Massini expected that my senior exhibit "hot spot" of the problem. The fact that he
    again announced visit made me understand that their decision to the top court decided to
    build on the version that directly involves me, after the first meeting tatonaseră
    and somewhat prepared "land", the very fact that Mason was great this time host
    meeting in the luxurious villa of foreign diplomats, where the security systems were
    Perfect, my conviction that what I learned was very important.
    Throbbed with anticipation. I begged my Caesar quickly reveals
    secret. Easily Amused, he continued to speak:
    - The meeting did not take long, maybe a little more than an hour. You must
    confess, however, that the information they gave me a perplexed me senior Massini
    even me. I was able to convince myself once again as they have immense power
    Freemasons even at the highest state bodies in the world, infiltrating more
    much in them and having access to information of paramount importance for humanity
    and for her safety. Moreover, the Masons want to control and manipulate these
    highly confidential information for the benefit of their own to carry out its earliest
    Plan to control and dominate the entire planet.
    I met with the patriarch in that villa and after a few minutes as people
    I maintained friendly and joking - during which I was careful to reiterate in my
    veiled willingness to adhere to their elitist organization - went directly to senior Massini
    subject, according to its characteristic style. He then told me that he has information
    top secret that comes directly from the Pentagon's General Staff and that this information is
    refers to a certain place in Romania. He testified that the Bilderberg group has
    most important representatives of political bodies, economic and defense
    U.S. connections going up to the presidential chair. Beyond the position of influence
    U.S. President, there are several groups whose occult power is very high,
    Special thanks to links, and complex political interests and mutual relations they
    have with some leading figures, heads of state and bankers at the level
    international, finally, beyond even these groups there are three very strong Masonic
    which oversees the elite formations, namely, the development of life science and technology
    around the globe, the orientation direction of movement of the global economy, and establish trends and
    political trends, the parts of the world. Above all is the Bilderberg group, and
    within it there are three people who have ultimate discretion over the shares
    important ideas to be implemented across the planet. But here we
    Senior Massini noticed some uncertainty, such as steady as if to make me or
    not a confession. I felt then that it is an extremely important issue, I would be disclosed
    fundamental secret of Masonry itself across the globe. However, after a brief hesitation,
    Massini venerable appearance gave the revelation that by continuing to talk to me about
    highly confidential data from the Pentagon. Spns me that everything is important and reveals
    planet is immediately brought to the attention of the global elite. This was the case
    Secret observations regarding Romania.
    Pentagon runs several programs in parallel military and intelligence secrets
    geodesic, and for this he has invested fabulous sums in a technology that exceeds
    much current knowledge of science. Some sources of this technology are fabulous
    but maintained a complete secret. Important to note is that, due to capacity
    extraordinary technology available to it - and you must know that they exceed
    twenty years the present possibilities, the current pace of development -
    The Pentagon has more satellites in geostationary observation that specific tasks.
    One of them, which is based on bionic technology and the waves
    form, he saw in 2002 a separate unit within a group of mountain territory
    our country, specifically in a particular area of the Bucegi mountains. Initially it was thought there was
    about a strange karst formation, as many others have been identified throughout
    planet. However, just as he showed me Massini senior specialists compartment
    data analysis and intelligence at the Pentagon were later informed his superiors that there are three elements
    distinct raises lots of questions about the data were recorded,
    characteristic of that area of the Bucegi mountains.
    First, the empty space inside the mountain was not identified correlation
    with the outside, but directly within the party began the mountain at some distance
    its slope, secondly, he would form a tunnel that it records data
    had to be very regular and turning sharply at an angle of 26 degrees, to the center
    mountain, in addition, the tunnel was perfectly flat trajectory, the baseline report
    mountain, considered as a reference, the tunnel started at third base but the
    place in a perfectly horizontal plane, but the third element has one more
    thoughts Pentagon staff. Satellite scan of the mountain revealed two
    major structural blocks within the solid stone, which bordered the beginning of the tunnel
    and late. Venerable then showed me a copy after a strange computer drawing
    structures inside the mountain, which was checked and filled with numerous facts and figures.
    Blocked areas were marked with red and venerable explained easily and that they rejected
    sounding or just any type of analysis, as if to protect something there.
    - It may have been about some artificial energy dams, I said
    in one breath, amazed by what I found.
    - Just once concluded they were removed one by one, all
    other possibilities, which included possible interference, metal or other composite
    but it made them consider a more delicate issue ...
    - Who probably made the whole structure, is not it? I rushed I
    - Yes. There have been quite dismayed by the data and immediately rose to a maximum
    their security level. The first energy barrier at the top end of the tunnel
    inside the mountain was flat, straight as a wall, a wall that was blocking access to
    entering a tunnel. The second dam, but the energy was huge, like a dome or hemisphere that
    located at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Venerable I Massini
    explained that, obviously there is something extremely important to driving tunnel, but also was very well protected, I'll draw and I scheme we
    seen, but much easier to be able to have as clear a representation of what
    been identified there.
    Almost dumbfounded, and watched the movements draw precise scheme Caesar
    Approximate strange structure inside the Bucegi mountains.
    - Most of the Pentagon could not understand why the tunnel
    quotas between a sort of zig-zag towards the center of the mountain, and no significance angle
    26 degrees to his involvement in construction. The assembly was in a plane parallel
    soil and hemispherical energy barrier is on the vertical cliffs which corresponded
    ridge which is called Old Women. In fact, as later determined measurements
    our data at the Pentagon, came to about forty vertical feet of
    However, between the Old Women and Sphinx of Bucegi.
    Caesar drew it onto another flat sheet of the assembly scheme.
    - Senior Massini let me understand that the internal structure elements, artificial
    Bucegi Mountains had not yet attracted much interest Masonic elite world
    whether representatives of the Pentagon made no observation that the energy barrier
    hemispherical has the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as one another
    very secret underground structure, which they discovered several months before
    near Baghdad. For reasons not yet known and that
    Massini venerable revealed it to me, their Masonic elite was extremely interested in
    time data provided by satellite intelligence about military intelligence
    strange energy structure in the basement of Iraq. Shortly afterwards they initiated
    war and after a few months Americans had access, the biggest secret in the area
    concerned about the Iraqis knew nothing. Venerable told me that
    however hard they tried, failed to penetrate the wall of energy, but also gave me
    other details, the whole operation was held in the strictest secrecy. He said only that I
    what was there was about the planet's mysterious past and, in some way with
    history of their organization. I guessed then that senior Massini holds further information may
    and even certain documents or evidence in relation to these issues which, however, not
    was willing to talk to me.
    The fact that the Pentagon investigation noted the similarity between the structure of data
    underground near Baghdad and the interior structure of the Bucegi Mountains very agitated
    than those of the elite Masons. As we could notice a large share of this
    agitation which originally has almost turned into a genuine panic was caused by
    that that structure - much larger and more complex than Iraq - is on
    Romania. That in itself seems rather strange, but correlated with some aspects of a
    which I have already talked about Romania's future, you'll be able to get an idea
    fairly accurate in terms of the concerns that we now have great
    Masons. Much as they would like to disimulze this, actions and intentions show
    otherwise abundantly. Great haste to solve the problem, risk factor
    who have taken a, the express desire to have access and control structure that
    are just some things that reinforce my inner direction.
    Senior Massini gave me all reference data, very secret, the location of
    Bucegi Mountains, from where it could get better and faster at the mouth
    tunnel. A great mystery was how they managed those who were built to a
    out the structure and goals directly inside the mountain, without any correspondence
    outside. We both assumed that it was done as a measure for maximum protection
    against possible that the combination blows. The only explanation of the technology
    used would be that somehow covered the main entrance to the tunnel after
    activated energy barrier of protection, but it would have involved a huge amount of rock
    not to mention the tools that were needed for such work.
    Senior Massini has provided me, also plan to reach the correct
    tunnel, as it was calculated by specialists from the Pentagon. Closest
    breakthrough could be achieved in the mountain front, after the point of optimal direction
    power is on its coast, somewhere at a distance of about sixty to seventy
    Energy meters from the first dam was in depth the massive stone. Although this was the solution
    fastest, however, no inconvenience dam at the mouth of the tunnel energy which
    Do not know if it can be străpus. Even if he does not have the same vibrational frequency as a great
    hemispherical energy barrier, we did not know whether or not we have an opportunity to overcome.
    Working around his was possible but difficult technological problems involved. A second variant consisted
    also pierced the mountain rock, but this time it worked, somewhat over
    tunnel to get behind the dam. Drilling distance was greater, as needed
    to observe a particular angle of advance, but even there the chance to bypass the dam
    As for me, I was quite skeptical about this solution because it could
    very well to imagine that the ancients who made that they could build
    intuit this and to take certain precautions. However, my venerable guaranteed
    ultrasofisticat support of U.S. military technology, providing a
    amazingly powerful device in high speed drilling of rock, which use a plasma jet
    very strong and a rotating magnetic field in this way could be reached in the tunnel wall
    Less than two days, taking into consideration the necessary preparations. We understand, therefore,
    First go on this option and if they failed to address the shorter version, the
    direct breakthrough of the tunnel to the barrier energy.
    But the whole operation had achieved the greatest secrecy. If our venerable
    provide senior technology means we had to organize the rest in such a way that
    everything seem not only an ordinary action of diabetes. In addition, one of the essential conditions of
    Mason was so great that, exceptionally, this action would be reported incorrectly
    RIS and the Presidency as a simple intrusion detection of karst mountains, in addition,
    Massini senior wanted to make a special team from the United States of America to accompany
    along with several representatives of the elite Masonic our own team during
    operation. I agreed to this request, citing the inability to ensure
    information leaks out, but I immediately suggested the presence of these teams
    Tunnel breakthrough achievement, in reality, there would be no problem ensuring
    stringent security even in the presence of the American team, but I exaggerated the
    can intentionally exposes the former secret, just because I knew that was the point
    Masons' heel of the problem. I do not want, of course, that they
    entering along with me there, inside the mountain but I want to first convince me
    myself what it is and depending on what you discover, to take a decision on the
    site. The situation seems to be very tense, with too many variables, therefore it can
    ever to become unpredictable and even dangerous for us. However, it is important to
    reach the tunnel and then hemispherical energy barrier. For this it is necessary to give him the impression venerable
    that I will work openly as he can provide us important technical means.
    S are quite high pressures, but on the other hand, he is limited in action because of the desire
    retention of absolute secrecy. Apparently, none of us knows what is there, but after
    like I said I feel that an essential element venerable know which one I was not
    and revealed that one wishes to control exclusively. As I explain, for example, insisted
    him to be present when the breakthrough. It seemed I was dreaming. It was to be
    produce something of exceptional importance, and yet I felt everything was almost surreal.
    - You never talked to anyone about it? I asked a Caesar.
    - I spoke privately with Gen. Obadiah. It is the only one who knows all
    ramifications of the problem. We agreed together to postpone the announcement of the action structure
    senior police, because otherwise the reaction could be elite Masonic terrible. I did not want to
    risk, especially because we need very advanced technology that they are willing to
    available to us. This is an action involving national security, and
    Depending on what is found there, it will be perhaps the greatest secret. No
    We can therefore act blindly.
    Caesar looked at him meditatively. Strange destiny of this man made me
    seriously consider a complicated gear of human relations and interests
    this world. ultimately, we all are like "bad", more or less
    sophisticated rightly or wrongly convey "information" of life. Complexity
    situation then grafted onto the approaching crucial discovery, made me feel
    the whole body of an unexpected thrill of intense emotions.
    - And now? at what stage is the action?
    In my inner forum, harbored the secret hope that I succeed and I can see
    mysterious structure inside the mountain, after being discovered. Sesizându me
    thought, Caesar said to me:
    - For now we are in the midst of preparations, which have to target the
    attention. I first secured the area, luckily for us, it is difficult
    accessible and relatively unexplored. We resorted to military service, even organizing a minibază
    outside perimeter-outbreak, which we have identified and isolated one with
    Our team of specialists. We have already secured the guard ring area, bringing there
    almost two hundred soldiers. He built a small access road and was surrounded
    circular perimeter with barbed wire. We fitted also over thirty pickets
    guard. Inside we have established a second security circle formed by the third team
    department. There are two improvised road access barriers, which are provided
    control points. This time is massive and complex logistics, especially the duration
    action may be spread over several weeks. General Obadiah has dealt with the relationship
    Military Ministry for material support, have been brought tents Campaign
    and military communications relay mounted. I wanted to print all actions look
    an apparent military applications. Perhaps everything will be ready in the next two to three
    weeks. In late July arrives plasma drilling device, and thereafter not
    we only have to penetrate inside the mountain.
    While no one enters the area only with my consent or General Obadiah
    I will do so as you can see what we discover. This, of course,
    if things are as normal, just as they were established. There are many
    other details are however not much importance. You know now essential in
    principle, the first outer drill will begin in the last days of July. Until then
    we see, because the events fall in a straight line and their specific I
    calls in particular presence there. But as I promised, I will call
    when everything will be safe and well prepared.
    Having said that, Caesar stood up and took leave of me. We
    left with the hope of seeing us again very soon in extraordinary circumstances.
    We preferred to walk home. Invading my thoughts and assumptions
    mind, and the myriad possibilities and complexity intrigues almost gave me
    headaches. I fell asleep that night thinking about the mysterious civilization that
    all built inside the mountain, making it a proven technology
    incredible. Who were these beings? From the abyss of time we send the message
    them? No idea but hardly a huge surprise waiting for thousands of years to be
    revealed in the mountains ...

