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    Post  lovely2510 Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:38 pm

    What does breatharian mean? Breatharian is a person who takes the body’s nourishment from light and will not take food or drink. This kind of practice is called breatharianism. The breatharian way of living can be possible to all human beings, it is within human potential, but for most of the time it is dormant. Those who feel drawn to living on light nourishment can activate this potential, but this is not an easy task, it needs patience and constant practice.

    Many people believe that breatharianism is the perfect cure for the world hunger. The person, who is a breatharian, doesn’t need food rather the live through prana. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means “life force” or “life air” it is done in many traditions, to sustain life force. The physical food is being replace with air and light as well as metaphysical nourishment in order for a person to survive.

    Among the people who practice this way of living is Hira Ratan Manek , he has lived on water, and, occasionally, tea, coffee, and buttermilk. Manek states that sunlight is the key to his health, he cited the Jainist Tirthankara Mahavira, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans as his inspiration. Many believe that breatharian method should be practice in our era, because of many people experiencing increasing diseases of the body and mind due to over consumptions of physical foods. There’s a need to do fasting for fasting would help in maintaining perfection for both physical and spiritual life.

    Learn more about Hira Ratan Manek’s method of breatharianism @ you will surely know more great things in living with light and air.

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