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    LOL - Butt-Cam - Hollywood Jesus at the End!


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    LOL - Butt-Cam - Hollywood Jesus at the End! Empty LOL - Butt-Cam - Hollywood Jesus at the End!

    Post  horus Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:29 am

    NZ models catch men ogling their rears

    Two Kiwi models claim to have attached cameras to their backsides as part of a vigilante sting operation against gawking men. Reanin Johannink and Jessie Gurunathan, who both have careers in television and modelling, apparently took to the streets of Los Angeles with the hidden cameras.

    "Have you ever wondered what goes on behind your back? Well, we figured out a way to bust people," Johannink says at the beginning of the video.

    The footage, which appears to have been professionally produced, shows plenty of men — and some women — ogling their rear ends. At one point in the video a woman connects eyes with the camera, then checks her boyfriend to see if he is looking. Fortunately for him, it seems he isn't. Also caught staring on camera is the "West Hollywood Jesus", a man known in the area for roaming around in a Christ-like outfit.

    The video is being shared rapidly online, and has already garnered more than 200,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted two days ago. At this stage it is difficult to be sure whether it is legitimate footage of their exploits or some kind of viral marketing stunt. Neither of the women have responded to requests for comment. Johannink, who has previously featured on long-running Kiwi soap drama Shortland Street, wrote on Twitter that she was surprised so many people were caught out on the video.

    "We thought we would get a few, but not THAT many, we were amazed! We had everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Jesus to old people," she wrote.

    She also said she wants to try the stunt in other cities and is planning on publishing a "behind the scenes" clip to show other women how to fit the cameras. Viewers of the clip suggested some of the people may have actually been looking at the camera itself, despite it being difficult to see.

    "I am pretty sure that the people in the stairs are looking at the camera, because they are closer, and I'm pretty sure that the guys on the street are looking at her XXX," a YouTube user wrote. Other users mocked the video for revealing the obvious. So let me get this straight. A pretty girl with a killer body wears super tight pants and then thinks that her discovery that men are ‘secretly’ looking at her behind her back is like discovering a cure for cancer?

    "Newsflash... You are pretty and you are wearing super tight pants AND men are basically visually-driven pigs."

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