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    Post  Brook Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:33 am

    Whoa! I love that song, and that post brought a tear to my eye. Which brings to me the longing to just go home. It's so long overdue. Rolling Eyes

    A long journey indeed!

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    Post  Instigator Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:15 pm

    horus wrote:Thank you Brook for your words of encouragement and support, I have a lot to share but sometimes very hard to transcribe. In the last 24 hours I have encountered energies never felt or witnessed in my journey that started out from my awakening in 1995 to the All-Seeing-Eye appearing at the foot of my bed, which is part of my life story I have not yet shared. Back in 1995 did I ever think I had Egyptians connection, the thought was so distant and it was a program that kept me at a distance so I could not discover who I was and who I am.

    What I have to share with you now are energies from a mother and you projected it so, as if I know you from the heart. For me to tell this, it came from my heavenly mother also. This post is a wake up call to what I share as the truth and nothing more. We are all ONE LOVE, its just the mutation of everything in the 3D that has us all hot-wired into these freak-side-show-mutation programs and I have some heavy stuff that will shake the mindset of Zombieland, a title given to me because that’s what this planet has become in a Western World. To so many in the past I have shared my dreams on forums beginning with Starship Capricorn back in 2005 and I gave it all a big flick when no one was listening. What I share with you 'all now' are not my nightmares, they are yours, and when I say yours, I mean everyone on this planet. Let’s say, the demons are coming out to play with you to all those who are lost who continue to live on the outside with their faith with religious beliefs, rather than find it within. In fact, it’s easier living within, life is less complicated there, so you ask me who is controlling you, you are with head logic instead of heart logic, so let it all go. You must chose your god that is only within, listen to him, he never left you at all. The one you know as Jehovah, and what Lionhawk is saying is true. I have experience his behavior by some of his 'jolly-men’, a name just given to me. They wanted to screw me as a male in a woman's body. I replied; I only do it with woman. When I woke up I was so pleased to know both our twin-souls a very balanced. It proved to me you can stand up to this false god who projects himself as a pedophile and reflects the behavior of freemasons in their rituals, even with whores.

    Yesterday, I was shown to post these big words to everyone, GO WITHIN NOW, BEFORE ALL IS LOST!

    Okay, I have a visitor and who is it this time, its The Joker. He showed his face at 90 degrees and then left as quickly as he came. 90 degrees is also the Masonic right-angle. Do you know who the joker is, it's the buffoon-baboon called Thoth. What he does is eves-drop, that how the dark agenda get all information that stalls the ascension process, it’s also a signature of a passing fart coming from a ‘whoopee cushion’. He is just a sticky beak (someone who is too interested in other people’s private activities) and a busy-body at that with the long beak of a Ibis taking your chi nectar like a humming bird does to a flower. He also comes up your back passage and departs the same way, I know it so, he tried to finger my anal passage.

    Before I continue, I always double check my spelling on these posts because words can be spelt nearly the same, but mean something else, its another topic altogether. So checking this word 'mutation' opens energies I am working on.

    Mutation:In molecular biology and genetics, mutations are changes in a genomic sequence: the DNA sequence of a cell's genome or the DNA or RNA sequence of a virus. Mutations are caused by radiation, viruses, transposons and mutagenic chemicals, as well as errors that occur during meiosis or DNA replication. They can also be induced by the organism itself, by cellular processes such as hypermutation.

    Mutation can result in several different types of change in DNA sequences; these can either have no effect, alter the product of a gene, or prevent the gene from functioning properly or completely. Studies in the fly Drosophila melanogaster suggest that if a mutation changes a protein produced by a gene, this will probably be harmful, with about 70 percent of these mutations having damaging effects, and the remainder being either neutral or weakly beneficial. Due to the damaging effects that mutations can have on genes, organisms have mechanisms such as DNA repair to remove mutations.

