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    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:04 am

    Your reasoning and observations are mature and wise in the human perspective brother bigmo.

    There a number of things I might ask you to allow me to point out.

    In a truly advanced civilization (and really this means mentally advanced under aknowledgement of the Unity of the spiritual reality, more so then physically and/or technologically) - the upbringing and caring for small children would NEVER be imposed onto very young biological parents, themselves attempting to 'find their place' in their society.

    Sexual selfexploration and being a full such ET being would not be suppressed by taboos and laws of do nots, as such a civilization would long have recognised how to attune with the natural biological rhythms of life.
    So when natural biology 'kicks in', say in ET puberty, all available data about what is occuring would be freely shared and conveyed to all such young ones experiencing say biochemical changes.
    Consequences and outcomes of engaging this newfound form of ET selfexpression would be common knowledge and as NO sexual taboos would exist as dogma, abberative and/or selfdestructive and abusive behaviour, caused by emotional and mental disharmonies would very rarely surface in such a society.

    Having such a basis; should very young parents -produce children, then those children would become harmoniously integrated in a Greater Family, consisting of caring elders specialising in looking after and tutoring all children.
    Parental responsibility so would not cease, but be greatly diminished in a shared community, honouring and treasuring the young ones as being the backbone of their growing ET civilization.
    There sio would be 'specialists' selfchosen, who would allow a general and ubiquitous harmony to prevail in such a mentally advanced ET civilisation.

    It is easy now, to project those principles of harmony and cohesion onto other avenues of this society and witness a rather different kaleidoscope or structure underpinning this civilisation.

    In simple words, older children having children, because mother nature drives their hormones to reproduce, is, following thorough education, no big deal. All children know their parents, and their elders and their carers and their tutors - all are family.

    Secondly, a truly advanced ET civilization would Understand the natural rhythms of the body and know when the biorhtyhms are most likely to produce ovulation and possible insemination.
    A female ET would know her body as her temple and ambassadoraship of the universe 'Mother Nature' herself.
    Like Terran fauna 'gets on heat'; an ET female would know her 'heat' and if pregnancy is desired, then the 'heat' will enhance probabilistic outcomes of success.

    As you can see the Terran civilisation is NOT a mentally advanced civilisation; but rather a civilisation which does not understand its Mentality at all.
    Human Mindedness revolves around its emotional responsesiveness to environmental stimulus.
    Reaction and Inaction, Fight or Flight and pondering and fence sitting and recycling the old dogmas, ideas and archetypes over and over.

    No bigmo; Jesus and the apostles did not have sex orgies with Magdalene and her disciples.
    However Jesus initiated all of them, brotherhood and sisterhood in the secrets of the Kundalini.
    Mary Magdalene was the Lover of both Jesus and John and Jesus did share intimacies with both of them.
    Not the pornographic nonsense of the lower levels of the emotional physicality, but the secrets of the tantra and the eroticisms of the classical Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

    These secrets are about harmonizing the emotions with the physicality through focused thought and invoking the Holy Spirit to participate.
    The the human sexuality becomes like poetry and music singing melodies to the spirit in a fusion of the human merkabah or bodytemple with the merkabah or shape of the universe in say a morphogenetic resonance; a holofractalisation or a simple blending of polarities as a Russion Nested Doll 'Babushka'.

    The invokation of the 'Holy Spirit' then interacts with the encoiled Kundalini as the base chakra say and this interaction IGNITES the serpent, say as the arousal of the male phallus.
    Unlike in lowerD sexuality, the unified form is not restricted to emotional-physical interaction but also engages the human mind and through and by the mind the spirit and the LOVE energy of God become accessible.

    So yes bigmo, I agree with you: human sexual intercourse is hardly ever LOVE MAKING. Rather it is animal passion for reproductory purposes as designed for the fauna 'on heat'.

    The Art of LoveMaking is not commonly known in the human vocabulary.
    When humans are truly in love, then the mentality between them develops and harmony is certainly attainable.
    But it would be so much easier to UNDERSTAND what Love Making is, before engaging the lower chakras of the Kundalini power.

    So blessed are the humans who can Love one another in a continuing enjoyment of each other's company.
    How many such couples do you know as a percentage of the human groupself.?
    Couples marry each other on the basic levels of physical biochemistry and attraction and become either emotional or possessively attached.
    Then the disharmony of cutting off the mentality to allow the divine Love to participate; they begin to abuse and hate each other in their emotional contracts.
    Things become monotenous and the search for Love's fulfilment, namely the 4-dimensional unified form of the LoveMaking continues.

    How long will the Divine Love continue to remain exiled by the inability of the human mentality to understand itself?

