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    Post  wingmanof light Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:38 pm
    Been listening to this with the Free Natural reader doing my thing and came accost this. Just sharing it.. I found it very Very interesting about the different consciousness are....

    What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness? By examining the evolution of consciousness from the primordial pre-manifestative state to present, I believe we can find a simplified understanding of what is otherwise a complicated and difficult subject, fraught with a morass of varied interpretation and emotional bias.

    The definitions contained in this Excerpt and those that follow in this series, supersede all other definitions contained in the Course. By this I mean if a contradiction occurs in the definitions found in earlier Excerpts and those now being presented, defer to the later definitions. This is because a more exacting examination of consciousness produces a more exact definition and, hopefully, a more precise understanding of the underlying mystery of the nature and structure of consciousness.

    Consider our earlier examination of primordial consciousness when we saw that the void contained a substance *(Ether) with the potential for life, which was capable of producing all that we experience today. We further saw that this substance was subject to continuous inherent vibration which produced polar opposites.
    *(Ether, an all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerly postulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves. The void, or that which fills the void. Einstein's "fabric of space".)

    At one pole (negative pole) was the primal void, which was the "Ether" devoid of all motion or vibration. At the other pole was the void experiencing maximum motion or vibration of the "Ether" which produced "white light" as a natural consequence. (Remember that these "poles" exist in the same space at the same time.)

    The nature of vibration dictates that there is a stair step process of ascending vibration from the void to white light, and descending vibration back again to the void. Each of these four states, (the void, white light, moving from the void to white light, and from white light to the void) is the beginning of a different kind of consciousness, i.e., Cosmic consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddhic consciousness and Krishnic consciousness, respectively. These, all together, form something called "God consciousness", which is a grand gestalt beyond these individual kinds of consciousness. In other words, God consciousness exists in a way so unified, as a whole, that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts.

    The void is the birthplace of what, according to "TT tenets", (information contained in "A Course in Time Travel"), is called the "Sagittarius principle", which in its most extended state is called "Cosmic consciousness".

    The white light state is the birthplace of what, according to TT tenets, is called the "Leo principle", which is the beginning of "Christ consciousness".

    The action of going from white light towards the void is part of the nature of what we, again according to TT tenets, call the "Aries Principle".

    Ascending vibration upon the Ether (from the void to the white light state), is, according to TT tenets, called the "Buddhic Principle", while descending vibration upon the Ether (coming from the white light state to the void), is, according to TT tenets, called the "Krishnic Principle". (Note that the Buddhic Principle is part of the nature of the Sagittarius Principle, and that the Krishnic Principle is part of the nature of the Aries Principle.)

    Below is a chart showing the various components of "Christ consciousness" in terms of the colors of the spectrum and the "Signs" of the zodiac.

    (See chart)
    Note that the white ball symbolizes Christ Consciousness, and although the subdivisions are shown as being parts of it, these subdivisions are the property of Cosmic Consciousness, (which includes the void), as a polar opposite to Christ Consciousness. God Consciousness, in its simplest form, is the simultaneous awareness of everything shown on the chart, including the void.
    The white light state shown is static in that it is without motion. We have seen this state before as the goal of Buddhic consciousness. In that context it is called "Nirvana". It is also thought of, by many, as highest "Heaven" in the western world, and, by many others, as God. What is found here, as emotional content, is called bliss or ecstasy when compared to any other state of being. It is interesting to note that Christ consciousness in this primal state does not exhibit that which we term "love", so predominately associated with this consciousness. This ability, or quality, which is so characteristic of Christ consciousness, does not appear until we experience it in its subdivided descent into duality. (This is simply because of the necessity of reflected selves, not possible until the planes of duality.) It is important to note that Christ Consciousness, at this master level, is composed of all other components of manifestation and potential kinds consciousness, (not shown), including all component levels of what is exclusively considered as various sub-levels of Christ consciousness. The two exceptions that cannot be included as sub-divisions of Christ consciousness are, Cosmic consciousness, which is a polar opposite of Christ consciousness, (which contains both the subdivisions of Christ Consciousness, and the void), and God consciousness, which contains both Cosmic and Christ consciousness as integral parts of itself.

    We have stated that all other kinds consciousness, with those exceptions stated above, are derived from Christ consciousness as sub-components. It is for this reason that many think that the "Christ" is in fact God. We can understand why many would also believe in this state-of-being as the ultimate goal for humanity.

    It should be pointed out that Christ consciousness, within human beings, exhibits motion as an "outward expansion", (from a fixed centralized position), which impinges upon others as love. Cosmic consciousness, on the other hand, exhibits motion as an "inward expansion" (or contraction), (from a fixed position that is the opposite of centralized), which manifests as enlightenment and bliss.

