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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?


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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  immortalisdolor Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:19 am

    What is the difference between online personalities and real life personalities? What is real when it comes to who we are, what we say, how we express ourselves, either in digital land, or in face to face land. Some think, as in this BBC article that online social networking is dangerous for your health.

    Despite some of the claims in that article, the comparison of who we are in real life versus who we are online does have at least subtle differences, like driving your car alone, you have somewhat a different personality while driving, and it shows in city traffic. So does online social networking further our evolutionary development on emotional, spiritual, and mental levels? Can it bridge the gaps between them and unify them through time, and personal observation of our own thoughts, actions, words, and reactions? Or, does it do the opposite? Does it divide us internally, eventual tumbling us into dementia like part of the article above suggest?

    On a personal observation of myself, I notice a little of both. Some similarities in third dimensional reality versus digital reality, as well as an actual denial of personality in the third dimensional reality of the personalities in digital world. Yet I feel more whole while driving. Even though I intentional withhold some aspects of myself online for personal protection, by common sense through cryptic and masked identity, in which most of us do, and is most likely a safe choice. However, this brings me back to the point. Which identity is real, which is me? Or is it just divided and that is just a part of the separation in the various forms of communication.

    Another example would be writing letters. I remember when younger, when I would hand write letters, and the difference was apparent then not only of myself, but from letters from others. A different and new form of emotional context exploded that was not shared through third dimensional face to face contact.

    Social networking, writing, driving, face to face, and even telephone conversations, are examples of the various forms of communication that we use. The question is how this effects us, short term and long term, and how it effect or spiritual growth, or hinders it.

    What do you think?

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Jonah Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:58 pm

    Feeling... one of my favorite discerners... i learn much about a person just by standing next to them... conversing... looking into the eyes... and then when there gone... their presence that remains in my mind... that tells me about a persons energy... i remember that most.... but then i can feel that through this form of communication as well... but theres something that lacks ... trust one might feel... i cannot trust what i cannot feel... hope that makes sense...

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  orthodoxymoron Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:06 pm

    Thank-you for starting this thread. I keep referring to craziness as I keep posting on this website. Some of this is joking - and some of it is serious. I think the internet opens a Pandora's Box of Problems. It is way too easy to access way too much information. I keep thinking that a lot of us are going to go nuts in the next few years. 'Future Shock', 'The Quickening', and 'The Infowars' are kicking in with a vengeance.

    There are really Three Me's:

    1. My Inner and Imaginary Secret Me.

    2. My Online Me.

    3. My Face to Face Me.

    These Three Me's are very, very different - but there should be an attempt to integrate them into a balanced whole. I think life is too complex and technological. Society seems to be sort of out of control in many ways. Meaning and continuity are on the endangered list. Iniquity abounds - and the love of many is growing cold. We need a kinder, gentler, simpler society. Unfortunately, the Genie is a real Jerk - and won't get back in the bottle...

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Floyd Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:42 pm

    In real life my name is Betty and I collect hampster droppings. Sorry to disappoint you all.

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Carol Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:44 pm

    My real name is Carol. That was the name given to me at birth. i go by my name because that is who I am. I did have an avatar which I was very attached to and is the name of my horse. However, I like being me. What you see is what you get. I don't collect hamster droppings and it is all I can do just keeping up with collecting feathers from the real cats trips outside. I really have 2 ducks. The roosters wake us up during the night. And I know time travel is real having had a time traveler in the house. People who have talked to me after seeing me on the net for a long while, before meeting in real life say what they see on the net and meeting me in person is consistent. However, my avatar is representative of who I was at avalon and I had changed it elsewhere (to a white rose) and went back to it because people associate people on the net with their avatar or avatar name.

    The nicest thing about the name Carol is how it just blends into the background and is a part of everything else. Nothing special - just ordinary. Being in plain view gives me lots of privacy because no one really knows me, do they? By the way.. there is only one me.... I left myself and I off at the zipline. Insanely Happy

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  immortalisdolor Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:07 pm

    Hmmm....very interesting so far, keep them coming. Three selves mentioned I can relate to, yet narrowing down to one as Carol claims would be so much easier on the brain. And as far as Hamster droppings go, are you serious?

