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    Living Without Money


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    Living Without Money Empty Living Without Money

    Post  Brook Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:00 pm

    I ran into this site and article...the article first...

    Living without money

    Former teacher Heidemarie Schwermer has lived without money in Germany for 13 years. Our writer finds out how she does it

    and her site..with the video on top..check the video and the site....

    Wow..what a story!

    "Schwermer would like to lead by example and give other people courage to change their attitudes towards money and how they live in and
    contribute to society. The pressure to buy and to own, she feels, has intensified in recent years. Consumerism is essentially about “an attempt to fill an empty space inside. And that emptiness, and the fear of loss, is manipulated by the media or big companies.

    From the story in the Times

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