    It is important to understand that those who seek God consciousness have chosen a much more difficult course of action than those who seek to simply "return to the Christ", and must have, as a prerequisite, already progressed through the lessons of Christ consciousness. This is not to deride the latter, for Christ consciousness is a critical, vital and necessary choice to each and everyone of us in our spiritual progression. However please note that, as I understand it, many Christians believe the direction of creative intent of Christ consciousness, is "returning to the Father", through Christ, to reside in "Heaven". (i.e., that of returning to where we originated.) On the other hand, the direction of creative intent of God consciousness, as concerns human beings), from all indications, is one of manifestation into the Third dimension as "Heaven on Earth". (These are diametrically opposed directions and intentions.) This would suggest that those who simply seek refuge in the Christ will at some time feel the urge to re-descend into matter as a necessary continuation of spiritual evolution.

    I feel that the above spiritual dichotomy is at the heart of much unnecessary spiritual confusion and subsequent lack of unity. For this reason, I believe that it is obviously prudent, in order to help to alleviate this confusion, for us to endeavor, by all available means, to understand the structure of consciousness and its rules of engagement.

    What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness?

    Cosmic Consciousness, what is it and how is it different from other consciousness? It has been stated that Christ consciousness is all inclusive. Everything we know about our universe could be said to be contained within the Christ Principle. So where does Cosmic consciousness reside? It resides OUTSIDE of Christ consciousness as a polar opposite.
    This may sound strange or even impossible when you first read it, but never the less, it is true. Perhaps if we take a moment to compare Cosmic and Christ consciousness in relation to God consciousness, we can clear up any confusion.

    Essentially, we are studying something called God consciousness and its constituent parts. If we subdivide God consciousness into its most basic parts, we find two components called Christ consciousness, and Cosmic consciousness. These two components are diametrically opposed. By this I mean they are EXACTLY EQUAL AND OPPOSITE. Christ consciousness, as a principle, occupies everything that is INDERNAL to God consciousness, and its method of motion is one of OUTWARD EXPANSION, while Cosmic consciousness, as a principle, occupies everything that is external to Christ consciousness, and its method of motion is one of INWARD EXPANSION, (OR CONTRACTION). We will get into more detail as we progress. For now, understand that there is a trinity composed of God consciousness and its two principle components. We can recognize from the Christian idea of the trinity, the "Father" principle of the trinity as God consciousness. We can also recognize the "Son" principle of the trinity as Christ consciousness. This leaves Cosmic consciousness as the "Holy Ghost" principle.

    On a more personal level, we can see the Christ principle existing as what one considers as oneself or personality, or the insouling something that differentiates each of us from all others.
    Conversely, we can see the principle of Cosmic consciousness existing as all that is not considered the self. It is the cohesive something that exists beyond the individual, as a principle of collectivity that holds everything together.
    We learned in the last Excerpt that the primordial positive pole is also the primordial Christ. We also learned that this same place is called Nirvana by some and Highest Heaven by others. That these seemingly different places are, in fact, the SAME place is an astoundingly important piece of information and one (that I am prone to believe) most metaphysical researchers have missed.

    I personally believe that Christ consciousness is but an interim step to God consciousness, and to attempt to make it otherwise, as an end in itself, no matter how tempting or expedient this may seem, is to deform the children of God. It is with this in mind that the TT tenets will endeavor to sort out the more confusing aspects of consciousness, in the hope that future researchers may build upon it.

    Remember that there are two major paths. One is the Angelic path with Heaven and existence within the Christ as the goal. The other is the God path with a continuing participation in creation, and never ending unfoldment of God consciousness as the goal. Of the two, Heaven is obviously a much easier closed ended goal, through the regimented Angelic hierarchy, and is relatively easily attained. God consciousness, on the other hand, is open ended. A never ending accumulation of knowledge, power and space, and in addition to this, ALL that the Christ principle confers, as well! God consciousness being all inclusive includes all that the Christ is without being confined by it. As we recall, the Christ principle is all that is internal in God consciousness, and can be thought of as the personality, or (quality) of God, or, if you will, the "heart" of God. Cosmic consciousness, in contradistinction, is all that is external, (quantity). God consciousness contains, (but is not limited to) these two components, all that is internal and all that is external as well.

    It is good to remember that the basic difference between God consciousness and Christ consciousness is one of placement and perspective. While God consciousness contains, in perfect balance, both Christ and Cosmic consciousness, in God consciousness the Christ is the internalized sum and quality of the Self, whereas in Christ consciousness God exists as an externalized parent.

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