    Therefore, the optimal mutation rate for a species is a trade-off between costs of a high mutation rate, such as deleterious mutations, and the metabolic costs of maintaining systems to reduce the mutation rate, such as DNA repair enzymes. Viruses that use RNA as their genetic material have rapid mutation rates,[6] which can be an advantage since these viruses will evolve constantly and rapidly, and thus evade the defensive responses of e.g. the human immune system.

    What did mother say and give as a message to me, the attached 'picture lyrics were', "Its been a long journey but I'm right belong beside you". Her title message (to me) was "You've rising from great depths" and I saw what is best described as rays of light that went back to the source of creation, and what did she say of you Brook? She said to me after, you've rising from great depths, "Isn't she beautiful" That came from our Mother-Creator Sekhmet. Enjoy the song from the Seekers. Study the words and her hairstyle that is you all over, and listen to the words from 1:05 which is 15, a energy protocol to the 15th letter O. This singer reflects energies to someone I personally met called Terry. In dreams I see feminine energies as both my sister and my mother. My guardian mother’s pet name was called Cissy for short. Her birth name was Celia which means 'heavenly' and you can see the word corruption with 'sissy' which really means sister and where the "mummy's boy" originated and why I am very distant to masculine energies for my entire journey, I don't trust male energy, just like Sananda period. I was a mummy's boy in this incarnation but retained my balance as a male; it must reflect those times when I was Horus with a mother-sister, that was Isis a surrogate mother for the Lion Goddess. I have never met Osiris, so what does that tell you, he was not my father by sperm count, if you get my drift!.

    Terry looked like these two actresses combined (I’ve added this image, the energy is very high as a match, I did not realize it!) Terry had the elements of Mary and I adore short woman. My twin is only 5’ tall and a heart full of joy.

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    impressive post Horus, the vast majority of haters in this world just cannot comprehend the information contained in your threads due to their level of ego and ignorance. they not know what they do, but are totaly responsable for everything they do.

    Many Thothonian worshipers are dressed in love and light costumes in this world, and those who love to pass judgement and have strong opinions on this reality are headed for the conditional 4th dimensional realms. we all make our own choices, no one else to blame but ourselves and its all about responsability and an basic understanding of the differences of a/what service to self is and what b/ service to others are.


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    Post  investigator Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:25 pm

    Are you familiar with this website

    Basically, it's some website that decodes occult meanings, so that anyone can understand it. Do you think that authors interpretation is accurate? Also are you saying "thoth" is just some type of negative entity that is pretending to be positive, and a lot of channelers/mediums get tricked into believing it?

    Lastly, what do you think of Wes Penre's view on the afterlife He was claiming that we are in some type of prison, and even soul groups, and "spirit guides" that are supposedly unconditionally loving, are part of a control paradigm

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    Post  horus Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:43 am

    QUOTE "instigator"impressive post Horus, the vast majority of haters in this world just cannot comprehend the information contained in your threads due to their level of ego and ignorance. they not know what they do, but are totaly responsable for everything they do. Many Thothonian worshipers are dressed in love and light costumes in this world, and those who love to pass judgement and have strong opinions on this reality are headed for the conditional 4th dimensional realms. we all make our own choices, no one else to blame but ourselves and its all about responsability and an basic understanding of the differences of a/what service to self is and what service to others are. Namaste QUOTE[b]

    Thank you Instigator for this opportunity now to open my heart a little, because I feel it is appropriate to do so right now, because I don't know how long I will be here and posts I have already placed have not been updated as I had wished, I just get so much every day. Graphic content always holds up the delay, and that’s how I tell my story. When I see the right energy I grab the image and right know I'm capped on usage for a few days. I've been awake for some 30 hrs compiling data, I had to copy this post while I waited for usage level to drop over night.