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    After that meeting with Caesar all the time my mind was preoccupied with the mystery
    structure identified within the Bucegi Mountains. I wanted very much and I take part in
    all preliminary and operations at the time of entry into the big tunnel, but realize that
    it was not possible. I should just thank the opportunity of access for a while
    Short place great discoveries, if not complicated things until then.
    For a month and a half conversation I had with a Caesar waited feverishly
    sign from him. I did all sorts of scenarios in mind, I imagine different possibilities and
    virtually every moment became for me an intense desire to get myself in that place
    mountains. I had complete trust in Caesar knew he would do everything possible to me
    facilitate entry in the "main area" of the area. Do not ignore the fact that the tension that
    period must have been enormous and the general's shoulders headpiece, because game
    very complicated scenes that had maintained a fine balance. What happens when
    the mountain was really an exceptional case, whose importance was aimed not only
    national security situation but also to all mankind, if we take into account the enormous interest
    which is manifested in that direction the world elite of Freemasonry.
    Operations on the spot and the plan you conceived and Caesar were hampered
    that, in parallel, it was necessary deception of alertness and other senior Massini
    the venerable elite. To this, add the pressure of the danger that information
    to reach the peak of the state structures in such a case, it was unlikely that the situation
    longer be controlled effectively. Caesar's plan included informing the political leadership
    state at a definite time.

    Secret base in the mountains

    Long-awaited moment arrived shortly after mid-August, a sunny morning
    I was contacted through the usual channel, but soon had to realize that precautions
    that time were much more severe. I will not go into details, which anyway does not matter too
    more. Shortly after lunch we arrived at a secret military bases in the foothills, the
    where I was taken by helicopter Zero Department, escorted by two soldiers with
    special uniform, who were armed, from Bucharest, known as alerts or
    I escorted one of those who did not utter a word. Changes in vehicle security
    orders were accompanied only by short, targeted, all the action proved to be rapid and
    accurate. Although the issues involved and knew only too well why it was necessary
    ensure maximum security, however, confess that I was less annoyed by the strictness
    safety measures were taken-derându considered them excessive. But I came quickly
    realized that I was hardly able to appreciate its true value at all
    operation and had to consider myself a very lucky because I was offered
    Unexpected opportunity to have access to what we consider to be probably the most important
    discovery of modern times. The fact that I was called Caesar and that measures
    Security was extraordinary gave me confidence that, indeed, there had been discovered
    something of immense importance. Reflect the fact that while the vast majority of
    people leading their daily lives, often in a manner as may be trivial, this
    discovery could radically transform all concepts in a very short period
    time. She smiled bitterly at the thought that the present world situation, my view was
    probably too idealistic. To determine a major transformation involving
    a fair analysis and understanding of both humanity's past and the profound meaning of life
    it takes a skillful diplomacy, intelligence and noble virtues to you "sneak" among the many obstacles such as mental, physical or material which still dominates masses
    mmersed in these thoughts, I noticed almost no lowering of the helicopter, which
    closer to the new base had been built in the mountains. My reflections have evaporated as the
    charm to the whole which is a few tens of meters below me. Although I was
    somewhat familiar with the operations of military tactics and equipment used in such
    occasions, however, what I could see it far surpassed any imagination. First
    I realized the massive presence of American forces because of the large SUVs
    and they are characteristic of massive assemblies, hidden under some huge tilt
    who see the U.S. flag painted. We could also observe only way to
    arranged, rather large, coming from the valley through the forest, and the two belts
    access to basic military security, they seemed like a wide border, forming each
    almost a complete circle swore a great entry into the wall rock of the mountain, between the
    two concentric belts there is a park security of military trucks, some vehicles
    land, and two three vehicles whose form and purpose we could not identify the place. I
    estimated that during those two belts were placed around two hundred soldiers.
    The inter-quently the belt wore a special uniform, black and soldiers
    the outer belt wearing normal uniform. Each of them had automatic weapons,
    and the distance between them was only a few meters. I saw that soldiers were placed in barracks
    between the two borders, while the special teams were just behind the second
    belts. The road was blocked by barriers and massive next to each double seat, double
    Picket control every part of it. I appreciated the distance between the two belts
    Security at about fifty yards. It appears that the activity was frenetic, as
    we see a come and go continuously between the two commanders, especially within
    perimeter-focus, up to the wall that had been cut into the mountain.
    My general comments were interrupted by a helicopter landing place
    arranged inside the main perimeter, after the second ring of security. I got
    and immediately I was framed by two soldiers, who this time were Americans. We
    moved only about twenty feet from the helicopter, the two special team is in front
    and the Americans behind me. I was told to stop and I was standing there, all
    five, about an hour, obviously waiting for my download order.
    Only then I began to realize the true scale of the operation that
    place in the area and to infer its exceptional importance. Initially I was surprised by the "treatment"
    I was subjected to, not because I would have felt offended, but especially for strictness
    almost incredible that the shares were held in the database, which I watched on the four
    I fell politely but firmly, did not budge from the position they were in, did not
    relaxed, have not talked about that have not blinked for an hour as I waited there.
    Completely complacent, they gave me the impression of more robots than human beings of.
    Having no choice, I was still too close to each other, I just bend time
    when not to sleep. I tried to find out why our expectations, and other
    detail, but it was as if I had talked to four concrete pillars. I understood that orders
    were extremely harsh and strict and I never asked any questions, waiting for his coming resignation
    Although it was quite tiring to stand in a fairly long time
    same place, I used that opportunity to observe closely what is around me.
    The emotion that had been included since the departure from Bucharest is exacerbated.
    I was basically less than a meter of the target roll dreams and my assumptions, a
    phenomenal breakthrough that can expect tens of thousands of years to be revealed. Thrill
    floating in the air contained unknown if the entire base, in a mysterious way insuflând
    each person there a special air, seriously, the enigmatic inner focus.
    In front of me, than the right side where I was, opening the mountain
    wide mouth of a tunnel. I could see the modern lighting system was installed in
    entry and continue through the tunnel. Unfortunately, the angle in which I was, and
    presence of a large campaign tent and two modern modular construction, in the form
    hemispherical, I block the light, in the same area where I was principal there were

