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    Post  mudra on Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:05 pm

    Dr. Mona Harrison MD. "Sacred Water" Pt1/4

    Dr. Mona Harrison received her degree from the University of Maryland and went on to become the assistant dean of Boston University School of Medicine. As chief medical officer for D.C. General Hospital, she directed the trauma center, emergency center, and outpatient services. When we are born, our bodies are filled with a water that has a specific clustered form, Dr.Harrison said. Especially the brain and liver have water that has a large number of negatively charged hydrogen ions. A water cluster is a ring of six molecules that share common hydrogen bonds. The six-sided shape enters the cell most easily, like a master key that opens the locks on many doors.

    In its free state in nature, the water molecule has two positively charged hydrogen ions and one negatively charged oxygen ion. Cellular processes in plants and animals store energy in the hydrogen ions by capturing free electrons.

    The stored electrons change the hydrogen ions from a positive charge to a negative charge. A healthy cell is a miniature hydroelectric station; water flows in and out; energy is produced and stored.

    Through her advanced studies in the field of quantum mechanics and the laws of cellular and biological regeneration of our DNA, Dr.Harrison was led to the discovery of the value of water, its physical, psychical and spiritual properties as the key to our rejuvenation and longevity.

    Thus she devoted some 25 years traveling the globe and meeting with scientists from Europe, Africa and Asia who were advanced in the discoveries of this new water technology which she made available in her public lectures, which were packed with the scientific proof and evidence of the effects of this clean, sanitized water source.

    Working in concert with special scientists from around the world, she developed a particular kinship with several water experts from Japan who had studied with Russian Scientists in this field. She later became one of the distributors of certain Electrolysis Machines and other special waters with healing properties for humanity. To this end she devoted the latter part of her lifes work as a service to humanity.

    Love Always

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