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    Sun gazing benefits offers the sun gazer to experience various spiritual and physical benefits. There are plenty of reasons why people want to sun gaze, but whatever reasons they may have it all boil down to one purpose to fully enjoy the benefits that sun gazing can offer.

    There is a high controversy on the practice of sun gazing. Looking directly at the sun for even a brief period of time may cause blindness or severe damage to the eye, but the sun gazing (looking directly to the sun) has been used with the Bates method techniques to improve eyesight and completely recover from visual defects. It is very dangerous to watch sun for long periods of time, which could result in permanent loss of vision or even blindness if done or perform incorrectly. If a person wants to do sun gazing, one must know the right and proper way to sun gaze.

    Many sun gazers testified having enjoyed the sun gazing benefits in a wide range of spiritual experiences as an effect of their practice, a connection with nature, a feeling of spiritual enlightenment, and the increased energy levels and decreased appetite.

    The only Russian who appreciated fully the effect of sunlight and putting it into good use is Dr. Damien Downing (The Importance of Sunlight to Health Chapter 13). They make an experiment on animals, wherein some animals are exposed to the correct doses of sunlight and the other animals were reared away from sunlight, they found out that the animals exposed to sunlight were capable of clearing a wide range of toxins out of their system quicker than those that are reared away from sunlight. Toxins included quartz and coal dusts, toxic minerals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, liver poisons such as carbon tetrachloride, and the neurotoxins which these days are so heavily used worldwide as pesticides. It was discovered that sunlight increased the rate of release of harmful toxins from the body more than twenty times. The best effect was obtained when sunlight exposure had started some time before exposure to the toxin.

    Sun gazing benefits cannot be taken for granted, for it provides vast benefits for human kind.
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