    More American jeeps and vehicles, and in my left side were two sets
    huge covered each with a sheet, which by form suggesting that housed huge crates,
    whose contents do not know. Mouth of the tunnel was blocked by a wide barrier metal
    being guarded by one side of two American soldiers, suggest that they formed part of their uniform
    troops of the elite U.S. Marines.
    But what particularly caught my eye was the huge hangar carved in stone
    mountain, which is guarded on the right tunnel. It was huge, measuring about ten feet
    height and, as far as I could I judge, about fifty meters deep. It was perfectly done,
    with finished walls and the curved vault flawlessly. I asked what technology they
    used if they managed to build what I saw in about a month. Later
    I learned with astonishment that the completion of drilling if not lasted only one hangar
    Inside the hall were several boxes stacked on one side and on the other side there were three
    special buildings, like rooms whose long end, I think, could only be the
    analysis and research. Moreover, within the hangar was somewhat agitated because
    I could observe many people with white coats, who rushed from those entering or leaving
    mini-labs, carrying various objects or papers in their hands. The middle lane
    hangar, and out near the mouth of the tunnel, I saw several small vehicles
    electric motor, which some of the people there used to move them inside. No
    tunnel or hangar doors were fitted with sliding, probably due to complications
    construction, which were not currently necessary. Hangar was still on top, a
    mechanically "curtain" made of a translucent material, which was not
    left only a quarter of the height of entry. The lighting was impeccable and I
    observed two large generators that operate somewhere down on the side of the mountain, between
    two belts of security and control. At some distance from the big tent
    campaign, my left was a series of modern barracks and behind them more tents
    medium-sized campaign, which surely represented the night shelters
    research and military personnel. But I have not seen anything that resembles the
    place to prepare food, my conclusion was that it is made with a daily
    truck, probably a very severe security. Later I learned that the kitchen had been fitted
    few miles further down the road and that, indeed, a special group of soldiers from the DM team
    Daily road was a truck bringing food to those in the base. This solution was
    preferred to further reduce staff activity and peripheral
    decrease also security risks. The table was served separately from each group
    military to their barracks. outbreak in the area, it was served in big tent campaign, both
    Romanian and American soldiers and teams of researchers. We learned that Americans
    came with their food and their chefs, but they were sent together with the
    Romanian, in the kitchen at the foot of the mountain.
    The two buildings were hemispherical Romanian and staff residences, respectively
    the U.S.. Caesar later revealed to me that one of them, which was lower living
    General Obadiah he and the other two generals were at the Pentagon and an adviser
    national security issues from Washington. These extraordinary buildings
    Ergonomic buildings resembled more of research stations on other planets and let
    a very pleasant impression, great comfort and safety. The material from which they were made was
    and was bordered in white hexagonal surfaces and there is a peak near
    wide band of dark blue material. On this band were arranged one
    kind of huge lights, which I was told that, when lit at night, creating
    a calm and very beautiful.
    I watched a while activity in the area, each person moving quickly
    and gave the impression he knows exactly what to do. From time to time come or leave a
    jeep, military or downloading anything from the boxes under the tarp. Unfortunately, distance and obstacles not
    allowed me to observe objects that were clearly moved. I was still wondering
    relatively massive American presence, because Caesar had let me understand that it will be only one

    team to handle the drilling device plasma.
    Even in times when I was doing different assumptions on this issue, we
    noted that one of the Romanian military, which was in front of me took a hand at
    right ear, he listened carefully and spoke a few words quickly. Immediately after
    Therefore we turned to the dark mouth of the tunnel, which as I approached my
    everything seemed bigger and more threatening.
    We stopped in the same formation near one of the two hemispherical building in
    Just a few meters in the side of the tunnel. My heart started to beat me down, beyond the barrier
    wide, guarded by two American soldiers inflexible, is perhaps the most terrible mystery
    planet. What happened within a month and a half since the last discussion we
    had with Caesar? What he discovered in that area of the mountain? I then noticed that the front
    inside of the tunnel and over a wide swath of about two meters there is a rubber band
    flute, which were lined some U.S. manufacturing electric vehicles. I saw
    Now the tunnels, neon-lit facilities discreetly placed on the ceiling and
    walls, but the tunnel curve to the left after just ten meters, so I could not
    I see more.
    When Caesar came. It came from the corridor leading vehicle
    electric. With him was an elderly man, gray hair, but a face with features
    farms, full of determination. Both were serious and silent. Caesar down beside me
    and only when four soldiers were quietly withdrawn, having welcomed. I met
    with General Obadiah, who looked at me a few sharp moments, shook my hand vigorously and
    after we exchanged a few pleasantries he retired in hemispherical construction. It was obvious
    to me that Gen. Caesar knew all of what I was concerned and that he had given consent
    to be brought there. Perhaps this move was part of their plan
    the exposure of Masonic activities and found that I needed to be and there.
    Even though I was only a cog in this giant gear items misterio,
    issues and intrigue, I was really glad that I had that golden opportunity and I decided to
    I pay most of the burden of responsibility that I assume.
    Great Gallery
    - The situation is quite critical, "said Caesar concerned. Relationship with the senior Massini
    become tense, but what is worse is that everything was on the tips of state power. We
    expecting that, but in any case so quickly. Our intention was to present data
    problem at a time in the future, which should be more favorable. Now things are
    very tense, both internally and externally. Do not know how many were
    spent the last month. Come, I'll summarize the main points while we go through
    tunnel, "he said, heading toward the entrance.
    In this way save time, I got an electric vehicle, just as Caesar
    can let me briefly recount how it happens, moreover, had
    everything can look more closely and carefully.
    The tunnel was "paved" with a thick sheet of rubber. On both sides of it,
    perefii until it was just stone of the mountain rock. At entry and still a long
    meters were then infiltration of water, but after Cotea smooth tunnel to the left,
    about ten meters from the entrance, everything became perfectly dry. I was amazed at the accuracy
    Drilling and especially finishing of stone walls that almost seem sand. White Light
    It is apparent in a splendid colors of the various parties
    geological, discreet lighting inside the tunnel in a surreal game of flashes and shadows.
    Noise of our footsteps was muffled by the rubber mat, and reigned in the gallery
    enigmatic atmosphere but very exciting for me. It was pretty cold way I
    coated, but Caesar told me that this situation will not last long.
    - The machine has drilled to the top after a strange deviation of the magnetic field. Shortly
    time, however, I realized the error, so we proceeded to the trajectory correction. Look, right here

    Caesar said, pausing in the curve to the left of the tunnel.
    I stopped and I admire the elegant way of connecting the gallery. After curve
    it is perfectly straight path lay fifty feet in a way very
    like a subway tunnel, although it was perhaps something wider. At the end of this range, the
    heart of the mountain I saw what looked like a huge gate, which seemed to move through
    sliding to the left, now occupies less than one fourth of the width of the gallery. There is
    were also two armed soldiers, and the place was well lit throughout
    circumference tunnel. There was also a modern lodge, narrow but quite long on
    right side, just before the big entrance to another gallery, one could already see;
    This entry was guarded by the enormous sliding door. I knew then that this was
    beginning of the adventure, the great discoveries had been made. I remembered the sketch
    which Caesar drew our last meeting and I realized that it corresponded to reality
    when I saw that, at least as regarded the mysterious place in the mountain galleries.
    - I was amazed at the technology they had available to Americans, he told me
    Caesar. Plasma drilling machine is not large, but it requires special equipment
    for those that are in place around her and drilled. It is something similar equipment
    anti-nuclear radiation. I myself have put on such a boring suit and watched
    very close. Show that when you are behind the lens that portrays
    containing a sophisticated protection is almost incredible. You have the feeling that the stone
    is actually "melts" under the action of the plasma jet, but actually made very rock
    malleable, up near the pour point and is immediately shaped circular
    pressure exerted by the rotating magnetic field and also targeting the plasma jet.
    There is no dust and debris are even negligible. Penetration rate is tremendous
    for such work, the distance from the entrance up to the two soldiers that you can see there
    was flown in just five hours. in the end everything remains as it was polished and very clean
    so that the rubber mat and plants were already prepared at the mouth of the tunnel before
    drilling machine to be ejected.
    As we headed to the big gallery, Caesar told me that initially
    drilled in a different area of the mountain to seek to avoid the energy barrier of entry
    The main tunnel inside the mountain. They chose a location above, on the coast
    about three hundred meters from the area in which it was set upon and have drilled a few days
    because the distance to the tunnel was much higher and the penetration was not horizontal, which
    Why make more difficult technical procedures. Eventually they arrived at the tunnel wall, but any
    an effort to break through was in vain. Do not assign any of the plasma jet or the magnetic field
    the teeth or cutters. They had to abandon that option and to bridge into
    foraseră just a gallery. He therefore returned to the starting point and started
    flat rock pierced the wall until they reached the barrier energy.
    - Drilling was being watched every moment on the control screens and was correlated with
    distance to the energy area. A few meters before the start of this I gave
    gallery you see now, so everything had to do was connecting the two
    tunnels, "he said Caesar.
    Meanwhile we reached the entrance which was guarded by two soldiers of the forces
    special. After the uniform and insignia on it, one was Romanian, and one American.
    A military greeted Caesar, who turned a few yards right to the booth.
    The American went inside, where probably have a control desk, for a niche
    construction immediately appeared long metal arm with a complicated way.
    Was articulated arm, Caesar raised an eye-level and after a few seconds there was a
    Access beep.
    - Were taken every precaution, I called him back with me.
    My iris fingerprint was analyzed and stored as an information-code. Security System
    not react until a laser beam to read my iris or General Obadiah.
    Now, for instance, was off laser sensor system, very complicated, which was
    mounted right here, at the entrance. It is invisible and if I would have gone directly to the fire
    Basic alarm automatically. We generals refused fingerprinting of Americans and I Iridology
    insisted that access to Great Gallery belong exclusively to us. From here they started, in fact,
    the first problem, "he said thoughtfully.
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    I noticed that the booth was an extension beyond the gate, the Grand Gallery of
    Also coming out of a laser device to read the iris. Caesar explained that this was
    the return of the Grand Gallery. I also learned that he could cancel the system
    security through the application while reading the iris, palm and fingers
    his right in a particular place. This method was used when they had to be made
    mass transport through the Great Gallery.
    Caesar went back a few feet and began to explain:
    - Energy work around the dam area. It is basically a projection
    energy, but we could not figure out how it was done. We can not understand also
    how was it possible that the energy barrier to subsist continuously for millennia on end. No
    you know the source of fuel or technological means by which this is achieved
    work. Basically, except that I was able to penetrate beyond it, we were not clear
    in any other respect, however, involved a matter of overcoming tragedy.
    I was in Caesar's back on the ceiling of the gallery, where realized
    connection with the great tunnel. In fact, the first gallery were a few meters from the mountain rock on
    a larger diameter than the gallery dug by U.S. plasma device, this
    portion of the walls were not finished, but irregularly, with many corners, in addition, this area
    gallery, which was about six feet in length, but was not being circular section
    square. Connection was made only two galleries at ground level, which was leveled
    a slight downward slope, from gallery to gallery antique scale
    higher. The height difference was about one meter and one could well observe the area
    ceiling, the combination of the two tunnels. Drilling was almost concentric with
    antique gallery, but none could explain how it was possible that the tunnel
    begin suddenly, within the mountain. It was clearly an artificial work.
    The possibility that the entrance has been covered a distance of about sixty meters
    was not credible because of the massive stone structure was identical to that of surrounding rocks.
    I asked him what happened when Caesar came to the energy barrier.
    - At that moment talking with General Obadiah and the generals
    Pentagon certain aspects of database security. We have been notified that it has achieved
    piercing and unification of the two galleries. By the time we arrive and we, the military had already started
    retract the plasma in the gallery. The first three of a special intervention team
    Department crept in to see the conditions of the new gallery.
    This was a big mistake, because they ignored protocol action. They jumped
    step level of a meter between the two galleries and began to investigate the area
    about four meters that knew that have up to a barrier energy,
    was invisible. Unfortunately no one could explain how things happened. Perhaps
    three were very close to the energy barrier, because moments later to
    heard a strange noise, but strong, like a short circuit. I found collapsed on the bottom
    invisible barrier, with strange twisted bodies, as would be bounded by
    precise edge of a wall. All three were dead. Doctors said their deaths
    instant cardiac arrest. This created some panic, although we have tried
    to defuse the incident. As I would soon realize, the panic was determined
    more among the American staff and due to the fact that initial fears of members
    its starting to come true, really, at that time I had virtually no way
    Ancient gallery access. Lateral drilling failed due to unknown material
    resist any attempt to breakdown and energy barrier proved to be impregnable.
    Venerable Massini was also present there and asked me to say at that time,
    American commando battalion had not yet come. There were only specialists with device
    drilling, a team of researchers and representatives of senior Massini, who are now: two generals
    The Pentagon and presidential adviser. However, not so sure that U.S. President
    This transaction was announced. It was obviously an internal matter, behind the scenes, from which they
    wanted to draw as many advantages. Venerable knew more about the origin of this