    I'll tell you this friend, I'm not interested in the ego, I have fun enough without it and I don’t have any adrenaline rush that drives an ego that may be left, that was something I first encountered at a dentist, the adrenaline dose given to me put me in state of hell like a junkie having a withdrawal, I felt for them and I tell you if there is a hell, drugs take over the mind. I do have a conscious in my content with some post material and the gaga string did test things at some depth, even I learnt something. When I ‘copy and past’ from another person’s views, and I do my very best at times to put what ego I have left in its proper place. The simplest solution might be to just say nothing and let people face the music. Call me Horus if you wish, others just call me Vee Eight, my first name is John and coming on age of 65 and love hot-rodding, I have a rare set of wheels, the hot rod keeps me grounded. I will tell you this, my twinflame comes first and foremost and the very moment she gets upset with a post, you will never hear from me again, so my content and depth has to be monitored each day and she guides me and when it comes to sharing the truth, by God it hard to get the message across without being a now-all because I don’t know everything and never claim to be someone else that I am not.

    I’m not interested in blowing trumpets and like my beloved brother Lionhawk, we have both traveling down this long road so many times and bashed our head senseless against a brick wall, and has anything really changed, no its still the same? I came here to tell everyone my side of the story to a programmed society we have become under a false god called Thoth and others like Jehovah, Baal and the list goes on and on, in fact last night my thoughts pondered, how many false gods are there all taking a slice each of humanity. If my ego said, ‘just make a name for yourself’, what a fool I would me. I’m not part of the program and in my defense of knowing the truth, these false gods are parts of a program. I'm not interested in setting up a website and being a seer or a prophet, I have a zero income and that was part of me letting go ten years ago without any welfare support. I now qualify for a pension, I might go out and see a good movie!

    I could if I wished, to just weather out the storm like everybody else. So how important is it to me being Horus? Right now, not much, but it validates who I am with Mother-Father as their son. I've know about it for about ten years now. To me love is more important and going home to my lovely sweetheart, and I can forget all this. I'm not here as a teacher, so just take what you read and digest a little bit at a time, and when you tune into my wavelength you will feel like the edge on my wave of what I believe is the truth. I have more to loose here by upsetting my twin when the end days are so close. If there is one soul out there who is looking for an answer and found it, its worth it.

    In my heart, I want to reach out to lost souls that may know me from my past. I’m not here to bad mouth anyone, and if a freemason wanted to open his heart with me, instead of trying to steal it, he is still my brother, and how many could, or at least could open themselves when they are so secretive and would prefer to silence the giver of love, light and truth.

    Do you think threats scare the living-day-lights out of me? No, because my destiny is already mapped out, dead or alive? I have been attacked during dreams by this program like bogeyman etched into your mind as toddler by your parents, and what about the tooth fairy? It’s all such a joke and so back to front; they are all ‘just false energies appearing real’. I’m sharper fully consciously awake, they pick on you attacked the inner child. To the goon squads, I don't cut the mustard with them, or give them any slack, I know the true love of my Mother-Father-Creator who is so very real within us all, and his love cannot be compared to the gods that most of humanity worships.

    I know who my god is, and it was my twin who ‘showed me the way’ when I went off the rails. My beloved brother Lionhawk spooked the wind out this program that probed me. He didn’t have too, but it was my twin flame who reached out to my brother and any brain damage was healed. Love was the Answer and going deeper within than I ever had before. This is part of my storey to give you the strength to follow in my footsteps. A time will come when I will leave this forum, take advantage with what I share because it all comes from the heart. You will remember me and you are welcome in my house. I put down what happened me was idle-mind-slip-up like so many light-workers waiting and nothing happens and so many toss in the towel. Listen to this wise one called Lionhawk, he is a Native American Indian, and not some Silly White Man selling Snake Oil to cure man-made problems. Also read Brooks post on the Red Pill, it well worth it taking that Red Pill, you might find a truth deep within.