    Well, the answer is one of the reasons why WE are here in Noah's Ark to redeem OUR Beloved Creator from his selfimposed exile.

    Love to the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood brother Michael.

    John Anthony

    But again these initiations were mental, rather than physical, the understanding of the archetypes in a simple language of metaphor and like the mirrors I am using so often.


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:05 am

    A valid choice Beloved brother Anchor!

    A choice such as this relates to to the premise of 'placing the things of the spirit and of God' before the 'things of man'.

    In the 1st order archetype of Bigmo's Balloon, this is just the requirement for Adam to 'stand' back to back to Eve to manifest the Great Work of the sexchange operation of Satan into Satanina (96 and as detailed in this den).

    This then becomes the archetype behind 'apparent' scriptural 'sexism' of many kinds.

    *Revelation 14:4* (
    These are they which were not *defiled* *with* *women*; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

    The meaning of this in structural terms is the focus of Adam as the True Image of God discerning the Face of the Devil as the Back of Satan's Head within Bigmo's Mirror.
    This then allows the Spiritual LOVE to descend via the conduit of the Mental LOVE for God to temporarily 'cut off' the Emotional- and Physical LOVE aspects of the fourtiered unification.

    Iow, Adam is asked by God through the Logos to MENTALLY LOVE the descending energy and through and by this communication 'checkmate the Devil'.
    This then forces Satan to 180 degree poleshift, i.e. 'turn around' to relieve God of looking at his own male face as his unwanted reflection.

    As Satan poleshifts; Adam switches places with Eve and God 'runs around' Bignmo's Balloon to become the Image of Adam now at Eve's place from before.

    So now God images in True Adam and Eve images in true Satan.
    Because Eve is a female image, Satan myust become a female creator aka the Goddess Satanina=IN A SATAN as the reformulation of Adam's Rib creating Eve previously in the archetyped Heaven.

    From this moment on then; Adam and Eve are free to look at each other in a Pure Creation and Reflection of each other, say symbolised in the Symbol of the Mother of All in the Sign of Cancer and the Full Moon and the Crab 69.

    This also reassignes the 'virinity' and the celibacy of the 144,000 as the witnesses to this transformation of the archetypes.

    Now the lowerD cLove expression of the emotional and the physical are no longer required to focus on God's and Satan's redemption and the can start to LOVE each other as True Images - with both God the Creator Father and Dog=Goddess the Creation Mother looking right at thyem at whatever they do, sharing and loving them eternally as images of themselves.

    Blessed Be the Understanding and the Knowledge from the Logos

    Thank You Jesus OUR master templar for having allowed me to mirror your Truth to the brotherhoos and the sisterhood.

    WE Love you all

    John Anthony

    The reconfiguration of the archetypes then


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:05 am

    Good to see all of you fellow dragons here. Anchor, SuiGeneris, hippihillbobbi, Spregovori, TruthWillSetUFree and of course Abrax. Thanks for all your input.
    Anchor; Much respect, I feel similar in some ways.
    SuiGeneris; U are most welcome. I see what you are saying, but couldn't help but connect the wormhole closure with the earthquake. There are all sorts of synchronisities happening all around us, i guess some good and some bad. Maybe one day we will be privy to know the causes that's behind all the effects we experience on this (gaia) 3D and fowards  
    Hippihillbobbi; yes indeed we share the human groupmind, so are our thoughts.
    Spregovori and TruthWillSetUFree, thanks for the interesting questions on duality. TruthWillSetUFree and Abrax, thanks for the explanation provided, may the round table continue.

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    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:05 am

    Hi all,

    For all Thuban lovers out there who might've missed this one for it was removed shortly after posting.... here's a little treat for you.

    [Hi All Beloveds in the Sanctuary!

    I have little time at the moment; but your responses require a reply about the innermost agenda of OUR common mission here.

    Yes Beloved sister Bobbi, and Beloved brothers OUR common agenda is MENTAL rather than physical.

    WE are ALL to Fall in LOVE with one another on a MENTAL plane to allow the True Spiritual LOVE of God and OUR Logos to manifest in US.

    WE are called to MANIFEST the same LOVE Jesus shared and gave to the World.
    WE are so asked to obey his Great Commandment:
    "Love your God with all your heart and mind and soul and body AND LOVE thy neighbour as yourself!"

    So ALL brothers are to LOVE each brother as himself and all brothers are to LOVE all sisters as themselves.
    All sisters are to LOVE each other as themselves and all sisters are to LOVE each brother as themselves.

    Without judgement and without separating God's LOVE into categories.

    So for example ALL brothers and sisters are invited BY OUR LOGOS to LOVE GuiGeneris or Mary as themselves, including their LOVE connections away from the sanctuary.