    discoveries and, as I realized he had knowledge of at least one element
    was in the Great Hall, where we arrive shortly. Mason was Impatience
    retained, but firm, at that time I have been able to remove them from this area, but not
    I would do anything except that I really complicated things. Massini's influence senior
    would lead ultimately even mine and general replacement of Obadiah
    management of an operation that had not yet been brought to the attention of political power. I,
    course, all reasons and mitigating circumstances, but it was better that this information come from
    November and not the foreign ones. A totally unexpected feature, however, radically changed the situation
    on a slope pointing to a very tense and dangerous, there are today. Hope
    however, that these tensions do not escalate beyond a certain point, then there will be
    difficult to say what might happen.
    Caesar come closer to the huge stone gate that guarded the entrance to Great
    Gallery. Approaching from the left wall of the tunnel in the side sliding door and
    I said:
    - Now you're even in the energy barrier, when activated. View
    something on the wall near me?
    I looked carefully and noticed the uneven rock a portion large enough to
    square with sides of about twenty centimeters, perfectly finished, which seemed
    embedded in the wall of the mountain. On it was drawn with precision as an equilateral triangle
    pointing up.
    - This is the "key" which gave us a people who built this ensemble.
    Without it we were completely helpless. After the death of three soldiers have come to the right
    where you are now and I researched the place look carefully, noting the square stone
    the wheel well which is the triangular symbol. Then, however, the gallery was
    giant locked gate you see here. The problem was that I was very close to me
    energy barrier, which is found about two feet in front of the gate, ie where are you
    now. As you can see the square that is embedded in rock grinding is between the huge mountain
    energy barrier gate and stone. Naturally, it was assumed that the function of
    Therefore the command to open the gate. But how to reach him if the road was blocked by the wall
    invisible energy?
    Caesar watched them baffled. The two soldiers had entered the booth much,
    leaving us alone at the entrance to the mysterious ancient corridor. I was deeply marked by emotion
    inquire secret for thousands and thousands of years ago I gradually asserted. Due
    excitement, my body seemed easier and I arrived somewhat Caesar's words
    Soft ear. However, acquired an extraordinary lucidity and understand
    everything very quickly, intuitively.
    - It was a matter of frequency of vibration, "I said, the calm mirându me that
    I said those words. Caesar looked at me with surprise.
    - Exactly, he confirmed it. Seeking a solution, then closed my eyes and I
    energy focused on the dam. After some time I really felt that it was "alive", but
    a very special way that one could not explain the present. Just think venerable
    could understand, but he was even at that I did not want to reveal anything of the mysteries
    they are.
    I felt between myself and there is a certain energy dam "compatibility", something
    a kind of mutual sympathy and that the test "personal vibration 'is passed. No
    I could not stop, however, to wonder what the exceptional degree of technological development and spiritual
    who had settled the true "threshold" energy check on the science
    current can not even conceive too small to achieve a practical. Then I got down
    some remnants of rock and I threw the invisible wall of energy. Once the stone
    reached the barrier energy was converted into a fine powder that falls on the ground, forming a line
    right. I asked them to bring me and other metal objects, plastic, wood or leather. Conclusion
    was clear: all that was composed of amorphous substance was turned into dust and all instantaneau
    organic matter was what was rejected, if not have some high frequency

    individual vibration. I sent the powder to the lab for analysis and then gently touched
    invisible hand of the surface energy barrier. I felt fine just some tingling on the skin,
    which were very pleasant, so I submitted the whole body, moving in the opposite side of
    wall energy. I appreciated it a thickness no more than an inch.
    Faces now looked stunned American officials and some members of the
    My team, who were in power across the dam. I approached the wall and
    I pressed the triangle on the ground perfectly square rock that you see here. Not really
    it took only one to touch because he does not play, do not move, only its surface
    is bounded on the wall. Stone Gate, which you see now only a small part, began
    almost immediately to slide smoothly and quietly left and stopped in the position it has
    present. That was when we all saw for the first time, the Grand Gallery. A
    was a particularly moving moment, first I was shocked that she
    was lit, as you see now, however, do not contain any source of light, at least
    of conventional ones that we know.
    Caesar made a short break. I looked inside the Grand Gallery stunned and only then
    I realized that in it there is no source of lighting. Too absorbed in what I tell
    Caesar and my own observations of the area of merger between the two tunnels, I
    thought that light came from the Grand Gallery, also the lighting installations
    probably had mounted over it, as was the case recently drilled tunnel. Only
    But now realized, stunned, as if that light that he had no source, although I was tempted to say
    great that it came from material which enveloped the gallery walls. This light was more
    less intense than in our gallery, but it was very pleasant, inducing a state of obvious
    the physical and mental relaxation and stress relief.
    - Then there was this feeling very deeply complex and (i-1 causes size
    corridor, color and model material he is made, continued to Caesar
    speak. Hardly see it end here, but I say tunnel turns sharply to the right
    About three hundred meters. You'll soon convince yourself.
    But to return to the energy barrier.
    I reached again polished triangle, and the gate slid back, closing access
    Sea Gallery. Only after I opened the back door, through the dam
    energy, I realized that it was canceled. So a single command and remove the energy barrier
    while opening and stone gate that was blocking access to the Great Gallery. Later, I did
    many experiments, especially after we delimit precisely the energy action
    dam. General Obadiah came and touched the belly of a single finger of the invisible surface
    energy barrier, but though nothing serious has happened, however, he was overcome by dizziness and a
    vague feeling of nausea. U.S. presidential adviser, however, was violently struck down,
    although contact between the skin and the wall energy was only one very fine. He recovered from fainting
    later under medical care. Then no one wanted to try to walk
    wall energy. Probably the three soldiers who died had a contact once a
    much larger area, which was fatal.
    The problem behind this is that no invisible barriers, ie between the gate closed and
    wall energy, those who can not stay cross for long. We did tests with
    some military and after I closed the gate and the energy system, they told me that I have
    while choking that is becoming increasingly acute. I was therefore forced to leave
    energy barrier and opened as the gateway, but as you see we placed two
    people watch and have resorted to such alarm system that prevents any unauthorized entry
    Great Gallery. Iris identification system is reset after five seconds of the termination
    s, which are sufficient to cross the line input in the gallery, beyond the sliding system
    gate. Come to me, I want to show you how the gate.
    Caesar achieved easily square of polished stone. The huge gate, which had a thickness of about
    thirty centimeters and height as the Grand Gallery, over six feet, was moving very
    silent, thanks to a gear system that we could not identify one. When the gates are closed
    I have full entry to mention that it was perfectly polished, but without any inscription on
    its surface, it was just a huge wall of rock almost glossy, weighing probably less than
    twenty tons. What it did, however, to move so easily and delicately? Just when
    seek an answer to this question carefully researching the lower, I felt that starting