    Now in complete contrast, and this is my conscious state, I have a new post in process covering human take-away food, you read it correctly. The establishment promotes hard sell ‘drink & drive’ television commercials with bloody mangled bodies to get their point across to road deaths. Humanity has become less sensitive to seeing this sort of thing and when there are Wars and X-Box games to match, we only see the bad guy body blown apart and half a brain missing. What does it take to get it through thick heads, do we watch live footage of a human being eaten on a live TV, like they did with the Christians being eaten by lions, its all blood and guts and horrific, for god’s sake it’s a human and this false god claims he projects love. No, its one of fear, and he came one night and the filters within my brain cut him so short because he wanted to give me a heart attack! It just didn’t happen, I was able to scramble the energy signature and seeing my head had been severed and it was Jehovah. His energy is in the Pink Floyd video so brace yourself I found it matching the angry Head Master wearing a Mason Board.

    It’s very difficult for me to compose this post to begin with such detail, and the complexity of this dream to what it all means because I look for adjoining energies which fit like a loop, brain-washing with microwave mobiles and the human sacrifice must be a ‘slow death’ causing cancer, keep an eye out on the thread.

    The video by Pink Floyd matched 100%. To find myself in this second dream, the machinery was macro-micro and I discussed this dream with my mother. It was such a causal energy coming from a false god script driving to prompt envy and jealousy and his attention to a drier oven I built so advanced for it time-frame, the energy was coming from the Dark Brotherhood side of JABBA, I have identified but not yet covered in a post yet the BRAINS behind the curtain who pulls all the string known as THOTH, his plans will not happen. Of the two dreams in question, one was straight forward like most dreams, you tell a friend about it and they say, "Okay, so what’s your point, get to the best part’, and. you feel like you need to say in reply, ‘I’ll cut the long story short then’, but I can't do that, because all the multi-layers and the deep complexity I have with any dream. I recall every detail and rewind the projector in my third eye.

    Some of this particular dream is a recall energy, which did connect to Total Recall, the movie. My graphics will show you all about human processing with scanners made for other reasons. Once in a while I say to myself, "Hang on a minute, why does some of this align to our present time-line and it did a Time Machine movie. The first dream had the same ‘trade show signature’ as the second. The first was a takeaway energy covering a food gallery in a shopping complex that felt like a underground car park and I was able to find a GPS signature, but it was above ground and out in the open suggesting the ‘full exposure of a plan’, and so complex it reminded me of IKEA that was like a maze of rooms just like in Pink Floyd video Another Brick in the Wall, and Orientals setting up shop just as bad as Made In China, and I twigged onto a post I made years ago about the consumption of human flesh, and as this country trades itself world wide how do we know some stir fly products have human content and this is part of the energy to reptilian pet fo0d. It was very Japanese on the first round, then and I found a Gaga energy the next day when she dresses up like a ‘piece of meat’ degrading the feminine. It was the message I got after the first dream, like a 'snap-dragon' words just given to me. The message was: THE ALIEN CENTERS WILL BE USED TO BROOD THEIR OWN STOCK.

    For those who are interested; I examine my dreams like this; from a 'deep-state', some people will relate to this on different levels of consciousness. I'm move from this deep-state and remain in a coma state; I can hear sounds as I settle back into my form. I now hold my dream for recall and through my own conditioning, I now rewind the dream and play it back over and over, taking note of every frequency and signature like a navigator, nothing gets left out, colors, sounds and smells, every sense is used and I still have not woken up. The key note is; do not move, not even an eyelash, or you do, you will loose the energy in a mini-second.

    Now to some that may show discernment to this post title can draw out the blood of some false prophets. I have made a reference to Abundant Hope and for years many messages I have had led to confirmation and maybe some are not true at all and always has an attachment, the ego of its founder, Maybe many can not see it, but after been told by my mother not to visit the website, I stuck my head in and all the marking of he ego were there, all part of a programmed effort to lead us up the garden pass. It seems all those who blow trumpets in what I feel have no connections to their twin flame and twin flames have twin coiled serpents up the spine, what about a single one that’s controlling the host leading back to the Kabalah Cult and maybe many others. We may be witnessed the goings on with Candace on GLP as being spot on as a power-freak.