    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Drop

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  orthodoxymoron Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:09 pm

    I'd love to be my Inner Me and my Online Me - in Real Life - but society won't let me do that. Jesus tried that a few years ago - and got himself crucified.

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Sanicle Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:52 am

    For me it's not about being online, or offline dealing with people face to face. It depends on the person you are chatting with (either way) how much of and which parts of yourself you can reveal. Naturally I prefer to spend time, in whichever way I can, with people who allow me to be open and true self. And, apart from a few of those I'm able to deal with face to face, most people I know who want to socialize with me just want to deal with the superficial aspects of everyday life. So I don't care if my communications are online or offline, I'll be with those whom I can relate to honestly. That just happens to mean I'm spending a lot of time online these days, on this forum, because I find that it's people from all over the world here that I have the most affinity with and I just can't chat to them face to face, although I'd love to. So I think being able to do this online is a good thing.

    There's another aspect also that I don't think these scientists have taken into account as to why people like to socialize on Facebook etc. It gives people a chance to think things through before they comment, rather than just having to respond 'on the fly' when face to face. I find it amazing that people I've spent time with socially are far more witty and funny online than they are offline. Some must put quite a bit of effort into thinking of something clever to say online and I know a few who agonize over it lol. But I think having the luxury of being able to think things through to clarify one's thoughts before commenting is good exercise for the mind rather than the opposite.

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Mercuriel Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:41 am

    Yep - Kind of like the Axiom of "Think before You speak"...



    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...
    wingmanof light
    wingmanof light

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty thanks never thought of it

    Post  wingmanof light Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:45 pm

    My opinion you need a balance.
    You need to interact with others be fiscally active and enjoy earths beauty.

    But online is huge benefit. Online you can play games and learn what you like you can for say find what social rooms you like or games then ask why are they can be so addicting?? you can be as your soul is at hart wants to be you don't have to pretend with fear of the system coming down on you it does allot. Online games can be a utopia world in the now how you would like to experience it . Gamming for me I learned allot from running a guild. running that how hard it is when everyone gets demanding what they want. had 150 player I ran and found a new understanding for my boss. but playing favorites always makes some one mad then in the end we branched off then got t he like mined in one small group. But as a whole we could work together and then do our own thing. Even found games that challenge my mind i get board watching TV as it s to mindless task. The commercial turning your brain to mush from watching tv programming is really true. online study say games are healthier brains it's a muscle it needs to be challenged and flexed just not 1- high school.

    Online I am as honest as I am online but online I am more open to post something cause locally the system as in the matrix it balances you it suppresses you from achieving something. It sends stuff at you to counter if you get along to well test you. Online there is the Ignore option usually. I have not yoused it too often but someone running hate have that option then its gone end of sorry back to a peaceful manifested world .

    AS a god co creating their is still the divine Father . God consciousness I find it is huge to get out of this loop. Online you create how you like to be. As god sex ,age, race Any of it does not mater nor what you look like or dress. You can be as you soul is intended to be. like time travelers he said life is like it like a menu you can choose something different or change channel if it's not working.Its not wrong to change the Chanel or make a different choice. You're not stuck or limited having to deal with something you don't like if it don't feel right at hart. The real world tells you how to feel act and imposes itself on you all the time always. It's no wrong or right it's a matter of choice that is rightfully yours as god intended it.
    Try watching TV News you only see 20% of what's online. Right lol this evil manifesting imposing itself world on you keeps you down or try unless you know its secret. Forgive let go and not judge or impose yourself its their choice and their entitled to it as you are your own.
    This world is by design it does not like utopia hear and it won't stay if it did . World of Warcraft is big you can be anything and its ok it don't mind that world is peaceful then some wonder why it's so huge cause you can go there and find peace. Like the 1st 2nd and 3rd waves they may play and find peace or like minded online.
    the system will try everything it can to stop it.But staying centered helps observing like the god consciousness co creating. If your think something trust you intuition what wrong or right. this world Government church everything is telling you how to look dress eat feel and if you don't what happens online none of that ever maters usually.