    to breathe with the weight that I contains a vague dizziness. Caesar, which I watched carefully
    gate open again and the effect disappeared as suddenly as instruments. He read in my eyes
    - Do not know what triggers this specific effect. Maybe it was an action
    interaction between the surface of the gate when it is closed and the energy barrier, which
    appropriate affect every living organism in this intermediate space. We were unable to
    no movement decipher the mystery gate, which is gigantic. If you look carefully, find that
    when moving to the right, it pushes the stone slab covering space
    thickness of the gate. When slid to the left is the slab of polished stone and it tightly against the
    gate edge, as pushed by a spring. However, I do not think it is such a method
    rather primitive technology, because everything is done in a much too smooth and
    silent. You must be a completely different technology. American generals have come up with proposal
    to break the threshold of stone to see what is underneath, but we never accepted it. I
    have seemed a child solution. I looked carefully path portions, joints were
    incredibly accurate and highly polished. He could not enter anything among them, nor could
    see what was underneath. Accurately modeled Gate "came out" pure and simple wall
    gallery and slide left to right wall where it blends perfectly.
    - While doing these experiments and observations after disabling barrier
    energy, one of the soldiers who provided security at our group came and told us that
    American technicians based requested our presence to let us know something special to
    Caesar continued to recount events that happened. One of the two generals
    General American and Obadiah went out quickly, where the technical center
    interpretation of data. Shortly after they told me that, strangely, soon after
    First off the energy barrier at the entrance to the Grand Gallery, huge hemispherical shield
    at the other end of her passing suddenly turned to a higher vibration level, emitting a large
    light radiation. Saying this, Caesar soldiers walked by the booth.
    - Come on now, he told me. It's time to enter the Grand Gallery. You will be able to get
    convince yourself of what you've said.
    Resume with iris recognition, and so we could cross the threshold gate, walking
    material for the first time that so strange and very particular ancient tunnel behind
    Our two resume their quiet military guard posts.
    Even the entry into the Grand Gallery were two electric vehicles, but we preferred to
    we're walking, because Caesar have I time to relate what happened in
    While he talked, I studied with interest the gallery.
    At a superficial to say that its walls and floor on which you were right
    Stone Mountain, carefully polished. I approached a wall of the left and I felt: it was
    covered with a material that seemed synthetically, but also create a strange sensation that has
    organic part in it. She colored oil, but his reflections were often green and even
    dark blue. Disturbing impression came from water that is irregular stripes
    streaked in all directions. Amazing was the fact that when we move, its stripes
    also altered the position, width and color, but this is going very smoothly, creating
    impression that it was merely an effect of our motion relative to the wall. Color shades
    had a deeply relaxing effect on the psyche and changed the meaning accurately assess
    distance. When I remarked on this, Caesar said to me:
    - And we have asked the same question. We had to measure the total distance and
    segments of the gallery and even to place some signs on the edge.
    Indeed, on the right side of the gallery could be seen indicating terminal
    distance in meters and yards from the entrance to the tunnel. We also observed that the material
    was somewhat rough to the touch, but he could not be scratched or bent. Caesar told me that
    resist any attempt to tear, puncture, scratch or cut, no matter how
    sharp device was used, in addition, strangely, the flames of fire were absorbed within
    his, practically speaking, the fire could not survive on that material.
    - Researchers can not rule on the nature of this material
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    they do not have at its disposal a sample of the substance's. The only thing we have a
    could say is that the material is a strange combination of organic matter and
    inorganic, but how they are organized in its structure is the most internal
    entirely mysterious to her.
    At the terminal that indicates the distance of two hundred eighty feet, steer sharply to gallery
    Right, in an acute angle. No reason this could not be deciphered trajectories. The
    a much greater distance in the distance, I could foresee an enchanting blue light, which
    sparkle like a star. Seeing the excitement on my face, Caesar smiled and told me:
    - There is the end of our journey. But, somehow, he is also a
    beginning to something even more grandiose, according to data that they know now.
    How technology that we have been disclosed such data is immense, but the
    Unfortunately you can not have access to such information. You'll understand better when we
    projections reach the room, as we agreed to call it.
    - Means that Americans have taken off there, I said.
    - As soon as I managed to solve the problem first energy shield, a senior Massini
    wanted to enter the corridor and reach the great hall. We raised the issues of high risk
    who have otherwise determined the death of three soldiers, and the need for a
    severe safety and alarm had ordered the entry into the main corridor. Has not
    agreed, but had no choice. Aim to draw as much time, but especially to
    arrive in the Great Hall without being accompanied by any Mason. Do not know what they wanted there, but
    I hope to realize as soon as I entered the room and I would be inventoried its contents.
    satellite records show a huge space at the end of major gallery, but it
    and he was protected by an energy screen.
    In a break from the organization, taking advantage of the absence of senior American and
    Massini the tunnel, I got an electric vehicle and I traveled alone this corridor - after
    fifty thousand years it has been empty - until you notice the light
    away in front of you. However, what you see is just the reflection scplipind a portion of
    protective shield of energy in the form of huge hall auditorium, which will soon end.
    As you'll notice, in the final gallery made another short-angled bend. Harbored
    and hope that I could pass this barrier in a similar way as in the first
    energy barrier. When I arrived, I was overwhelmed. Gallery by which we go now
    suddenly opens into a huge hall in the heart of the mountain, which includes a huge
    hemispherical energy shield, in turn delimits the shield room with all the projections
    contains it. Assembly was matchless grandeur, but just when I was preparing to study
    the best way to penetrate inside, I was summoned urgently by radio
    base. The news you would receive would tremendously complicate things.
    That was a turning point, which however could not provide-a.
    Great Diplomatic Tensions
    I quickly came back to base and entered the American Board, which was expected
    and General Obadiah, Caesar continued to talk. Element intervened unexpectedly
    which he gave over his head all plans, both our own and Massini's senior. Moreover,
    Venerable was seated on a chair, further back, deep in thought. Perhaps he was already
    new calculations, reconsiderându her position.
    - He knew something the media in Romania? I've tried.
    - Worse. Remember that the venerable told me about the discovery that
    Americans have done in the vicinity of Baghdad? And also that there exists a barrier
    energy that could not be pierced, but whose nature was identical with that of the shield
    hemispherical energy surrounding the great hall here in Bucegi Mountains?
    I nodded, tilting his head. The discovery was not made Americans
    not accidental, but followed certain guidelines provided by the same military intelligence satellite

    which revealed the approximate map data structure inside the Bucegi mountains.
    - Well, Caesar continued, American adviser on matters of national security
    received a fax that was notified secret that the hemispherical energy shield
    footer Baghdad is suddenly activated, with high frequency pulsing. Information was amazing
    that appeared in front of a hologram of the planet that this sequential and progressive
    mainland Europe, then south-east of it, then Romania, then Mountains
    Bucegi and finally their location inside the structure, showing the Grand Gallery corridor and
    hemispherical energy shield that pulsate with power. It was obvious that the two energy shields
    hemispherical were a direct link but mysterious, so enabling one to lead him
    activation and others. Who knows, maybe there's even a network of such structures subpământene
    worldwide. The bad news was that the U.S. presidency but has been informed about all
    these things and contacted the Romanian diplomacy through intelligence information.
    In just a few tens of minutes, the whole operation had been disclosed. He had already announced
    imminent arrival of a state commission in Bucharest, established ad hoc, to evaluate
    the situation there.
    I was so captivated by what I said Caesar, that I had given no account
    I stopped that, listen-du-one with all the attention. We had about a hundred meters to
    last side of the corridor and the light shield of energy that is reflected from the sea walls Galleries
    was now much stronger.
    - They wanted to take control of the political body? I asked full
    - I think initially it was fine, but the problem is further complicated when
    when they saw what it really is. My fears came true, because
    Our politicians - those who were entitled to be aware of these issues - have entered into
    panic. It was obvious that they could not cope with events and decisions that were likely to
    be taken in an advanced state of stress.
    General Obadiah was called to Bucharest was a very critical moment, which
    put at stake the very existence of the department's structure or at least independent.
    Concealing the General had to justify action against the state political power peak. That
    was perhaps the most tense moment of the whole operation, before leaving for
    capital with those of the commission, rim took counsel with me and we decided by mutual agreement
    to disclose all aspects of the intrigues and plans in the past year, involving links
    Massini my senior. The most difficult problem was to find exactly those
    right to make that crucial report to the country, because otherwise all
    our intentions and plans so carefully built up when it was disclosed and
    consequences could be among the worst in terms of both myself and the general,
    and in terms of national security in the meantime I had been recorded at the base,
    all work being stopped.
    The American team has been isolated in a tent and tunnel security, and our
    was taken over by a special intervention of the army battalion. Increased diplomatic tension
    increasingly more pressure on Washington demanding that the communication imperative
    generals at the Pentagon and especially security adviser.
    At that time, nobody knew yet what is in the great hall which was protected by
    energy shield. It stopped any initiative and any research operation. Nobody
    was allowed to walk through the basic security than patrols. The new state of affairs was
    coordinated by two leading generals of the Romanian army, which maintained constant contact
    the highest political structures in Romania. Well, all this conjecture
    extremely tense, the only character who managed to "sneak" off base, as
    Following a very special order arrived in Bucharest, he was senior Massini. From that
    Since I have not seen one, but believe me, I felt the full influence how or
    subsequently held things. I mean dull fight, but very fierce, behind the
    Romanian and American diplomats and political nature of decisions that were taken
    thereafter, in connection with the operation here in the mountains. Everything has happened very quickly;

    are only eight days after those events.
    Listening to Caesar's account of twists and I was very surprised that they had taken
    but mostly things that I though I was there, as I learned anything
    would not have happened in reality.
    - If I'm here and if you, as I understand it, you have managed to penetrate the
    Projection room, then the General Obadiah succeeded in Bucharest.
    Caesar smiled enigmatically.
    - To a large extent the answer is yes. The success mostly involved in bringing
    facts to the attention of people with high moral integrity, which are also animated
    a deep sense of patriotism. It was called an emergency meeting of the Council
    Supreme Defense - CSAT. Most were shaken by what they have learned. It has created
    then, spontaneously, an intense wave of sympathy for the general for his actions and was
    further research decided on the spot under the command of General and my total. Although
    However, the diplomatic crisis had not yet been released. American staff and has allowed
    leave the country the next day, but the team of researchers and specialists, and all logistics and
    equipment were still detained. For a moment I thought things were resolved and
    I'm almost glad it had happened so, because there was no need to pretend or
    to succumb more or less in the applications and venerable Masonic elite. Unfortunately,
    strength of their influence and the pressures exercised by diplomatic means were enormous.
    I came down the corridor together with Caesar, the quotas again suddenly,
    that date to the left and only about four feet. Show that we stand
    eye was really great. Giant dome that will form an energy shield color
    beautiful iridescent blue, being continually crossed by intense flashes of bright white. Although
    Caesar told me that the projection room was not isolated from the outside through a door, as if the sea
    galleries, however, could not see anything inside it through the energy shield. Corridor ends
    suddenly in a huge hall, carved in rock mountain that hemisphere. The corridor to the threshold
    energy shield were not more than seven to eight meters in that time, one side of
    four electric vehicles were lined corridor. Cupola energy shield that was done
    included in the hemispherical cavity of the mountain, but we noticed that the front was back
    joint wall rock. We found that the difference in level between the shield and the ceiling dome
    room was about ten meters. Fairy light that is reflected in the radiated energy shield
    wonderful glimpses and shadows on the rocky walls of the mountain. The beauty and grandeur that
    I was painting seemed unearthly and heart tremble with excitement and delight.
    - How you managed to penetrate inside? I asked a Caesar, deeply troubled by
    intensity of emotion that I experienced that sight.
    - You know it is much easier than you might expect. Perhaps those who
    designed the whole dam first considered a true "touchstone" for
    potential candidates, saying that it was sufficient for the security of the entire structure. Must
    admit that they were right: nothing can move unless it is first an energy barrier
    higher consciousness, profoundly beneficial. Even if an assembly is atomic blasts
    very well protected by mountains, so maybe the Grand Gallery begins abruptly, much
    inside it. I did not realize it, but how they managed to make the entire technology
    When we received new orders from Bucharest I was very happy. Sensed that the fight
    just beginning, but at least I had an important political support and leadership
    operation, the same day I entered a room projections ahead. When I was
    and I found one that is obscured by the terrible mystery of fifty thousand years. You can hardly
    imagine the feelings you have tried during that time. However, some aspects you can not
    - You've mentioned this several years before, I questioned myself a Caesar. Where
    know that this is the time since everything here dates?
    - It was the result of further scientific examination of data that "they" gave us
    and you will be able to see you soon, once we enter the room. last week
    spent all the events and relate them. Many of them were held very
    changing circumstances quickly and sometimes have put dramatic forms, I will tell everything
    here, before you enter the room, because there will be quite captivated by what you see. Nation
    stopped at the line of the Grand Gallery inside the mountain and gigantic auditorium,
    which housed hemispherical energy shield, you listen to while watching fascinated Caesar to
    nepământene blue glitter on the surface of the hemisphere.
    - After the CSAT decision to continue research under the Department
    Zero, I entered the room several times and I inventoried all projections with
    Our expert team, said Caesar. The next day, however, began to arrive early
    conflicting signals from political power. They spent some orders over others,
    canceled each other, were the vehement, elusive and betrayed when a high voltage. I could
    suspect that there is a real battle theater. Already forwarded to a telephone line
    Hall secured the result of our findings projections. It seems that it was
    who lit the fuse bomb. Gen. Obadiah told me two days ago, after
    returned from Bucharest, the CSAT members were in continuous session, keeping in touch with
    us. They decided to make public the discovery of the formidable mountains of Romania
    after having first discussed the problem on all sides. Obadiah had been included in General
    CSAT structure and had a hard word for the statement that the Romanian state would
    make the whole world. He told me that there were some members of CSAT that were opposed
    vehemently, but they were outnumbered. Spirits were heated so much that a
    time these people have stood up and left the hall. Advisors to the President were in a
    continually come and go, passing information from the office of external diplomatic relations
    CSAT meeting.
    When American diplomacy has been informed that Romania will send a
    World press release of crucial importance for humanity, everything was chaos.
    General told me that had never seen such excitement and so much panic among
    diplomats. Nobody knew the cause, but everyone suspected that something very serious and important.
    At one point the President was called upon to make a direct call
    White House, that was a very special and top secret question. He did not return long
    after that, but reported that already headed to Bucharest at the American delegation
    high-level diplomatic
    Information flew with the swiftness of wind, in a few hours had been blocked all transactions
    Romanian state and arrangements with international financial organizations. He expected the moment
    minute order declaring a state of emergency in the mountain area and also in the capital.
    Defense Minister had ordered the general alarm for the officers. There were moments of great
    panic and terror even among those engaged in the operation, because nobody knew
    the real cause that triggered this state of affairs.
    Talks between the Romanian and U.S. officials have been conducted without a translator. They
    were so violent, that there were few moments of crisis that diplomats cried
    each other as hard as they could, proferând multiple threats of retaliation. The positive is that
    rest of the world did not yet know nothing of this problem, or the Americans knew
    too well that there always some very powerful countries would be united immediately
    Romania to support its statement.
    - What they wanted to say in the declaration? I asked curiously.
    - In essence, it would have included the main data discovery Mountains
    Bucegi, while making the world available evidence, photographs and other essentials
    to clarify different aspects of this structure inside the mountain. It would be
    invited leading scientists to conduct studies and research and would be mobilized
    all resources to solve many puzzles facing us now. But most
    an important aspect would have been revelations about the very distant past
    humanity and real history that was almost completely counterfeit, in addition, there were some
    very delicate items, which I will not and may reveal only part.
    - But where is all they knew?