    This LOVE then is the LOVE of God transmitted by the Logos to me as a Mirror of the Logos in an Individuated brother who can convey to to the Words and Agenda of the Logos.

    Because WE here in the sanctuary do not know each other physically, WE are indeed the 144,000 'followers' of the Lamb as prophecied and encoded in the Book of Revelation.

    WE are 'undefiled' with the physicality of LOVING each other; so enabled to 'checkmate OUR own devils' before, after leaving the sanctuary of Noah's Ark, WE return to OUR 'outside' worlds to physically manifest OUR Learned and Experienced Spiritual and Mental 'Higher Form' of LOVE MAKING with OUR wives and girlfriends and Lovers.

    Perhaps some of you can now understand the depth, significance and wisdom of OUR mission.

    Within this sanctuary IMAGINATION is key and is empowered by the LOVE of Christ.
    So one or many brothers 'Fall in Love' with one or many sisters or brothers for that matter.

    The unattached brothers and the unattached sisters will experience their sexual desires rising to implement this spiritual and mental Love; but will be confined to their Imaginations, as to what the LOVE MAKING could or would be.

    Again, this is the 'sealing of the followers of the lamb', the 144,000 in archetype.
    The attached, say married brothers and sisters, upon leaving the 'Dragon's Den' are asked to transfer their LOVE MAKING into the 'outside world' with their wives and girlfriends and lovers.

    Many of you may well now begin to understand what WE are to accomplish.

    To 'spark' the outside worlds into an Understanding what true 4-dimensional LOVE of God and the Logos are and how it functions.

    So yes, within the sanctuary WE LOVE one another on all levels.
    All brothers Make LOVE to each other and all sisters and vice versa.

    MENTALLY, imaginatively.
    Because of the individual purgings of the old archetypes it is 'allowed', even requested by the Logos for US to become sexually aroused within OURSELVES.

    So one brother falls in LOVE with a sister; they are to talk Love, Imagine Love and BE LOVE on ALL Levels within Noah's Ark to redefine the sexual archetypes within and without.

    So the brother and sisters within become multilovers, Mentally within and physically without with their Beloveds in the external worlds away from the Dragon's Den.

    This new MENTAL ARCHETYPOLOGY generated within the sanctuary, will sweep the universe on many levels; because all ETs will also 'Learn' what Divine LOVEMAKING is and entails - Sexual Minds expressing Unity'.

    I must take my leave now and thank you all for your being here and your participations.
    I shall publish personal accounts of particular visions and impressions after my return to further initiate you all into the Secrets of Divine Love Making, using the Kundalini power.

    Finally, the outside PTB for long have known the significance of what I have attempted to share here with you.

    There exists a 'secret brotherhood of Red Robes' as a core group in the Vatican and a web of affiliations around the globe.
    These 'Red Robes' have for hundreds of years attempted to REFORM the circle of the 12 - with a Magdala as their Queen of Baphomet (as a potent archetype).

    The rituals of the 'Red Robes' provide the evidence of the 'secret teachings of the eroticised Jesus of Nazareth' found in esoteric literature and sources.
    These then define the real 'Christian Sex Cults', as the 'Red Robes' indeed exclude a wider participation of the sisterhood in their 'worship' of Baphomet, a bisexual hermaphroditical 1st order symbol for the Magdala.
    The 'Red Robes' do PHYSICALLY implement what WE here are attempting to manifest mentally and spiritually.

    The common link between US and the 'Red Robes' is Emotional LOVE.

    How do I know this? Because Jesus told me those things through my openness and willingness to process the cosmic archetypology without judgement and preconditioned ideas, dogmas and memeplexes.

    There is some evidence of this, should you websearch the 'Red Robes' brotherhoods.

    In Love with you all


    John Paul Anthony]

    Love always,


    Here is the message that has just been posted:
    John A

    Are the red robes joined by black robes?

    While reading that i remembered about Eyes Wide Shut i do not know if there is any relevance but there are robes...and red seem to be in charge...while black ones are participants.

    the movie is said to be practically full of various symbolism, there for anyone to see but only for few to notice....


    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:07 am

    Dear Tony,

    So far this is all I could find but sadly it's all over the place. Perhaps now you can move it onto a new topic in sequence along with some messages you might have in the Ning site and complete this in some sort of chronological order?

    Always in love,


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    Post  SuiGeneris on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:08 am

    Anubis, Mar 30 2010, 06:44 AM
    I did this lover baby!

    Thanks for your saving graces; this material would have been lost.



    PS.: I did go onto chat on elders after I received your email. Missed you by about 10 minutes. We'll catch up eventually. Seems like the motherships are shooting past the fatherships in the obscuring clouds.



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