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    Post  B.B. Baghor on Fri May 13, 2011 12:22 pm

    Hello Avaloneans, here's info on a project with the name Londo Mai, that started as a spin off from the Dutch hippie movement in Amsterdam, in the sixties.
    This organisation focusses on practical creation and support of local economy through Europe. In Russia, they found a cheese factory with only mechanical tools for cheesemaking. This has grown now, providing for income of villages of cheesemakers and salesmen of cheese. The Dutchies have been nicknamed Cheeseheads, often, and I suppose this triggered the interest for the Russian cheese factory and market, overthere. This info is for those of you who are interested in community life and sharing of practical skills, restoring harmony in nature and your selves :) This summer I leave home, for a period of volunteer work, in an eco village project, in Wales. Blessings for you, Victoria Tintagel.

    The quote underneath is on the page of this link:

    Do you feel blessed in life? a feeling to be continuously supported by unexplainable factors / situations on your way? You haven't been put in place just for a case, in hebrew language 'case' is a word erased from the dictionary. Remember you are here for a very specific reason. if you know the nature of your being within the reason of where you are, you are likely to become a great gift to the world. Within the frame of your understanding, you will unfold and change this reality, giving the world your best and what is missing: YOU

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