    I decided to poke my nose inside their forum about 9 months ago and found it hollow in energy and soulless with attendance energy, it was like a vault; I have far more truths to follow, I just wanted to investigate and all the posts were years old and all the current one had her final signature. Only a registered membership can get you in, and I noted the membership is closing; it sounds like a secret society of Freemasons. When I was asked what my mission was, I was told my words were all New Age thinking, what an insult, I have known as far back as around 1998 New Age material is as close as you want to get to Organized Religion. I shared on this forum my experience as a twin-flame, and I came under close examination in “what is your mission?” I replied, “Love is my Mission”. Did she expect me to say I’ll be a gardener and weed your path? She does believe in twin flames, so I introduced myself then as V8 & Horus on the forum, I was out for her blood and she new it, I never seen anyone so spooked and afraid and I felt it, it was the name Horus and I used use to have fun on the Capricorn forum with dark energies. I was removed immediately after I asked this question, “Can anyone tell me about the Nexus Event? I had connected this to Nexus Magazine energies that I still have and believe they mean something. Christ-Michael may have some truths to his posts which I want to question. I just feel uneasy about the boisterous ego displayed there.

    I personally felt I was being down-spoken too by a control-freak, and her nest of sheep is going to be rescued by Sananda, which one is that? Out of how many millions on the planet, I ask you, have you paid for your lotto ticket; are you one of the select few? My heart is here to stay here with Gaia. I am aware of the possibility many will be taken to safety and that instruction will come from within and it won’t be from a Reptilian. Those that leave a sinking ship will leave for good and may end up as pet food. I have felt reflections from the movie Avatar, it’s another story connecting the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, both have a similarity, show as a swirling abomination.

    To conclude this post which has given me the opportunity to explain just where I come from, and I spend a lot of time examining clues which often come from personal experiences in 3D over a life time. I get so much information, what I receive yesterday is history tomorrow, so I have tossed this in along the way; I may not get another chance.


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    Post  Carol Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:35 pm

    Horus, have you ever thought about what is happening with you? With all of these images pouring past your minds eye perhaps this is the unwinding process of karma. With the practice of meditation eventually the mind comes to a place of inner stillness, inner quiet and inner peace. May you find your own inner peace at the end of this journey.

    Candle in the Wind Enlightened Candle in the Wind

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  tacodog Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:47 pm


    I find your writings interesting. I hope in time I will be able to absorb/understand them better. It seems the better half of my life I have just been biding my time…for what…I have no idea. I keep myself busy enough, and I have become a news addict I think. There are so many ideas/perceptions presented here that seem plausible.

    I believe there is a program running, and why it is allowed to keep running like it has I’ll never know. There seems to be a lot of innocents caught up in this masquerade. I continue to believe we have minimal free will in this 3D world. We are brainwashed from birth, we are born veiled from knowledge and truth. Life feeds off of other life here. Our DNA is damaged, our food and environment is damaged. The world is chaotic right now. At the end of the day, I really don’t know what’s up or down, but something for sure is horribly amiss.

    There are a lot of gifted people here. I am not so gifted and cannot seem to connect with the higher self or creator in a comprehensive way. So I just do the best I can and fuddle my way through all the brilliance presented on this site.

    I have always been a trekky fan. Sure would be tempting to be able to ride in one of those starships and explore the universe! The warning is there though, I hear it. Mind-Controlled Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet  - Page 3 962334 Mind-Controlled Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet  - Page 3 871182

    I look forward to more of your posts. Mind-Controlled Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet  - Page 3 83084

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    Post  Lionhawk Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:51 pm

    As it was said, some of us are the Stars of the Stars. Almost like a movie. One of the important things is to remember the support crew. For without that support, the missions of certain souls would be fruitless.

    Thank-you Mudra and Horus for your kind words.