    - You will see immediately. Do you have a little patience. Americans reacted with
    intently, because that statement would be shattered in an instant and global influence
    Moreover, he could throw in a chaos of their country's economy and society can
    even the entire world. In fact, it was a primary reason that they have relied, to not
    cause panic and not to upset peoples on Earth. They lost sight of that
    possible state of anxiety and social disruption would have occurred as a direct result of lies and
    manipulation that has been deliberately maintained for centuries by the classes
    leaders and especially by the Masonic organization.
    Through a very special diplomatic channel even received a personal intervention
    Pope, who called for a greater moderation before taking this fundamental step for mankind.
    The Vatican had already warned Americans they are considered a potential ally to
    block disclosure, strangely, although the presentation of these issues to the entire world would be
    reduced the power of the Vatican and its influence on Christian faithful, the Pope did not
    yet taken a firm stand against, but called for better balancing the pros and cons
    before the declaration. He even sent that will provide the Romanian state
    some old documents from the Secret Archives of papal leadership, which are of great
    evidence supports the importance to Romania and discovered in the mountains.
    Finally, after nearly twenty-four hours of discussion and deliberation, it was a
    final agreement of the Romanian-American cooperation in some precise terms that balance the interests
    both countries. I can not disclose those terms, but I know that the position was that the Romanian state
    postponement of disclosure and presentation of their humanity gradually in the future. The next day,
    after longer liniştiseră waters, based on the agreement of cooperation between the two countries arrived
    extremely prompt a U.S. commando team with all necessary logistics, which you
    already seen inside the base. Once they have returned and the two generals and advisor
    national security issues, perhaps the task very well drawn. Then he was forced
    mountain huge hangar, which have a properly equipped. By understanding the protocol were
    established the most stringent security measures, protection and supervision to be
    developed in the coming days. Therefore, in some areas of the room you can not be projected
    access, but I will tell you briefly what is found there.
    Projection room
    Caesar beckoned me forward. Grand Gallery ends abruptly in the giant auditorium
    inside the mountain, which measures about thirty feet in height and had a length I
    estimated it at about one hundred meters. Projection room, which was virtually enclosed by the shield
    energy, a little smaller in size than those of the Aula of the mountain height Hall
    Projections was about twenty meters, I may even appear as mult.Ea
    huge. From the corridor to the energy shield, in a straight line were about seven to eight
    meters, this distance was bounded by two edges of the same material which enveloped and corridor.
    Advancing to the borders as a shield, just the width of the corridor. On both sides of
    these curbs were placed four electric vehicles.
    I walked with emotion on the part of the corridor as a short track, demarcated borders.
    That moment seemed to me the truth. He was to enter the heart of a mystery concealed tens of
    thousands of years and I am among those very few who had access to the revelation of his enigma.
    - Energy shield is intended to delineate the hall, as a wall cavity from the rest of the mountain
    and also to protect the various adverse external influences, said Caesar, making me
    thus returning from my thoughts. He has only one way to unbundled, like a door,
    just in front of you.
    Indeed, as soon as I got closer to the wall energy portion of the shield
    border was delineated by the two first became străvezie and then disappeared completely,
    marking the precise contours of an entry of about five feet high. I stepped into
    Inside the great hall, followed closely by Caesar has become the shield behind us

    compact. Caesar explained that that was the only piece of gym access, in any other part of
    shield would have acted like a wall he rejected any attempt to penetrate the impenetrable. However,
    organic and inorganic materials that come into contact with him was not hurt, as in the first
    energy barrier, but no-one could penetrate. The shield was like a holographic projection
    perfect, but his consistency was pure energy, delivering the same vivid impression as if
    material which enveloped the corridor inside the area no longer have the same color shield
    blue, but black and gold, reflecting a clear and intense light, but not at all tired eyes.
    I noticed that, unlike the great hall of the mountain, which contained the projection room was
    almost circular.
    I avidly watched that vast space, which by a strange optical effect seemed gigantic
    and space. The soil was covered with the same material as that of the Grand Gallery, but
    here the light of its composition or species coverage of the wonderful shades
    turquoise. I had definite impression that I was in another world, almost anything
    I saw did not correspond to the values of civilization and common dimensions in which we lived and
    I am accustomed.
    My eye was drawn right from the start to the back of the room, opposite
    place where we were. Half of the circumference of the room was firmly attached to wall
    rock of the mountain. Energy shield not descend to ground level in front of the area by
    I entered, but the form of a domed curve until about ten meters in height
    ground, stopping in the mountain wall, so the room was half of the rear projection
    circumference wall of rock covered the mountain.
    At the solid wall of stone, about ten high
    twelve meters, we saw huge tunnel located three holes: one straight ahead and
    the other two symmetrical one side of it.
    There were diffuse light in a greenish hue. From that distance I could not notice
    clearly other issues, although I saw that around each of the three galleries were
    and other devices. We have to note, however, that the tunnel mouths and they were guarded, and
    entry into the Grand Gallery, the two soldiers for every tunnel.
    I returned to Caesar puzzled.
    - You have installed security systems even here? Why? Where go these tunnels?
    - That is the area where you do not have access. It is strictly prohibited by the secret protocol

    which was signed between the Romanian and the U.S.. I can provide some general information
    this direction, but some things must remain hidden, at least for a while
    from now on. Let's start from here, "said Caesar showing me somewhere in my right.
    I turned and saw a huge number of tables of stone, in the form of "T", which
    were arranged along the wall, following its curvature. None of the meals had no
    less than two meters tall. The top plate thickness were cut in relief, with a
    amazing accuracy, different signs of an unprecedented write, somewhat resembling
    cuneiform writing of ancient characters. There was only one such line
    signs on the thickness of each table. Writing was difficult, but also contains more general symbols,
    such as triangle and circle. Although signs were not painted, yet they were coming out with a
    fluorescent light radiation in different colors from one table to another.
    There were five tables on each side of the room. On some of them we could see different
    objects whose function is know, however, seemed to be technical tools, serving
    certain scientific applications. Since many of them descended to the ground a lot of white hairs
    translucent, who gathered in rectangular boxes in some off the table, directly on the ground.
    The boxes were a shiny metallic silver, which could not be scratched. I tried to move a
    of them, but was well anchored in the ground. Fine wires were extremely flexible and lightweight, and
    indoor light pulses may notice that "slipped" on its entire length.
    Two of the tables were empty, were covered only with a very thin layer of black dust
    orange. Caesar told me that they have collected dust samples from that which was sent
    Preliminary laboratory for analysis in the base, but had not yet received any results.
    The real surprise has been, however, the distinctive element that made the people of
    research team projected to give the name of Hall classrooms in the middle of that huge mountain.
    When passing by a table is active simultaneously on its surface a holographic projection
    that this aspect of a particular scientific field. Three-dimensional images
    colors were perfect and very large, with a height of almost two and a half meters. Due
    the fact that the tables were high, I could not tell which was the source of ae projection holograms.
    I learned from Caesar that the surface of polished stone rectangular tables have the
    center a narrow slit, measuring a few tens of centimeters in length, parallel to the sea side
    table, the slot that appeared to holographic projections.
    - The technology used was tremendous, "he said Caesar. Projections running alone
    But at the same time they are interactive and depend on one who pursues and table to the surface.
    I went to the board which is a tripod made of scale-based teams and I
    climbed a few steps until we reached the trunk above the table. It had a length
    about five meters and a width of one meter and a half. It was covered with a film of a
    materials like glass, however, was not transparent, but dark. I could pursue my head and
    trunk that reflected like a mirror surface film that shiny blue
    dark brown tint. The film was divided into several large squares, bounded by lines
    straight, vertical and horizontal, forming a kind of cadrilaj. The central slot rays that came out
    hologram formed in a fully coherent beam. It seems that the field was biology,
    because my eyes were running pictures of plants and animals, some of them being me
    completely unknown. I gently touched one of the square, which was also the highest and the hologram
    began to portray the anatomical structure of the human body, in fact, I did soon realize
    that it was my own body as a specific sign that you had on your arm. Although
    I'm not moving, when I saw the holographic images of various parts of my body which
    always rotated is presented from different angles. If your finger on that square,
    images of plants and animals would come back, if moving your finger inside the square
    penetrated into the body image, thus providing the projection of internal organs in
    Depending on finger position on the surface of the square. We found that In a moving finger
    certain way, we get an increase in the largest area in which we observe.
    My amazement knew no borders, because we have submitted to such dimensions
    incredibly small, moving individual cells, the nucleus and reaching the
    molecule. I thought I was dreaming, but actually seeing my own part of the molecule