    god consciousness as I read it and see it put you in the driver's seat then be a sheep. A sheep is fin if you want to be but that's the problem with this world we stuck in the Jesus consciousness is fine if their not ready to create its their choice. Soon as you know you are a god and can manifest try positive start small listen to your intuition it will grow.
    God consciousness is expanding yourself in his position don't impose yourself. Make sure your decisions don't hurt others or take something away from them .You just stay centered and watch it's their choice and as well as yours if you change the channel or not. Don't let the world tell you what wrong trust you intuition .
    You can't make then they have to want it. Online you can create a world like world of warcraft. I did a privet server and was in god mode in it was cool no counter balance like real time. to run in game was only a choice and yes creating world online in real world I would not learn or got to experience 75% of that hear. online you can create instantly as to be honest I truly believe we have that tight for life be e like that and manifest like that . too much points to it.
    just my opinion .
    I had to start out from scratch with this the system when I hit post it dint and was gone. I tried to stay centered and changed channel and retyped it and dint let it get to me and retyped it. it did suck lol but actually I like this one better so glass half full.

    This system hates the internet I believe but I think we are gods but the Divine Father is there. He gives things a push ever so often to make things right . Pray every day and ask for clarity what you want to know it will manifest itself he is listening just watching observing hopping despite this world and everything it's doing to watch us rise above it despite it all .If we can manifest we believe negative it will be manifested if positive will come your way and manifest.. That's why you read how bad something things are and system knows it's not bad and hopes you believe it is. Don't be the sheep lead to believe and manifest its agenda.
    Everything I have asked clarity on has pop out on hear everything some takes time.

    I find thing are different .For me older stuff I posted I manifested it cause its no longer their. lol mind candy and mind bending

    Toast Big Grin 2

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Sanicle Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing your perspective Wingman of Light. I enjoyed sharing with you the sense of creativity, peace and freedom you feel on the internet as I read your words. Thanks in particular for your description of what online gaming brings to you. It's something I haven't been sure about, or involved in, and you give a clear image of how positive it can be for some psychologically.

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  B.B.Baghor Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:50 am

    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? The-ar10
    There’s a saying in social media that goes something like this “You know you’ve “arrived” when you’ve got trolls commenting on your work”.
    It’s true, the more connections you have on social media networks the more likely someone will disagree with you. Now, just disagreeing doesn’t make somebody a troll though. Trolls are a special breed. They look for high profile sites or people to grumble at, generally to make themselves feel more important. They play off anything you say in response. They exist to stir things up and the bigger the argument becomes the more they love it.

    It’s important to understand this dynamic because reason doesn’t work with trolls. Any response just encourages them and if they get a rise out of you? Well, it can get ugly. Social media can be a place where the negativity overwhelms us and leaves us no hope for the future of humanity. BUT only if we let it be that way.

    Sure, it seems like fun to laugh at other people’s gaffes. It makes us feel a little better about our own sometimes doesn’t it? That’s just lazy.
    There are people on the other end of the scandalous tweets, the bashing of a social media #fail, a slip of the pen or the tongue. “But it’s so funny!”
    I hear, and “Everybody else does it, I just shared it”, oh, and my personal favorite “It gets the clicks.” Bullshit. Making somebody feel wrong/bad/stupid may give you a little ego boost, but don’t you feel the tiniest bit of remorse afterwards? What do you think it makes you look like to others?

    We have choices people. These are our networks of connections. Our choices of friends. We can control what we see by opting out, unfollowing and, most importantly, not sharing the vitriol and bashing that is prevalent here.


    From another's point of view:
    While computer hardware, software, and communications systems all have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by skilled and determined
    cyber spies, criminals, and hacktivists, one of the greatest vulnerabilities in any computer network are the humans who have access to the system.
    Humans, of course, can be manipulated and, indeed, are manipulated by spies, criminals, and hackers. It is imperative therefore that personnel
    who have access to critical cyber systems be trained in how to recognize and avoid being manipulated.