    Horus and I do have a history. We met at the StarCrapper forum called Starship Capricorn in 2005. It has since become a very dark hole. The forum that is and if you are capable to do a scan, you can see it for your own eyes. For the ones that had a higher frequency to escape the trappings of that place, there were very few of them. I can count them on one hand. But getting passed that, Horus and I knew we had a much deeper connection and vowed to someday figure that connection out. We have as of about six months ago as the puzzle pieces fitted together once we put the light on those pieces. It is also not for everyone to hear as by it is a long history which I am very pleased to play a part in with Horus. The main thing is we figured out what that connection is and we have found our brotherly in this lifetime. That is cause for celebration and I would rather be doing that, then digging through all the negative reports we find ourselves distracted with everyday.

    Carol also spoke of Karma in reference to Horus. Maybe to silence the mind. Well, that might apply for some. But in these times, once you make the commitment to level the playing field, you find that it becomes a full time job. Horus knows exactly what I mean by that and he is like THE MACHINE. This machine is not only a reminder but also a karmic balancer of sorts. The clock gets thrown out the window and then all of time comes rushing in. The remembering. Well, if I have anything to say about the karma, we all have it to balance out. Many of the thugs that created it as in personal, need to be reminded what they created. Also how the Creator allowed us to be here in the now to have a voice in those regards. To let the darkside know that we just didn't go quietly in the night. We are here. In the now and we speak together in harmony of the true love and light. Not the superficial love and light program that is currently out there.

    Horus and I have worked extensively together and separately to bring about disclosure of the propaganda being rolled out by the darkside. We have done this in collaboration for the last 5 years. Much of this work was done at other forums. You, the viewer are only getting a taste of what has already transpired. What I am saying is that him and produced results. To the point where we really have pissed off the darkside. They know who we are and what we have already done. They have us on a list and it isn't a nice list to be on if you get my meaning. They have tried by various techniques to snuff us out. In real life. Not virtually. The viewers that I am concerned with are not the ones that you see in the counts. The viewers that concern me are the ones that are hidden or not counted. I have already been alerted to this fact. It has also been brought to me to handle it as well. So while some track the views on a thread, others are viewing it as to the real information being put out there that threatens their agenda. So if you are just reading it for your own self entertainment and don't take the red pill and work it further, there are others who take it more serious than you will ever know.

    What needs to be understood is that these programs are out there. Also in your own home. So if you claim to be awake, you might want to reevaluate how awake you are and more importantly how you have employed your awareness field. This isn't about paranoia. It's about empowerment. Of you, but you have to take responsibility for that. Really check out your foundation and do some bench mark tests on it. It use to be that you could attain a certain level of spirituality and do things with a miraculous ease. But the dark have amped up their efforts and have targeted many of a higher end light worker and have succeeded in taking them out or even handicapping them. Some of you understand this and many might question what I have just stated. We are being squeezed from all angles.

    They squeezed Horus 1 1/2 years ago and almost took him out. He wasn't the only one who has been attacked either. If you are a light worker, your name is on a list somewhere. Everyone is being monitored. By who? The Reptilians is who. The very ones who blew up that planet called Maldek. From Orion. I have tested their resolve. A year ago, I did something that really caught their attention. They sent out at least 200 to trace a signal that I had emitted. They couldn't track it. Their superior was extremely pissed off and had threatened his own subservients with their lives if they didn't produce any results. He was the Draconian leader that they have appointed to this Planet.

    I guess you can say I sometimes feel powerless as to these thugs. They will not reason. They don't care about you! And George Kavassilas is dead wrong in the context when he says these Reptilians love Mother Earth. He didn't tell the truth in that statement. Yeah, they love Mother Earth. As to exploiting her and all the Kingdoms on it. They love her as a resource and nothing more. That also pertains to any other systems that can be exploited in our solar system and beyond. Now how can we go up against a force that has programmed most folks into sheepness? I don't have a real answer to that. It is hard to fight an opponent you can't see.

    When they say, "We will destroy this Planet if we don't have our way with her." What part of that does George Kavassalis doesn't understand? That's a back to front statement. Now when I go to the back patio at night and I see the Orion system out there, I give them the bird and scream, "LULU!" I do it every night I can. It's my way of saying you are a bunch of power hungry idiots. Just venting my 3D self. Got to have a sense of humor.