    liver, which was presented at an enormous size in a few moments later and substantially exceeded
    wildest dreams of scientists today. Image appear more
    a sort of cloud of energy that always change their color, probably due to exchange
    energy that were done in real time, but we see a different kind of fused points,
    connected by a sort of bridge that vibrates continuously. I thought that those
    could be molecular cafes. When I went on with resolution, but I joined
    Atomic, the image is fixed on one of the atoms, but became unsafe and was blocked.
    Then see what could be interpreted as an atom, and a diffuse fog of energy with a
    very small and bright center.
    Amazed, I met other cadrilaj square. For every square that is
    light orange, and inside it there are signs of writing unknown. I rode
    more fascinated square, watching incredible projections of life on other celestial bodies.
    I found that if the two square surfaces touched simultaneously different image
    holographic automatically get specificuj. a very complex scientific analysis,
    DNA molecules presenting these beings and possibilities of compatibility between
    them. The images were accompanied on the side of writing strange vertical lines, which probably
    were comments, reviews or tips from the analysis was performed. They were
    dynamic and had the sequence of possible phases mixării two forms of life,
    final mutant form appears most likely that a combination of the two data
    I went down stairs trembling. My mind refuses to retry coherent started
    strange thoughts occur to me, that I was lying like a hoax or that everything is just a game
    dream. Realizing what was happening to me, Caesar gradually ease my paranoid tendencies that
    were most likely triggered by the shock caused by too much advance
    technology that had had access to a very short time. I came within minutes
    and said
    - Here you can spend years on end without getting bored! I almost do not believe that
    have reached a technological level so advanced. Who were they? There might not know.
    When I answered, Caesar was very serious.
    - However you may seem odd, until now we have no clue. It's like
    and how they wanted to leave us all the dowry of immeasurable value, but did not want to know
    who were. The only thing that one can infer is that probably were very high.
    Otherwise we can not explain the huge size of all objects from here. However,
    you can be proud, for the last fifty thousand years of investigation was the first mass
    "Biology" and still enough. I was impressed in particular crossings method.
    Interestingly, our researchers are not yet discovered variant of the simultaneous achievement of squares. E
    law, however, had to do very much in a short time. After all, are
    only five to six days since I entered this room and just three days of actual study.
    I went further. On each side of the room by half, were prepared by
    five huge meals, about seven feet away from the protective shield. We passed quickly through
    against each, as Caesar told me that my presence there was limited time.
    Actually, my bringing up the basic result of a very special interventions
    General Obadiah because even Caesar could not have that measure.
    The projection room were five Romanian and three Americans. The three huge tunnels in
    Behind the hall was guarded by a pair of soldiers and two officers assured
    general supervision of the hall.
    - Savings is to not touch anything and do not design anything when
    alone explained Caesar.
    - Okay, but why keep them here? Rather, on who exactly? I asked annoyed.
    - This is the protocol, in addition, as I said, there are some items you do not
    can you reveal them, but they are precisely about these safety measures.
    I continued my "pilgrimage" next to each table quickly. There were projections of
    physics, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, technology, an area that

    this features several breeds of intelligent beings - who were apparently not all
    human - and a field of religion. Information only from what I could to give me my account
    in a very short time, were so vast that it would have required continuous study of
    numerous teams of scientists for many years without fear that they could
    exhausted. All my impression soon create a formidable library of the universe, which
    was the genius of a mysterious civilization, both from a highly advanced
    spiritually, and technologically.
    I walked to the middle of the room, where there is a high podium as about two
    meter and a half, with five steps that ease access to its surface. The whole construction
    was made of the same material as that of the Grand Gallery. I climbed the stairs with Cesar
    and got in front of a device that resembled a circular booth, shielded from a
    transparent material. It was about three meters high and a half and one meter wide
    and a half. In fact, be a half cylinder, with more inside
    complicated installations. About a third from the cylinder, the wall coming out of the way
    platform, and above there was some kind of metal rods with sensors at the ends.
    - We concluded that this emission is a mental facility, said
    Caesar thought possible energy booster, a veritable "Car of mind. It
    clearly structured by its builders proportions. Metal sensors which see it
    fit perfectly above the head of a tall man of about three and a half meters, which is
    placed on the platform. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to realize
    how they work. Have made some adjustments, but more will arrive next period
    American transportation equipment with latest technology and specialist teams to
    begin a systematic investigation of the whole place.
    - Do you know which was the purpose for which used this device? I asked well
    interest. I think he gave great importance, since it occupies the central position
    - It is true, but still can not know its true purpose. Perhaps being that
    connect to sensors inside the cylinder was able to control the mental energy
    very large and direct them accordingly, but for now it is impossible to give my
    figure out exactly which was the target of those energies.
    I got off and went further, moving beyond that stage. At a distance of
    about fifteen feet on the same central line saw what, in current terms is
    considered a control panel. There was too much, take the form of a square with sides about
    meter and is supported by a central leg coming out of the ground. I could not see very well
    what is the area's because he, like other objects in the room, had a height
    respectable, slightly above my head.
    I brought a different scale, tripods and climbed a few steps. I was amazed at how
    which had been conceived. It was very complicated, giving the impression of a network design plates
    computer, and what we call buttons, there were represented by symbols
    precise geometry with different colors. I noticed triangles, squares and spirals, which were
    most. In the middle of the control panel there were two parallel slits in coming out
    in addition, a height of about twenty centimeters, two metal levers that we leam
    to associate with two levers. Both were brought to the lower position in the slot and
    clearly they could slide towards the top. What drew my particular attention was
    large square, which was located on the right side control panel, to the bottom corner. in
    its middle is a "button" red, represented by a circle, with more than
    remaining signs of the picture. We have estimated about ten inches in diameter circle. He was
    employed by a complicated set of signs that seemed to belong to the same writing
    unknown. It was the only area of the picture that was marked in this way.
    Caesar, which I looked down, asked me not to touch anything on the panel
    control and even less "the" red, but I suggested to pass my hand over
    square that was it. I did what I asked and immediately in front of me, about
    two meters from the picture, there was a huge hologram that a picture of the Earth

    taken from the atmosphere, from about twenty-five kilometers high. We recognized
    emotion Carpathian mountain chain and their specific curve, but I noticed with surprise
    discharge of huge quantities of water to lowlands and plains, until the soil has remained free.
    Then it superimposed over the image hologram, in part, square projection
    silver with big red button in its interior, which is on the panel.
    Button blink, while signs of altered his side with great speed
    and constantly changing color. We have seen how gradually the land territory which today
    includes the whole of Romania and a large part of Hungary and Ukraine, there are more streams
    of water, like giant rivers in all directions, heading for the mountains and the
    Transylvania Plateau. Then, the image was focused closer and I saw in a while
    very short, the whole of Romania had become practically a new high, which appeared only in some
    peaks areas or small patches of earth, like islands.
    At that time, the projection of the square with the red button on the image stabilized
    hologram without blinking. Immediately, however, the left side of the hologram appeared
    projection of the two central slots and levers on the control panel, which began
    slowly slide towards the bottom. Simultaneously observe as the waters begin to withdraw from the territory
    our country, but oddly enough they were heading south only to a single point, that 1 -
    I located somewhere in the massive Retezat most likely in the mountains Godeanu. all
    High water has drained into the ground through there and land occur again in Romania,
    with geological formations that we know today. However, the curvature of the mountain area
    Carpathian at a certain distance from them to the east, ie Vrancea territory today, we
    observed a dark slit, whose length we found an approximately thirty
    km, but I could not tell what it represented. In addition, the Delta does not exist and
    also, instead of the Black Sea was a huge plateau that stretched to the Middle East.
    At that time the hologram image has disappeared as suddenly as it appears. I
    Caesar looked stunned.
    - We have left even a "manual", eh? Me, "he said laughing. The process
    is similar for all other buttons and controls of the panel, but I wanted the
    especially to see what can lead to tap the red. There seems, however, a
    safety, the research team have so far identified a sequence of three
    complicated steps to be carried out on orders of work, so that pressing
    diluviul red button to activate and cataclysm that have pursued a synthesis.
    The way "they" we learn is very practical, easy and intuitive. We suspect that
    maintain these facilities - in a way that is completely unknown to us yet - a balance
    tectonic zone in the essential energy that is Romania. Have you seen the cataclysm that
    can occur if this balance is affected.
    Amazed the way out, I nodded. Then I went on with Caesar,
    to the end of the hall. After screening the huge table in the form of "T", I sides of the room
    saw that some devices were placed very high, metal, coming out the side
    ramifications of the metal, different and very complicated forms. Caesar told me that no one
    able to realize, until that moment that the function of those devices was huge, which
    soon created the impression of giant spiders.
    At a distance of about ten meters from the control panel after I arrived at a square
    very large, bounded in the ground material. Far side about three feet square and
    its surface perfectly smooth, the color was golden gal-bin. in the middle was a small dome with
    height of about six inches, which presented a slot in the
    top, before the dome, located directly on the surface is a square shaped container
    an ancient amphora, about half a meter high.
    - Content amphora is one of the strengths of discovery, I
    Caesar explained. Personally, I am inclined to think that this is what he wanted with so much passion
    Massini venerable for him and for the elite Masons.
    Amphora had no models and no inscriptions. He saw that it was made from a metal
    particular, the red and was not handled. Stylish cover not let be seen