    Elicitation is a well-known technique for extracting information that can be effectively used by people who pose a cyber threat. An individual trying
    to elicit information from an employee with access to computer networks will try to exploit natural tendencies in most people to be polite and helpful,
    to appear well-informed, to feel appreciated, to show off, to gossip, to correct errors made by others, to believe others are honest, and to be truthful.
    Spies, criminals, and hacktivists can exploit these tendencies through using elicitation techniques such as:

    Pretend to have knowledge or associations in common with a person.
    “According to the computer network guys I used to work with...”

    Provide a high and low estimate in order to entice a more specific number.
    “I assume rates will have to go up soon. I’d guess between five and 15 dollars.”
    Response: “Probably around seven dollars.”

    Tell an extreme story in hopes the person will want to top it. “I heard
    Company M is developing an amazing new product that is capable of ...”

    Pretend to divulge confidential information in hopes of receiving
    confidential information in return. “Just between you and me...” “Off the record...”

    Criticize an individual or organization in which the person has an interest in
    hopes the person will disclose information during a defense. “How did your company get
    that contract? Everybody knows Company B has better engineers for that type of work.”

    Say something wrong in the hopes that the person will correct your statement with true information.
    “Everybody knows that process won’t work—it’s just a DARPA dream project that will never get off the ground.”

    Pretend to be ignorant of a topic in order to exploit the person’s tendency to educate.
    “I’m new to this field and could use all the help I can get.” “How does this thing work?”

    Use praise to coax a person into providing information. “I bet you were the key
    person in designing this new product.”

    Exploit the instinct to complain or brag, by listening patiently and validating
    the person’s feelings (whether positive or negative). If a person feels they have someone to
    confide in, he/she may share more information.

    Ask a question to which the answer is “yes” or “no,” but which
    contains at least one presumption. “Did you work with integrated systems testing before you
    left that company?” (As opposed to: “What were your responsibilities at your prior job?”)

    Start a conversation on the macro level, and then gradually guide the
    person toward the topic of actual interest. Start talking about the economy, then government
    spending, then potential defense budget cuts, then “what will happen to your X program if
    there are budget cuts?” A good elicitor will then reverse the process taking the conversation
    back to macro topics.

    Suggest you are similar to a person based on shared interests, hobbies, or
    experiences, as a way to obtain information or build a rapport before soliciting information.
    “Your brother served in the Iraq war? So did mine. Which unit was your brother with?”

    Discuss one topic that may provide insight into a different topic. A
    question about the catering of a work party may actually be an attempt to understand the
    type of access outside vendors have to the facility.

    Indicate disbelief or opposition in order to prompt a
    person to offer information in defense of their position. “There’s no way you could design
    and produce this that fast!” “That’s good in theory, but...”

    Entice the person to direct a question toward you, in order to set
    up the rest of the conversation. “I could kick myself for not taking that job offer.” Response:
    “Why didn’t you?” Since the other person is asking the question, it makes your part in the
    subsequent conversation more innocuous.

    State a benign purpose for the survey. Surround a few questions you want answered with
    other logical questions. Or use a survey merely to get people to agree to talk with you.

    Reference real or false information so the person believes that bit of information is in the public domain.
    “Will you comment on reports that your company is laying off employees?”
    “Did you read how analysts predict...”

    As the world moves towards embedding computer systems into various types of hardware (aka the Internet of Things)
    the vulnerabilities will increase exponentially. For example, the embedding of sensors in clothing may allow tracking of
    individuals, the use of wireless pacemakers may allow the disruption of a patient’s cardiac rhythms, and the increasing
    use of augmented and virtual reality may allow cyber attackers to cause psychological harm.

    Other evolving threat areas include disrupting the growing cloud infrastructure, physical attacks against server farms
    and internet exchanges, the use of data mining for criminal intelligence, the creation of false augmented realities for
    fraud and social engineering, hijacking unmanned vehicles (drones, self-driving cars, etc.) and even avatar hijacking.

    For more information, see the FBI webpage on elicitation techniques: techniques

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    Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth? Empty Re: Does Social Networking Harm Health and Spiritual Growth?

    Post  Pris Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:57 pm


    I'm about as annoying in real life as I am online. Very Happy

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