    But getting back to Horus.....he's unconditional and if you try to figure him out, you will be doing it with a 3D mind set. It won't work no matter how much 3D training you have. The best thing to try and understand is to understand what he relays. It is also in layers and is multidimensional in nature. If you do that, then maybe you will also start to understand what and how these aliens operate because they do not think in 3D like we do. We have been conditioned to think in 3D. Break the chain. Until you do that, then you won't have an idea as to how to assist in turning this table around. You will only do what you have been conditioned to do in 3D terms. React and that is always accompanied with fear. It is always a choice and I hope you see there is always a choice. It depends on how you exercise your free agency.

    My present take on things is that this Solar System might be on the brink of another war. I have been reserved about this. However everything that has come through my channels, is leaning in this direction. It just isn't about Earth. One of the main things that keeps coming in is that this Solar System has had enough of the tyranny that has threatened it all these years. Without going into any real detail, things are lining up to defend itself on even a planetary level across the system.

    Do the best you can. That is all that can be expected.



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    Post  horus Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:45 am

    Carol wrote:Horus, have you ever thought about what is happening with you? With all of these images pouring past your minds eye perhaps this is the unwinding process of karma.
    Sorry to disappont you, Karmic issues were cleared many years ago, I jusy show how 3D reality is! If there was any Karma, I may be releasing some for my dearly beloved also, something to consider when I feel like a woman. Some close friends just do not understand why I even bother with all of this stuff as if I'm attracting them, but I tell you this, its because I am a BEACON OF LIGHT. Remember who I am with Creation as Horus and my ties to Enki, no one else can do what I do best, stir the Thomas Crapper because no one else won't get off their backsides who day dream thinkings its all going away, meanwhile the dark are plotting against you 24/7 while you meditate in your comfort zone. Believe me, I don't meditate at all, thats a comfort zone in 3D, and I learnt the ego self will tell you what you want to hear, thats why I have these dreams, I'm totally knocked out, and my conscious self has been disabled, we may find out the program has ways to enter a meditation, now thats another brain-wash program. In my view meditation is about stilling the mind to find inner peace in a world totally reckless, and I can not remember what was said to me word-by-word unless I channelled for others to hear. Meditation to some may be getting away from the problem and living in la-la land. When its all over, I will be with my twin and will be tripping over each other and levitating with meditations, but for now, its not the time for me to daydream.

    Remember twins who have been separated for eons of time must still have some past tags to let go. This post sent out so much light. Mother showed today her love and praise to my last post here because I was being honest with my self and my actions. If anything, I'm trying to avoid Karma, and thats what you are picking up with my slam & dunk on AH, where there is a twist of light & dark energies. Mother is entwinned with some of these energy posts on AH. They are not displayed out in the open and no one will find them, because I have the proof, I know because she sent a broadside, on one occasion that shook my soul when I saw Joseph just as she did to warn me 18 months ago. My bitch, is how the founder of AH is right up her self with a matched ego to a point of selling her leading front page news with only her signature energy to take full credit. Its just what I personally feel, others may not see the sugar-coating of candy-floss. How many others claim to recieve messages from Christ Micheal. Today I had my very first encounter with St. Germain. "Am I going to broadcast that experience to a World that does not understand". Believe me it was very real and I saw Jesus very distressed and looking very drawn in the face. This above post sparked the dream showing the freemasons don't believe in who I represent and I broke that belief with what I said. Many freemasons are proberly human in the flesh and don't know the founders are Draconian. Back to AH, as a business where the aging CEO needs to step down and let the business (AH) take a new fresh direction and that might just happen, lets see. Take the darkness away, and the light will shine through. So many of these web sites started out with light, but the dark have got into the mind of the founders and twisted messages. I hope I am right. Mother did comment with a strong 'candy energy' today and said 'no fluorescence' and I vision showing a weak-spark at the bottom end of a sparkler and/or the look and fizzy taste used in candy from the 1960's and eaten with liquorice. Q: what is this powder eaten with liquorice, its important to me, it has a connection, can anyone here tell me. I've heard the candy word used in a old rock 'n' roll song ?