    content. Caesar has a high and then ducking me before I could discern in the interior
    bright dust, very fine, white. Curiously, the inner walls of amphorae radiated
    a small discreet blue light, which made more prominent and almost flashes
    magic white powder.
    - To analyze a sample of this powder, "he said Caesar. Researchers
    Americans have remained dismayed to find that it is a crystalline structure
    unknown monoatomic gold. It is a derivative of gold, which has color
    bright white atoms placed in a two-dimensional network, unlike gold
    normal, which is yellow and atoms placed in three-dimensional network.
    Monoatomic gold powder is very difficult to achieve, especially purity formula
    very high, as have some few references to ancient texts and authentic alchemical
    the Middle Ages. Practically speaking, today's science could not get far
    the extraordinary purity of monatomic gold powder, but even in this case were
    seen incredible therapeutic effects on living tissues, particularly in terms of
    their regeneration capacity. Therefore there are still very few sources of information about
    the technology of monatomic gold and from what I understand from one of
    American scholars, there is great interest from NASA for research in this
    direction, as huge funds were invested.
    I had never heard until that moment, about monatomic gold, nor my
    was not clear what can be used.
    - But why do some people show so much interest in this powder?
    I asked Caesar. You said the senior Massini the existence of gold?
    - Venerable yet was informed before about the dust from penetrating
    amphora. I do not know how, I do not know where he also Masons elite information sources, but
    Surely she knew of your existence in this place monoatomic powder. I asked myself
    Senior Massini why he was so interested in her possession. We talked with our scientists
    and those Americans who seem to be more in theme with this topic. They told me that, as
    Her pure, very much powder stimulates certain trade flows and energy at the cellular level
    and especially in neurons. In other words it causes a very accelerated process
    rejuvenation. They confided in me that, in theory, a man can live in the same physical body for
    several thousand years, provided they eat at certain times and in quantities
    well established, this powder. It is astonishing and almost inconceivable for the condition and
    contemporary human mentality, but it explains many puzzling aspects of the history
    humanity, about the incredible longevity of important characters and also
    illuminates the hidden intentions of the global elite Masons.
    I surprise vanished dialect. I was nailed in place, waiting for other explanations of
    - Modern technology does not yet allow us to obtain monatomic powder purity,
    is required to trigger a process of revitalization and rejuvenation of the overall energy
    body. Moreover, analysis of the powder sample showed that atoms
    gold are prepared in a flat network, but they are combined with atoms of another element which is not
    yet known on Earth. This further complicates things, because nobody knows what
    powder has other features, besides those mentioned in ancient texts, which
    otherwise conservative scholars completely ignore them.
    Caesar urged me to walk on the surface of the square, the small dome in the center.
    - This will be one of the biggest surprises that you'll have in this room, if you think you
    can impress something at this point, he joked.
    I saw then, designed the dome slot, a massive hologram elements
    moving. I realized almost immediately that they were playing the main aspects of synthetic
    very distant past of humanity, even its origin. I was able to convince myself
    thus, very clearly, the falsity of Darwin's evolutionary theory in terms
    human species. Its fundamental error in design is not so much that he passed it, but
    especially in ignorance of specific factors that have occurred on Earth in a
    amazingly distant past, elements that I've watched it a synthesis of
    was conducted in an exceptionally intelligent and also deeply intuitive. The excitement I
    my legs felt soft and I sat down on his knees, looking still images
    Real's most important events in human history, including its true origin
    many controversies that arise today. Unfortunately I was not allowed to report in
    this book essential aspects of our planet's past, which we
    viewed in a condensed form, exactly as they were held, with tens and hundreds of thousands of years
    before. It was provided that Caesar asked me to observe, to fit us in
    terms secret bilateral agreement between Romania and the U.S.. Honestly confess
    however, that after my findings, 90% of what is formally known at present
    about history is false and counterfeit, in trust, which is deemed to
    actually happened is mostly lies, while the myths and legends that fill
    books and stories are seen by most people a product of fantasy
    overflowing, are almost all true. This strange "inversion" caused the
    Over-time problems and conflicts between people.
    Most of the ideas and assumptions archaeologists and scientists are false,
    even if the remaining evidence is sometimes very obvious to change their views
    erroneous. Some "fantasies" of scientists and researchers, such as the disappearance theory hilarious
    Now dinosaurs sixty-five million years old or considering continents
    Atlantis and Lemuria as a myth, are now completely shattered, for I have seen
    then and there, clear as can be, how things happened in realitatel Perhaps, however,
    that for many scientists is much more comfortable "sleep" in peace, instead of accepting
    Saxon and recognize the limits of the unknown challenge.
    From time to time, when you reach a notable moment in time, the projection
    Store holographic image of the event, but the background sky map appears, with the positions
    marked the major stars and constellations at the time. Caesar explained that
    this proved a very simple method of historical dating, because scientists have not had anything
    do than to duplicate those positions of the heavenly stars above their current position, giving
    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Attachmentas4.jpg
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    Such relative periods of time when those events occurred. The problem was that
    period of time covered by holographic projections was large, several hundred thousand
    years or precession cycle of 25,920 years of Earth brings the constellations - in their position
    relative to our planet - the same position in periods that are multiples of 26,000
    years. The solution was to follow the holographic projection from start to finish and to
    notice how many "years Platonic-cien" (about 26,000 years each) are thus highlighted.
    Thus, for instance, could conclude that all of the Bucegi Mountains was built more
    50-55000 years ago because it was designed even galleries and the Great Hall image
    main, with all exactly as we found new position with the background
    constellations from Earth. Then once the image has appeared as a benchmark to
    passage of cosmic significance of two periods of the precession of the equinoxes.
    "Lessons" were extremely light and yet astounding their content. I saw
    truth about the ancient Egyptian civilization and how they were built large
    buildings on the territory of Egypt, which is really rubbish other than fully supported
    Egyptologists now. We saw what happened in reality and where they were germs Flood
    human civilization that followed the great flood and then populated throughout Europe, Asia and
    Africa, but none of these issues I was not allowed to reveal yet, because it involves
    Facts too shocking to some thinking, ideas and human knowledge
    Initially I thought I would show holographic projection of humanity's past, from
    its origins until the whole building Bucegi Mountains. Then I
    projections showed performance that saw the main historical aspects of the evolution of various breeds
    our planet until the fifth century AD This meant either that the giants who
    built inside the mountain, traversing all very well dominating blocks access to
    time, either - which seems likely, because of the immense periods of time that has been
    covered with holographic projection - that they "updated" in a mysterious bag information
    Holographic. It seems that the last such update took place near the year 500 AD
    Nobody can say, however, which was why they stopped at the historical information
    I saw a disturbing image deployment, and crucifixion of Jesus's existence
    on the cross, which is still denied by some. I must say that during that period were
    spent more amazing facts than those presented in the Gospels. My projections
    also revealed many of those persons who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus on the hill,
    were not at that time, but had come there from other historical periods. Those human beings who
    did not differ from clothing of Jews present at the time of the crucifixion, however, had features
    image of their completely different and that is why sought to conceal
    the folds of clothes as well below.
    The hologram also presented sequentially spiritual lives and missions of other characters
    exceptional truly amazing proof of the divine endowments, past
    mankind's distant. I have seen such spiritual activities reformers still large
    about 18-20000 years ago, which nobody knows anything. By then, however,
    social system and population distribution across the planet were completely different from what
    what is known today, and archaeologists, anthropologists and historians would have to revise
    ground their conceptions about those times.
    There were so many elements that I watched when they were presented and
    in a compacted so that I would be required, without doubt, a few hundred pages
    to describe them at least approximately. However, holographic projection lasted only an hour and
    half. Even the two officers who provided security room and placed six sentinel
    at the entrances to tunnels followed with amazement and silence all the slide show, albeit
    obviously not the first time you saw it.
    After the disappearance hologram longer I stayed motionless, looking blank. In a
    Later, Caesar told me it was time to return to base, because that was limited to
    that I could have access to the interior Hall projections. I looked at the front. Beyond

    square surface I still find that there were no openings than giant
    almost terrifying, enigmatic of the three tunnels in the mountain wall, located at about
    twenty meters away. In front of each of them at a distance of seven to eight meters
    one panel was similar to control large panel located
    Central, but they were smaller than this.
    I asked him who was Caesar's great mystery of the three tunnels. He explained
    that the evidence on this issue I can not reveal, but I can say that
    what has been learned about the color of the mountain giant was due also to
    holographic projections that were ordered from the control panel of each tunnel
    part. The only thing was I could reveal a tunnel that goes to three thousand
    km in three different areas of the planet. Tunnel on the left has another connection point in
    Egypt, a whole secret and yet undiscovered which is under the sand, between the Sphinx and
    Great Pyramid of Giza plateau near Cairo. Tunnel on the right is a correlation
    structure that also is inside a mountain in Tibet Plateau. This is
    but lower than that of our mountains and not so complex. In this second tunnel
    There are side branches leading to a basement area of Buzau close
    curvature of the Carpathians, and another is moving to and connect with the basement structure
    Iraq, near Baghdad. From this, still, there is a branch until
    Gobi in Mongolia plateau basement.
    The third tunnel, which was located in the central projection room, the subject - such as
    as I said Caesar - a secret world, the U.S. wanted assurances that very
    farms. At that time, nor Caesar, nor General Obadiah new items were not aware of
    Romanian-American talks, but that certainly was the perfect way to "change" each
    rates. Knowing the terrible political influence and relations venerable Masons Massini
    political structures of the two countries, one could infer that they try to "take" gradual
    con-trol by external factors on the basis of our state interests. Fortunately,
    Caesar told me that there are also very important people in our political machine
    and administrative know now odious machinations of the world and Masonry
    vehemently opposed to its influence, especially in terms of control
    great discoveries in the Bucegi Mountains. He also told me that down the center tunnel
    within the crust of the planet and even that exceeds this, but I wanted to offer more
    many items. He noted that the images that corresponded to that gigantic hologram
    mountain corridor were unbelievable but at the same time, they could provide a possible
    response to the origin of structure inside the mountain where we were new and
    who built it.
    Before leaving the room, Caesar told me that they already made the biggest secret
    intense preparations for an expedition to Egypt tunnel first, then to that of Tibet
    and finally just had to organize the great expedition to the Earth by
    central tunnel. Romanian-US bilateral talks have decided to form a team
    sixteen elite men, who actually came from the merger of six American teams
    and a team of ten Romanian. Management has been entrusted with the operation, Caesar,
    that on that occasion was immediately assigned the rank of colonel-SRI. He explained that
    degree in investment was especially important in the context of the team psychologically.
    Going to be held in late September, 2003, as preparations
    were complex. Caesar did not revealed anything that was in the tunnel, although
    structure was different from that of the Grand Gallery of the Bucegi Mountains. He told me no how
    will be moving through the tunnel, given that they had traveled thousands of miles
    Finally I did not provide any detail on which holographic images
    displacement corresponding to each target separately.
    Even so, however, believe that the evidence presented here may be subject to at least
    reflections of which prepare us for future events. Reasons
    I deliberately omitted the obvious indication of the data that lead to the identification zone
    mountain that has made great breakthrough.

    At one year after my visit there as we continue to live in the mind and heart
    the overwhelming impression that I lived during those few hours of my presence
    almost unreal atmosphere created by the mysterious structure inside the mountain. Above all
    But these revelations floating mystery of Time and the ancestral wisdom of those who
    able to control one, waiting patiently for tens of thousands of years when we
    get to know the truth ...

    Its da Wave
    Transylvanian Sunrise, By Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon Attachmentas2.jpg
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