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    Listening to Your heart

    wingmanof light
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     Listening to Your heart Empty Listening to Your heart

    Post  wingmanof light Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:12 pm

    Listening to you hart / intuition it's getting stronger.

    I am noticing this. Sat I was at Walmart and was forgetting something simple like ketchup checking out and guy set it out and it was bang your forgetting something. Got that forgetful me it happened a 2nd time some one set something out.
    Then Sat night I was going out sleeping thought to drive locally I call a friend and said hey I am in town we are just walking up. Cool I am thinking cool I now know why I over slept and dint go out of town. So Other friend is with him I know to very well went to the rest room. The chat atm was not of anything metaphysical. Wile in their he came out with this. He said had a puzzled look looking around. And said this guy was in the rest room 2 times came Did his thing and left.Then did the same thing again and came Out and dint see him any place.Said to me that was totally weird.
    My thought was I had a very close encounter with the Divine. He has this sense of humor like the dart Board going back to 301 when I was about to go up. Then the next score I had gotten would had closed me out .
    So the story goes 2 years he had this dream to put his hand in a place at a job he dint have yet.He said did many boards one way but this one had to be different.He trusted what he felt on this new job and the next thing happen like in his dream a guy come and talked to him and set something some place and was in wow mode. He was a bit nerved confused. Reason why we bumped into me that Night we talked and told him its very important to trust your intuition and your hand may been hurt if you dint move it. Also Nothing Is set in stone Nothing you can change something IF you know go a better path trust it .Its a muscle and will get stronger.
    Then my other friend had another story of his own He said i bet you wont know.I go Ok maybe lets hear it. He has 2 dogs and forgot to put a bag of potato chips away.He come home all was gone but one.One was remain On the Sofa Arm sat their it was set their because he know it was not their before. So thinking that was Odd Its sitting on the arm tosses it on the ground for the dogs and lol They would not touch it or consider eating it. He done some ghost hunting in past and complained about a ghost in the house.So what I know Now I can Manifest. I sent Some Light or guardians to watch over him some times to pop in if they don't mind.

    But I opened myself if he want's me to talk to some one he can at any time toss us to together.I said i give the First Divine creator or who ever he gives permission that help me or send some one my way and do my best.

    So Hey I was having my first Beer. The Divine knows very well I like my beer and be social to.He knows I shoot it strait the over honest one usually. Some day I tell him We will Drink beer together I even give him a hard time about it for fun. So don't get me wrong I like beer and love to act stupid humor. like any one I have things I am dealing with to. My point is be yous self its how its meant to be .Their is no wrong or right their just is... Its a problem if you judge others and Impose that thought to them. You can tell them and its their divine right be how they are just different and don't hurt others .Their reality and its ok for them to have it long as their not hurting others.
    BE human its who we are and he lets me know he is around .So telling you he is Hear. Be yourself but leave other alone if they they don't like what your saying.Impose yourself on them then its a problems even if you thinking your doing good its not ok Leave them alone.Law of Carma will Even things out Now. Its ok if they don't want to get it yet its their choice. I have not seined him or heard him ever. But I know if I was wrong he would not send people my way. cheers

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