    The emmitting light
    The power referance

    The male gender have been so programmed to hold back thoughts or feelings, not all men can open themselves up, thats the 'sissy issue' and why gay men are more in touch with the feminine side, than any ego-meat-headed male who has his brains between his legs as the TESTICLE BRAIN.

    Mother is now acknowledging everything I will put in another post thread about the Brain. She said to me last Sunday during all a lengthly set of dreams that had the tones of Reptilian control over humanity and showed me a micro-processor in a 3D perspective. I KNOW WHAT THE BRAIN IS TOTALLY UP TO. My twin replied; Mum said, "They're all trying to suppress everything". The post with Pink Floyd will cover all this.

    If you have any idea what I went through 18 months ago it would shatter your psyche and you would totally loose your mind, and become brain dead. You could almost say I was on a suicide mission as James Bond and a double agent reporting back to the Creator getting inside information just how evil this part of the cosmos has become. I don't want to go there again and I was spelling it out loud, and as soon as I'm told to retreat by my twin or mother, I have said enough.

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    Post  burgundia Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:16 am

    thanks partially explains why I have always been so reluctant to meditate.

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    Post  horus Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:57 pm

    burgundia wrote:thanks partially explains why I have always been so reluctant to meditate.
    Don't take my words too seriously friend, when I used to meditate I got some good material. Just protect yourself thats all, even now like tonight I went into a sleppy meditive state just talking, and a silly message comes through more or less telling me to piss off savinf 'bad, dead, chop suey'. It only happened because I did not recite words for protection. In my dream state I just get a lot more material 'in the now' (so to speak) and if I may correct myself here, what happened to me 18 months ago, and one part of my healing was talking to a angelic who gave me his name spoke to me and assisted in reconnecting me back to my twin. So I do apolyize, my words were out of text, I should have remembered that with my post reply. So don't be discouraged, otherwise you are living in your own fear. In my absence also of not thinking after not sleeping for 33 hours and just caught some sleep today, I'm also capped on the cable for a few days, we have three users in this house, and trying to make corrections to my grammer, it was slow to refresh. If anyone else was here was offended, I do apolygize. Embarassed Embarassed

    The point I was making in that past reply, I've been in the presance of people who channel, my son Adam was gifted and there was no ego attached when he was only 14 in 1997, he is not interested in what we all share here. I believe his soul mission or contract was to awaken me which coincided with other things at the same time as Heaven's Gate and the Comet. I have some recorded tapes, quiet unbelievable. He could see people around me like a photograph, but I can not. But with energies thats differant I'm like a tuning fork and those I have listened too as a live channel or on youtube, they all have one characteristic, I can detect the ego self is bouncing off the back of the voice, it sounds too perfect and has been show to me like a ventriloquist, so which one is the dummy then, so I find it a little discerning.

    I wanted to give it a try and Sananda tried to come thru and 'it was not to be', the energy choked me and I was gasping for my breath. Trying to meditate in my home can only be done at certain hours and each time I did, I fell off to sleep or felt very dizzy or disoriented, just like getting out of bed half asleep from a hang-over. Try it, so don't let be stop you. You will learn more about your-self. Each time I got a message, and the lightest movement I made, I lost it every time, so make yourself a special place at the same time and spirit will be waiting, its better than watching the television. I don't seem to have a Random Access Memory chip in my noodle, I just go too deep, too quick.

    So to 'the method of my maddness' as they say, and I would say; 'If some knocks me on the head with a rubber mallet, I've proberly got a better change of getting the truth'. I don't suggest you do this to knock so sense in you, I just prefer to get the message from the heart, than the ego. When I have three very detailed dreams in a row at any time, if I don't note the theme after each one, the next dream over rides it just like a black box on a aircraft. We, or I must has a limited memory capacity during my sleep state, maybe thats another DNA issue and why I brought in the word program. sunny

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